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  1. Kendal

    The 5 Word Story

    Each poster adds to the story using only 5 words. I'll get it started, and you keep the ball rolling expanding on the most recent comment to craft a story. "Aragorn was recording his album
  2. Kendal


    Yep that's badass
  3. Kendal

    Bad Elf vs Bad Elf

    Drizzt vs Geralt of Rivia? Post who would win and why, and post your epic battle to pass it on.
  4. Kendal

    03700 Tyrea Bronzelocks

    The sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life. It's this type of stuff that makes these padded walls livable.
  5. Kendal

    Finished up some minis

  6. Kendal

    Wolf: Son Of Doom

    Thanks! As I continue to paint I find myself blending paints together more to achieve better transitions in tones. I was very happy with this dude.
  7. Kendal

    Wolf: Son Of Doom

    Thanks man. I was feeling this one
  8. Kendal

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I am about to get on in 30 minutes
  9. Kendal

    Foo on You

    Foo here foo dere. Fooget about it! Awesome job.
  10. Kendal

    Wolf: Son Of Doom

    Before Conan, there was Wolf. A nemidian boy indoctrinated by followers of Set. He was one of the first to challenge Thulsa Doom's reign and inspire others to question the Snake god's servant. Wolf's attempt to kill Thulsa ended in failure, and those assisting him routed. Years later, on a night lit by an evil red sky, spirits of revenge attempted to inhabit a vessel during a resurrection ritual. Valeria and Subotai fought the spirits off but one managed its way into the dead barbarian, though, too late. Wolf could not inhabit Conan for long, but influenced the young Barbarian's mind. Conan's warpaint brought terror to those who recognized it, and Wolf's lust for a revenge had been quenched.
  11. The frostgrave cultists are some of the best minis I've purchased. Very easy to convert and all around sinister looking. Great for my pathfinder rovagug cult. I mixed them with Perry Agincourt and Mercenary boxsets.
  12. Kendal

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Online in the hangout. I got coffee, I got paint, good morning!
  13. Kendal


    It so is lol! Good catch!
  14. Kendal


    Crush cha enemiez