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  1. At the awesome local game store again, found a plush Marill pokemon, the Hordes Crabbits, and a Bones Hydra. Because seeing all the Ma'als getting painted now makes me want to paint a five-headed dragon, but I don't want to spend $150+ on a ginormous one. A little one will do. Also went to some thrift stores and found clothing to make Reapercon costumes. And waiting on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon orders for more costume parts. 'Cause I like to dress up.
  2. I think you might have something there. Looks like a cranky old general with a bunch of fresh recruits.
  3. "Pirates" and Orcs showed up yesterday afternoon! They look pretty good. ...I also seem to have acquired a small obsession with Splatoon 2...
  4. I was just about to suggest this! Ratfolk that aren't "monstrous" but PC or NPC types, please.
  5. Boyfriend and I were out this weekend for various errands, and realized we would be near the new location of the very friendly, semi-local game store that just recently moved. They've outdone themselves with the new space, it's bigger, brighter, and has an even better selection. I came away with Wyrmgear, the Reaper metal Space Murine Mousling, and a tiny K9 that lights up and speaks. Also got a shipping notice for my "Pirates" and Orcs.
  6. I had to show these to my boyfriend, since he used to be part of a theater group that shadowcast this Pirate Movie - he usually played the big guy - and now he wants me to paint a set for him. I'm also getting the Orc Command Group, since the musician is another bagpiper for my little pipe band. Thanks... :)
  7. Purchased ReaperCon badge and class tickets. I guess I'll actually acquire them in October.
  8. Well... it looks like the schedule's been changed, not my itinerary. Either day is fine for me, but I wonder about others who've chosen that class.
  9. System worked just fine for me... except my itinerary says "Sculpting Faces with Derek Schubert" is on Friday, while the schedule has it on Thursday.
  10. Space Murines. Well done. Makes me wish I'd gotten them in the Kickstarter...
  11. Order arrived! The box looked like it got drop-kicked, luckily there was plenty of packing paper cushioning the contents, and immediately adjacent to the dent was the solid plastic case containing the mouslings. So nothing got damaged... except... those rat bagpipers were painted, and they were all stuffed together in a single bag. They're a little scratched from bumping into each other. It's not a big deal, though, since I was planning on tweaking the paint jobs anyway, I'll just touch them up when I do that.
  12. Blue Rat approves.
  13. And I'm back. Order placed at Noble Knight. More musicians, more rodents (with some overlap!), and a few bits of silliness... Joccian Pipe Band (Alternative Armies) - Rats with bagpipes. 'Nuff said. Clurch Piper, Dragon Piper, Dwarf Bard, Pied Piper (WizKids) - random cheap musicians to repaint. Dahlia & Skarath (Privateer Press) - 'nother musician, plus the wyrm looks like it'll be fun. Mousling Tavern (Reaper) - two more musical rodents. the rest might get traded off, though. Frog Minstrel (Dark Sword Miniatures) - musical frog. ribbit. Malfesknekor, Technocat, Imaginary Friend (WizKids) - fun things to repaint. goblin-kitty, robo-kitty, walking blob. Maul Rat (Wizards of the Coast) - TEEETH! Heh.
  14. Wow, this came back to the forum at the exact same time I did. Thought I would have missed it... Where: Maryland, USA International: Sorry, not at this time. Starter: Nope, I don't have enough.
  15. Something I like, but don't have a chance to fix often enough. Stupid tiny refrigerator. I chop up cucumber, radish, carrot, cauliflower, and white button mushrooms, maybe some white cabbage or bell peppers, add bacon bits and sunflower seeds, and top it with some ranch dressing - not gobs and gobs, just enough to get a little dressing in every bite. Yum.