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  1. I'm starting to suspect we'll be waiting forever. I'm an impatient little wolf.
  2. Given the state of things in the world, Hakuna Matata could be a fun thing to do when so many people go so serious.
  3. Still waiting on pics of what Thumpernicus took from GF's box....
  4. GF's box has left NC for Thumpernicus. ETA is Wed 8/9. USPS: 9505526548467219124997
  5. I just finished up the group paint and a little something else on GF's box. It'll ship Monday to Thumpernicus.
  6. Forgive my awful photo skills but here's what I took! Some weapon sprews to add to my DDS2 treasures. Some basing materials. Stitch golemn (man I've been wanting one!) Armadillo man! Two bull dogs and a bunch of small animals. Sophie (#01521) - my first! A couple pretty ladies that were unlabelled July figure of the month (which I really wanted) Awesome dancing weapon! Oh and there was an ottlite. It didn't fit in the box and I could use it. As soon as I hear back from Thumpernicus, I'll mail the box off.
  7. Just an update: still waiting on Thumpernicus to respond to my message about a shipping address
  8. Oh I've picked some for me and then some by default because the box got too full and after trying to repack it four times realized that it just wasn't all going to fit in there. I was never good at Tetris. Pics tonight once I'm back from the movies! I plan on doing the group paint tonight and then mailing off to Thumpernicus. Still waiting on him/her to get back to me with an address for mailing.

    But not only do I now want a cat dragon, but I want a mousling riding a cat mount. And trebuchets (sp?) that launch cat toys as defense mechanisms!

    Yes, yes! The mouslings need a villain to face off against!
  11. A box of shinies has arrived!
  12. Generic Fighter's box has been received.
  13. Pictures, pictures!
  14. What are Reaper bucks used for?
  15. Thanks for the quick answers!