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  1. Original Timmy

    Warthborn: Tabletop Skirmish Wargame Is Live On KS

    Aye, thats who im mainly backing for
  2. Wrathborn: Tabletop Skirmish Wargame Is Live on KS. "Wrathborn is a fun fast paced skirmish game with dynamic combat and activations. Set in the dark and mysterious world of Juttergard, Wrathborn has a heavy Dark Age feel to it with a nice slice of High Fantasy." [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udN19d1yzx8&feature=share[/youtube] "The rule book is currently running at a BETA version count of 34 pages including the faction list for the initial 2 factions. If you'd like to download this and see what the game is about it is available as a free download in our web store, Once we add extra faction rules, scenarios and campaign rules, as well as art, stories and background content into the book, we expect the finished book to come in around 150 pages in a hard back format loaded with history, lore and artwork" The pledge levels are.. Wanderer - £1 Thank you for the support, this pledge has access to the Pledge Manger to add items that have been unlocked. Jarl - £15 This pledge gives you one copy of the Kickstarter exclusive miniature. Skirmish - £40 One Faction starter set. Element Walker - £60 One copy of the Wrathborn Rulebook and one Faction starter set. Warband - £100 One copy of the Wrathborn Rulebook and two Faction starter sets Plus access any stretch goals added to the pledges. Warhost - £180 One copy of the Wrathborn Rulebook and four Faction starter sets. Plus access to any stretch goals added to this pledge Resin Master - £900 A copy of every miniature we unlock, including all paid add ons, as resin masters. Limited to 15 bundles. Retailer - £375 consists of 5 copies of the rule book, 10 faction starter sets, and 5 Retail only Alpha Miniatures. All priced at 35% discount from RRP with the 5 retail exclusive minis thrown in for free. You will get your models 3 months before they go on general release. Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/liontowerminiatures/wrathborn-tabletop-skirmish-wargame?ref=576671&token=5e9fd624 KSE Jarl Jarl Warrior Wildsmen Berserker Alpha Pack Mate Omega Shadow Stalker SGs Angel Giraldez painted miniatures
  3. Original Timmy

    Lion Tower Miniatures Adventurers Feb 24th

    FYI i spoke to Dan last night about the 2 or 3 minis that i didnt pick up as they were out of stock at the end of the day when i collected mine, i was told he is hoping to get all parcels shipped by the end of the week as he will be launching their new KS the week after, il see if i can post the preview link for it no promises i can though!
  4. Original Timmy

    Lion Tower Miniatures Adventurers Feb 24th

    I think its only just starting to fulfil if i remember from the recent updates, I got most of mine in person at UKGE as i called in a favour from Dan, im still waiting on about 5 minis though as i had 1 of each of what he had left on sale that day.
  5. Original Timmy


    Looks like they got rid of the Mantic Warpath and Kings Of War pads but they still have the Battlezone one though, glad i got those 3 in KS2.5! Im in for the Plague Fields and possibly the dungeon one if ive got enough cash at the end of the campaign,
  6. Original Timmy

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Thanks, il keep an eye out for it
  7. Original Timmy

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Ive not read the whole thread so sorry if its been asked & answered etc. Are these the mechs that were made in the Bones material or am i confusing these?
  8. Original Timmy

    Maidens of the dragon, 28mm quality pewter miniatures

    My Beltrix(iirc) turned up yesterday great little sculpt and cast, shame i couldnt afford the set il certainly be keeping an eye on his future products to see if anything takes my fancy
  9. Original Timmy

    Myth: Journeyman

    This was posted on KS last night... "Ryan A about 17 hours ago I just got some good news, we will be hearing from Megacon soon! In short, booth people jumped the gun... And all should be on track! Breathe people! BREATHE! Jorune about 14 hours ago @Ryan And you know this because... Ryan A about 14 hours ago @Jorune I messaged on Facebook... Followed Ulisses advice! Haha!" Hopefully we will know soon, im getting a bit fed up with all this now and if it wasnt for knowing that the printed materials are nearly with us id be super pissed about another non-announcement of buyer!
  10. Original Timmy

    Myth: Journeyman

    This was posted on BBG about a few hrs ago. "Aligning the Myth FB discussion and this discussion.... Daniel Gillis: When is Ulisses' time today for presentation at the Con? Earl McCammon: Four minutes left and unless anyone's at Gencon seems like they're not talking. Sent them a PM on here and just made a post asking if they'll talk more finally so they can lift the freaking NDA. Earl McCammon: Got this in response. "Please talk to Brian and Keith. There were some reasons we couldn’t." Found out he was referring to Brian Shotton and Keith Lowe. Weird their booth let it slip at Gencon now talk to them. Earl McCammon: Guess stalemate and let the waiting game continue." Still more fun and games with this IP :/
  11. Original Timmy

    Overturn Rising Sands

    From Impact Miniatures @10mins ago in the KS comments... "Impact! Miniatures 10 minutes ago Been flying around the net this morning ... here is another news item I just got from asking the CEO of KickTraq a quick question: Adam Clark ... CEO - KickTraq: "We got a fake DMCA request. After review, we put the project back up." Adam went on to say he was not disclosing who send the fake DMCA so no way to directly say it was anyone from this project at this time. 2nd comment from KickTraq just to complete the picture: Adam Clark - "If we receive a credible DMCA with all the appropriate documentation, we hide the project. Kicktraq isn't making me rich by any means, and thankfully it's self-sustainable. I can't afford to get sued by some random wack-job even though I feel it's completely fair use.""
  12. Original Timmy

    Overturn Rising Sands

    Its back up for now on Kicktraq but you can also track it using other sites like Backerkit https://www.backerkit.com/projects/1412544049/overturn-rising-sands
  13. Original Timmy

    Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    I got around to using mine last night and im very impressed, it kept a test pile of paint wet for over 2hrs with the lid off
  14. Original Timmy

    Atlantis Miniatures Ogres

    Its live and launched an hr earlier, confusion over GMT & BST if the weather outside wasnt a clue lol Im in for the warchief and if i can afford it either a set of 3 ogres or something from the SG list as some of those silhouettes look interesting.
  15. Original Timmy

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    It looks certainly interesting and some of the sculpts are pretty cool especially the Dachshund, St Bernard and what ever dog the top right one is,