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  1. Are you referring to the new BONES line of paints? I thought they were the same as the MSP and was different only in name. So that means that you also have problems with the MSP metallics? Does the new Bone paints have equivalent metallics that the MSP line?
  2. Oh sorry, the ones i am using are Polished Silver 9054, Honed Steel 9053, Shadowed Steel 9052, Ancient Bronze 9049, Antique Gold 9050, New Gold 9051, Blackened Steel 9205, Tarnished Steel 9206, True Silver 9207, among others. I dont know i they are MSP colours, but they are in droper bottles. Thanks for the reference about La Paz, as its the capital city of my country :) but not to worry about that as i live in Santa Cruz, that is way below the altitude of La Paz, actually its a tropical city hehe, mostly like Brazil climate.
  3. I tried airbrush medium, flow improver, also medium (i believe that is the reaper brush on selaer so far, isnt it?), water, and even experimented with alcohol just for the sake of it, nothing works :( Either its too thick and dries too fast, making horrible brushstrokes, or its too diluted that have problems adhering properly, sometimes even lose its shine significantly. But are they workable? For me its like a chore, as the p3 ones are way better IMO, just that i love the colours in the Reaper metallic line, especially the silvers, too bad that ones are the worst in my experience :( Here i am hoping there is a way to ask for replacements, but dont know if maybe this is a issue as a whole with the metallic line, or just a bad batch of paint, although its a little difficult to think about it, as even the metallics i got in a learn to paint set behave that way. I bought all from miniature giant store, but my other normal reaper paints are not problematic, not most of them at least.
  4. Hi, i am a slow painter, so even if i started some time ago, i am just paiting my first full body armor miniature (seelah paladin on bones). I bought several Reaper metallics and some also came with the learn to paint kit i bought too, and ALL of them have issues. First they tend to dry too fast even on wet pallete, also i stirred them with a drink stirrer, but still paiting with them is a pain , specially compared to the P3 metallics, which i bought some time ago as i heard very good things about them. Well my question is this, is it normal that the RP metallics have this bad coverage, and issues like drying too fast and horrible brushtrokes (i try to dilute them, but as always, water is an enemy of metallics , also try to spread small quantities of undiluted paint, also dont work), or its just a very bad batch? If so , how can i save them? They work, its just that they work bad IMO. If its not possible for me to save them, do you know if i can ask preplacements from Reaper? I wrote them some weeks ago but nobody answered me. This issue buggers me as i live in Bolivia south america, here Reaper is not available anywhere, i made my part importing them to my country, and they dont work so i am a sad panda :( Thanks pals
  5. I contacte I sent a mail directly to Reaper customer service and they told me that the stirrer dont affect the paint, although didnt explain too much . Thanks for the tip about yellows, will definetely try it!
  6. I think is something with the yellows in the reaper line isnt it?
  7. There are some bubbles on the pot, and also when i put some paint in my wet palette, but apart of that i only see but a few on the mini when i paint, and they dissapear after a while.
  8. Thanks ! Any feedback is welcome as its the first time i use this thing too :) i feel its less dense but as you say maybe its because of bubbles, although some people says that bubbles are bad for the paint and it worries me a little, there are not a lot of them but still. I usually paint with a brush , do you think it affects my paints too?
  9. Hi, i saw on amazon a paint mixer/stirrer that its similar to the ones for drinks or coffe, only this one is for hobbist paint, its brand is badger. I custom made one that its really similar to this one and actually fits inside reaper bottles. I just used it on some reaper and vallejo paints that i have for a while, some of them especially the vallejo ones were kind of gummy with pigment on the bottom, i used my custom stirrer and solved the issue! . Thing is, it works very well, but on reaper i feel as if it makes the paint less dense, and in some colours like pale saffron and lemon yellow this is more evident, is covers well but feels a little similar to watercolor in its consistency . Maybe its because the stirrer is quite potent and spins very fast, so wanted to ask help to anyone that have experience using a stirrer for mixing paint and also ask Anne Foerster or some people that actually work with the composition of paint, if any of you are seen this, please help ! ;) will really appreciate it. If i use this product can i harm the reaper paints that i have? Also on the other hand mixing the paint like this can have any positive effect as well? Thanks for all the help, i always count on this forum when i need some important facts or tips ;)
  10. Goremaw - Purple Worm

    love what you did there :)
  11. Mal'adrakar WIP

    Amazing work, still waiting for my maaldrakkar, but its nice to see yours :)
  12. Zombicide: Black Plague fatties2

    Nice! i am currently painting the same models so its interesting for me too :) Cant wait to see the highlights and other touches
  13. Winning my battle with metallic paints

    Thanks Grumpy Cave Bear! will do this, although i am using the vallejo medium thinner instead of the airbrush medium , as the later tends to dilute the paint too much, even in vallejo faq it says that. Thanks for the advice, will do :)
  14. Winning my battle with metallic paints

    Hi and thanks to the OP, as this is really helpful!! I have the same problem with RMS true metallics, hate that i need to use the paint straight from the bottle and even then, it has issues. I cant get a liquitex airbrush medium, but i have vallejo´s Airbrush Thinner, and also thinner medium (the first have the consistency of water, also is transparent, the second seems a little thicker and also is white), i have tried the airbrush thinner and it makes the paint really watery, even less than a drop tends to ruin the paint. Any advice if i want to have the same result as with the liquitex thinner medium? Thanks for the help :)
  15. Learn to Paint miniatures WIP

    Love what you did, i also made many experiments with the skeleton archers, sadly , they are not as remarkable as yours. Tried to create an arcane skeleton archer, but was too inexperienced for the localized light effect :)