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  1. Live

    The one and only. I'm not sure we've ever really figured out how long they live, though. I remember Jeremy Wade (Animal Planet's River Monsters) hooked into one they thought was about that old. It's tough for me to imagine any animal old enough to have been alive during the AWI.
  2. Live

    Oh, look at those modern scenics... I need two...Well, I need, like, ten...but, y'know, "budgets".
  3. Live

    The summaries have been very helpful. I kept up with the comments for Bones 3, and consider that to have been a mistake. So the summary is great.
  4. Live

    Release it! Release it! I will seriously consider breaking my hard cap for it, and the dragon has a good chance to actually win! (I'm normally pretty hardnosed about the budget.)
  5. Live

    OK, I think I'm keeping Dreadmere. I really like Serena, Fruella, and Damaris! The Land Terrapin is the expression of an unknown thought. I just don't know what or how. I'm pretty sure I need it, though. The Spirit Beast reminds me of a peryton, but I like it anyway. So it stays...until it gets pushed out by something else. I'm at my hard cap (having doubled my pledge and increased from Bones 3).
  6. Yes, indeed! It comes in regular Regular and Mint (but if I want the mint, I'm going to drop a couple shots of schnapps in it). Three sizes: the tall bottle, the wide jar, and the big bag! I don't remember the actual sizes.
  7. I prefer hot chocolate. Swiss Miss or Carnation will do, but I prefer the Penzey's. But work doesn't provide that, so I'll drink tea during the winter. Nothing fancy, plain old Lipton is good enough to take off the chill. Nothing in it unless I'm feeling weak, then I'll add a dash or two of sugar. Just enough to let me know it's there. I don't remember the last time I had hot cider.
  8. Live

    Murkillor is metal, which is why the price is so hefty. It would be much lower price in Bonesium (if he were to be included somewhere along the line). But my, oh my, is he purty.
  9. 1) One sitting--typically under 4 hours. 2) My end-goal. Seriously(ish). So long as it looks good from 2' away. The basic details are there, but eyes may not be dotted, gems might not have their final touches, blends and highlights might be rough, etc. I don't associate a time limit with TTQ--It takes as long as it takes and some folks are faster than others (especially if working in batches). 3) The stuff that makes me want to break my brushes and chuck it all in the garbage. Much like obscenity and art, I know it when I see it but have a hard time defining it. The blends are smooth and there are often special techniques (OSL, NMM, etc.) on display. The iris might be painted on human-sized models.
  10. Live

    So, I'm looking through the store ('cause the wife is demanding we watch Dante's Peak) and I spy 03790: Murkillor, Wraith King of the Dark Moors. It is only one of multiple Murkillors, but I can't help but think that maybe, just maybe, he'd go mighty easily into both the Wraiths set and possibly even into Dreadmere. And that would make seven...
  11. After looking at the Chronoscope expansion for Bones 4, I spent a lot of time wondering about the Andromedans (figures 314, 315, and 316 corresponding to 50131, 50220, and 50136). I would love to see this line fleshed out!
  12. Live

    Hmmm. I'm not sure what I was expecting from Dreadmere, but Part II was not it. I'm really digging the Crimson Herald, Jacob, Lukesia, Worden, and Wladislaw. The Stonegreaves Wight is interesting as is the Cthonic Hivewarden. But the rest is only getting a lukewarm reaction. Still holding out hope for part three, though! At this point it's just about the math. The same thing goes for the Chronoscope set. I'm interested in (by quick personal and unofficial estimate) $35 retail worth of it. I want to like more of it, but it's just not happening. Now, and I never thought I'd say this, any potential cat dragon has me greatly intrigued. Maybe even enough to start buying mouselings in general... And since I just can't seem to stop typing, I would like to point out that I appreciate the less-heroic scale figures more. I also like the built-in standardized basing...although if it were a "push" between the two I would lose the basing in a heartbeat.
  13. Moo! I'd also like to echo the comments about a "speed" paint being much better than my "slow" paints.
  14. You might have some luck with Yellowed Ivory (9143). But I'm not responsible if you don't. Lots of things can play with how colors appear to come out.
  15. Live

    Welp, while I've been less than enthused about many of the reveals so far (personal taste, not a knock on Reaper), I've got to say that I'm very happy with the Tree of Despair and the Dreadmere expansion. I can't say that I will 100% keep the Dreadmere expansion on my "must buy" list, but it's there right now and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next for it.