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  1. Morihalda

    Happy Birthday MissMelons

    Happy Birthday!!!
  2. Morihalda

    Mori VS Ma'al

    Nothing crazy today. Our internet connection was down for most of the day, so without references I just glazed (washed?) on some flat color to see how everything will be. I also realized that the rotating plate from the microwave is super handy. I hope my husband doesn't need to microwave anything for a while!
  3. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It looks like the great tit is telling off the squirrel again for trying to eat a poisonous mushroom! Edit: Alt story, the bird's looking for entertainment and trying to convince the squirrel to eat it and go on "adventures."
  4. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    We received our airbrush and compressor as a gift from my husband's parents too! :D We chose Badger because we heard lots of good things from them and they ran crazy good deals at Reapercon (at least a couple years ago when we got it). One of my friends who loves airbrushing recommends top-loading ones because it's way less hassle. .... And that's the extent of my knowledge.
  5. Morihalda

    Viridus - Autumn Monarch

    I'm so excited to see this guy!! I love the colors.
  6. Morihalda

    Mori VS Ma'al

    My only painting today were some iguana eyes, but that's okay! I've also been doing better about learning color than I thought. Those are colors I might be using for the iguana head. Only two of those are green! I meant to do a step by step of the eyes but I was on the phone with my love and forgot. Oh well. There are 8 other eyes I can show! :)
  7. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Oh boy. When my husband (boyfriend at the time), his brother, and I moved into an apartment together in our late teens, we had the IKEA adventure. We just got so excited about being adults! And having our own space! We crammed in 3 desks (two of them were big corner desks!), an entertainment center, two lamps, a table, and 4 chairs into and on top of that tiny car. We had rope wrapping around everything and everywhere. We just held on to all the strings and prayed as we slowly drove away.... I remember having to sit all silly in the back seat and we were almost crying with laughter from the stupidity of it all. Teenagers can be so dumb. Everything died or was given away over the years except those lamps. We still use them.
  8. Morihalda

    Getting To Know Each Other, November 2018

    Weeeeell. Not already painted. I'm getting Talespinner's Doberman mini soon, and I want to sculpt a floppy eared one as well so I can have both of my dobie girls from my childhood. <3 I started working on Ma'al last week - he'll be based on real lizards in this thread here.
  9. Morihalda

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Eeee! -- I'm not planning any entries for ReaperCon. Whatever happens will happen. I'm super enjoying Ma'al right now, so he might end up there. I've been liking my Kiara sculpt too. So maybe her. But I've been wanting to get back to my Teldryn and Sarthis busts for a while now, so maybe those....
  10. Morihalda

    Happy Birthday Buglips*the*Goblin

    Happy birthday!!
  11. Morihalda

    Mori VS Ma'al

    I tried making the moss a little lumpier and softer. I'm not fully settled on it yet, but I suspect that it will read better once it's been painted and in the proper areas. I'll be spending a ton of time on the base over the next several weeks. Lots of little things to sculpt! I'm really excited about it. After about 11 hours, I've finally finished gap filling and cleaning up! It was lots of little areas like this. If I did it right, you shouldn't be able to tell which scales got added.... It took another hour to prime him. His heads and wings have been lightly tacked on so I can get an overall view of him. He's also not attached to the base. The next step is to ask friends for help before adding the white primer. Where do you think the light sources are? I'm thinking that I should do at least two different spots. I've also gone around a few Ma'al threads and searched for lighting ideas there too. Dragon Prep: 11 hours Dragon Painting: 1 hour
  12. Morihalda

    Mori VS Ma'al

    Do any of these parts look sufficiently mossy to y'all? I am requesting texture help - I know that the edges and placement of the moss will help sell it but I want to get the texture right first. In other news, I'm done rescaling and gapfilling body! Yay!
  13. Morihalda

    Mori VS Ma'al

    Ahhh thank you! Did you ever post yours to the forums? I loved seeing it on FB but I didn't see it here.
  14. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I'm sorry that your love is sick. :< But I'm so amused that you're differentiating between adult and gargantuan blue dragon minis. I love this hobby.
  15. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    LOL well I do love my organization!! Whoops, I keep forgetting to give y'all search info. "Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand, Tropical." The cotton option is cheapest, and if you click through the colors you can find some cheaper options there too. I worked more on Ma'al today, whooo! Bless Talespinner for his open advice for all the things, friends - his little head lamp that he suggested to me has saved me from so many potiental migraines. I can actually see what I'm sculpting now for more than 5 minutes! That's a literal number. Most of my sculpting was done without an optivisor and then throwing it on for a few minutes to try to fix any glaring errors.