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  1. 01589 Father Christmas

    Very nice, very natural looking.
  2. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    There is so much I want retail, looking at stuff now to see what I cannot wait for, is a better deal now, especially in the expansions.
  3. Grenadier Cleric, 2018 and yesteryear

    I like how the robes are different in each version. ALso how one version looks better fed than the other.
  4. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    Wow, what colors!!!
  5. 77492 Blue and Gold Behir

    A very original look! Well done!
  6. Halfsies Bulk Dice - Appease the Fist!

    I totally missed him at Gencon50 and I really regret it. Did not know he was there till I was looking at the program on the way home.
  7. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    Look at the latest Update, it lists prices for both Wave I and Wave II stuff.
  8. Invisible Hobbit

    Very well done, a unique paintjob!!!
  9. Robotech RPG Tactics - Palladium

    I never backed this but wow.
  10. Halfsies Bulk Dice - Appease the Fist!

    I was in on the original halfsies and they are spectacular dice. Random is drawing me in, Id like to have a few of different sets.
  11. 77157 Ghoul Queen

    Looks good. Nice color choices help mesh it all together.
  12. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I am sitting at about 250 and a friend has an additional 100. I will probably end up dropping another 100 to get some big pieces. I need a roc for sure.
  13. 77580 Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant

    Added another pic to the original post. A green wash on the necks seems to make it look better. Thoughts?
  14. 77580 Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant

    ... but what color wash is the question. I am not very good at washes. Any suggestions?
  15. Most of the Bones 3 graveyard decor

    I like the color choices here. Looks very realistic. A lot lighter than most decor I have seen too.