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  1. Paint Track Apps?

    I'm afraid your bottles have label-itis :(. It's incurable. What I mean is your barcodes are too faded to be read. I did confirm that the bottles are in the app already so you can add them manually.
  2. Paint Track Apps?

    09105 is in there as Sparkling Amethyst, it turns out.
  3. Paint Track Apps?

    The first two I missed last update and will be in the next one. Sparkling purple I have not heard of...please email us the front and barcode images of the bottle. If it's out of production we'll need a paint swatch, too.
  4. Paint Track Apps?

    Not currently, no. It's only per bottle.
  5. Paint Track Apps?

    You should be able to press the back button and the keyboard will disappear. That's the normal Android way, at least... I had other requests at ReaperCon for the random generator thing. Could be a fun pro feature!
  6. Paint Track Apps?

    Eventually, I expect. After the next major update which will add advanced filtering. Wash/Ink-only paint lines wouldn't work with Color Tools right now. Rich Text editor - I can add that to the request list. Adding pictures to sets is relatively easy. The hard issue is backing up the images as I'm sure people wouldn't want to re-associate them if they move phones. This requires infrastructure, ongoing costs, and so on. I was hoping to be able to link them to the user's Google Photos folder or something, but haven't found any way to do that yet. Bottom line is it's definitely on our radar.
  7. Paint Track Apps?

    We run all the way down to Ice Cream Sandwich MR1 (Android v15). We might bump it up soon to 16, but Marshmallow would definitely work.
  8. Paint Track Apps?

    May have been overlooked. I'll get 'em in the next time!
  9. Paint Track Apps?

    Just pushed a new update including Reapercon paints! Vallejo Mecha and Premier, too. Enjoy. Edit: Should also mention we added the Reaper and Vallejo Auxiliaries this time around so you should have your Mediums and what have you (a common request from our Reapercon friends).
  10. Paint Track Apps?

    Kyle was kind enough to actually pick up the colors for us (thanks, Kyle!). I have them cued up for the next update. Trying to get Vallejo Mecha in there, too, then we'll do a little update. So...soon :).
  11. Paint Track Apps?

    Long press the subset and the action bar will have more options.
  12. Paint Track Apps?

    It has come to my attention that another paintRack user uses BlueStacks as an emulator to run Android on their PC. I have not tested it, but maybe this would be a good stop gap for our iOS friends. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlueStacks
  13. Paint Track Apps?

    We are two guys with other full-time jobs and families (and Scott is part time in school, too!) and such so it'll take as long as it takes, I'm afraid - which is why we don't want to give a firm date. It really depends on how many free days we have to crank on it. And every time we do a database update with a new manufacturer, that's basically a weekend of work for us. It takes a lot to keep up with the new paints. Eventually we'd love to crowd-drive the paint updates but that, too, requires infrastructure. We have a couple of key features in Android that are causing people headaches that we also want to address sooner rather than later (namely, advanced filtering and custom paints) as well. And it turns out there are a LOT of features we've built up in the Android version over the years so we need to complete a subset that makes the iOS version minimally viable. I have a very early iOS version with paint circles and such working though, so don't give up hope! :D Stay tuned for more info on the iOS mailing list thing. But yeah, I badly want the iOS version out.
  14. Paint Track Apps?

    1. Gotta defer to the manufacturer on this one. 2. and 3. This is mostly out of our control, I'm afraid. We use the ZXing barcode scanner library (same one as 'Barcode Scanner' by ZXing in the Google Play store). Lighting, camera, barcode quality are all issues. 4. I expect these will be added soon. 5. Interesting. We definitely want to lower the barrier to entry. 6. Yup yup :D. 7. This is a pretty hard problem. Even if we did buy and paint every color paint, there are issues with white balance and paint density on the swatches themselves. And even if you got it 100% right, the way the phone reproduces the color is different on almost every device. Samsung phones blow out the colors (for marketing reasons to make things 'pop'), while an sRGB phone such as the Pixel 2 would be more accurate (for example). So we use the manufacturer's provided samples since no matter what we do it'll be an approximation. That being said, if something is particularly egregious do let us know as even the manufacturers have things very off sometimes. 8. I'll add your vote for that one!
  15. Paint Track Apps?

    Might be an issue with the hardware. It basically just requests the camera and then shows it in the window. Maybe PM me your device. It takes about 2 seconds on my devices. Just pushed a new update that includes the removal of those Reaper dupes. See you guys at ReaperCon on Saturday! We're going to be giving away a Reaper paint set if you come by and sign up for the draw.