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  1. Boris Khan

    Goblins 03077 and 02481

    Two 4-pack sets of Reaper goblins
  2. Boris Khan

    Goblins 03077 and 02481

    thank you, colorfulness is next to gaudiness
  3. Boris Khan

    Undead werewolf 02132

    This was fun to paint
  4. Boris Khan


    Sorry, I'm not sure what company made this mini.
  5. Boris Khan

    Zarion Bloodnail - Reaper 03304

    Wasn't sure if the green enameling was going to work but I like the results. I couldn't find a Bones version of him either.
  6. Boris Khan

    Dead Man's Chest - Reaper 03518

    Yo ho ho. Didn't have to work this morning so did this instead.
  7. I renamed him Swath, as in a cuts a swath through enemy forces. His sword is named "Judging Betty".
  8. Boris Khan

    Ragnaros - Reaper 03374, Bones 77150

    I had this figure sitting for years because the more I looked at it the more I disliked the proportions of him. Finally decided to paint him and now I really like how he turned out, although he is still very bulky looking.
  9. Boris Khan

    Half orc assassin - Reaper 60057

    And my last half orc in this current run...
  10. Boris Khan

    Half orc assassin - Reaper 60057

    This is the third version of him I have painted. Two of my boys and I decided to do a Christmas theme of minis for the oldest son. I took this guy and a dog from a Pathfinder goblin-rider (60014) and turned them into the Grinch and his pet Max, complete with tied on branch antler. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them an he lives in WA.
  11. Boris Khan

    Tholgar the barbarian - Reaper 03197

    alas, another half orc just to cover my bases.
  12. Another half orc, good for a bounty hunter, ranger, slayer, assassin. Probably should have added a bow string.
  13. My son uses this one as Dredd the Executioner.
  14. Boris Khan

    Gragg Elfslayer - Reaper 02431

    One of my son's favorite characters he plays. This is Njorak the half orc barbarian turned assassin.
  15. Turning Goldar into a half-orc, this particular one is the Bones version. I hate missing mold lines but still works for throwing on the table. I find myself putting red on a lot of my half-orcs and orcs because, you know, red makes you go faster.
  16. When I asked my wife what color she wanted her character Drok's pants, she wisecrackingly said "gold with green polka dots", well fine she got them.
  17. Boris Khan

    Imrijka the Inquisitor - Reaper 60046, Bones 89017

    The good part is, the hat actually comes separate on the metal version. The bad part is the bow arm also comes separate and has to be attached.
  18. Boris Khan

    Rogan, half-orc thief - Reaper 03278, Bones 77224

    Thank you, It is one of my favorite color blends I managed to pull off. I like the combo of the purple cloak and orange-ish tan armor
  19. Boris Khan

    Gragg Elfslayer - Reaper 02431

    Thank you very much, It's different shades of metallics from the Games Workshop and Citadel lines.
  20. One of my wife's characters. The mini is from Privateer Press, Hordes Trollblood line 71060 (Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels).
  21. Boris Khan

    Niolor the Troll-kin 71060 (Privateer Press)

    Thank you so much. This was actually my first attempt at tartan. There is actually 5 colors in the pattern, it just didn't show up better in the pics. I've just got a jerry-rigged "photo box" so my lighting is iffy.
  22. Boris Khan

    Hackmaster/Ral Partha Hobgoblins-lots of pictures

    I'm so happy someone else remembers the blue-nose bit from the old hobgoblin entries! Great work.
  23. With Halloween coming up, I got to thinking and asked this elsewhere. What non-dragon type figure have you put down on the table during a game and your players just threw up there hands in fear saying "Nope!" Please feel free to show us your picture. Here's mine - The 1st level group passed through a mystic veil/portal and land in piles of bones in darkness. I had the lights low, pretty much illuminating the table with candles and a pale downlit moon (a flashlight with intentional low batteries for a dull yellow glow) spotlighting the figure.
  24. Boris Khan

    14011 - the Bat Lord and a Question for you!

    "That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer! He's got huge, sharp... er... He can leap about. Look at the bones! "