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  1. If they're slightly out of focus, I'm not seeing anything detrimental about it. Now, most blue lizards pair up that colour with black, grey, or white. Are you going to use any of those for your colour scheme?
  2. I may have posted this before, but here it is again, to the best of my recollection. I used to work at a call center way back, when there were rows upon rows of tiny cubicles. Management had offices made of cubicle walls, so it was a fairly open environment. One day one of our ops managers decided to take a couple of days off; some of the supervisors under him figured that they needed to teach him a lesson for taking time off, so they taped off the entrance of his office and started filling it up with balloons. When the ops manager came back he was most definitely surprised, and he had to pop them all in order to get back to work. Then a few weeks later he decides to take a few more days off; apparently he didn't learn his lesson. WE all got together and figured that the punishment for this egregious sin must be more severe, so we all got together and went to work. What we ended up doing was to buy aluminum foil ( a lot of it), with which we proceed to wrap EVERY SINGLE ITEM in his office in the stuff, up to and including the pens, erasers, and thumbtacks on the wall. We all gathered around to watch when he came back, and when he came around the corner and saw his office, his jaw dropped. I don't think I've ever seen someone look so stunned. Eventually he had a good laugh about it and then set about removing all of the foil. He managed to make a ball that was over 18 inches wide with all of it(!), and he proudly displayed it on top of his filing cabinet for all to see. He had a good sense of humour, and he appreciated all the effort we went through to torment him.
  3. The story in the city is beginning to remind me of "Leiningen Versus the Ants".
  4. *looks down at robes, jumps into giant mud puddle and rolls around, then jumps onto Chaoswolf and gives him a big hug* And now you have to have a bath!
  5. I feel your pain. After spending most of my life on the farm, cows kicking and stepping on you and rubbing you into the barn wall with their big butts is something I'm very familiar with. Though calves tend to scrape with their sharp little chisel teeth as well.
  6. I grew up on that when I was young. Just trying straining all the straw out of it first.
  7. *is bored, casts a subtle polymorph on Chaoswolf*
  8. When the train went through town today, I was in a good spot to watch it. It took 8 minutes to pass through, and I counted only 4 train cars that weren't tagged. Some people like to keep busy.
  9. If there were no trains in the world, there would be extremely lower sales of spray paint cans.
  10. You're absolutely right, knarthex; this one IS looking better than Takhisis.
  11. To find the freshest one. I think this one is it.
  12. That moment when you bite into a Hot Rod..........and then realize that it's fresh.
  13. I dunno, ask the goblins that pay the deposit for these things.
  14. *takes goblin corpse in for recycling*
  15. Acquired: one (1) Spring day. Used it before I losed it.