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  1. strawhat

    Homemade zombie Trex

    Chompy McChompface!
  2. strawhat

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Death by snoo-snoo!
  3. strawhat

    Kev!'s 77441: Ostarzha, Elf Cleric

    So was Frankenstein's Monster...
  4. "Everyone fights. Nobody quits."
  5. strawhat

    Y'all ain't from around here

    Am I the only one hearing banjos playing?
  6. More "Avatars" with critters from 'round the world.
  7. strawhat

    59041: Patent Scientist, 80007: The Black Mist

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Black Mist knows! muah-ha-ha-ha!
  8. You have an incredible amount of patience and dedication! That looks great. You had rocks? You were lucky.
  9. strawhat

    Kev!'s 77170: Clay Golem

    "It's alright, Charlie. I've got an angle."
  10. strawhat

    Randalf Streisand

    It's in 3-D! Gives him better depth perception.
  11. strawhat

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Well, I'll be snookered...It was Thursday after all! Now to finish the fourth. Whereas the first three were an explosion of different colors, the fourth will me mostly black and off-black. I wanna make a Punisher-Clawdite! With a big mythosaur skull right up there, front and center! Then model the blaster off those black beauties that Thomas Jane had during his turn under the skull--which is just really paint it Adamantium Black except for the muzzle break which will be Polished Silver. But I'm rambling now...
  12. 03052: Kabaka Kwana, Ape Lord
  13. strawhat

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I had a couple run-ins with the IRS a few years back (dealing with an inheritance). Getting a person was a nightmare (45+ minutes in the queue), but things were handled quickly, professionally, and courteously once a live person was reached. I've nothing negative to say about the people I dealt with there.
  14. strawhat

    Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I don't get it. I've been working on three minis (Clawdite Shifters from FFG's Imperial Assault) for far too long. I'm almost done with them, just some greeblies and armor bits to take care of, and I would have sworn that I was going to finish them Sunday. Well, maybe Monday. Tuesday, I meant Tuesday. Definitely Wednesday. Uhh...Thursday? Mebbe... In the meanwhile, I picked up The Grand Inquisitor and rolled him out in about three hours (he's been primed for a week or two) today. Forty-five minutes over lunch, a half-hour over breaks, and another hour-plus while watching the tube tonight. Sure, he's mostly black and grey but I think that's the fastest I've gotten through any of the minis let alone a character model that I'm trying to be extra-careful with.
  15. strawhat

    Paint brushes

    I get decent results from Army Painter brushes. I've been abusing one of the white-handled "Character" brushes for some time now. They should be ~$7 or so (local shop has things for cheaper, so I'm guessing). I'd worked my way through the standard brush of Army Painter's beginner's three-pack twice when I remembered I had one of the white-handles. It's starting to show some serious wear, but keeps coming to a point when I dampen it and roll. The point doesn't last long, but it's still going! I think I've gotten through almost two-dozen minis with it doing almost all the work (I use one of the old beginner brushes for things like dry brushing or sometimes base coating). I don't do any special care, just rinse it after every couple trips to the paint--sometimes more if I'm working with something that's drying quickly and I get glops in the bristles.