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  1. Live

    Yeah, my problem is it is more of a display figure, not sure I need that. But I really want to see how people paint it.
  2. Live

    No chibi cat dragon for me thanks.
  3. Live

    The real question now being how many sets of the new paint set do you have to get to get enough of the wood triad to paint the HUT!!!!! I am guessing you would need two.
  4. Live

    I am not sure I want to triple my pledge so early in the KS. Seriously on vacation so waiting till I get back to see how much to post.
  5. Live

    Thanks for the avatar pics!!!!
  6. Looks good to me, especially the docks. I really liked how you kept your KS under control and fulfilled very rapidly. Double thumbs up!!
  7. Live

    Well, considering some of the wish lists I have seen, including my own, 15% is probably very high ;)

    Good night. You'll need your strength I am sure.

    Looks like I'll be missing the beginning as it is 2am here. No biggie.

    Shouldn't that be One ... One ... One? Not as in 1.2.3. but as in (B)one

    I do love how Reaper runs their Kses, just buy what you like ala carte.

    Sooooo, is anything interesting happening with Reaper this August? Anything? :-)
  13. fulfilling

    I got my bones in Japan today via Australia. Will look at them tomorrow most likely, but I hope everyone gets theirs soon.
  14. fulfilling

    My tracking number is working on Japan post, but it is only telling me it is in transit, left AUS on the 24th and not here yet. Well, ten days before I hit the states, I hope I get those first.