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  1. FitzBones: Gug

    Nice ! The effect of frontal light is wonderful.
  2. FitzBones: Spawn of Shub-Niggurath

    Great ! I love it, good job !
  3. Maledrakh's Bones 3 Translucent Sylph or Fairy

    Very good job, you have kept the translucent and made something really nice with it, congratuilations, it's awsome.
  4. Bones 3 graveyard expansion custom version

    Thanks everyone
  5. Bones 3 graveyard expansion custom version

    It's in two parts, altough we can't see this on the photos
  6. Bones 3 graveyard expansion custom version

    Thanks ! I used what was into the Graveyard expansion + 6 pieces of long fence that i bought on internet.
  7. I have finished my graveyard. I added custom elements to the set in order to have a nice diorama and set the scene in autumn. I have also added a Gargoyle but i need a second one for the other pillar.
  8. Manticore bones 3

  9. Mystic circle Bones 3

    Here is my mystic Circle from Bones III :
  10. Veritus the Sanctifier

    I agree with that. Well done !!!
  11. A Productive Day of Tabletop Painting

    Well done ! The minis are cool and it has been a good day of production, yes !
  12. Bloodbowl The Banane Stadium

    I think it took me about 50 hours of work. I used foam board, balsa wood, roughcast, paint of course, cyano glue and plaster (for the HA molds).
  13. Conan The Boardgame Fully painted

    Thanks. Yep that was quite a race, with painting work at the rate of : from 0 to 8 hours a day, with an average of 5 hours/day.
  14. Bones 3 Naga

    Nice job, well done !