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  1. Thanks :) Just got the sculpts for Tiny finished yesterday. Who doesn't need an ogre lawman with a gatling gun?
  2. In the FAQ, I mentioned they are going to be resin :) Unless we end up needing tons of copies, then it is more efficient to do them in metal. But, for resin, if I can, I'm going to try and produce everything direct from my 3D printer.. rather than printing a master and then having someone else cast it for me. It will be a high res DLP printer, not one of those cheap ones with no detail. But if that doesn't work out or is way too slow, i'll fall back to traditional resin casting.
  3. Thanks for posting :) And actually.. the Tall Man was based on the gentlemen.. was wondering how long it would take for someone to pick that up :)
  4. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    Sorry, missed this. Has your stuff shown up yet? if not send me a message on KS and we'll get it sorted out :)
  5. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    Thanks! Here is a preview of the Tall Man, he'll be in the new campaign :)
  6. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    Thanks for backing :) We are planning to launch our next KS in a week. Tuesday Feb 13th. I'll make a new post here when it launches :)
  7. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    Hey folks As we're working on finishing up this Kickstarter, we're also planning out the next one which will be launched later this fall.. after the current campaign is all shipped out. It will be a smaller campaign, just focusing on new miniatures. Here's a screenshot of the first new sculpt, Tunka the Werebison. He'll be a larger ogre-sized model like the Jersey Devil. In other news, we have metal samples in hand for all of the new miniatures and are getting them painted up. I'll share painted photos of everything once they're done!
  8. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    Howdy Pardners! Just a reminder that the Blackwater Gulch 2nd Edition pledge manager is closing on May 1st! All pledges and pre-orders received by that date will be included in our first wave of shipping, likely in August. Any orders placed after that date may have to wait for the retail release a month or 2 later. I know we’re not supposed to post PM links here, so I won’t, but you can find it on the campaign page :) Getting excited now that everything is coming together. The miniatures are being painted up now and the rules are just about done! I'll be posting photos of the new painted miniatures as I get them finished. I attached the first one, the Jersey Devil. I’ll post more photos as I finish them!
  9. No one wants to see your CGI Minis, my Kickstarter Complaint

    As a creator and backer I can relate to both sides.. But I know it's expensive to make and paint up the miniatures if you don't have the funding. Personally I think the best way to go is to have your first batch of miniatures done so you can show what the final product will look like, even if it's just like the contents of 1 starter set or whatever. Then, you can use 3D prints to show off other things like stretch goals.
  10. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    And here's the last new cover art piece, for the Tranquility Crew. What do you think? Also, over on our Facebook page we have some videos with Benson from Mindworm Games starting to work on our molds for the minis. Check em out :) https://www.facebook.com/GangfightGames/
  11. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    We won't need new sculpts, just a few edits. And it's easy since everything is 3D. We basically just have to slice off the arms on a few of the minis just to get them to cast properly. Prodos did a few prints already for the Unicast versions, but we won't be using them and luckily weren't billed for theme either :) so we just have to get files tweaked, then new prints done and then we can start casting.
  12. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    We’ve got some new cover art to share, this is going on the starter set for The Wicked. What do you think? We’ll also have art for the Wormwood Wardens and also the new Tranquility Crew soon too! In other news (and at the risk of receiving far too many “I told ya so’s†), we will NOT be using Prodos Games for our miniatures production after all. They don’t have the time to devote to our project (and wouldn’t get to it till "maybe" next December), so they are out and ne’er to return. We will be sticking to metal miniatures after all. We are planning to have our new metal minis produced by the nice fellas over at Mindworm Games, and Knuckleduster will be taking care of most of our 3D printing needs. With their help, we still expect to deliver on time this summer :) Also, switching over to metal is going to result in a slightly higher retail price, but the current Kickstarter and Pledge Manager prices will stay the same as pre order prices until everything is released.
  13. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    Howdy Pardners! It's been a while. We're working hard and getting lots of work done behind the scenes. Things are starting to come together nicely! I just wanted to share our new cover artwork. This will go on the big box cover and also on the hardback rulebook. What do you think? The original horizontal cover art we've been using till now will be used for the Unsung starter set box cover. We're going to get new color art done for the other 3 gangs, The Wicked, Wormwood Wardens and the new Tranquility Crew. Will take a little while to finish them, but I'll hopefully have that by the end of January if all goes well.
  14. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    Howdy Pardners! Things are moving along nicely and I'm happy to report everything is right on schedule! We just finished our last sculpt and I just noticed that I haven't posted the last couple of new ones. Sorry! Anyway, here they are! Here is Julie from the updated Tranquility Crew. We did a minor tweak and removed some of her pockets. And next up is Nina Blackburn, she's a new Tranquility Crew character who will be sold separately. And finally the last new character from the campaign, we have the Belle Witch who will be joining The Wicked. We're just going to cut down on the cheesecake factor a bit with the final mini and bring the collar of her dress up a bit. Next up we will be finishing up and proofreading the rulebook, and getting all of the character cards updated too. I'll post more stuff as I get it :)
  15. Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

    We have another new sculpt, here is Dr. Simmons of the Tranquility Crew! Not only can he patch up your wounds, but he's armed with 2 pocket pistols. They're concealed weapons, so the first time he shoots with them, it can be a bonus attack at the end of his activation. In other news, I decided to hold off on the pledge manager for now. I figured it would be best to wait until everything is sculpted since it will be open to the public as well. This way newcomers will be able to see what everything will look like. We just have 3 more sculpts to do, so it won't be too much longer. I've also decided to set up the pledge manager as part of my online store, I did that before it and worked well. Your pledge amount will basically be like store credit, so you will just select your pledge in the store, and you can add in any other product we have if you want to get anything else. So, I think that will be around the beginning of November if all goes well. Next on the list will be the Nina Blackburn sculpt I think. Hopefully we'll have that next week, stay tuned!