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  1. Theme song isn't quite as catchy.
  2. Sometimes we all need a little distraction now and then.
  3. For RPGs I'm playing in an evil campaign (which,ironically, has us choosing to kill less people), but my group has taken hiatus for the summer. Also playing in Shattered Star campaign on Roll20 after my friend needed someone to replace a player who dropped out. For games I just tossed Neverwinter Nights in as well, also occasionally check Idle Heroes of the Forgotten Realms. Touched on Wasteland 2 as well, there's a lot of games I have yet to play.
  4. I also dream vividly, but fortunately I'm a lucid dreamer. If a dream starts turning badly, I usually can force my will upon it to change it to something different.
  5. Undead Bugs Bunny?
  6. I'm sorry to hear that, redambrosia. Don't beat yourself up over it, sometimes the right thing to do isn't the easy thing to do, and I appreciate that you were strong enough to make that decision. Remember that you're doing it both for his own safety and everyone else's. *hugs*
  7. *smacks undead hand* No! Bad! Get back in there!
  8. *facepalm*
  9. Doing Pathfinder right now, so that's a nada from me, unfortunately.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that things haven't been going well for you, but congratulations on your baby girl. Hope things get better soon, and get as much sleep as you can.
  11. Oh, snap!
  12. Doooooo it. Never knew these things existed, and it's great to see artwork that I've never seen before.
  13. Knowing our ninja snake, I think it's a good bet that he left the good captain for last, just to prolong the terror a little bit longer.
  14. MOTH DRAGON!!!!!! Awesome!
  15. *waves tiny potato pennant*
  16. Happy birthyday, loopy lupine!
  17. A bit of a purchase yesterday: Citadel: -Dechala Lilac -Casandora Yellow -Rakarth Flesh -Elysian Green -Wrack White -Macragge Blue -Teclis Blue -Dark Reaper (*gasps* Possible copyright conflict?!!?!?) -Alaitoc Blue -Lugganath Orange -Fulgrim Pink -Mournfang Brown -77103 Nor'okk, Ettin -77258 Babau (Babaubau, Babaubara-ann) Looks like I have more paints to add to the list, I think I have most of the Citadel paint line. How I wish that I could buy Reaper in the area at this level of impulsiveness.....
  18. As much as anything that Buglips says.
  19. Always great memories when it comes to D&D and Pathfinder games: had an intrepid halfling bard that failed his Climb checks and bounced down a mountain not once, but FOUR times. At least until someone had though to throw down a rope for him. same bard who saved the party from a mob of onrushing hobgoblins by continuously using a wand of summon monster II every round to keep summoning a dire ape in the middle of a tunnel bottleneck to stop them. The ape died every round, but managed to take a few hobgoblins out and kept them from swarming us. Same bard undernearth a table, massive wolf on top of it with fellow party member in its jaws. Bard comes up from underneath and criticals with short sword, pain causes wolf to clamp down its jaws and criticals other party member, killing him instantly. DMing an all-dwarf party made up of brothers and cousins, who had never been to the surface world before. And with their leader sounding a lot like Ozzy Osbourne. Kree, my hlaf-dragon/kobold fighter/barbarian who managed to one-shot the avatar of a god. Flew down a well to explore the caverns under the city while the other members were waiting for him to come back and were bickering in the meantime. Got to the end of the cavern when the aspect of the Three-Headed God burst out of the water and got the drop on him, knocking Kree's HP down by three-quarters in the first attack. Figuring that I was pretty much screwed anyways, I thhrew everything into my attack with a heavy pick: power attack, rage, the whole works. Rolled natural 20. And then natural 20. And then natural 17. x4 critical did 246 points of damaged and killed it instantly. Was pretty legendary. was playing Planescape setting with a good all-drow party, on a mission in the Demonweb Pits while our cleric of Eilistraee was impersonating Eclavdra, Chosen of Lolth, to infiltrate a rare conference of demons. Everything was going well until the real Eclavdra showed up, who out-leveled us something fierce. All thoughts were of escape at that point, tried delaying her as best we could while we made our way to the exit. Not many options left, our cleric casts finger of death just to do something. Some how beats Eclavdra's spell resistance, who then rolls to beat a laughingly easy saving throw........and rolls a natural 1. Drops dead in front of any demons that were still there, who scattered when they saw us take down someone that even they feared. Played a paladin named Oster Bosch whose duty was to protect the duke Keurig Tassimo, who was another PC, and ended up accidentally killing him. At the time the paladin was fighting a boss when he was cut off from the rest of the party with a wall of stone, and he and the cleric Duke were connected with a ring of friend shield at the time. Paladin takes a massive critical that kills both him and Keurig because of the damage transfer. Sad day, but kind of funny. Fighting BBEG at the top of a high tower, who overpowered the party easily with high AC. Most of the party down or incapacitated, TPK imminent. One of the last members still able to fight was the monk, who wasn't able to do much damage to the Big Bad. Does the only thing he can think of and takes advantage of the enemy's lack of grappling skills, grabs the BBEG and hurls both of them off the tower to plummet to their deaths. Such a noble sacrifice is remembered to this day.
  20. We miss you, OneBoot. Congratulation,s Ludo! You know you got this!
  21. That tip is absolutely superb. Adding it to the repository!!
  22. *digs out Ebonwrath from the bin* Holy crap, you're right! Was wondering if that ws unique to yours or not. Does it give you any trouble?
  23. *waves pennant* Wooooooooo!!!!!!!! Good for you!