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  1. Oooh, learning new things! I'm curious, but I'll wait to ask until your brain has had the space it needs. :)
  2. There wasn't much to see down here, but we took fun photos with the shadows from tree leaves. Tons of baby crescents! We all start at step one.
  3. Yeah, this one is pretty bad. :( And I can't even try to make the left match the right because there's nothing saying that the right is correct! The bright color on the right is much closer to what my husband sees on his monitors. This was before I pulled the color down for the version I posted earlier.
  4. I think this is my favorite thing that I've drawn recently - this slump hit me hard but I'm coming back!! I only did a single color since my monitor colors are all wonky (this looks navy blue on the drawing monitor). It's not just the monitor settings, it's just wrong. And colorimeters are $$$$.
  5. We won't see as much as I'd like from our home point. :(
  6. -small wave- Hullo, I promise I still exist....
  7. That's amazing, thank you!! I'll be sure to study it when I get back to sculpting tomorrow.
  8. I didn't sculpt much this weekend, as it was my other half's birthday. We had lots of friend time and board games instead! I am still trying to scramble up some energy, I've been in a weird slump the last couple weeks with little bursts of energy here and there. It's probably something about being unemployed, who would have guessed. It took a better part of a day to sculpt 3 shoes. And I'm still not happy with them. Ridiculous! You can see the little knee bones on the bottom sculpt - I sculpted those in while doing the underpinning. The knee on the leg with the boot is too short, I had to bring that up a teeny bit when I added the muscles. Legs Progression: - Legs were too close, had to space them out and tore the abdomen in half - Then the knee was too low. The knee bone forms a straight line with your shin. It's easier to picture the shin and knee as one piece moving together, separately from the thigh. - Then the butt was crooked. - Finally, a smoothed leg! - Kidding. There was a piece of freaking dust or dandruff thingy.... I had to pick that out. - Legs!! - I added in some putty between the legs for the skirt and was promptly called away.... I should have pulled the putty off but I thought I would get back in time. I gotta smooth that out now! You see so many things when it's blown up a million times! I need to find my visor if I want to fix those shoes!
  9. Goodness, I have got to muster up some energy somehow. ;A; I'm thinking about drawing character portraits for some side income while I job hunt, I'm wondering if I should learn digital. No shipping costs, I already have a drawing program, and I won't need to buy more physical drawing materials.... Hummmm. I guess what's stopping me is that there are already so many digital artists that are CRAZY GOOD. But traditional is kind of a hassle at the moment.... And I gotta keep sculpting, but it's so tough!! Raaaargh!
  10. That's a great way to think of it! I wasn't sure if everyone or just mods could see edit reasons. I guess y'all can - I usually add little questions or comments in there. Thanks for answering! "Parents' " it is.
  11. Randomness Story Time: A few minutes ago I was trying to find my disposable gloves so I can mix up some Apoxie Sculpt. I open a drawer and this huge spitting spider is just chilling in there (they are really cool!). I don't really need spiders in drawers where my hands go though, so I scoop him up and take him outside. As I open the door to let him out, a moth flies in. So I set the spider down, go back inside, grab the moth, let him outside, and there's a toad on the doorstep. Nature, please. I'm trying to improve my art with humans, not animals right now! I still haven't found the gloves.
  12. Today was my other half's birthday!! Happy birthday, love. We don't do big thing for birthdays, and we're both still unemployed, so we gathered up all our board games and headed over to his parents' house* for the day. Free food and good company! We're doing it again tomorrow when a couple friends come over. We also managed the cleanest finish of Pandemic I have ever seen! Of course this was after another game that ended in 3 turns. I hope this isn't too huge on mobile. 2 eradications, no outstanding sets of 3, and we still had cards! Now it's time to squeeze in my daily art!
  13. Real life: I don't mind so much. For some names, it's hard to tell - it's a cool thing about so many cultures in the US. A lot of names that I really love and sound neat just end up being spinoffs or diminutive forms of other words, and a lot of times that's not so bad. For example, Kieran sounds and looks awesome, but it's really just another name from Ireland. Ciar -> Ciaran -> Kieran. Going a little too wild with that is sure to lift some eyebrows. Poor Kiiaryne (example from Ciar above), Feloni (yep, someone did that), Abcde ("Abassady"). :< Names simply imposed upon children for the sake of standing out like that (I'm so sorry to hear that story, Doc) are terrible. I do think it would be cool to have the opportunity to pick your name! Characters: Absolutely. Some of my character names come off the top of my head or when I smash the keyboard. I'd like to think they're all me, but I know they're from bits of other words and names floating around in my head! Morihalda, Lexosceles, Seyda, Vair, Nahtana, Yatul, Paala, Jihn, etc... Or I'll pick a name I like/made, and make more off of that name until I settle with one of those. Talanor sounds like an elven ranger/hunter, any gender. Talinar, Talahnor, Talanore, Talinore, Talah, Talara, Telara, Telaran (M), Telanari, Terellan (M), T'rella, Trahala, Laharna, etc... Calassar would be someone who has really high ideals and good intentions. Calessar, Callesar, Caelas, Calesa, Callessan, Celadar, Seladar, Selanon, Selanar, Selenari, Selendil, etc... That's a lot of squiggly red underlines.
  14. Thank you. I didn't want to sound snobby by saying it first. They have great restaurant steaks, are generally a great chain, and it was super fun to be able to see everyone outside of class!
  15. Oooh, did I goof somewhere? Sorry! I thought the bone one was a boy. The cropped photo is super definitely female, I had to remove some... bits. It's fun/encouraging/discouraging looking at old art. I can see things wrong with the anatomy I was drawing back in January! From a book!!