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  1. It would be fun to get people to post their favorite piece once orders arrive or maybe a sculpt that surprised you in person. I imagine thats best for another thread though.
  2. I really want to see Dagon and the froghemoth. Depending on arrival I might paint some giants for next Thursdays game.
  3. Locked in October 25th wave 1 shipping email received. 23 pounds of minis on its way for me! email came at 8am pst
  4. I must be in the the last 80 orders of wave one. Going to open my stuff next Thursday with the Dnd group so I'm not worried about time. Thanks to all the reaper employees for pumping these packages out so fast!
  5. Are you also Canadian or US?
  6. Funded

    If anyone is going to jump up a level let me know Im looking to grab a 300 tier
  7. Just wanted to let people know ive had mine fulfilled and they look great! Got about 20 dwarves all together.
  8. Mighty kind of reaper to gift us some extra weapons! I'm really hoping December is a possibility for fulfillment since my campaign is craving some of these minis :P
  9. Wow, If the pledge manager were still open T'Rauk would be all mine! I figured I had enough dragons but the newest preview is telling me I was very wrong.
  10. Thanks for all your help in the WIP. I'm pretty new to the hobby and feel like I learned a bit with this model.
  11. Welcome, it wasn't too long ago that I finished my learn to paint kit. They all look great! It'll take some practice to get a quick even base coat and doing eyes but there are some great guides available on this forum. Give your sweet skeleton a nice dark wash for some extra definition in his bones.
  12. Digging the scales on this fierce looking dragon!
  13. Wow, I love the way the blue/purple make the silver glisten. Nice job!
  14. I tweaked the mane a little and decided to call this one done. Final: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69349-reaper-02880-lion-man/
  15. Was looking for a mini to fit my needs for a Raksasha and this savage looking warrior wasnt quite what I had in mind but I made it work.