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  1. (Holy moly, I haven't done a WIP since Spring 2016) HOLY MOLY, how have I never painted a dragon?? I went through my stuff - I have a BOX of unpainted dragons. Thanks, Bones III. We're fixing that right now! Questgiver here: I choose you, Three Star Stormwing! My rolls from this morning (also here): I actually got some really lovely rolls here. Even though one of them is pure black, which limits me to 4 colors instead of 5, the heather blue and cloudy grey look nice together. Unfortunately for contrast, they sort of... blend? Together? Learned artists, what's the word? If I were to take all the color out of the heather blue, it would look exactly like the cloud grey. I did check to see if my eyes were learning - they are! So here is my dragon. My 3 rolled colors on the right, and my liner and white on the left. He's pinned but I still need to do some quick green stuffing!
  2. Thanks to you three for making a fun challenge! I have plenty more dragons, I might do another D20 roll set come spring. ----- (Ahhh it auto merged!) Thanks to you three for making a fun challenge! I have plenty more dragons, I might do another D20 roll set come spring. ARE YOU KIDDING ME LOL. What am I supposed to do with this??? This should have been for a GAME, not for a DRAGON.
  3. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    If I were going by color combos, I would be hard torn between Outlaws (green and black), Gladiators (purple and black), and Dynasty (yellow and black). I sense a theme...
  4. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    OUUUUTLAAAAWS Valiant's playing tonight!! (my second team)
  5. I'm calling the Great Stone Dragon done. I would have liked to go crazy with contrast, texture, etc, but it was really nice to just chill and paint this past week. I really needed that. I can't believe I've never painted a dragon during these years with you Reaper forum nuts! I believe he also fulfills all criteria for the 3 star challenge - I only used my 3 given colors: mostly Heather Blue, stripes of Gray, and Black accents. White was only added for highlights. The bottom right photo was given some extra saturation to try to show the correct shade of blue.
  6. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Anybody theeeeeeeeere Does anybody wonder, anybody caaaaaare~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7Jn79Orer4 Thanks for picking out today's radio! I'll try to be on tomorrow!
  7. Getting to Know You, Feb 2018

    Strays (Wolf kid finds her way in the world. Completed story. I loved it so much I bought hard copies on Kickstarter) Blindsprings (Fantasy princesses, magic, and revolution. Again, I loved it so much I bought a hard copy on Kickstarter.) Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (A bit of everything, usually video games and life) Penny Arcade (Gaming and life) Cucumber Quest (Cute adventure kids, lots of tropes) Wow, I had completely forgotten about XKCD and LFG. I haven't checked any of these in a while.
  8. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    - Art: A big YES! I finished that portrait class and introduced two friends to mini painting. - Husband: Yes! He's still awesome. - Plants: Not really.... I haven't really had much Outside energy, and it's winter, so most of them have died anyways. S: - Pets: Yes! Still as spoiled as ever. - Emotional Stability: .... No.
  9. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    This week I will be done with my first fancy art class (I took the portrait one from Proko)! I got to be a real art student! That means I might finally offer commissions on FB now, but I'm not sure if that's something to look forward to or to run away in terror. I'm also happy that I just joined in a new Guild Wars 2 guild that focuses exclusively on roleplaying. I'm so excited to learn from them! I want how to properly write out backstories and RP my characters, since I've got all these stories floating in my head and no clear idea how to get them out!
  10. Fire Tackles Maal Drakar in 7 Days

    Almost there!!! Whoo!!!
  11. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I got two more friends into painting minis this weekend! I really wanted mini painting time, so I just begged a bunch of friends to come over haha.
  12. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I watched my siblings in their latest theater performance, Les Miserables! They clearly loved hanging out with the rest of the cast, got along well with everyone of various genders and ages, and rocked their parts. I was very impressed with how my mom handled the content of the show (she didn't know the school version would still be addressing teenage things). The kids finally got some sort of talk from the way they handled their parts, and it was honestly a great way to break down that sheltering wall. I'm very proud of my family, and my goodness, can all those kids sing!
