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  1. Mori Learns Sculpting

    I did one leg on Wednesday and one on Thursday. It is Procreate, which is amazing!! I bought some from Patrick at ReaperCon. I still haven't set up a heat lamp, so the waiting is lame when I want to work on a specific piece. Because of how my working area is currently set up, my hands are rather close to my lamp. I'm pretty sure it's setting faster than it should be because of this.
  2. Mori Learns Sculpting

    Sculpting for myself is one of the best feelings in the world.
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    (I will always protect the animals, even the wee spiders. But anyways...) Heeeeey!!! That's a still from "Meet the Pyro" from Team Fortress 2! Goodness, my husband and I used to love that game. He crafted one of the first balloonicorns ever and dyed it purple for me. I have a plushy one on my desk.
  4. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Been on for about 20 min and leaving in about 30 min. Very quiet.... Just listening to pirate music and dreaming about Sea of Thieves! Leaving now, other stuff popped up again....
  5. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I'm going to try to sneak on tonight!
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Sea of Thieves comes out next week! I get to be a pirate! I've also been working on my sculpting again. Hope everyone has been doing okay.
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    A small antlered druid peeps up from behind a rock. Hullo...?
  8. Mori Learns Sculpting

    Goodness, I was gone for much longer than I expected. I've been at such low energy levels the last several weeks, but I think I'm coming back around. I still haven't broken my daily streak. January was spent learning how to draw faces, and I was going to work on body anatomy in February but I crashed instead. So I'm working on a personal piece for a bit before going back to learning. I gotta be nice to myself. The start of a 54 mm skeleton. With only half the ribs, heh. It's a bit hard to see, but there's a heart inside the ribcage. I also filled in a lot of the spaces between the ribs on the back so I'll have a structure to put other stuff later.
  9. Basilisk

    Same! Thankfully we have all these amazing sculptors before us to learn from! It's a good one! I think I get a little better every time I remake something. And I get the visual satisfaction of removing something negative and replacing it with a positive.
  10. Siri Sculpts an Orca

    This is awesome!!
  11. Happy Birthday Morihalda !!!

    Thank you so much, deer friends. I know I haven't done much but lurk lately, but I still think about you all often and enjoy your posts! Hopefully soon I'll be able to get some energy to chat more often. <3
  12. Thanks to you three for making a fun challenge! I have plenty more dragons, I might do another D20 roll set come spring. ----- (Ahhh it auto merged!) Thanks to you three for making a fun challenge! I have plenty more dragons, I might do another D20 roll set come spring. ARE YOU KIDDING ME LOL. What am I supposed to do with this??? This should have been for a GAME, not for a DRAGON.
  13. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    If I were going by color combos, I would be hard torn between Outlaws (green and black), Gladiators (purple and black), and Dynasty (yellow and black). I sense a theme...
  14. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    OUUUUTLAAAAWS Valiant's playing tonight!! (my second team)
  15. I'm calling the Great Stone Dragon done. I would have liked to go crazy with contrast, texture, etc, but it was really nice to just chill and paint this past week. I really needed that. I can't believe I've never painted a dragon during these years with you Reaper forum nuts! I believe he also fulfills all criteria for the 3 star challenge - I only used my 3 given colors: mostly Heather Blue, stripes of Gray, and Black accents. White was only added for highlights. The bottom right photo was given some extra saturation to try to show the correct shade of blue.