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  1. Original Timmy

    MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    Actually what are the STL file names?, i just checked and i didnt put them in a folder and the compressed files are among 100+ other STL compressed files and im having trouble finding mine
  2. Original Timmy

    MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    I agree i dont think this was or is a scam and yes i think Nick being a newbie he made some bad business mistakes mainly at the beginning tying himself to the factory financially, which i think Ramerio(sp) played a big part in one way or another! I also grabbed all the STL files while on offer and i believe we are short the hovel, keep and accessories STL files, it would be nice to get those too and im sure Nick said all minis were cast up in 2016 irc and it would be great to get them as well even if i have to pay shipping again for them!
  3. Original Timmy

    MenhirGames: 28mm plastic set "Dark Age Outpost"

    Up until this latest update i was quite hopeful we would get it all, progress was super slow but we had progress with pics etc so it wasnt a scam as a certain backer keeps saying, but i think Nick has had a falling out with Ramerio(sp) going by the way he spoke about him in the update and the fact that he is no longer listed as a collaborator on the KS page, Ramerio's(sp) website is down and nothing has been posted on his FB page since Jan :/
  4. Original Timmy

    Confrontation: Classic

    Gob'z'heroes? i was only looking at their site earlier today to see if the Indiegogo minis were there, which they were :)
  5. Original Timmy

    Confrontation: Classic

    I believe they need to list to KS what is infringing and with proof otherwise anyone could get a KS shutdown, its also no good just saying "their game looks like ours" as CMON and ND/S$P would be doing that to each other and to all other "Chibi" games on KS. Im quite friendly with a creator that had his KS "New York Bop" miniature skirmish game brought down by 20th century fox(or which ever studio owns the "Warriors" IP) as it was "too inspired"/IP infringing, we had a good chat about it and he told me the things the film studio had a problem with, which were the theme of the KS page was all in "Warrior" colors, all minis were all painted as "Warriors" without the "Warrior" name patch and 1 mini was to close to source, he repainted the minis a different color, changed the KS color theme and got the infringing mini re-sculpted and re-launched his game on KS under "NYC Street Wars" and had no problems, funded well and either just fulfilled or in the fulfilment stage.
  6. Original Timmy

    Hayland Crate: 28mm Resin Terrain

    Just to let everyone know it has now funded and there is only 5 days left, they have also changed the layout so there are individual sets available too in case you only want certain pieces!
  7. The fantasy set has been unlocked and they are not far off from unlocking the next stretch goal, the wild west church accessories.
  8. 28mm Modular Buildings Is Hayland Terrain's latest Kickstarter, to fund a range of Modern, Western, Steampunk & Wasteland modular buildings using the OpenLOCK connecting system for 3d printing. It has been funded and has unlocked 3 stretch goals extra modern walls x3, New modern building style and the wild west bar accessory set, they are also getting close to unlocking the fantasy theme, the last Kickstarter items are also on offer. Kickstarter link:
  9. Original Timmy

    Bones IV pre-launch & news

    Im hoping they will be EU friendly this time around.
  10. Original Timmy

    Last Bullet Games Circle of Blood

    Looks interesting, il certainly be checking it out.
  11. Original Timmy

    28mm Tabletop Terrain - STL Files Is Live On Kickstarter

    They are doing great, they have funded and unlocked 6 stretch goals making the £40 all-in pledge great value, the goals unlocked are... Log wall set Window and door set Warehouse set Petrol station set Garden set Garage set They have also released a test piece to try out.: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2261236 LAST 12hrs Over 230 modern day items for the sweet spot of £40, there is a few sci-fi and fantasy add-ons too, also close to unlocking the next stretch goal.
  12. Original Timmy

    28mm Tabletop Terrain - STL Files Is Live On Kickstarter

    They are looking at offering items in resin at some point in the future, from the risks and challenge section... " We are starting with our digital range to slowly improve our physical range to be more detailed and Hand Casted in Resin"
  13. 28mm Tabletop Terrain is Hayland Terrain's 1st Kickstarter to fund a range off modern day setting terrain STL Files, they will be perfect for any zombie, post-apoc and modern warfare games. As off writing this they are only £20 from their funding goal, there is an all in pledge inc stretch goals for £40, a nice "sweet spot" pledge! So far the themes on offer are an Office Set, Supermarket Set, Dumpster Set, Propane & Crate Set, Locker Set, Living Room Set, Kitchen Set & Duggies Diner Set. Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/haylandgames/universial-tiles-tabletop-terrain-stl-files/description
  14. Original Timmy

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    There was a 10 min segment on the BOW weekender @57 mins in about Terrain Create, i dont think im allowed to post the link but its easily located ;) They talked about 3 starting sets, fantasy, sci-fi & modern, hopefully expanding them with others through the SG's, had a few more examples but pretty sure no date was given,
  15. Original Timmy

    Wreck Age post apoc car kits

    Yes its a nice addition to the post-apoc gaming world. Last 24hrs. Getting very close to unlocking a free vehicle upgrade pack for pledges of $55+. After myself and another backer enquired, Multi-car pledges can now swap 1x car for 3x horses + riders or 3x bikes + riders!