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  1. I really dig the rabbit. It makes me think of El-ahrairah (Watership Down).
  2. Charnel Grubs and Carrion Worms (Bones 3, and not yet released) might be nice additions.
  3. I was working with the app (as opposed to, y'know, "working") and I noticed that the recent Reaper additions (Red, Green, and Sepia Liners as well as the copper and gold NMM sets) seem to be duplicated in my app--two sets for each one. The camera is a neat addition. I'll be curious to try it sometime. I also had another thought for a new feature! I've been planning out the next several minis, and wished that there was a way that I could select "x" number of sets and have paintRack generate a list (like the Library) of the colors in the selected sets. It would make selecting my next few paints from my wish list, as well as packing my "lunch break" kit, much easier.
  4. I do love me some Diet Coke! But I'm trying to quit. I've been trying to quit for a couple years. I HAD quit, for a couple years, but fell off the proverbial wagon. The good news is that I'm nowhere near my old high (low?) of consuming up to a gallon a day. I have a couple on game night, and at intervals throughout the week. I'll drink a Diet Mountain Dew or diet root beer if Coke isn't available. But really I'm putting my effort into unsweetened tea (or a mix of sweet and regular). I will also drink Diet Rite if it's available (it usually isn't) and Coke is not an available choice.
  5. I want to watch Inhumans, but the time slot is killing me. I game every other Friday night, and most of the other Friday nights will be spent on the local hockey team. I was very surprised when I saw the preview--The wife was sputtering "was that a DOG?" and I was giggling "Lockjaw!"
  6. Well, some of the Chronoscope bones are 800XX. I thought I asked about the base in the thread, but if I did that post was culled. It's also possible that I meant to ask, and changed my mind before I hit the "Submit Reply" button. I really wouldn't mind seeing that base continue on.
  7. Bin Chickens? Veloci-trashtors? Trashisaurus?
  8. I haven't felt like adding anything new, so I fired up a re-watching of The White Rabbit Project on Netflix. Kari Byron, Tori Belleci, and Grant Imahara (of Mythbusters infamy) take on various projects and provide some history as well. I think it's a real shame that Netflix decided not to develop season 2. I'm thinking about moving into Dexter--although I've had friends caution me away from it (facetiously). They're afraid it will give me ideas.
  9. Yes, the big guy with three legs is a "dark young" (cat. number 77516). The two creatures with four legs are "mi-go" (cat. number: 77522). The last thing is a "gravewailer" (cat. number: 77521). The catalog numbers have been assigned, but may not be in the shop. I haven't gotten that far in my reading, so I'm not any help regarding any "canon" color schemes. I say go with whatever looks good to you!
  10. It's always a pleasure to see your work!
  11. Tabletop...but only because I'm certainly not "Display" and there's no other choice. One day I hope to be "advanced tabletop" or some such. Display/competition level simply isn't likely for me. That would require more time and effort than I'm willing to invest. I'm really just looking to get some neatly painted figures on the board(s). No, no commissions. I'm not saying I wouldn't do it, but I have trouble seeing the conditions where 1) it would be worth my time away from my "20" miniatures that still need to be painted and 2) where my skill level would be advanced enough to make a significant difference.
  12. I've really found a lot of use for the Redstone triad...oddly enough never as stone. It works well for Jedi robes and makes for a nice red "leather" (I start with a base of Muddy Soil and then follow with Redstone Shadow and Redstone. I find that the Terran Khaki triad finds its way into a lot of what I'm doing as well.
  13. It is LIFE! The season approaches (NCAA). The time is near for the dead to rise and purge the unbelievers.
  14. ICKY! "Give us a kiss..." *shudder*
  15. In the past WGF had problems. Mostly due to the actions of Tony Reidy. He appears to have over-leveraged WGF and their Chinese partners forced the issue and took over. Tony founded Defiance Games and declared bankruptcy shortly after their KS funded. Those details are out there, so I'm not going to comment any further. WGF continued on producing molds and figures for a time. Then things went quiet. They kept on manufacturing for others (Kingdom Death, Wyrd, and Dream Forge are the ones I know), but decided to cease direct operations. Dream Forge licenses the WW2 lines, and Warlord now licenses many (the rest?) of WGF's old ranges and has released the retooled male zombies, biker survivors, and (revised) special ops frames that had been "in limbo" for some time. Warlord has been working at getting more stock of the older lines (like the orcs and skeletons), but I'm unaware of any time table. To my knowledge (which is pretty limited) Wyrd, Kingdom Death, and Dream Forge have not had any problems with WGF since the management change. But that may or may not be the whole of it.