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  1. Hobgoblins in non-oriental armour. Something more standard, or perhaps even Roman legion inspired. Also, flumphs. In non-oriental armour. Except for the flumph samurai. He's cool.
  2. Whenever I'm in the Big City. Every. Single. Time. Most people take defensive driving courses, but over there hey believe that the best defense is a good offense. ne time I was driving down one of the quieter streets with my friend when I see a car stop at the stop sign on the side street. The young woman sees me the entire time and knows I'm coming, and then when I'm nearly up to her she decides to try crossing the street, nearly causing me to T-bone her. Fortunately I was watching because I automatically assume that someone is going to do something stupid, hitting the brakes to avoid an accident that she seemed to try to cause.
  3. That brings back memories that I had forgotten about. Hoping that they can get the levels back down, just be patient.
  4. This is the equivalent of 3 Marmalades. This is my brother-in-law's cat, Brat. Brat is a fat cat. Tell me again why he was so bad?
  5. Actually had a vintage one come into my old workplace once.
  6. If anyone wants to know where it all began, they should look up K-Tel.
  7. When a cat rubs up against your leg, she should not be able to bodily move you. You're right, I'm worse: I'm middle management.
  8. Not that I recall, though I'm sure there's something around my house that fits that category.
  9. Ancestor/descendant time always takes precedence.
  10. Tons of Fun:
  11. Exactly why I keeping pushing for an unbearded wizard, like Pezler (No, I don't wear a pointy hat). Of course, none of this detracts from such mindblowing painting.
  12. *steeples fingers* You have all done as I have asked. I am pleased.
  13. Wait, the purge is supposed to make me better! Dead is not better!
  14. I have to second the translucent spell effects. It occurs to me that it would be good to have Tenser's floating disk and the various Bigby's hand spells represented. Also, flumphs.
  15. Off on a long trip now. 3 hours each way. For a piece of paper. I expect this thread to be at 1000 pages by the time I get back.
  16. This is exactly why they did it that way.
  17. Randomness XII: Voyage of the Randomness Eternal Randomness XII: Watermelon Cashew Tow Truck Spork Loofa
  18. Thor:Ragnarok comes to mind, and of course The Last Jedi will always give goosebumps in anticipation for it. Crap, I just realized that Spiderman: Homecoming is coming out in a couple of weeks and my friend and I don't have tickets yet!
  19. Talk of such things are now officially protected under the Legitimate BusinessTM Protection Agreement.
  20. That's how you know I did it right! *chalks another one up on the board*
  21. Yay! We're useful!
  22. I think the post he referenced was when I was becoming a yardman for Home Hardware. But yes!, I will become a casino technician if I pass final approval. Also, dill will ultimately win because it'll keep coming back no matter what.
  23. Are you saying this would have been Mr. Skeltal?
  24. LOL Wait, which job was this one referencing to?
  25. A gelationous cube with a removable base that you can place a figure on/inside, instead of the remains that the current one has. I understand that the gelatinous cube may have to be larger for this. Also, flumphs.