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  1. 06/28/17 I'm much happier with the 4th or 5th try of the boot. Adding a knee and thigh helps a bit too! It's good to note here that those of us starting out - we are going to be SLOOOOW. I think I'm an hour and half into this sculpting video, and it's taken me a few days to get here. I also started another armature, at 30mm this time. This one I am just gonna run off with on my own, doing the muscles groups as I learned them. The pose is inspired by Kev White's shaman from the last kickstarter, as he posted a set of super nice photos of the body from every side.
  2. These are amazing!! A cheetah!! I can't wait to paint that one!
  3. Ahhhhhh. I need some serious practice, they aren't really looking like dogs right now. Mmmmm.... Delicious!! Now I want to make a pie O:
  4. I'm drawing puppies today!
  5. Okay, I'll try that too! Thanks
  6. Ooh yep, that'll do it! I'll be sure to make sure I clean the mini off after layers. Thank you!!
  7. 06/27/17 Again, again! 35mm to the top of the head was much nicer to me! I plan on cutting off the calves and feet - I bent the wire so it would go through her feet, but I decided I would like it better if I straightened out the wire and made it go through the heel. How does that sound? Or maybe she'll get wedges. The bottom photos - I got this weird "skin" when I tried to mush the excess GS on the thigh. It went on okay, but when I tried to smooth it, it popped up a bit. When I picked at it, it all came in one sheet. What makes it do that? These will be my references for this miniature: - Personal notes from various sculptors/websites - Patrick Keith's armature sheet - Sculpting an Anime Girl with James von Schaik video - Kev White's WIP albums - my boot
  8. I did, thank goodness! I just kinda.... stared at it dumbly for a few seconds. I knew something was wrong but I wasn't awake enough to figure it out immediately.
  9. G'mornin' folks. I tried to put handsoap on my toothbrush this morning. My husband doesn't remember any of his dreams, but I too have some weird and crazy ones, and I remember most of them when I wake up. Unfortunately that means that some mornings, my husband gets this rambling babble as I wake up, trying to explain myself! The current mmo - XIV: ARR. I've been dying to play it for a few years, but I definitely didn't have the time before. I'd only played a couple months near launch.
  10. 06/26/17 Step 1: Get your proportions right. Step 2: Pose! Step 3: "Underpin" by adding some bulk Step 4: Realize your proportions were wrong after you posed her and try to fix it by lifting up the hips. Also your wire is still sticking out, ya goof, make that tighter next time! Step 5: Laugh and say goodbye to those 2 hours Step 6: Restart.... :P
  11. Sounds like you had a great day! And what a good optometrist, oh my goodness!! Sculpting break time! Some Final Fantasy, dinner, and then maybe more sculpting. Ooh, and some exercise thrown in there somewhere too.
  12. This is probably the last post of the thread for me - it's sculpting study time!! Have fun finishing the thread!!
  13. AHHHHH. Thank you!! Also, sculpting today!
  14. Hahaha! That's exactly what I said on FB! Oooh, thanks! That would be awesome! The natural science museum and zoo here are pretty good, so that will be great when I do animals. One of my favorite sections at the museum is one on the history of Native Americans - from Alaska to Colombia! - so that will be great for cool clothing ideas. Actual people anatomy.... I'm not so sure. I'll have to dig around here and see if there's anything. There's a health museum but it was only open when I was at work. I guess that's available to me now!