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  1. This is for when a sorcerer needs to get **** done. I LOVE IT.
  2. They gave him 3 for whatever reason lol. I guess for when he reloads
  3. Outstanding
  4. So a friend of a friend liked my comissions and gave me his Drizzt dnd master series piece to do. I love the model (despite some gripes with its molding) and decided to do a vignette to surprise him. I've touched up a lot on Drizzt but this is the closest picture I have right now. I'll post more of him later. As for the vignette, I have Drizzt panther friend along side him battling Artemis in a cave. I am shaping the stalagmites and building the cave right now.
  5. Great job!
  6. I use Vallejo paints from neals warstore. I start with a black primer, then use a dark blue to base the model. Next I like to use magic blue to go over the main areas. To highligt the magic blue, I mix it with reaper's surf aqua or a white. Yellow is a hard color for me to work with. Do you use white primer? If you do, I recommend just using black. I used to do it all in white, but as time has gone by black is easier to work with.
  7. Big thanks guys! I've worked with blues so much that it just clicks now. I actually use renedra plastics bases. They are cheap, close to the table, and you get a TON.
  8. So I had these hooded elves from GW waiting to be assembled. I'm not a big fan of the overly elaborate elves, even less so hooded. So I decided to take a head and pair of arms from a perry set to make my elf archer. It was fun to paint and I think it came out very well.
  9. I appreciate it!
  10. I love this one, his eyes were too squinty to attempt full on eyes. I hope you dig it.
  11. KILLER
  12. Thanks, it's my favorite part as well!
  13. Working on this piece from Mierce. Loving it so far.