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  1. Thrift Store SCORES!!!!!

    Eerrm....That orange X1 is neither rare nor a tournament version. It is the standard version of X1 that came with the Mentzer expert box set.
  2. Reaper Kolinsky

    HA HA! This thread just made me go check the brushes that came in my "Layer Up!" LTPK. The package is printed with Kolinsky sable on it but the brushes are Pro brushes. Never noticed that before. I have two full sets of Reaper Kolinsky brushes that were purchased from an online seller nearly a decade ago. In my experience the quality is totally hit or miss. All my brushes are taken care of extremely well. I also have Winsor & Newton series 7 and Da Vinci and have no problems with those. I will recommend anything from Reaper with the exception of their brushes.
  3. If you just need to fill a gap use GS. If it needs a good fit for structural integrity use Milliput.
  4. Grenadier C'thulu-esque monster

    IIRC it is from one of the monster manuscript sets.
  5. The Care & Feeding of Lead Miniatures

    I'm almost completely positive that the dark patina you are showing is actually gray automotive primer. The stuff is a complete nightmare to remove and a lot of people used it back in the day. Also, pure lead miniatures rarely if ever come out that shiny after stripping.
  6. The Care & Feeding of Lead Miniatures

    I have a complete AD&D Grenadier Gold Line all bought on ebay within the last seven years. I stripped them all with Simple Green or Pinesol. Pinesol was used for enamels and stubborn paint. All were primered on EVERY bare surface after stripping and cleaning. I still examine the ones that haven't been painted yet on a yearly basis. Pingo and Doug pretty much covered everything else you need to know.
  7. I finally completed my Sophie miniature collection with the impossible to get miniatures! Truthfully I didn't think it would ever happen.
  8. Happy Birthday Egg of Coot !!!

    Happy birthday!
  9. You can see pictures of bare metal minis at the DSM website. They are at the bottom of the page for the mini you are looking at. Some also show the concept art.
  10. December specials?

    The yellow in my set was fine. I do have a color bought from a retailer that sounds like that. I think it was subjected to extreme temps.
  11. You know what would be cool? I do...

    Maybe they could offer a promotional triad or two during the twelve days of christmas instead?
  12. You know what would be cool? I do...

    At this point the thrill of the hunt is looking more like a quest for the white hart.
  13. @OneBoot I have the same mixer. The attachments should lock in place. There should be a definite click when you push it down on the post. Also, Thank you. You made me realize I left mine plugged in last night, something I don't like to do.
  14. Paint agitators

    Split-shot fishing sinkers here also. The ones I use are made of tin.
  15. Vallejo has transparent paints that are similar to Reaper's paints and truly clear like Tamiya. With the exception of some additives all the rest of my paints are Reaper.