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  1. An order from a friend : a complete Dark elves team (18 minis) + other stuff. Tota l : 26 minis for Bloodbowl Work time : 19h00 Furies : catchers : Blitzers : Linemen : Linemen : Assassin : Stars : Roxana and Horkon: Stars : Eldril and Hubris Other stuff (8 minis) : Dwarf star : Grim : 2 saurus (will soonreceive the missing arm) : Zombies : Troll : Gobelin star : Fungus
  2. Sorry for the late reply i did not see the topic had new replies. Stone work : i'm using this technique : http://www.hirstarts.com/painting/painting2.html With these paints & colors :
  3. BananeDC

    Mystic circle Bones 3

    oops sorry did not see the topic was resurrected. Thanks everyone The altar was in the set yes (hope i remember well) Concerning the base, it's on a calendar (cardboard)
  4. BananeDC

    Fire Giant

    Great ! I agree, the sword is amazing.
  5. BananeDC

    Polar Bear Warrior - Dark Sword Minis

    Really beautiful job, love the colour scheme !
  6. BananeDC

    Gaslands - The Principal

    Amazing work, well done ! I guess you must have spent a lot of time on this one. It's a killer !
  7. Thanks for the help everyone !
  8. Yes i have tested them and i agree it just doesn't work. But i meant something that "looks" fluo. I use paints like Yellowgreen (ref 954) from Prince August, and a highlight of white.
  9. Thanx. I might go with black/grey and little bit of purple (nor sure for the purple). And fluo yellow/green for the tongue. Although usually i like what does Uber Nerd, well...not this time, too much pink for me.
  10. Thanks for the reply Glitterwolf. I've seen it painted in black, red, blue, purple... Gonna wait to see if someone has a clue...
  11. Hi ! Posting here cos i have a question concerning Verocithrax : what kind of dragon is it ? I don't know how to paint it, a little bit of history on this monster would be welcome ! Thanks !
  12. BananeDC

    02532 Vulture demon

    Really great ! I love it !
  13. BananeDC

    Unidentified Iron Wind Miniature

    Excellent paint job. The result would be even better with a gloss varnish on the monster itself.
  14. BananeDC

    Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    Excellent. They are really amazing, well done !