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  1. Happy birthday!!
  2. But now you get to be with the lady!!! You were awfully sweet about her and your puppies all through ReaperCon Friends are on their way here for birthday party! We're going to play card games and eat sushi. I hope you all have a great weekend!
  3. I guess we got an official response for gifs on the new forum? :O
  4. That's awesome! I don't miss that part about my old retail jobs. I hope you have a great weekend weekend! LOL. I do the same thing!!! Y'all have literally gotten me out of bed and I have not been late for work this past week. I'm also working from home this week but.... The point is still here. That sounds awesome!! There was a show I wrote down a few years ago called Face Off, which may be similar? I never gave myself the time to watch it though. I need to check out Cosplay Melee too, thanks!
  5. Haha, I feel that! I do pretty well nowadays, I'll play for an hour, go do something else, get back online, go "OOOOH I wanna draw this" and do that instead, etc. If you asked me that in 2009 though, when I really played... eep. LOL. I had a lot of personal stuff going on, so online became my home. It's a healthy balance nowadays. It's really because I'm so dang bored without moving my foot for the next week - there's only so many minis and armor parts that I can fit on my desk while waiting for support calls/tickets.
  6. I know I said I was going to get on the hangouts, but other half painted with me this evening and that was pretty nice. I probably won't be on video chat again 'til..... Sunday? Tuesday? Busy busy! Also, I think we are briefly stepping into WoW .... LOL.
  7. That is super sweet!!! I've gone through the whole day trying to ignore my foot - which means not moving. I forgot about food.... I've only had about 75 calories in sunflower seeds all day, and it's 3pm..... I realized this when I felt super faint. I took a bite of a super rich brownie that a friend gave us. It's been so long since I've had that much sugar!!! My eyes want to close on their own, my jaw is on lockdown, my headfog is clearing... LOL. What is space and time???
  8. I'm now imagining Pippin hitting the bucket, interrupting the silence, and Gandalf angrily exclaiming, "Fool of a Took!!!"
  9. Hugs, SamuraiJack. :< I'm definitely chairbound today. Blegh.
  10. I love questions like this - I get to see so many pretty minis. I would choose my Pokemon trainer and her Flareon - I worked really hard on her, and I think it shows. I'm dying to get back to sculpting, augh!!! I sculpted the Flareon from scratch, did a ton of little conversions on the girl, and then painted them cartoon style.
  11. I wouldn't mind that too much but my back makes it hard to sit down. So I'm awkwardly stretched across the couch attempting to play Breath of the Wild haha! Tomorrow though, I will get on the hangouts again :)
  12. I was not expecting my back to give out today. o.o It must have been all the plants. I set up a little table to do it all inside sitting down, but now that I think about it..... I refilled 10 pots, 2 of them pretty big. I used almost 2 full big bags of soil. That's a lot! .... Does plant arrangement count as art? I honestly don't know if I'll make the hangouts tonight.
  13. Helpers!!! ReaperCon!!! Whoooo!!! That means our friends date for lunch sometime is still on, yeah? I've finally seen a STOMP! And for a good reason!
  14. This morning was a relief compared to yesterday! I politely answered some emails, then played with some dirt and pots in the living room. Sorry, husband..... Our trade off for my mess-making was that I bought a ton of baby strawberries for him. I think it's a bit too late in the year, but we'll see. But now all of my plants been repotted and I even picked up a few new ones!