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  1. Hi! I was wondering who else had the game and am hoping to make this the hub for our house rules and questions. For starters who else has it, and does anyone get the movement for bosses?
  2. I really appreciate the compliments. The LOTR range is great, WHAT SUCKS is their scale. Unfortunately depending on what you buy, plastic, finecast, or metal are all kinda off in scale. The lotr range wasn't taken care of properly, and I would say their metal heroes and plastic boxes are the only things worth buying. Stay away from the finecast. I touched up Boromirs face and posted pics for scale. The perry mini to the left is 28mm, the souls mini to the right is 32-35. Also if you dig my stuff, throw me a like!
  3. I feel the same way Moon! Tjrez, it is indeed meant to look like bone tipped with metals.
  4. Fantastic
  5. Took me forever to get to this guy, mainly because I felt Boromir was lame lol. I just finished it. I think he came out killer though. I'll likey touch up the left side of his face.
  7. Outstanding my dude.
  8. HOLY ****
  9. Thanks! The models aren't the most detailed, and it's a softer plastic. Still, having dark souls minis in my collection gives me the giddies.
  10. Got my souls kickstarter, and rather than paint Ornstein like everyone else was doing, I did the DS2 look.
  11. This is for when a sorcerer needs to get **** done. I LOVE IT.
  12. They gave him 3 for whatever reason lol. I guess for when he reloads
  13. Outstanding