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  1. That's adorable. Poor little rattie, he just wants a snack.
  2. Which day? Or will this be done with the regular pictures at the dinners? 'Cause I'll have plush(ies) as part of my costumes Thursday and Friday, but not Saturday or Sunday... Mine's kinda both...
  3. Great, thanks! :) Either place meeting is fine with me.
  4. Still looking for a ride to/from the Meet&Greet Wednesday night. I'll be at the Fairfield, but don't mind meeting at the HGI, if needed. Anyone?
  5. I have my airport rides arranged, but if I could hitch a ride with someone from the hotel (I'm at the Fairfield) to the Meet&Greet, that would be great.
  6. +1 to this. More musicians/bards with less common instruments. Accordions, bagpipes, djembes, tubas, whatever. Go for it. And how about sprues of instruments for conversions? Also, animal people that could be pcs. Not cute, but also not monstrous - the catfolk in Bones4 are the right sort of thing, just more species. Dogs, rats, foxes, birds, monkeys, reptiles, go nuts. Variety is good. A bunch of different types/"looks" would also be good - male/female, tall/short, heavy armor/light armor/no armor...
  7. I added the Mouslings. :)
  8. I showed my boyfriend the dinosaurs and this exchange happened: Me: Should I get the t-rex---- Him: YES. Me: I could put a little Mario hat on---- Him: YES. Looks like we're getting dinosaurs.
  9. The were-bat and the Graveyard Expansion man-bat were both in there. The one I picked was from the expansion, I think I already had the other. Well, shucks - I totally would have taken that Grim Reaper Mousling if it had still been in the box. The wendigo too, probably. Good finds.
  10. FroggyBox is on the way to Broonkah!
  11. Let's see here... Box has been looted, unfortunately no pictures - the camera on my phone hates me, and I'm not sure where my real camera is. :( I took: DarkSword RCon16 Mouse Mummy (this was on my wishlist!) Reaper Hecklemeyer & Styx (this was too!) Reaper 6-arm skeleton drummer Warhammer Orc drummer caroling goblin a tiny multi-arm insect guy (there were several of these) Chainmail Pulverizer (a small stompy robot) three Bones stitch golems Bones man-bat Bones pumpkin-head minion (just one) the Kaladrax tail (backup bone tail for a costume if my first idea doesn't work) metal knot work skull charm (might end up in one of my RCon costumes) resin dragon on motorcycle (broken wing, but I can fix it) I added: some stuff. The box is about as full as when I received it. It'll go out tomorrow or Saturday. :)
  12. Froggy box has arrived from Dilvish. Going through it this evening.
  13. At the awesome local game store again, found a plush Marill pokemon, the Hordes Crabbits, and a Bones Hydra. Because seeing all the Ma'als getting painted now makes me want to paint a five-headed dragon, but I don't want to spend $150+ on a ginormous one. A little one will do. Also went to some thrift stores and found clothing to make Reapercon costumes. And waiting on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon orders for more costume parts. 'Cause I like to dress up.
  14. I think you might have something there. Looks like a cranky old general with a bunch of fresh recruits.
  15. "Pirates" and Orcs showed up yesterday afternoon! They look pretty good. ...I also seem to have acquired a small obsession with Splatoon 2...