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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Is anyone using the trophy reaction? Sometimes people do a really good job and i want to use it, but no one else is. Havent been to active since they added them, so i wanted to check first.
  2. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Did someone say Aracnomaidens? I'm in
  3. Stormwing

    Dang it, now I need a second Stormwing Great job!
  4. Graveyard expansion

    Nicely done! Looking forward to starting on mine. It probably won't be for a bit though, so much to paint!
  5. Krug, Hill Giant

    hmm the green one could almost pass as a Supermutant Behemoth! Well done on both.
  6. Guthrie's Temple Dragon (03720)

    Very well done, great job on the highlights/shadows!
  7. Massive Darkness Agents

    Very nicely done! I hope mine look half that good.
  8. Well that was quick! Initial pledge locked in.
  9. Adventurescapes

    In for the Tavern set currently. I am thinking I will probably do the add on for the docks as well. I am torn on the Alchemy lab as the dungeon pieces are pretty similar to pieces I already have, but there are so many nice little decorations.
  10. As I was going through the PM last night I was again (as always) impressed by Reapers planning and execution of this KS. Where as with bones 3 there are very few items I need at retail, bones 4 I will still have plenty to buy. The additional expansions worked very well in that regard, since for any multiples (and there are plenty I want multiples for) I am holding off on until retail. The exception was darkreach, that I am getting two of and feel that will give me the numbers I am looking for. I hope to see more expansions structured like darkreach if they do more KSs as it is super convenient as a consumer.
  11. Starting shipping? Could it be, I will be getting these this year?!
  12. Well that was quite a ride! Mission accomplished Reaper, you got all my monies!
  13. Loving that barge. Sounds like part 2 will be sweet! Don't do many ancient Greek campaigns, but it will make a nice boat for the pirate ghosts!
  14. Wow, I go play Massive Darkness for a few hours and missed so much! Whew caught up again, can't wait for tomorrow!
  15. Well I meant just a pic. But kuddos to anyone with the skills to mod that!