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  1. Drake will pull out his crossbow and take aim at the 3rd goblin who moved onto the stage. (Let me know if there are people in the way as I will move to have a better shot) Attack Roll: 12 + 2 + 1= 15 Damage: 8+0 = 8
  2. Sorry about that. Work has been a little crazy. Rolls are up now.
  3. Perception: 14 + 0 = 14 Initiative: 12 +2 = 14
  4. "My name is Drake. I come from a small hamlet where such skills are the marks of great warriors and heroes. It is still impressive to meet such champions. Even if it is just for throwing a dagger."
  5. Drake walks up to the three of them. "Wow. You must all be heroes of some renown to perform that well. I wish to one day grow to be a hero as grand as the three of you. Alas, I am no warrior but I hope to one day grow into that role. "
  6. Talbard will switch to his light crossbow and move from the back of the group towards the front. He will target the other bandit. 20 + 0 = 20 (critical hit) 8 +4 +0 = 12 damage
  7. You are correct.
  8. Drake wanders through the festival. He has never seen a festival like this before. He helps himself to the free food and saves some of it so that he will have food later. While the game intrigues him, he is not willing to part with his few coins. He finds himself being more of a spectator than a participant.
  9. Looking forward to this.
  10. Here we go. Character sheet: Background: Drake Coldkin was born in a small hamlet in the foothills of the Iron Peak mountains. For 500 years the hamlet was protected from the local raiding giant tribes by an elemental spirit. Local legend claimed that certain individuals were touched by this spirit and grew to be mighty heroes. One day the elemental spirit was slain by a giant warlord and his legion of marauders. The hamlet was destroyed and pillaged. Eventually, the survivors rebuilt. From that time on every man, woman and child were raised to hate giants and were trained to fight them. As the youngest son, Drake was considered the runt. His older brothers grew up to be mighty warriors who earned renowned for slaying giants. Drake was constantly berated by his father for his weakness. Even when he began to show signs of magical abilities, it was not the same as being a warrior. For this reason, Drake left his home and is off in search of the power and ability to not only kill giants but to return to his home as a hero who could protect his small hamlet home. He traveled by river to the coast and Sandpoint in hope of catching a vessel to Magnimar so that he may join the magic academy there and learn his craft. The trip has left him broke and in search of work so that he can purchase passage.
  11. I am in. Keep it going.
  12. I will get mine up this evening when I get home from work.
  13. I am not too worried about it. I am not overly familiar with Pathfinder or this particular adventure path. So it can be a bit overwhelming looking at all the languages and trying to figure out what is a useful language or one that will be helpful.
  14. Ok. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. Not finished yet, but I am pretty confident that it will be a Human Sorcerer with the Boreal Bloodline.
  16. Done. 2 more spots to go.
  17. @Dilvish the Deliverer I get what you are saying. I was brought it up more as I have three slots to fill and thought that I might be able to fill a gap somewhere. I could take Draconic.
  18. I am still trying to decide on what languages I should take. Looks like both of you took goblin. I took giant as I am leaning towards the Giant Killer trait. Not sure what else might be helpful.
  19. I believe if I caught everything that I am supposed to play an arcane character(let me know if I missed something). I am looking at a sorcerer. I have never played one and thought it might be a fun change. Any suggestions?
  20. If you are willing to have me, I would be willing to give it a go.
  21. Looking good so far. Keep up the good work.
  22. 6+3=9
  23. 16 +0 = 16
  24. Thanks for the ideas. I am going to keep pondering them a little bit more. I like the idea of a different metallic color. hmmm...