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  1. Boris Khan

    14062 - Warlord

    I think there's a bit of Jason Momoa in there. Had big plans for him as a big-bad enemy berzerker general - and then the hero one-shot killed him. I was greatly saddened. RIP Solomon Ash.
  2. Boris Khan

    03185 - The Burning Hammer

    Used him as a knight rather than a cleric.
  3. Boris Khan

    03346 - The Bonecracker

    nope, comes with the figure.
  4. Boris Khan

    The Samurai

    That's not the same mini in your link but since you mention it, I do think you are right and it is a Legend of the Five Rings mini
  5. Boris Khan

    02291 - Highlander

    My highlander monk, now named Lochlan McIntyre
  6. Boris Khan

    The Samurai

    I don't think so, I remember buying it as a single figure along with the three pack of samurai (Reaper 03460). I don't see it in the Reaper, Dark Heaven, Bushido, Exalted, or Rising Sun lines.It's an older figure and iIt did come with a metal slotted square base rather than a plastic one.
  7. Boris Khan

    Chaos Marauder Horsemen - pic heavy

    Chaos Marauder Horsemen from Citadel for Warhammer. I need some cavalry for a storyline and grabbed these up to be the enemy horsemen boss-fight. Lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Boris Khan

    The Samurai

    A samurai I have but for the life of me can't find a reference number. I'm positive it's an older Reaper/Dark Heaven mini as I got it at the same time as a three pack 03460 (which is comprised of 02402, 02438, and 02505).
  9. Boris Khan

    Bones Ladies (Terezinya, Nienna, Trista)

    great looks and I especially love Terezinya's base and Trista's shield
  10. Boris Khan

    80016 Space Marine into a Warforged

    Did this a few years ago. Turned the Bones 80016 IMEF marine into a Warforged.
  11. Boris Khan

    Finished a whole lot of Ogres!

    Hey, I know them ogres, I even got one of their lost tribe mates! Tribe Wilson stay strong! But seriously, such a great job.
  12. Boris Khan

    Samurai 02438

    Did this up for a trade.
  13. Deep in the forgotten places lurks the beasts... Sasquatch 03029, Yeti 02697, and the Swamp beast 02496
  14. Boris Khan

    The Oxenfre

    Hey there Chaos, Yes, I did make the inn itself. It is named after a place my son just left in Brookings, OR when he moved to Washington. I haven't posted WIP pics of it but I do have them. Also there is a more complete set of photos on my facebook pageand in the Tabletop Crafters Guild page there also.