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  1. HUSBAND SAVED THE DAY. Everywhere online except for one article mentioned that Body Worlds would be here 'til the 23th, just the one said until the 28th. I was hesitant to ask, because it's an hour trip to get downtown, two hours total of driving if it wasn't there.... Not to mention that they close really early, and they weren't picking up the phone when I called. He was kind enough to say, "hey, let's try it anyways!" And you know what. Today was their last day after all, and this Thursday they were open an extra hour!! SERENDIPITY. So then he got to listen to me babble on about muscle groups for an hour as his reward for being kind, whoops.
  2. Digital: Guild Wars 2! I've been trying to get back into it for over a year, but MMOs are just lonely without friends. There's actually a pretty high chance the gaming community I'm in will get into it next month though, there's 4 or 5 other people interested. Tabletop: I dunno.... You uh.... have a Steam account? Play any online games at all...? There are cheap/free online versions. My other half and I love Catan - My fall art plan this year to make my own themed Catan board.
  3. Ah..... we've missed Body Worlds.... That was really important for me to go to learn anatomy.
  4. Yuuuuum. Yes, please!! Our favorite place is $25 all you can eat sushi, but also includes all the appetizers and poke bowls. We like it because they also serve ramen, so my other half doesn't starve. I do love my fellow employees that understand that computers can be a hassle all by themselves, and that I am not "out to get them" by not providing perfect workstations. One user got himself in a mess the other day, and has called me quite a few times since then. This morning was, "Hey Mori, it's User, it's time for my daily - or hourly even - phone call." I got a really good laugh out of that!
  5. Herman!!! This is super great!!! I love all of the aged looks with the sugar skulls and all the sneks!
  6. It's always art!! I actually had to tell myself when I first joined here that painting minis was my "relaxing" art - sure, I'll learn a couple new things, but I don't push myself the way I do with other art. It's nice to just... paint. I'm currently on two crazy projects right now: a full set of (non-functional) armor and a 2 foot tall, anatomically correct skeleton with muscular structure. The armor: I'll be back to this once my Spring Exchange is done - hopefully this weekend. I have 3 weeks to complete it!! The skeleton: I don't think I've shown this on the forums yet! Once I'm done with the armor, I'm giving myself about a month to finish this up - I need to start my ReaperCon entries!! There is a website called New Masters Academy that I got this idea from, but my sub ran out and they haven't finished the videos for this anyways, so I've been doing it myself with some anatomy books. This is about 16 hours of work, most of it spent wishing polymer clay wasn't so.... wiggly. Look at all those bumps on the femur. :( His right side is less clear cut because muscles will be covering the bone. Spoiler for a better idea of size and also to cry about how it took me 4 hours to get the ribs to look right!! How much art is a part of me! It sounds so silly to say that here, in our lovely art home, but outside these forums? Nah. I wasn't supposed to do art as a kid - I was supposed to focus on my grades (they were fine). Even now it's, "Oh, you drew a picture, that's nice - wait that took how long?," and, "what do you mean, you're spending your free time learning anatomy? Let's go out to eat!" My other half sees that I love art and lets me do my thing within reason, but like.... I don't think he realizes that art is my second spouse.
  7. You're going to join the hangouts?! When! Hi! Holy frijoles, Baldur. Congratulations and good night!
  8. Halfway through the weeeeek nine daaaaaays
  9. I cannot unsee Whitemane's Chapeau. Man, memories....
  10. -hugs Ary- You can do it! For us, we might do Fairfield at this point and just walk across the street for the HGI fun, it looked to be a very short walk for the able-bodied.
  11. Reaper rate averaged $100/night, right? It was like $80 and then all that tax.... blargh.
  12. --OneBoot :D Holy moly. It's almost May. May??? I checked my email - for 2016 ReaperCon, I had grabbed my room in December '15. I am soooo behind this year. Eep!!
  13. You know.... @Sabiri played an Undead when we were Horde, and he actually caught a dead fish (in real life) last summer.....
  14. I agree that a dedicated paint spot is the easiest push to paint more. I've got about 18 inches of space on a table that I've dedicated to paint racks and a light. It doesn't seem like much, but it's plenty at the scale we paint! I do a little bit of art every day. When it's painting, sometimes it's 10 minutes for primer (what tonight will be) or a few hours on details (hopefully later this week). I wish I could get the bigger chunks of time in more often.