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  1. Slatejunco

    Reaper MSP HD... washes?

    As a heads-up, HD Umber Brown might not be the best yardstick in the HD line. Other posts here have indicated that its coverage is less than ideal, and I've found that to be the case, too. Hopefully, others can chime in on this and confirm or refute. Solid black has never given me problems, though. It's pretty... solid.
  2. Dixon -- Yeah, I can't imagine giving up certain Core paints, particularly the liners and a couple of the skin triads. Thanks. And this brings up an interesting question -- if I have only Solid White and Solid Black HD, am I missing out if I skip Dragon White and Black? Since getting more seriously into painting, I've been shocked to discover how different two "pure" blacks can be.
  3. Long version short: I want to hear about your favorites from the HD Bones line; which ones would make a "best of" list? Like many here, I have way too much paint for my own good. My friends and family give me the side-eye when they see my sprawling collection in full. It's a look -- part pity, part horror, and always dripping with reproach -- that says, "We're concerned. Your hobby will be the end of you. Expect an intervention." So, I don't really need those shiny HD Bones paints I've been eyeing. I've got almost all of the original HD line, plus most of the must-have triads (Royal Purples, Warm/Cool/Bright Greens, Liners, all of the Blue and Bone triads, most of the skin triads, more earthtones than you can shake a stick at, etc. etc. etc.). When you add in P3 and some personal favorite Warpaints (Goblin Green! Orc Blood!), there aren't many "holes" in my collection. But still. But still. There's something really appealing about owning the full range of HDs. I picked up the HD metallics recently and was suitably impressed with most of them (Dragon Gold is awesome). Now I'm looking to buy another bunch -- maybe 15-20 or so. So far, I'm set to get: The fleshtones (can never have enough of these!) Wolf grey (love that swatch) Spectral Glow (I've seen several people here wax poetic about it, plus there's nothing like it in the other lines) Naga Green Dungeon Slime Icy Violet Nightsky Indigo So, I guess my question(s) to you, the Hive Mind, is this: What are some of your favorites from this line? And are there some in the line that are standout enough that even a Reaper painthound like me would benefit from their inclusion in an MSP-heavy collection? Subjective answers ("I love it because I love it so much!!!!") are totally welcome.
  4. Slatejunco

    Reaper Black Paints

    R.A.M. black is in the neighborhood of P3's Coal Black -- a cold, ultra-dark turquoise.
  5. Slatejunco

    Hobby Gear/Swag/Goodies

    Ah, here's my little lamp! It feels sturdier than a lot of the flip-up types, and the snake neck is just as good or better than an joint-articulated arm, at least for my needs. Plus, the bulb is (supposedly) rated for 40000 hours Edit: Oops, looks like I erred with the link. Sorry.
  6. Slatejunco

    Hobby Gear/Swag/Goodies

    As far as the Ottlite(s) go, consider cutting corners if there's something higher on your list. I've found that a metal folding lamp -- the kind you'd find in a dorm room or a kid's bedroom -- plus a name-brand true daylight bulb goes a long way toward improving your situation without breaking the bank, and might end up providing a wider cone of illumination than many of the Ottlite desktop models. Disadvantage: the cowl can get hot and you need room for the swing arm. That said, I've got a portable Ottlite that I love for its simplicity and reliability. Couldn't find it on Amazon at the moment, but I'll post it up here if I find it later. This particular model throws a focused bar of light at three luminosity settings, is lightweight, cool, has a heavy base and light, flexible neck so that it balances better than most desktop models I've seen, and is generally awesome for pickup-and-go. Disadvantage: expensive, bulb is not replaceable (but rated to 10000 hrs), and only lights a small portion of my work area. So, there's my limited experience with light. If you're looking at two units, maybe consider a lamp with a good bulb for wide area, and something more specialized for close-up work and portability. Enjoy spending your refund!
  7. Slatejunco

    Questions from a noob

    The only thing I have to add: I love threads like this. The amount of passion for our odd little hobby expressed here is amazing, and the willingness of folks on this board to mentor someone new without declaring "MY WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY" is heartwarming and encouraging to the Nth degree. I'll even go further. Ya'll make me feel that not only am I *not* a freak for slathering my love, money, and time on little lumps of painted metal, but that it's the most normal thing in the world, because the desire to create something weird and beautiful is irrepressible, unreplaceable, and an *essential component* of being fully human. So, anyway. Just had to get that off my chest. Back to your scheduled programming.
  8. Slatejunco

    Reaper master series brush?

    I was suitably impressed by the Reaper Kolinsky line. I like my 0 and 1 Raph 8404s better, but Reaper makes a decent brush; those I've owned have been very consistently good. It's just that for a few more bucks you can go from good to great.
  9. Slatejunco

    Greenskin (Black Orc 03405, Tre Manor)

    Now with teeth!
  10. Slatejunco

    Greenskin (Black Orc 03405, Tre Manor)

    Gah! ... So eager to be done and been staring at it so long, I didn't notice the teeth. 😨
  11. Slatejunco

    Ghost King (77161, Tim Prow)

    Blocking in some spectral colors on this bones figure, initial step. It's my second shot at this sculpt; the first one ended in a muddy mess. :)
  12. Here's an orc I put up in the WIP forum a while back. He was primarily an experiment in skin tone, but I'm really happy with the way his belly armor turned out, too.
  13. Slatejunco

    Giant Cobra - Necro Cobra

    Stunning. I love the color choices as much as the attention to detail. Good job, man!
  14. Slatejunco

    My First Minis (Advice)

    Besides what came in my kit, im very intimidated when it comes to picking up more paints from the reaper store. Are the triads just listed right next to eachother? I have something like 30 paints in my collection some of which are duplicates and I'll be getting the stuff on this months promotion provided they still have supplies. Also as far as sealer goes I saw some recommendations in the basics of painting on "The Craft". Should I use something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Krylon-6-Ounce-Crystal-Acrylic-Coating/dp/B001K65K26/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1445645029&sr=1-2-catcorr&keywords=Krylon+Spray+Varnish The liners of which I rave are Brown Liner (09064), Blue Liner (09066), and Grey Liner (09065). You can buy them as a three-pack from most places online, but if you only want to get one, my recommendation would be the Brown Liner. It's very flexible, and the consistency is different than paint -- hard to describe, but it goes into cracks and low spots really well. And mixing Brown and Blue together makes a lovely, rich black color that a lot of folks around here prefer to the "normal" Reaper black. Maybe start with a bottle of Brush-On Sealer from Reaper. It lets you control the sealer in the exact same way you can the paint. You can brush it on over your paint jobs to protect them from wear, or mix it with paint and water to control the consistency of your paint. Think of it as "clear" paint -- no color when it dries, but thicker and grippier than just water. Spray varnish is good for finishing whole minis quickly, but it's something I'm not real good with. I've been known to mess up my paintjobs with too much spray, so I'll let someone else make a recommendation on this one. (All advice subject to peer review!)
  15. So, sometimes you have to call it good and move on. No matter how I tried, I couldn't matte the purple satin finish enough for my tastes -- I wanted it to be super-flat, like inky night, and there's still a little shine. Nobody hires a shiny assassin. Nobody. They're too easy to see coming. Anyway, I'm pretty happy otherwise, even if there are rough spots. I learned some things from doing it.