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  1. With this heat, I don't think they'll last long. A good idea, but Buglips can't fly. At least not until I can get the trebuchet set up.
  2. Happity anniversary to you two, Redambrosia!
  3. Pizza Hut is the closest thing for me. Though I did learn that Save-On-Foods does offer such services, but I haven't used it yet since I work close enough to it to just go over here before I head home from work.

    If goes along the same lines as Bill & Ted, I will be pleased.
  5. Looks like it's my turn to be painting at the FLGS today:
  6. All celebrities demand larger dressing rooms.
  7. Update: Definitely an OOP kit. When I opened it up there were at least three paints that were starting to solidify, but after putting distilled water and using the vortex shaker, I think they should be salvageable. They seem to dissolve a bit better than I expected.
  8. As far as I'm aware, IWM doesn't make any paints, so this looks like it's from Ral Partha. Actually, just checked, it's from 2000. The red crystal guy is a Psychic Sentinel from 2009, which means that it was released after 4th Edition was out. I also thought it looked a lot like the Psion-Killer from the Pathfinder Ultimate Psionics book from Dreamscarred Press. Think I might play with washes a little bit, see if I can bring out some of its definition.
  9. Out to the Cardboard Armory to do some painting, but they got me at the door: Quite a few old DDM prepaints were on consignment at prices that were too cheap to pass up, so I bought the entire lot. They`re great for repriming and using to practice painting skills, though a couple I will leave as is. Also, they got a couple of these: Had to pick this up as soon as I saw it, the owner has been trying to bring in some painting supplies and got this because it was a starter kit. I've been trying to gently steer her toward Reaper and the LTPK kits, as well as miniatures. Isn't this one OOP? How well did I do to get this?
  10. Glorious!
  11. I know, but it's perfect as it is! The road to heaven is paved with stroopwafels.
  12. And I'm back. I realized that I was utilizing @buglips*the*goblin the wrong way, so after harnessing the power of his stank, power has been restored to the central and northeast part of the city, as well as the rest of Canada. Negotiations are now in progress to sell off the excess power to other countries.
  13. *chuckles* and it's not even a full bottle!
  14. I am using a stone tablet-etching device powered by Buglips on an exercise bike.
  15. Power outage in the central and Northeast part of my city. Using primitive communications methods to talk to you.