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  1. Owl-demons (to go with mouselings).
  2. Gaslands

    Aaargh! I still enjoy playing with cars, and this would give me an excuse to do so...
  3. FINALLY got around to seeing Thor: Ragnarok. I was (physically) very tired when we left the movie--which I see as a good thing. It's not often that you can say a movie wore you out. I'm hoping to get to see The Last Jedi before year-end. Then it will be Netflix and discs until The Black Panther...
  4. Infinity War Trailer

    Are you talking strict MCU? Is that counting on Ragnorak or not? I ask because I'm too lazy to do the math.
  5. FitzBones: Spawn of Shub-Niggurath

    Oh, man. That's gross. And oh, so amazing!
  6. Boar monster?

    There castle! (That never gets old!)
  7. 77009: Werewolf restock?

    He goes quick, too. I waited a bit too long with the last restock and he was gone before I knew it! If you have a local shop you might be able to find one on the racks or have them order one from their supplier.
  8. Reapercon BoGW?

    Of your spoils? Absolutely! Of the box contents? Not so much. I want to be surprised.
  9. Maledrakh's 77437 Winter Wolf & 77533 Dread Wolves.

    Bonus for the Flashheart reference. And the minis are nice, too!
  10. December specials?

    [deleted by poster]
  11. Dirty Rats!

    There's nothing wrong with table-top quality (especially yours), and don't let anyone tell you different! Besides, there are at least three levels of TTQ that I've seen (in addition to people calling their pieces TTQ, when they're really more like display pieces).
  12. You know what would be cool? I do...

    I like it! I'm also anxious to see the holiday paint set (it's in the Previews gallery for November, but I held out as long as I could)...
  13. MSP Must Haves

    The Terran Khaki triad keeps finding it's way onto miniatures. I like using the Khaki Highlight as a base for Linen White. Linen White and Ghost White also keep showing up, but I'm painting mostly Imperial Assault--so, yeah, lots of white. The Soil Colors and Stone Colors triads are very handy as well. If you are wanting to switch over to Reaper, don't forget about the Power Pallet!
  14. Malcolm Young (ACDC) RIP

    I did, once. Winter of '90, IIRC, for The Razor's Edge tour. The cannons at the end of "For Those About to Rock" were something to be felt (in your ears, in your chest). That's the big boom, right there.