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  1. Reapercon BoGW?

    Any word on the next stop?
  2. I got to thinking today (dangerous, I know) whilst not quite working and I kept coming back to the mouslings. And I got to thinking that some frog-ogres (frogres?) or giants might be a nice addition.
  3. Bubblegum Crisis robot

    Looks like part of Ground Zero Games Bubblegum Crisis line.
  4. Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles by Monolith, Kickstarter

    Do you NOT like waffle cones? I really want to...I've been tempted by some of Knight's models, but that price tag.
  5. Jack's ID Project (pic intensive)

    With a sword behind his back, and throwing the two-finger salute. My brother bent down the index finger (seeing as how the two-finger salute is largely unknown on this side of the Atlantic).
  6. Jack's ID Project (pic intensive)

    Picture One, Model Three is a Chaos Warrior identified as "Corsair" in the ad sheets I found. Picture Five, Model One is "Screamer" from the "Skeleton War Machines" boxed set. They may have released him separately in later blister packs, though. Picture Five, Model Two is part of the "Night Horrors" line and called "Wight Attacking" or sometimes "Wight 2".
  7. Need ID Help

    Whoops, missed that it missing the horns. The kicker is that I was searching for "fire serpent wyrd" and was coming up blank. It was @haldir's suggestion that keyed me in to search through the avatars! Yay teamwork!
  8. Need ID Help

    Avatar of Conflagration? (Malifaux) Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it. In which case it's missing Sonnia.
  9. Reapercon BoGW?

    I had noticed that, and that's actually another reason I passed. I figured that shipping is easy for me (I just need $35 worth of stuff), and it may not be as easy for some of the others across the pond to get the order size where it needs to be to make the shipping economical. And I've still got tons of Imperial Assault to paint, and have only touched like eight Bones III minis, and don't have a real purpose (I need an excuse for budgetary reasons) for her ... But I know I'll be going after All Hallow's Eve pretty soon... SoonTM...
  10. Need ID Help

    What's the material? I feel like I've seen it, but can't come up with any matches.
  11. Reapercon BoGW?

    You are very welcome, sir! I was very tempted by Mina as well, but figured I'd rather wait and hope for her in Bones V. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* Glad you got that bust as well. I've been wondering how long it would take until someone grabbed it!
  12. Kev!'s 77187: Tiik Champion (Redux)

    He's going to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I just know it. P. Sherman had best watch out...
  13. Jack's ID Project (pic intensive)

    Unfortunately I cannot be of much help with that. I seem to recall hearing that some of them were worth a fair amount, but don't know more than that. I wouldn't even venture a guess as to what held its value or even appreciated.
  14. Jack's ID Project (pic intensive)

    I just hit Google for Death Eagle Space Marines. You should get several of the old ads. Or Death Eagles. Now that I look a little more closely, in the second picture, the fourth miniature (looks like a female holding a lasgun) might be "Female TPR Bush". Stuff Of Legend Link, the last image has what might be her. Page took a long time to load (longer than I wanted to wait, anyway), and she appears in several of the images. Including the third image and next to last.
  15. Jack's ID Project (pic intensive)

    The Space Marines are known as "Death Eagles".
  16. Release the Kraken!

    It's tentacular!
  17. Redjacks...something or other. But I don't know if that's "X" Redjacks, or Red Jack's "X".
  18. 77514 Iron Golem

    I hope my tetanus shot is still up to date...
  19. Kev!'s 77187: Tiik Champion

    "Have you seen my son?!"
  20. Weight Loss Support Thread

    Ugh. Caught The Crud this weekend. Good news is that it's killed my appetite. The bad news is that I'm so used to it not mattering if I kept a wonky eating schedule that I've been severely wobbly on a few occasions. I've got to get serious when I've finally kicked the crud--Another grandchild is almost here.
  21. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    The Maneaters of Tsavo (aka The Ghost and The Darkness) can be found in the Field Museum of Chicago. They are noticeably smaller than they were. While they were preserved after their reign of nomming on the locals had ended, they were not well cared for. The lions are currently believed to have consumed well short of the published number of victims "only" accounting for 34.7 people (about 70 short of published numbers, but the Ghost and the Darkness also simply killed, and didn't always consume, their victims). There is another man-eater on display at the Field Museum: The Lion of Mfuwe. It was responsible for at least six deaths and was believed to be a witch doctor by some of the locals. The lion had, it seemed, taken to carrying around a bag of laundry formerly belonging to one of its victims. The Lion of Mfuwe display can also be a nice place to sneak up on your significant other and nom on her (or his) neck. Not that I've ever done that. In full view of her parents and kids. She most assuredly did not scream.
  22. Need help identifying

    They are the Ogre Command Group from Bones 3. Reaper are currently making their way through the release.
  23. Miniatures for Collectors & Gamers

    Why? FOMO (fear of missing out). It's a cheap way to get you to pull the trigger for something "exclusive" that will also allow for the KS to charge a little more. I actively avoid those types of Kickstarters (and ones with heavy "early bird" promotions). Which isn't to say that I "don't ever," but rather that I "try really hard to not."
  24. Solo Teaser/Trailer

    Han Solo vs. Cthulhu
  25. Pay to Play?

    I totally get it. I've been the GM (an admittedly poor one, but I've been one), and it's just "part of the deal." You guys are rotating, so that's good. Take the credit. Build up supplies (dice, sheets, Bones minis, etc.) and maybe even small prizes for the players if you don't see anything special like a book you want.