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  1. Morihalda

    Mori Learns Sculpting

    @GHarris Thank you for pointing out the left leg! You can see in my armature that halfway through I went, "oh yeah, no, I want it to go this way instead," and completely changed the direction of the knee. I honestly should just have reshaped it but I thought I was awake enough to remember my changes. It looks like I've been subconsciously smushing the clay over to match the wire inside instead of the new plan. I'll see if she needs to be pushed back a bit - I know Andy mentioned that it was fine how awkward it looked without putty on it, but again, I've probably subconsciously pushed her forward since. I didn't work on her today but I need to take some profile pictures next time! I think I didn't work on her today because I took one look at the wire tangle I've created and decided to "save" that for tomorrow. -- And how it always goes, my brain gives me a chance for art and now there's like 15 projects I want to do. I remembered to write one of them down! Another bust. I'll try to get the armature and core down before ReaperCon so I can bug people about it.
  2. Morihalda

    Roll Call for Con

    My love @Sabiri and I will be there Wed-Mon. We almost weren't going to come, it's been such a rough year. But my husband told me it would be good for my mental health, so I'm allowing myself to get excited and start working on my entry!
  3. Morihalda

    Mori Learns Sculpting

    No reference image, I couldn't find anything with a similar pose, and using myself often isn't an option as often as I'd like it to be. I found one photo of a girl holding a fox, it's super gorgeous but she's holding the fox all wrong and I want a wolf anyway. I think I was able to fix a couple of the mistakes with the suggestions here, but it's been a really long week/month/year so I'm not really sure. Charging along - Armature. The left leg and I have been fighting a lot since the armature was slightly off when I changed the pose. I left a lot of space between the legs, I'll fill it in when I get to clothing, or maybe earlier when I finish the legs. Globs of superglue, cover my sins with greenstuff, juvenile wolf armature! Let's see how big of a mess I've gotten myself in with a pose like this....
  4. Morihalda

    Hang out and paint - Discord and Google Hangouts

    I'm not sure why it keeps dying. I have it set to never expire and have unlimited uses. I made another one again though, just in case. https://discord.gg/QH5Fdq2 OneBoot, I added you as admin on the server (not sure why I didn't do that sooner!), but everyone still has invite privileges.
  5. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    No no, it's fine. You can just take out the middle digit. ::D:
  6. Morihalda

    Work in progress from Oathsworn Miniatures

    I love that badger!!! I know there's a whole game and that's amazing, but I need just him to make a Hufflepuff badger. There's definitely some magic happening between photo 5 and 6 of the badger head, haha. I absolutely love WIP threads. And those claws!!
  7. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Trade with meeeeeeee.
  8. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Mmm we love low carb <3 meat and cheese and nuts and happiness!
  9. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    re friends helping with mini - she's a 32mm resin figure, and she's on her tiptoes. She's just going to take a nap on my desk for a long time. Until all my tools are unpacked, anyways. I still haven't slept. Did I talk about that yesterday? Or the day before? It's been a long couple days...
  10. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    And going on with sleepy decisions, it's been so long since I prepped a mini that I kind of cut off the slotted part from the feet. Not sure what I'm going to do about that now, if she were going on a cool base that would be fine, but she was going to remain unpainted for reference. :|
  11. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    That's what's got me right now. I couldn't fall asleep until almost 6 am, but I forced myself up at 11 am to try to reset it. I'm not sure where the day went, but I crawled into bed at 7:30 pm. And woke up 3 hours later. I try so hard to be a day person. :<
  12. Morihalda

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Gods, I love BBQ.
  13. Morihalda

    Getting To Know You July

    Boy howdy. No.... It has been so, so great to watch your progress! Even though I've been at an art blank for months, I still enjoy your posts! Hugs, friend. It's good to hear that you're getting better! That is what my 2018 turned into. Uhhh this would have better formatting but my arrow keys and enter key just stopped working. Okay. My goals this year were to get some savings for medical emergencies (nope), pay to learn about current physical issues (nope), learn more art (nope), and move to our own place again (Yes! TOMORROW, bless the Pale Tree). Instead I've fallen into a long, ridiculous spiral and had to change my goal to just surviving. So that's what I'm doing now. We have just enough savings for me to see a therapist for a couple months. We almost didn't do ReaperCon this year but zero friend time would break my brain. I miss you all! So we used a credit card. So far I've learned about things like PTSD, dissociation, being nice to myself, and working to solve problem situations proactively instead of reactively.... I've been getting really frustrated that I wasn't on track for anything, but I've been trying to convince myself that I'd rather lose one year of art instead of all the years. So. 2018 is currently year of the brain! I try not to talk about my personal issues, but I do let it out sometimes, partly for me to just breathe for a moment, and partly so that others fighting mental and physical issues know they aren't alone.
  14. I have so, so, so many characters.... Honestly, it's the biggest reason I want to learn how to sculpt (and the feeling of amazement when something gets formed from a ball of putty)! Maybe if I can sculpt them all, I can make some space in my brain.
  15. Packing and life is so much work! I've left her out with my paints "just in case I had time." It's been a month, there's been no time.... I made time tonight so I didn't have to sit and think about how we're just in the waiting period before moving on Tuesday! Ahh! I also decided that I wasn't going to go too crazy on the painting. I'd rather have her done than never finished because I never got around to painting a specific technique on her. I'll take an actual, properly lit photo of her one day. This phone camera is yikes. I also made her in Guild Wars 2. First she was the relative of a D&D character to add backstory, then created in Sea of Thieves, and now GW2. It probably sounds silly to y'all, but I messed with the face until I could push the nose into having a bump in it. I hated my bumpy nose when I was growing up and I was excited to make a character that had it. She's cute, dang it! I might need to make her head a little bigger though. I can't tell.