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  1. Hmmm.... maybe I'll drop in while packing to giggle at the scurrying painters!
  2. Ahhhh!!! It's happening! I'm gathering the last of my stuff to pack, and we're ready! We've got our breakfasts and lunches packed, though I'm sorry to say I will NOT be bringing cookies this year! We don't have a working oven at the moment. I was too chicken to sign up for any tabletop games and tried to blame it on not knowing when I would be volunteering. I'll try to be brave and join a pick up group....
  3. Every time I'm online, I learn more things than I want to know....
  4. Whoo! Time to paint for ReaperCon! RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH I don't paint very often, and now that I'm entering a competition, it's painfully obvious that I don't know any techniques past basic color blocking and washing in shadows. I need to try a whole bunch of new things. So! Let's learn: - Dark elf skin (I want purple dark elves, to be specific) - Soft, gray leather - Wild hair color blending - Fire - OSL from the fire! First, dark elf skin. I found the first page of @Corporea's Drow bust very helpful - her initial attempt was much too purple for her needs, but super close to how purple I want mine to be! I've also gathered my own mess of colors to test out fun things!
  5. Calling this done, featuring 10 minute OSL! Now to go fishing for 5 days, relax one day, and then go see art friends for 6 days! And then I can work on more projects! I have so many things to doooo!
  6. Base colors. Yeeeeeaah. I'm just gonna. Chill and watch Avatar while I paint! I'm gonna have fun with this, painting is not my strong suit.
  7. Happy birthday!!
  8. I won't be on tonight after all. It's my father-in-law's birthday!
  9. Oh I'm not fussed about it. I've got other things to learn, and I'm happy to appreciate learning experiences without liking the final result.
  10. Hey all! This thread will be about my sculpting journey. I hope that by showing the time and effort it takes it pursue an art, others would be excited about trying it without getting discouraged by the climb up. I plan on posting daily here - I might as well continue my daily art streak! (And goodness knows I've got plenty of time now....) Some days might have some cool stuff, but many will probably be like, "Oh man. I sculpted a lot of fur today. A. Lot." Anyways. Hopefully y'all will get some enjoyment out of it. Here's to day 1 (tomorrow)! Comments and praise are appreciated, but please give critiques too! Links to Sculpting Posts: Anatomy Practice Skeleton: 06/19/17 06/20/17 06/21/17 06/22/17 06/23/17 06/24/17 06/25/17 RIP in pieces First and Second Miniatures: 06/26/17 06/27/17 06/28/17 06/29/17 06/30/17 07/01/17 07/02/17 Week 2. Nearly nonexistent. OUCH. I snuck in a little art doodle time to not break my streak! 07/10/17 07/12/17 07/13/17 07/18/17 Anatomy and Drapery Studies: Hogarth Mini 2 - legs and feet Pelvis Day Sculpting a Bust: Collect References and sketches! Armature Practice with Fimo And we're practicing.... I ran out time to practice! Here's the body. The Face: Part 1, Part 2 Kill it all, restart a million times over a week. The Hair: Part 1, Part 2 Finished!
  11. Whew! Good, because I didn't think I could hide all these for much longer. And nothing ever seems "finished" to me, it's more like "finished enough." -coughs in an attempt to cover the sound of piles of various projects crashing down in the distance- I did! That's why I said it was great that I learned things. I've yet to look fondly at my old art, though I appreciate the learning process. Looking back at old art is more like...
  12. Honestly, not really. LOL. It's my first bust, so I learned a lot and that's a great thing! I'm not proud of it - there are a lot of things that aren't right and I want to restart it all. But sometimes you just gotta call it finished.
  13. That's a real thing?! - dramatically stares off into the distance- That's.... That's all I've ever wanted.... No, really. I keep my pumpkin and my snowflake lights on my desk year round. When I play games like Minecraft, I make Halloween-themed places in snow zones. I need to move!!!
  14. The Hangouts were super helpful last night as I was rushing through some new painting skills. Thanks, y'all. "How's this? .... And this? ..... What about this? .... Okay. This?"
  15. Bah!!! I want snow! We don't get that down here. I finished figuring out my color palette for my ReaperCon entry! Yay! Now to reward myself with some Portal Knights.
  16. Quick hair tests. I don't actually want a natural red, so I'm not really sure which to do. Left: Natural red hair Middle: Natural red hair with red wash Right: Fire colors Edit: Hair Colors. I'm liking the Fire Red/Cinnamon Red wash the most in the middle. Not pictured, black hair: Nightshade Purple, Stormy Gray, Spectral White.
  17. Gray suede practice. I tried 3 different pale grays, and yet they all looked the same. Some quick stippling. Like the other stuff in this post, I'll take more time on it. Just quick practice here!
  18. Fast fire test!
  19. Thank you!!! That was how I wanted to paint my Ma'al but I couldn't find any good photos that matched what I saw in my head! I ended up in neon blacklight sugar skulls territory before calling it quits. Don't ask how, I don't know. My googling skills are... different... AHHHH. Thanks!!
  20. I did find those, awesome! I also found: "These two paintings were done of the same model, one in white light, and the other in colored lights. The color you mix is a combination of the local color and the color of the light source." Armed with that and your extra contrast comment (we really do see that everywhere, don't we... ), I tried this out - a few quick passes with Orange Brown leading up to Golden Glow again, but adding a tiny bit of Spectral White and the Dark Elf Skin, and then gently passing over with Regal Purple.
  21. That's where it made sense for me. Okay, I can definitely try that! That's why she just kinda looked like she had an orange and purple leg then, especially without a painted light by it to sell the effect. I hadn't gone to the brightest highlights since I was just testing color combos. This is just a few (too thick) passes with Orange Brown leading up to Golden Glow: (also WOW, no wonder pro painters get so worked up over seam lines!)
  22. Here are some extreeeeeme photos where I held her up to my light to see where the fire light will be! If I paint the skin with this kind of lighting with normal colors, and then I glaze orangey fire colors over it, that's OSL, right? (no photo, OSL tests done with Orange Brown leading up to Golden Glow) I keep my pumpkin and snowflake lights up year round, so I used them to imitate some other lighting examples.
  23. Okay! A photo of Nerali has been added to the original post. This is the skin tone I settled on. These are average numbers, not true ratios. I like it because it's more of a blue-purple, rather than a red-purple, and there's going to be plenty of red with that fire. Super highlight (not pictured): 3 Spectral White + 1 Rosy Skin Highlight: 1 Spectral White + 1 Rosy Skin + 1 Dark Elf Highlight Midtone: 1 Dark Elf Skin Shadows: 2 Dark Elf Skin + 2 Regal Purple + 1 Dark Shadow Deepest Shadow: 1 Regal Purple + 2 Dark Shadow Deeeeeeepest Shadow: 1 Dark Shadow + 1 Nightshade Purple I love that big seam line on the leg, so much that I didn't remove it.
  24. This is one of the only images I can find with someone by a lot of fire instead of just one side. Here are a few faces I've quickly tinted with various amounts of purple. I don't want her to be totally orange. I think if I can pretend that the fire is more dim than it really is/easily blocked by things like breasts and collars, I should be able to get an interesting orange/purple lighting. I tested this by holding the bust extremely close to a light source to mimic the lighting She has red hair. Orange, red, purple.... What am I doing with all these colors LOL. At least her gray vest should tone things down a bit.