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  1. Nooo! Need a third Expansion! Although according to the PM I have plenty to buy already. I was hoping they would do another terrain expansion like Graveyard in B3.
  2. Couldn`t have said it better than this.
  3. Man, I totally thought we would have a SG by now. Hopefully all the nastiness blows over so we can get back on track!
  4. They do have Barrow Rats
  5. I believe that Reaper does not have the licensing rights for warforged as it is WotC and not Pathfinder.
  6. Heh I don't know why, but I am loving that the "brains" bandit has a codpiece. Also appreciating all the NPCs in Dreadmere, lots of unique sculpts and goodies!
  7. One thing to keep in mind is this KS is more like 1 than 2 or 3. I am sure we will get the end spike as well when it is time. While our average pledge is still much lower I am hoping that will come up as people's orders get closer to the $200 range. Ultimately we need *about* 18k backers at $200 a pop to beat bones 1. Should be interesting though.
  8. Looking at the tree, the space between the rope and chain on the left and right. It looks like you could hang a victim on each side. Lots of versatility!
  9. Really like the cave dwellers, and they are for the core set! Also still on track for picking up 2 expansions!
  10. Insert maniacal laugh here
  11. Yeah I have not seen mine since it shipped. I think they sacrificed him to make more minis, but they definitely overpaid for him so they can do as they wish. Too much metal on Sir Forscale for me to paint it well.
  12. Generally my miniatures are for fights in game, so I prefer more action posed miniatures to casually posed miniatures. The exception being NPCs, but for those types of minis I am usually pretty flexible as my players don't do as expected about half the time anyway. "Oh nice paint job on that NPC. Lets kill it" dang PCs
  13. Hoping that tree is part of the next expansion. Can't wait to see what the theme is if that is the case.
  14. Well I am happy now that my snakesses are unlocked. Here is hoping for another expansion release for the weekend! There should be two more expansions with my name on them! (pure speculation)