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  1. BananeDC


    Thanks everyone ! I've started some more, including a war rig.
  2. BananeDC


    Gaslands is a 2017 post apocalyptic combat minaiture vehicules game where you use hotwheels and matchbox toy cars. You buy your tem, add perks (bloodbowl style) and play a game (death race, arena, saturday night live, capture the flag and so on) . It functions as X-Wing does, with manoeuver templates. [youtube]Sq6mC0RBAjs[/youtube] Here are my first conversions. Deathwish : Hotwheels Ford Mustang Stocker Mesh : World Forge Games Exhausts : StanJohansen miniatures Engine : Dice Mechanics Front wheels : autre hot wheels Front axle : paper clip Back wheels : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984) Heavy machine gun : S&S models Gunner : taliban S&S Models Driver and rear armor : Ramshackle Games Spikes : plasticard middle armor : simple diamonds plasticard Gunner seat : from a german wwII bus model kit Gunshot : Hotwheels '83 Chevy Silverado Front wheels : from another hot wheels Back wheels : from another hot wheels front and back axles : paper clips Heavy machine gun and gunner : S&S models Front armor : Ramshackle Games Windshield wipers : plastic rod evergreen 0,5 mm middle armor : simple diamonds plasticard Instakill : Hotwheels Chevrolet '68 El Camino Mesh : E-bay Exhausts: Tube evergreen 2 mm Engine : original engine + Dice Mechanics air vent+ gas cylinder: Stan yohansen interceptor, hoses : computer stuff Front wheels : Monoblock Back wheels : : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984) back tyre : lego Minigun : Stan yohansen miniatures Pilot and crew : Ramshackle Games Back gropped weapon : Dice Mechanics Front ram : Stan yohansen miniatures Front skulls: Alternative armies Tombstone : Maiso Leadslinger Front and back wheels : wheels and axle vintage Lego 36946 (1980-1984) Trims : plasticard and plaster Back armor : Stan Yohansen Miniatures Back spikes : Toothpicks Explosator : Matchbox superfast 34 Vantastic Mesh : World Forge Games Front armor : Stan Yohansen miniatures Side armor : Ramshackle Games et carte plastique Engine: Dice Mechanics Excavator shovel and arms : Matchbox bulldozer Front wheels : autre hotwheels Back wheels : autre hotwheels Macjine gun: Ramshackle Games Gas cylinder : plaster from Hirst Arts mold #326 Prison bars : plastic rod evergreen 1 mm Prisonnier arm : from german rider (Armourfast/Häat Zundapp german motorcycle WWII) T72 : Revell model kit T72 soviet tank Tank commander and gunner : Stan Johansen miniatures
  3. BananeDC

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Fantastic ! Well done, really !
  4. BananeDC

    Oni of Hate

    Proud you can be !
  5. BananeDC

    Warg - 77202

    Really stunning. It looked like a comics at first sight !
  6. BananeDC

    Ogre Smasher - 77455

    Yep, indeed an excellent work, well done !
  7. BananeDC


    Same as Gliterwolf : i like the eyes. And it looks as if they were on kind of fog on all this white surface
  8. BananeDC

    77580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant (Picture Heavy)

    Really nice one, really good job, well done ! I like the color scheme, and you did a solid work on the base. (in love with this round base, Must have a real cool effect in a gaming room !)
  9. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Thanks again !
  10. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Thanks ! Btw, the algae are polyfiber from Woodland scenics + wood glue + water. Sand is made out of roughcast, then painted.
  11. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Thanks everyone !
  12. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Here is my version of Bones Kraken !
  13. BananeDC

    Murgmo - Reaper Miniature

    Good job ! I like when people use custom bases too.
  14. Really nice ! The paved way colors are well chosen, and i particularly love the squeleton rising from under
  15. BananeDC

    [Blood Bowl] Vomit Dream Team