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  1. 2 hours ago, Crowley said:

    And now I'm 4 episodes in to B5. This is a show that could use a special effects upgrade, especially the space stuff. 


    Too bad WB "lost" all the CGI files, various masters of the original film, etc.  The version on Prime suffers from this.  Most of the effects shots were never processed in widescreen, so the picture often suddenly goes very muddy/blurry and characters are improperly framed.  To be honest, I've never understood why WB treats the B5 property as poorly as it does.


    Or, if you're just speaking as to the quality of the CGI, well, there's not much to be done about that.  They were ground-breaking at the time.  Most of the exterior shots worked well enough (or so I thought) although some of the blended shots don't work quite as well.


    In the past I've always found Michael O'Hare's acting rather wooden, but it didn't seem quite so bad this time through.  O'Hare's performances still seem stiff, but better than I remember.

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  2. 8 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

    Isn't there someone who sells refurbished vortex mixers for about $100?  Probably not through Amazon, but $230 seems a bit steep.

    There's a guy on ebay...I believe he's had a booth at ReaperCon in the past.  Prices are right around $130, I'm not sure about shipping.


    He used to have a place on etsy as well, but shut that one down.

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  3. Working my way through Babylon 5, again, on Amazon Prime.  I think this is my fourth or fifth time through the series.  Each time I appreciate something new--this time it's the foreshadowing, the plot points and repeated lines.


    I just watched "The Long Dark" the other night, and discovered that Amis was played by Dwight Schultz: The A-Team's "Howling Mad" Murdock.  I also noticed that Mark Rolston (PFC Drake in Aliens) portrayed the serial killer Mueller in "The Quality of Mercy."

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  4. More goodness today!


    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (one of Son-in-Law #1's cousins was asking about D&D, if they're not big on the RP aspect, I think a board game might be a viable option).  I also got Valyndra to go with the box set.

    Cursor's Fury (I'm really jonesing for more of Harry Dresden, but this will work until then).

    Art Bin Double Deep Super Satchel (more storage...MOAR).

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  5. 7 hours ago, amuller33 said:

    Off topic But I've always wanted to know ... why are the people in the Netherlands called  the Dutch? Why isn't the country  called Dutchland? And what is Holland anyway? is it just a different name for the same thing? or does  it mean signify something different... Like Britain and Great Britain are not the same thing???  I  am I 100% curious about these things.... 

    The best answer I've heard is that someone didn't know his geography, and confused Deutschland with their neighbors, Niederlande.


    Holland is a region in the Netherlands.   Referring to the Netherlands as "Holland" is a bit like referring to all of America as "Texas" or "New England."


    As for Bones IV...I want my wraiths.


    And Blacksting.


    And Dreadmere.


    And my dinos...

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  6. We did not get to play Imperial Assault (our third was unavoidably detained trying to keep the local base from flooding).  They gave up before the river did.


    But we got a couple games anyway: Pinata (from Rio Grande Games), and Red November (OOP from Fantasy Flight Games).


    Pinata was a fun enough game.  I'm going to keep it in mind for when the granddaughter gets a little older.  The basic idea is that you are trying to get the candies off the tile.  The tile is flipped, candies are reloaded, and play continues.  The flip switches the tile from "high score" to "low score" (or vice versa).  Each player plays UNO-esque cards to get either the lowest or highest score required (depends on the tile).  When you've collected enough candies of a particular color, you earn a "goal" card.  The first player to three of those cards wins.


    Red November had the potential to get really out of control.  Each player controls a gnome on a sinking submarine.  You're trying to keep it from sinking.  The odds are NOT in your favor--The sub catches fire, springs leaks, gets attacked by a Kraken, etc.  Oh, and there's a time limit (on the board, not in RL).  Your actions have an associated time cost and various "bad things" can happen at any time.  The time tracking component is pretty interesting--any particular player can be tied up performing actions while the others are busy with other things.  They all catch up (eventually), but it's nifty.  This could be lethal as a drinking game if the players were to drink whenever the gnomes did.

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  7. 1 hour ago, alchemist said:

    People here are good at this, but not omniscient.  There have been at least a couple of cases where minis were never identified.

    I'm drawing a blank on this one too.


    Sometimes it's just a matter of getting the right set of eyes (or search terms...).


    "Never give up.  Never surrender."



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  8. I moved offices last year, and we were "between" campaigns while one of our players was taking classes for his job.  That totally destroyed my painting mojo.  I've only picked up a brush a few times in the intervening year.


    But, when it was going, I had a portable kit that I would use at lunch and while on break--that probably got me 45 minutes a day during the week.  I'd paint at night or on the weekend if I felt like it.  That was very helpful in getting things done and on the table.  I need to start doing it again.

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  9. I have acquired a (rather) sore elbow, and a semi-clean driveway.


    It's the little victories that enable us to leave the house...literally.


    In more serious news, I have acquired a wifi signal booster to help with the front of the house (the router is literally against the back wall in the basement, and we spend most of our time in the front room upstairs), two dice trays (as the FLGS has switched to very noisy, and bouncy, plastic tables with no coverings), and some stainless steel portion/condiment cups (with lids) as the wife is trying to reduce our single-use plastic consumption.

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  10. Hmm...6-7" Saturday into Sunday.  Another like amount scheduled for Tuesday into Wednesday.   Then another round for the weekend.


    "Disgust" does not cover this--but maybe my caffeine intake is coloring my disposition.


    I think I've shoveled more times this February than I have in the last two years.

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