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  1. Very good idea! Awesome.
  2. Just recently finished FA Hayek's beast of a book. I have to say it makes me feel smarter for having read it. It is a political philosophy book and is in favor of capitalism. I think he raises various good points about the dangers of a planned society and the roles that will be assigned to people and how. I can't stress how good of a read it is if you can handle this dry/philosophical/economic stuff. I give it a 5/5. I am almost done with Macbeth, and just started Bukowski's "Notes." Anyone read Road to Serfdom? What did you think?
  3. OKAY! So to seal my bones I have used my new Reaper's matte sealer without any trouble. In fact, I didn't even notice it dulling the colors down like the spray krylon does. Also there is no sticky effect. So when sealing your plastic, metal, and resin minis, in my preference and from what I have gathered works, when using a spray use a gloss coat first, let it cure, and then do a matte coat. For the bones, SIMPLY USE REAPER'S brush on. This mystery is solved for me. I hope this thread helps some other folks.
  4. Dude this is sweet, I am doing mine too! This model is fun to paint.
  5. I appreciate it. I am a big Witcher fan so this has been fun to paint.
  6. Came back to this guy to scrounge up pics. He is actually one of the first of my paint jobs to have sold. I love all of the different variations of him. Still got love for the 'druid.'
  7. Funded

    Where is that undead dragon thing covering the coffin that was advertised for bones 4???!!!!
  8. I have never used a brush on seal. You just blob it on?
  9. I will look into reapers brush on and testers. I have never used varnish as a primer. I do use krylon spray varnishes. The reason for sealing with gloss first is to protect the colors from being too matte when the matte is applied.
  10. Hi! Been a while since I have posted, but I ran into an issue with Bones. I have always gloss varnish and after it has cures I then use a matte varish to seal my models. When I did this with bones, my model is sticky, and the paint can chip due to this. Any tips, I just made some tweaks to this guy and want him to last.
  11. Hi! I was wondering who else had the game and am hoping to make this the hub for our house rules and questions. For starters who else has it, and does anyone get the movement for bosses?
  12. I really appreciate the compliments. The LOTR range is great, WHAT SUCKS is their scale. Unfortunately depending on what you buy, plastic, finecast, or metal are all kinda off in scale. The lotr range wasn't taken care of properly, and I would say their metal heroes and plastic boxes are the only things worth buying. Stay away from the finecast. I touched up Boromirs face and posted pics for scale. The perry mini to the left is 28mm, the souls mini to the right is 32-35. Also if you dig my stuff, throw me a like!