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  1. Kingdom Death: Pinup Wet Nurse

    I have this same figure in resin. Haven't touched mine yet. I really like your color choices.
  2. Cleaning sealant out of brushes

    Vallejo, the gloss is the worst of the three. Last time I used it I still had some minor residue after cleaning three times with The Masters.
  3. Cleaning sealant out of brushes

    Unfortunately in my experience warm water and The Masters doesn't cut it for me with the brand of varnish I use.
  4. Cleaning sealant out of brushes

    Nope. I use Winsor & Newton brush cleaner and restorer to remove sealant.
  5. Painting Obsidian Stone Weapons

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the possibility of using Reaper Master Series 09280 Nightmare Black which is an almost black dark blue.
  6. I've only had cracking paint on two bones miniatures. Never on metal. Both times I started painting the miniatures only a few hours after priming with Reaper brush-on primer. Since I started waiting twenty-four hours I have not had it reoccur.
  7. Vallejo Metal Medium works outstanding with the Vallejo transparent paints.
  8. That Horus figure is a really rare Dragontooth Miniatures mini. Cool piece!
  9. I had the same problem with a few bones models I primed with Reaper brush-on primer. I soon learned to let it dry for 24 hours before painting and have not had it happen again.
  10. The cheapest place I've found for nitrile gloves in the U.S. is Harbor Freight.
  11. I can't believe the series is still going! I stopped reading it over a decade ago, the cast of characters was almost completely different from the starting novels.
  12. Happy Birthday K2h2m3 !!!

    Thank you!
  13. Some advice please

    I've pinned stuff approximately 1.5 millimeters thick before and it's EXTREMELY fiddly. Also if you do pin and don't run the pin all the way to the parasol it will just break above the pin later. Generally for pinning I like to use dress makers pins as they are hard to bend. I would replace the pole from the hand to the parasol. If you are worried about brass rod bending then use tubing as it is less likely to bend.
  14. Happy Birthday K2h2m3 !!!

    Thank you!
  15. Reaper Radio

    @Egg of CootFinally someone else that likes ASF!