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  1. Shadowphaze

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    Mine are due today!
  2. Shadowphaze

    Your Kickstarter list. How you doing?

    What Walking Dead KS is coming?
  3. Shadowphaze

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    I can't possibly eat Ramen for another month....can I?
  4. Okay here is what I took. Various bits of bushes, mosses and a couple trees. Some bases and a piece of wood that I really liked the look of. Some tiny little frogs and lily pads.
  5. There are so many goodies in this box that I don't know what to do with it all. I've taken bits and pieces of just about everything and OMG. I almost feel sorry for the next recipient having to sort through it like me. HAHA
  6. Shadowphaze

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    First time in here... ...so hello!
  7. Shadowphaze

    Greebo Alastoran (Chaos/Khorne) football team

    C'mon.... I just ordered the kittens and bunnies and now I need to order them friends? My poor bank account.
  8. Shadowphaze

    Zombicide: Green Horde

    Delivered to NC yesterday. VERY happy.
  9. Shadowphaze

    Light! 77290: Beekeeper Mousling

    Wow I love this!
  10. Is the SGHawkins09 still on the move and I missed it? I've been out of the country for two weeks.
  11. It's there for you to do as you please. Enjoy! It's definitely different from the standard chocolate around here.
  12. On its way to Hungerfan! 9505 5265 4846 8078 3144 75
  13. I can't seem to get everything to fit back into the box. LMAO I was never really good at Tetris.