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  1. Pre-launch

    I think they repeated a lot of things there. If that means doubles of the items that is cool. I will be looking at this kickstarter for sure though.
  2. Funded

    There is a bit of confusing info right now as to whether shipping has started or not.

    I got one graveyard expansion and an extra set of fences. I also hope that is enough, but it should be.

    I have yet to get any mouslings, but I do think a line of them on a shelf would be uber-cool.

    Quite a bit I did not get, but I think I got my 20 minis.
  6. Very nice. I do love shiny painting.
  7. Good luck in finishing this all up. Looks like good progress!!
  8. I painted this a long time ago but still consider it one of my best paint jobs (not necessarily a compliment as i have painted a lot since then, lol) Griffin Tamer's Dwarven Entrance from his KS. I keep hoping he will do another one. His entrances are spectacular.
  9. Pre-launch

    WEll, the last Ks hgad the 8x8 floors which will cover a lot of space, but are not good for passages, unless they are BIG passages. Looks like DF is starting to gear up for KSV so that is good news for me.
  10. Pre-launch

    I am very happy with that room and the pieces that make it up. Very very versatile.
  11. Funded

    This one is ended now, but was quite successful and will be creating about ten new sets of dice.

    Nope, no DVDs for me.
  13. Pre-launch

    I am thinking Bones will start first, though no way to know. DF communicates poorly day to day or week to week, but I am sre they will tell us when they will start fulfilling the last KS.

    I had tons of trouble trying to visualize this guy during the campaign and PM, so I passed on him.
  15. Painting minis seems an odd way to .... Sorry, forgot what forum I was on. :)