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  1. Shadowphaze

    Zombicide: Green Horde

    Delivered to NC yesterday. VERY happy.
  2. Shadowphaze

    Light! 77290: Beekeeper Mousling

    Wow I love this!
  3. Is the SGHawkins09 still on the move and I missed it? I've been out of the country for two weeks.
  4. It's there for you to do as you please. Enjoy! It's definitely different from the standard chocolate around here.
  5. On its way to Hungerfan! 9505 5265 4846 8078 3144 75
  6. I can't seem to get everything to fit back into the box. LMAO I was never really good at Tetris.
  7. It feels like Christmas looking through the Chaoswolf box. There are A LOT of amazing things in here. Woah!
  8. Chaoswolf's box has been received.
  9. And it's already at my local post office.
  10. I'll do whatever the group decides.
  11. Shadowphaze

    DDS2 Dragon

    Hi all! I don't post Show Off topics often at all because I look at everyone else's amazing work and always feel like mine doesn't compare. This is my first dragon I've painted and it's taken me weeks to do it. I'm calling it done mostly because for the first time ever, I'm happy with how it looks. I still need to work on the base some but the dragon is done and I'm proud of it. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. Shadowphaze

    Zombicide: Green Horde

    Last I heard my copy was hanging out somewhere in PA. My tracking number doesn't have an ETA associated with it. I'm left to guess how long it'll take to get from PA to me. I was hoping for today. Maybe tomorrow.
  13. Me? Meeee? Me. North Carolina. Can't start (YET). Can't do international but would totally donate money towards helping someone else ship.
  14. I'd like to join. I'm in North Carolina. Definitely can't start or seed (but will share what I have, it's just not a lot).