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  1. Funded

    I have no problem with no Mr. Bones model this time around.
  2. 1. Get my Bones III pumpkin heads painted. 2. Get a Reapercon 2017 Swag Bag if possible. 3. Take my Bones III Crypt out of the bag and at least look at it!!!!! 4. Paint stuff.
  3. Very nice. I like how you picked out the little rocks on the base.
  4. Excellent set of colors for that.
  5. Funded

    I finished my PM and went from 754 to 795, so not a whole lot. I am no longer going all-in on DF, I have too much already.
  6. Funded

    I'll be locking stuff in next month or so.
  7. Funded

    I am also in for the docks for sure. If accessories are broke out I might be in for some of them painted.
  8. Funded

    I got the new paints last time, but not really sure about this paints this time. Teh Feb delivery worries me a bit as my paints will go to Austrailia and then to Japan, so two chances to freeze on the way. I know Australia will be summer but the ship to Aus will be traveling through winter also.
  9. Thanks!!!!
  10. Funded

    I was very happy with this kickstarter, but am not yet sure how much I will spend on it. As always there is stuff I do not need and stuff that came in the mail yesterday (in a perfect world) but overall I think REaper did try very hard to satisfy backers, especially with the last expansion that had a lot of oddball stuff that may mor may not sell retail. I hope it all sells well, though, of course.
  11. Completed

    I would say so.
  12. Funded

    Practically everything is out of reach? :)
  13. Funded

    Ditto the pic request
  14. Funded

    As always for me Dwarven Forge is a lot higher. This one will either stay at 150 bucks (low shipping) or balloon to 350 or so (the next big tier of shipping)
  15. I just finished painting my Mystic Circle from Bones III. Used all Dwarven Forge Paints for it.