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  1. Talbard reloads his crossbow and fires at Kobold B. 4+0 = 4
  2. Drake will have a stout and will glance around the room taking in the atmosphere of the place.
  3. Off to the Rusty Dragon.
  4. "Nicholai makes a good point."
  5. Drake will reload his crossbow and fire at the last remaining goblin. Roll: 13+2 = 15 Damage: 5+0 = 5
  6. Drake will take aim at the other goblin that Grimm did not attack and fire with his crossbow. Roll: 3 + 2 = 5
  7. Roll: 14+2= 16
  8. Graphic says that they are 2" x 2"
  9. That sums up my feelings about them as well.
  10. That would be the surprise. Did not want to ruin it for you. I know you have been asking for dinosaurs, reptiles and the like for your project.
  11. Nice surprise at the end of it.
  12. The game was called Conan: Rise of Monsters.
  13. It was. So was the King Cobra. They were both presented as terrain pieces in that game.
  14. Nope. Reaper was only responsible for the terrain. That was one of the reasons I did not back the project. You had to pledge for the base game before you could get any of the terrain, which made it really expensive to try and get. The other figures from that project belonged to the other company.
  15. Drake is going to pick himself up move to pick up and reload his crossbow. In case there are of more goblins.