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  1. Vallejo has transparent paints that are similar to Reaper's paints and truly clear like Tamiya. With the exception of some additives all the rest of my paints are Reaper.
  2. Not so much errors as poor organization. 09754 is listed before 09753 and 09770 before 09769. Also the numbering convention used for the single paints changes repeatedly in various spots. Not a huge deal I just hope Reaper doesn't use this list as the basis for any new ones in the future.
  3. It has nothing to do with the retired stock numbers or any of them being re-released. It wasn't even obvious to me at first but I use my sheet to tell which of the four cases they are in. If I have time tonight I'll post specifics but the omissions are the new liners and washes 09307-09312.
  4. I don't know if anyone else noticed but the sheet from the KS has multiple errors and six omissions. The errors are with stock numbers mostly.
  5. Holy Carp!!! I had these things when I was a little kid,I'm 48 now. There is supposed to be a white plastic mesh screen with them. The pegs are slightly smaller than the mesh hole. You were supposed to make pictures with them. Kind of like analog pixels if you will. These were one of my favorite toys when i was little.
  6. IMO Noble Knight prices for OOP miniatures tends to be on the extreme high end.
  7. I saw the pics for this elsewhere. It didn't look all that bad but pics were not the best.

    Stirges! Bones 4 needs stirges!
  9. About thirty years ago when I went to a jewelers school we used beeswax on the blades to reduce friction. Do not put weight on the blade, let the weight of the saw do it and you will break a lot less blades. There are also different types of blades for cutting different materials. I've actually cut a Master lock with a jewelers saw before.
  10. Recap the bottle with a fresh clean dropper tip.
  11. Noncombatant humanoids. Male, female and young.
  12. I just received the Typhoon mixer I ordered from Robert on ebay. This thing is absolutely awesome! I'd like to thank everyone in this thread that had mentioned it.
  13. I think the skin looks great! As does the rest of the figures too.
  14. If you are talking about the dark gray spots that is just the lead ageing. It looks to me like these figure are free from lead rot currently. While I wouldn't call myself an expert I have dealt with about a dozen or so figures with lead rot.
  15. Fulfilling

    Music sounds similar to part of one of the soundtracks to one of the Hobbit movies. Might just be coincidence. I looked into the main comments section on the KS page and it just made me feel badly for the Reaper peeps. I know of at least one KS that is two years late and the comments section is nowhere near that bad even though the creator had pretty much not shared much info until recently.