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  1. Thanks for the list Ladystorm ! YrominosW : too late, painted The cultists, the deep ones and the dark young this afternoon !
  2. Hi, Thanks for the info and recomandations, it has been very helpfull to me
  3. Hi, I have received and i'm painting Bones 3 Mythos expansion but i have'nt identified all the monsters. I know that there is a : - One Gug - 4 deep ones Buit for the others i'm not sure. Is the big one a Shub Niggurath "dark young one" ? There are two creatures with 4 legsand tentacles on the head (Chtuloids?) And at last a sort of little monster compposed with 3 tentacles and a lot of mouths. As i haven't read Lovecraft, a bit of help wouls be welcome (including for the paint color schemes) Thanks !
  4. Hi. I have painted more than 1000 bones figures. I use Army Painter undercoat (white). Then paint the mini, then seal it with a spray varnish that has no bad reaction (= your figure becomes sticcky as time passes) : Testors Dullcoat. Expansive as it's not 400 ml sprays, but the best varnish. I spray 2 coats of it and here it goes.