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  1. Might be an issue with the hardware. It basically just requests the camera and then shows it in the window. Maybe PM me your device. It takes about 2 seconds on my devices. Just pushed a new update that includes the removal of those Reaper dupes. See you guys at ReaperCon on Saturday! We're going to be giving away a Reaper paint set if you come by and sign up for the draw.
  2. Yeah, I accidentally introduced dupes. The next update will make them disappear! :) I'll add your other suggestion to our list of requests. Hope the camera color picker is working out for everyone! It was a frequently requested feature.
  3. Yes, sadly Scott and I have full time jobs doing other things in Austin so it's hard to get away but Reaper was kind enough to allow us to come just for the Saturday. Hopefully we'll have some paintRack swag with us!
  4. Hey guys, new update is out with the new Reaper released NMM paints and such! Also, big news is we're going to be at ReaperCon! Woo! Scott and I hope to meet some of you there.
  5. Sorry, probably slipped through the cracks but yes, we got your stuff in! Thanks for your help. As always, if you ever find a missing or messed up bottle, be sure to email in with the front and back of the bottle and we'll be happy to update next time.
  6. Oh I feel your pain. I badly want the iOS version out there. As for backing up between devices, I *hope* I can do that with the Google Drive backup but I'm not sure how app permissions work cross platform. That's on my to-do list to figure out.
  7. I am working on it. Rewriting an app that took years to write in the first time takes time (especially changing over programming paradigms). Both of us have full time jobs so this is a labor of love. I'm wondering about releasing a version with a small subset of features to start. It would have all the paints, backup, sets, but maybe not every other nicety. Thoughts?
  8. New update went out this weekend with those missing Reaper primers and paints added. It also addresses a number of crashes we were seeing. As always, let us know if anything comes up.
  9. That's probably the biggest feedback we get. Eventually we'll have a solution for that, at least to shut off the sub-types if you don't use them. Could easily add a user-disabled option as well for individual paints. You'd be surprised how often we get asked to add reeeally old paints. We support Citadel current and previous gen and people often email with "I have this paint from 1995 that's still good...why isn't it in the app?". Sadly, we can't get info for all those ancient ones.
  10. If you have specific ones that are not scanning (other than for being smudged), please email me with the pictures of the front and back and I can verify our data in the database. jeff at
  11. Ah, you have found a bit of a bug apparently. Actually, I think what is happening is the initial sort is just the order they were added to the DB, then when you sort by SKU is gets messed up because a bunch of the Reaper paints are missing the starting 0. We'll fix both of those in the next update.
  12. Haha, the original plan was to make an app would prevent this, so hopefully it accomplished this for you going forward.
  13. Currently we don't have a way to do that across Google accounts. If you want to log in on her phone with your account you could export/import via Google Drive (but this will wipe all data on the phone). We hope to have one eventually. Can you please email me at jeff at with pictures of the front and back of each bottle (barcode) and a picture some paint samples on a white sheet? Been trying to track those down for months! Also, I'll probably add zero to the other one so they're all the same. Actually, Purple Wash and Ginger Cookie have the same barcode! Ginger Cookie is the newer one so it wins out. We have intermittently added Primers. Send me the front and back photos (including barcode) to the above email address and we'll get it in the next update.
  14. If you have auto-update enabled on the Google Play store it should just download automatically next time it's plugged in and in wifi. Or you can go to Google Play app and force it to do so.
  15. Hah, Pezler leaked the update ;). Yes, v18 is out now! New paint as always, but more importantly two big bug fixes. Color Matching is waaaaay better now that we're using CieDe2000 color distances. It's also much faster and snappier in Color Tools. The color matching issues were probably the #1 complaint about the app previously. Hopefully this addresses the issue. I'll probably write a blog post later about it when I have a chance. Secondly, if you have a paint set that includes the same paint more than once, it'll remember the order correctly. Apparently this was a more common use case than we thought. Get it while it's hot: