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  1. Kendal

    Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    These are amazing.
  2. Kendal

    Gullivar, Hellhound, 8 more orcs

    Dude I am all about that gnome. You did a great job. He was my d&d druid. Love your take.
  3. Kendal

    Mr. Blobby

    Dude this is tight lol. Where can I get it?
  4. Kendal

    Happy Birthday Sandra Garrity!

    Say what???? She is my favorite! A lot like Bobby, you know it's her work without seeing a name. Her orcs are epic. If she does commissions I'd have a project for her in a heartbeat!
  5. Kendal

    77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    I am a sucker for dark palettes, especially when it comes to creating a more realistic, believable, and gritty feel to the models. This orc tickles the right way, and is one of the better ones I've seen on here. When I think orc, I think this. Stellar job my dude. Less can be more, and this shows that.
  6. Kendal

    The 5 Word Story

    in the horn of gondor.
  7. Kendal

    The 5 Word Story

    He cartwheeled to the fields.
  8. Kendal

    Storm Raptor, Circle Orboros Gargantuan

    Holy Batman
  9. Kendal

    The 5 Word Story

    George Clooney. Clooney saw Hodor
  10. Kendal

    The 5 Word Story

    extreme prejudice. The Witch King
  11. Kendal

    The 5 Word Story

    a pound of Halfling's Leaf."
  12. Kendal

    Dark Sword Jon Snow

    Working on my Watchman
  13. Kendal

    'Young' Regis

    Did a commission for someone who likes my witcher stuff. He had hero forged a mini to create a young Regis. The pics have different light sources. I touched up the right eye and will add it later.