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  1. Thor's Hammer hanging from his nipple?! There's something you don't see every day.
  2. I always envisioned forests of giant, woody stemmed mushrooms in vast caverns and problems with myconids. And if the back end of the axe is flat or counter-weighted with something flat, it would serve well enough as a hammer. 'Course I've seen people try to use the handle of a screwdriver as a hammer.
  3. strawhat

    Kev!'s 77552: Crusader Justifier - InMiPaMo d12

    It's probably not to keep things out...
  4. I've got to admit that I would have preferred Dreadmere, but I've got to admit that I'm pretty happy with the preview. The duergar/dark dwarves are great. The mammoth seems small, especially considering Mumlak, but I like it! Zombie shark...my goodness, but Eldest has ruined all mentions of "shark" with that song... Bog Skeletons! Maggotcrown Juggernaught! I wonder if I could put a pumpkinhead on it... Efreet/Djinn! I'm really looking forward to these two. Isobael and Dog both look great. The rest are all fine additions, even if they don't exactly speak to me.
  5. strawhat

    Ghoulie Bags

    Duuude...that does not compute.
  6. strawhat

    WIP 07010: Adrasteia Winterthorn, Vampiress

    You and I define "so-so" very differently. I would say that the base is perfectly understated, a fantastic compliment to her ladyship.
  7. Whoo to the hoo! *does a little dance* Just be glad that this isn't live video folks!
  8. strawhat

    My Daughter’s Mini’s (7 years old)

    Only seven and already conquered a dragon? Out-standing!
  9. strawhat

    77519 & 77520 Deep Ones Warriors, Priest, & Servitor

    Very Sleestak-y! I love the black eyes.
  10. strawhat

    Mousling Tavern Set

    I'd knock a pint back with that crew any day!
  11. strawhat

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I actually managed to hobby! Bailey Silverbell, Satheras, and Garrick have all acquired a layer of brown liner and some other colors! I'm cracking open the Marine Teal for Satheras' cassock (or whatever it is). Everything is flexible after that. Bailey is a stand-in for a character in my head...a duergar tunnel-warden. Probably a ranger of sorts. So she's going to be pretty "normal" in Uniform Brown and a Redstone cloak. Garrick is the problem child. I can't see what he's going to look like yet. Other than shiny, that is. He'll probably be shiny. But I'm hobbying again!
  12. strawhat

    Unidentified Iron Wind Miniature

    Those must be some dreams if that's the hunter...
  13. strawhat

    Old School Bloodbowl Teams (GW) (pic Heavy)

    With werewolves!
  14. strawhat

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    That's just the way thermal printing goes. I've seen it happen on some older receipts and event tickets that were faded beyond legibility. The tickets were keepsakes, the receipts were simply clutter. I don't know why I feel the need to explain that.
  15. strawhat

    Babylon 5 Wars

    "Earth-shattering Kaboom"?!
  16. strawhat

    Terran CAV from 1st KS (All of Them)

    Just for this bit, I wish I could like this post more than once--or even twice. Not that I've ever tried, or even envisioned such brilliant insan ...creativity.
  17. strawhat

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    ^^ This ^^ So very much. I haven't picked up a brush since my last game of Imperial Assault in...May...I think... I keep meaning to, but it doesn't seem to happen.
  18. Two more games! We started the night with Rivals for Catan. This is the first "Catan" game I've played. The setup seemed simple enough: get your settlements, a couple roads, a few cards in your hand, and away you go. Gather your resources in the usual ways, then build your kingdom unlocking more resources and abilities along the way. The hand of cards lets you bring out other things (characters, different types of buildings, events, etc.). I can't compare it to the rest of the catalog, but I enjoyed it. That I won may have an impact on my evaluation. I'm seriously thinking about acquiring it and seeing if Mrs. Strawhat would give it a go. After we finished that game, another guy at the store had Rising Sun (CMON) and was wanting to get it rolled out. We ended up gathering two other newbies in addition to the two experienced players (for a total of six players). It was so very strange to play a game without dice and where it didn't necessarily matter what miniature you used--shintos were marked by the white bases, daimyo by the black, and the rest didn't really matter. We ended up with Turtle (newbie #2), Lotus (my usual game partner), Fox (experienced player #2), Dragonfly (experienced player #1), Bonsai (me), and Koi (newbie #1) on the board. We made a lot of mistakes, but that was to be expected with four newbs. Still, we were working quickly and learning, seldom making the same mistake twice. All in all, I was surprised at how quickly things moved once we got the hang of it. Most wars devolved into who could commit seppuku the quickest. Alliances were fluid and fragile, at best. I accidentally jumped out to an early lead in victory points, and stayed there until the last couple rounds when a very potent combination from Dragonfly decimated our VPs. I staged a late rally, but still was outdone by Dragonfly and Fox. If I hadn't forgotten I was involved in a war, and completely misjudged my last war, I might have done better. I dare say that everyone had a good time. I enjoyed it enough that I'm looking at the game on CMON, and realizing just how many KS exclusives there were--which means I probably won't buy it. There seems to be, to be fair, a tremendous amount of content in the base game. And if it were just tokens/minis that were exclusive, I probably would be more interested--but with season cards and the like being exclusive, that just says "no" in my book.
  19. I respect your enthusiasm, but I prefer not to try and count those proverbial chickens prior to their debut.
  20. strawhat

    Babylon 5 Wars

    Man, I miss B5. Spiffy ships!
  21. strawhat

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I'm afraid that I have an update, and it's not a good one. My friend was found this morning and he had taken his own life. The entire gaming community here is in shock right now, he was one of my two friends that ran the Gamer's Guild here and even though he no longer lived here, he and his wife made the trip every month to make sure that it was running and teach people the joy of boardgames. He was an amazing dungeon master who was one of my closest friends, and the loss hurts even more because of how close our little group was. We lost a man whose creativity and imagination brought so much joy in our lives, and it's not easy to take in right now, no matter how many times I've felt loss in my life. I'm very sorry to hear that, Pezler. It's a tragic loss on multiple fronts.
  22. I've got my first real minion! OK...his mother, the eldest, says he is actually hers, but what does she know?
  23. strawhat

    Lothlon of Lorien

    Ya-ay! Well, you gotta start somewhere.