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  1. I think Monday has taken out most of the forum members, with a few scattered survivors tenaciously clinging to life.
  2. You can never have enough rogues.
  3. This has been one of the most educational WIPs so far.
  4. Don't forget "always in perfect balance."
  5. It's obviously a semaphore signaller, painted with the opposite of Vantablack.
  6. Do YOU need support from us as well for this call?
  7. Kid- Hobbit+Lord of the Rings Teen-Hobbit+Lord of the Rings Adult-Hobbit+Lord of the Rings This is some heavy reading that will definitely up your vocabulary and reading skills. Add the Silmarillion and other books by J.R.R Tolkien afterwards.
  8. Ooooooooo moonlight on the snow.
  9. I was just mentioning about how it snowed about an inch and a half here last night. This has merged with a previous post well beyond my expectations.
  10. You know what they say: April flurries bring May.......Murrays.
  11. I think the stockings turned out very well. It might be just me, but perhaps just a touch more skin tone should be showing through? Though I would be satisfied with how it is now.
  12. Hey, they're all union, so it's all good.
  13. Memorizing spells requires one to rest for 8 hours, but it doesn't necessarily mean sleep! Wild mage approved.
  14. Getting closer to goblin tangerine........