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  1. Curse These Metal Hands

    GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    Sadly, after the cluster**** mishandling of Shadow War: Armageddon, and their apparent continued contempt for their own community, I'm done with supporting GW.
  2. Curse These Metal Hands

    RPG Gaming with Minis

    Peep Show reference. Though, it was a BBC show, so, they might have been referencing Red Dwarf.
  3. Curse These Metal Hands

    RPG Gaming with Minis

    I'll second this advice. If you only use miniatures for battles, players will quickly develop a Pavlovian response of "miniatures = kill, kill, kill!" You want to break them of that as soon as possible. Mix things up. Occasionally, set up an elaborate layout with terrain and miniatures but entirely for show, as dressing for a role-play heavy section. Or drop an ultra baddie or overwhelming force on the table to instill your players with the importance of knowing when alternate approaches to encounters, like stealth or fleeing or a nice little non-aggressive palaver, should be applied. (Though, fair warning, that one can backfire if your players lack common sense. So, you might want to plan ahead in the event of a total party wipe.) And just when they feel comfortable with the notion that not every miniature is out to kill them, that's when an ordinary tree turns out to be a Treant, or that inconspicuous pile of garbage turns into a Shambling Mound, or a harmless little bunny rabbit flies through the air and takes one of their heads clean off! Always keep your players on their toes.
  4. Curse These Metal Hands

    Car scale for miniatures

    I'd back that Kickstarter.
  5. Curse These Metal Hands

    The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever...TWO!

    Very cool. I just wish they were more affordable. From a practical standpoint, I mean. While I really like the idea of introducing coin props into some of my games - and two or three of those sets would be perfect - for the quantities I'd want, it'd be more practical (i.e. a whole lot cheaper) to just buy boxes of different sized washers and spray paint them.
  6. Curse These Metal Hands

    What do you listen to while you paint?

    Early on, like back when I first got into the hobby, I would typically half-watch/listen to movies, but I came to realize that practice was detrimental to my productivity; instead of working on other figures while waiting for one to dry, I'd sit and watch the movie...only to get more invested in watching the rest of Predator or Blade Runner or Krull than in finishing up whatever project I'd started. That habit, along with my special brand of madness that makes me keep buying miniatures despite nearly filling a room of my house with stacks upon stacks of 50 gallon storage totes crammed full of unpainted figures, is why I'll be buried with - or, more likely, beneath - my backlog. Ultimately, I found anything with words - movies, podcasts, music with lyrics - tended to sidetrack my attention. These days, I mostly listen to motion picture original scores, anime and video game soundtracks, ambient soundscapes and classical music. I've found that's ideal for creating a vibe without asking my brain to focus on anything beyond what I'm painting. Though, several months back, when I was painting legions of undead, I had death metal going pretty non-stop. That seemed to work just fine.
  7. Curse These Metal Hands


    Okay, you talked me into it. I wasn't really planning on spending that much on paints this month, but... Eh. It's only money, and money is just money, but paints are wonderful little bottles of joy.
  8. Curse These Metal Hands


    While I really love the look of those colors - particularly the blues and reds - and I'm really curious to try Scale75 to see for myself why so many people rave about them, I can't quite make myself pull the trigger on an order. Plus, the lack of free shipping gnaws at me a little; that's money I could be using to buy miniatures or more paints! I guess all my favorite online retailers have spoiled me in that regard.
  9. Curse These Metal Hands

    60034 Seoni

    The color scheme has an anime vibe about it that I really dig. Good stuff.
  10. Curse These Metal Hands

    Titan Mauler - modified Stonehaven Half-Orc

  11. Curse These Metal Hands

    77065: Norgol, Irongrave Knight

    Looks better than "nothing special" if you ask me. The gore on the axe is a particularly nice touch.
  12. Curse These Metal Hands

    Giants Appreciation Thread

    I've always been a fan of giants - well, I mean, I love most any monster that lets me slap down a hefty piece of plastic/metal/resin that tpwers over the PCs and makes their blood run cold - but I especially love Fire Giants, with Frost Giants coming a very close second. Fire Giants...that coal black skin and hair like wildfire, with deep, rumbling voices and their ridiculously huge swords. How do you not love that? Plus, they're thick and muscular as all get out. When Giants of Legend, the D&D Miniatures set, came out and I saw that the set included King Snurre and a Fire Giants (plus a Frost Giant) I went a little crazy. Between buying way too many cases and then singles on the secondary market, I ended up with close to a dozen of each. Then there was the Fire Giant Raider and Forgepriest. I didn't super love the Pathfinder versions, so I only have a handful of those. And then there came Reaper Bones... All told...I, uh, have a smidgeon over 50 Fire Giants. When am I ever going to field that many Fire Giants? Probably never. Even so, whether it's Reaper, or Pathfinder, or that new D&D line, if someone keeps making 'em, I'm gonna keep buying 'em. It's a sickness, really. With Frost Giants, I'll be honest, it's less about the giants themselves and more about the blighted frozen wastelands they live in that does it for me. I like throwing players into an environment that's brutally inhospitable and deadly in its own right, what with its deathly cold and limited visibility and hidden crevasses and not-quite-frozen lakes and the looming doom of an avalanche, and then, oh, by the way, there are giants. Big, blue, Viking-y giants with axes and swords made of steel-hard enchanted ice. Also, they're riding mammoths. And did I mention the gargantuan white dragon? Yeah, I'm pretty all in when it comes to giants. There are never enough and no such thing as too many.
  13. Curse These Metal Hands

    October Sale?

    Ah. That makes sense, and explains why items on the Reaper store cost more - by which I mean standard retail - than some of the other online shops that sell Reaper miniatures at a standing 10-20% off. Sadly, my FLGS isn't local at all. So, unless I'm in the mood for a good hour and change drive, I tend to rely on the internet for my gaming needs. Though, while it's always cheaper to buy online, I gotta say, I miss the instant gratification of tearing into a half a dozen booster packs of miniatures right there in the store or cracking into new paints the same day I buy them.
  14. Curse These Metal Hands

    October Sale?

    I would've preferred a 15-25% Off Sale - even though it'd drain funds from my bank account faster than Dracula drains blood from his victims - but that's still a pretty cool little bonus.
  15. Curse These Metal Hands

    To insure or not: This is the question.

    Shouldn't that be the buyer's option? If they want the package insured, let them pay for it. If not, make it clear that you aren't responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods. That's always been my approach to selling stuff online.