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  1. I think the stockings turned out very well. It might be just me, but perhaps just a touch more skin tone should be showing through? Though I would be satisfied with how it is now.
  2. Hey, they're all union, so it's all good.
  3. Memorizing spells requires one to rest for 8 hours, but it doesn't necessarily mean sleep! Wild mage approved.
  4. Getting closer to goblin tangerine........
  5. Just acquired: two more organizers, since they fit on my other ones quite well. Still don't think I'll have enough space in them for Bones III, though I'm ahead of the curve for preparedness.
  6. I think the fingers turned out very well, it makes it look like she's holding the goblet daintily.
  7. This has a disturbingly similar look to Trump................ Out of all the crawfish pics I've seen, this one is definitely the corniest.
  8. Can't believe I found this before it was finished. Watching with great interest, I actually can't recall seeing any Kingdom Death WIPs, even though I keep hearing about the figures.
  9. I am currently in the vast black void of loneliness here.
  10. Just to show you that there's hope for every old game:
  11. knarthex?.........knarthex? ...............where are you, knarthex? .............knarthex?
  12. Atari games are pretty darn sturdy, so I'd put money on it being in workable condition.
  13. Just got back from the farm where I had to haul a calf out of the mud. I was literally knee deep in the @&%^.
  14. Acquired today: Got Bankers Box 3-Drawer Organizer at Staples for just over $8 plus tax, when their website sells it for over $30. Decided to be proactive instead of a reactionary for the upcoming Bones III Kickstarter shipment, which is odd for me. Must mean that the stars are aligning and it will be here soon.
  15. He does realize that he included himself in that, right?
  16. It's quiet...........too quiet.....................
  17. If I get volunteered to make up the question, you can be darn sure I get to choose what it'll be. I have no scheduled questions!!! Chaotic good, remember?
  18. Question for April 22 & 23: Who would win in a fight: a gorilla or a unicorn? State why you believe your choice is the correct one.
  19. Weekend question today?
  20. It snowed last night. Heavy wet snow. So heavy that when I left my friend's place at 2 in the morning and walked to my car across the street, my head was already completely covered in it. When I got home I walked inside and it melted, so much that it was dripping from my head. All melted by this morning, though.
  21. I should probably mention that the interview went well. Considering how the manager had expressed his disappointment about how a couple of guys that applied didn't even know the duties in the job despite it being said in the posting, I think I have a good chance at this one. It pays pretty well, enough that I might be able to afford Bones IV if I can get it.
  22. I will shake my pom-poms at you to encourage you to be done; and believe me, you don't want to see me in a cheerleading outfit.
  23. As we expected. You've done well today, have a relaxing beverage.
  24. I'm willing to forgive such short notice if they pay well enough.