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Also, guess who seems to have acquired whatever has been going around. My husband and I both woke up with scratchy throats. I wanted to play D&D with friends this weekend. My husband's tiny cousins will be over this weekend as well, which means we'll be quarantined. This is bad, because we can't leave and I will go stir crazy. But not so bad, since maybe we'll get a tiny sliver of peace with his cousins around.... Let's just say they are very good at acting their age.
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Why is talking about the game a DM flaw?
  15. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Hello! I saved all my energy for people time and used it all up at PAX South! If we're friends on FB, you'll find photos there. :) I can't believe it's already Thursday. I want to finish painting my D20 dragon, finish my portrait studies, and paint a dinosaur this month! Gotta get to work!
  16. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Looks like I won't be able to get on this week - today and tomorrow I'll be getting ready for the weekend, and then on the weekend we'll be at PAX!
  17. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I would get on but other half isn't feeling too well. Maybe later this week!
  18. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    That's awful! I've seen similar signs. I already didn't like Hobby Lobby for various reasons, but I was furious when I stopped by the other day to pick up newsprint. The cheapest drawing paper possible. They don't have any. They only had half an aisle dedicated to drawing paper. A small sliver of that were sketch papers. They had ONE thing of "acid-free professional newsprint style paper" that was like $12 for 100 sheets. WHAT IS PROFESSIONAL NEWSPRINT.
  19. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Eeeee! I'll take the bus if I have to, I love art family time! I don't know if we had any other plans for that weekend, but they are cancelled now! I'm really excited to stay in the same hotel as the con! I'm hoping that the block will be better organized. I have 0 hotel experience, so I don't even know if it's possible. At the Hilton, it -seemed- that a lot of the rooms closest to the firepit and ground floor were not saved for Reaper, so we were getting a ton of noise complaints (or staff made them up so they had a "reason" to tell us to hush). And we are a loud bunch. There was one night when It would have made sense to block off the rooms closest to the event areas for Reaper.
  20. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Ignoring the frequently broken rule.... January 6th - Broken/successful resolutions - I'm on day 617 of consecutive art days. It was my resolution in 2016, though it took 4 months to really get it going. I'm going to focus on my emotional roller coaster and calm it down. I've started by trying to write down what's happening when I catch it starting. I have not fixed my diet yet.... January 7th - Mythical pet - I can only keep one?! I can not answer this. There are too many. Just. Yes. I would like to be friends with all of them, thank you. Well this is a stupidly huge drawing so I'm putting it in spoilers. Hopefully y'all can see who I greatly admire in regards to this question. January 8th - Meeting goals - Had a heart to heart with mom! That was a thing! And I got a fitbit for Christmas from them today! So that helps with emotions and being healthy. I'm also gonna really, really try to get back on the hangouts. I miss you guys and mini painting time <3
  21. Hello art family! Y'all might remember my 2016 thread, where I focused on making a habit of drawing every day. 2017 was wild and I decided against a thread here, but I have continued that art streak through this year with a slight change - painting and sculpting was allowed to sustain that miniatures habit. I'm getting a bit of a headstart with my 2018 thread! I'd love to learn some fancy traditional art school basics, and I think a lot of these things transfer over to most any type of art, like mini painting and sculpting. I see lots of friends here talking about color, lighting, and MORE CONTRAST, and I think we should check those cool things out! When I start a new subject, I will list (but not link) books, websites, or other references so you can follow along if you'd like. Mori's Learning List! 1. The Learning Mindset 2. Proportions - The Head 3. Proportions - The Body 4. Anatomy
  22. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I've been arting every day and been brave enough to post them, even the awful practice stuff. I made a list of things that help me derail bad spirals, now just to get the energy to use them.... .... 2 steps is enough for now.