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    Daniel just followed along quietly smoking his cigarette. He listened in closely to everyone and just glanced arund the tunnel randomly.

    Daniel had been following along silently, just listening to everyone. He turns to Brad and says, "I was staying in a bombed out hotel. It's very comfortable, the bomb didn't explode very well so a good bit of the rooms are intact and one or two actually has electricity if you hold your arms just right and if Jupiter is alined with Mars. It's in Queens if you want to go. The nicest thing is that I am the sole occupant, owner, and tenant." Daniel then turned back to the barrel and lights a cigarette, taking a long drag while staring into the fire.

    Daniel quickly gets up and brushes off the snow and moves over to Ian. He begins to go through the pockets of the coat and procures his lighter and his cigarettes. "These are way better than the crap those Russians get in their rations," he says with a grin while he makes his way into the workshop and down the manhole.

    Daniel continues to lie on the ground. He hears Ian's voice begin to fade. He yells at the Insergent "HEY BUDDY SOMETHIN'S NOT RIGHT WITH HIM. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG. JUST HELP THE GUY OUT OK. I PROMISE NOT TO MOVE"

    Daniel laughs a bit and lays the AK on the ground. "See, see I'm surrendering the weapon." he said almost insultingly. He then raises his hands above his head and backed about 10 feet from the gun. "Once again, see, see I'm distancing myself from it so there is no chance of me picking it back up," Daniel again told the insurgent with half insult. Finally Daniel laid down in the snow on his stomach with his hands above his head.

    Daniel looked at the Officer and realized that the coat was missing. He looked around and sees Ian wearing it. Daniel yells at the insurgent who has the gun trained on Ian, "Don't shoot that Idiot. He's just a dumb capitalist who grabbed the wrong coat." Daniel slowly advances on the two and says to Ian, "Now I'll be glad to help you out more if you give me back my lighter and cigarrettes which are in the right inner jacket pocket."

    Daniel begins to fire in the guards Tony Montana style. Shooting at the one that shot gel first.

    Daniel is gonna shoot the cards into the face of the nearest guard and tackle him and try to take the AK from him.

    The man says to the Russian officer, "Sadly you have little time to learn from a true master. Perhaps you have heard of 21 or blackjack. Right now I could just play a game of Go Fish I'm so bored." He proceeded to shuffle the cards then he spread them out on the truckbed so that each card was overlapping the next one, with a deft movement he began to cause the pile to flip from face side to backside 3 times very quickly. Then with a deft motion he reassembled the deck and performed more card tricks. He turned to his companions is death and said, "anyone else up for a game of poker or something. Its a good way to the pass the time."

    Daniel accepted the cigarette and the light. He puffed away without a care in the world. He began to shuffle the deck and perform card tricks. In a loud voice he said, "Hello there my Russian friend. I must thank you I was craving one real bad. How about we play a game of poker for those cigarrettes and the matches eh? You've already taken everything I own so why not let me win a few possessions for myself. Matter of fact let all the boys join it. It will be fun." Daniel started flipping cards in the air and catching them in the deck without looking, suddenly one flew over at the british man. "Hey there gov'ner," Daniel said in a perfect British accent, "How about returning that ace of spades to me? Can't play cards without it."

    "Come now friend don't look at me like that. You stole what was mine and I set in motion the means to have it stolen from you. I've only got an hour to live so what are you going to do kill me? I don't think the general would like that very much." The man turns with a grin on his face and looks at his fellow prisoner. He pulls out a pack of playing cards and begins to clumsily shuffle it. "How about a couple of hands of poker before we die friend?"

    Sitting across from the loudmouth snob was a man in his late 20's. He was wearing a semi warm coat, just warm enough to keep him from freezing but not to be comfortable. He just gazes at the loudmouth and laughs, "Wow you sure now how to make friends. You should take lessons from me. See my buddy over there who just wasted the cigarette. Me and him are good friends. I'm even loaning him my lighter and cigarettes for safe keeping." The man laughs again to himself and looks at the general. He shouts, "Hey general type person. How about having your boy give me back my cigs and lighter. Oh and would you fancy a game of cards."
  13. EricJ at Coolmini

    What kind of support are you talking about. Most support groups I know try to stop the addiction. This is more of like the bad group of kids your mom never wanted you to play with. We only feed the beast.
  14. A quotation a day...

    You could say that family only reacts to the outward reactions of Stewie and the baby sound he could be possibly making and all we hear is a translation. Brian being a dog (which can actually speak and communicate verbally with the human members) is a member of the animal kingdom and is therefor able to understand all languages. Many times when Stewie swears his mother says, "Well someone needs a nap." Or something of equal reaction. Brian on the other hand carries on conversations with Stewie and all the the other cast members.
  15. EricJ at Coolmini

    Um yes..... That is amazing, all worship the god of mini painting. That thing is so good I finally found something to replace my Fullmetal Alchemist background on my comp. This one is going to be hard to beat. Just amazing and welcome to the boards.