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  1. Kendal

    77134 - Hajad the Pirate

    Man I think this looks outstanding. It pops out!
  2. Kendal


    I also think I am going to add the chains to his wrists and and give him the blades on his back.
  3. Kendal


    If anyone can help me find the boy I'd appreciate it. Haven't found a good mini yet.
  4. Kendal


    Been playing God of War 4 and was inspired
  5. Kendal


    Been playing God of War 4 and was inspired
  6. Kendal

    Khajiit Like To Sneak

    Holy crap dude I'd love to have that
  7. Kendal

    Cyrus: Gnome Druid

    Yeah I love the shield. The idea is that it's old and kinda rotted.
  8. Kendal

    Gord Ironhead 02228

    Looks metal!
  9. Kendal

    Cyrus: Gnome Druid

    Yeah pretty happy with this dude.
  10. Kendal

    Cyrus: Gnome Druid

    I am ready to put my gnome on the table for our pathfinder game.
  11. Kendal

    Cyrus: Gnome Druid

    Gotta touch up some things but he is near done. Put him in the show off soon.
  12. Kendal

    Cyrus: Gnome Druid

  13. Kendal

    Cyrus: Gnome Druid

    Getting a pathfinder game going. Working on my gnome.
  14. Kendal

    Spruced Up Heroclix Orc Archer

    I appreciate it! They are enjoyable to re-imagine. I have had a decent amount of fun painting them simply due to nostalgia and making them new. The Mage Knight range for Heroclix was awesome.
  15. Kendal

    Disciple of the Flower Witch

    Very Berserk! Love it!