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  1. Best Version of DnD?

    Hi everyone, I have read a part of this topic and found interesting things. I did not know there xas a monster builder program (offline) for 4thE. I'm desperately lokking for it, if anyone has it...Otherwide i will crate a topic just for this. Thanks !
  2. [Hosting Pics down] Solutions ?

    Yes, i found Postimage very good, and decided to go with this one Thanks for all the replies
  3. 77959 Graveyard and fencing

    The answer to the question can be found here, from Reaper Brian :
  4. [Hosting Pics down] Solutions ?

    Thanks everyone. I'm really looking for image hosting sites that provide the tools needed (bulk uoload, auto image links for forums at the size chosen etc). @Glitterwolf : 150 k is really too short, unfortunately. (by the way i can't believe that the majority of people still use 56k modems. People have at least ADSLconnections now). I already have an Imgur account, half of my photos are there. Will have a look at Tumblr and Pixiv.
  5. After Photobucket turning from free to 50$/month (), HostingPics announces that the site is closing. When you have a lot of images on forums, it's a problem : 1) you do nothing and there will a lot of holes in your favorite forums 2) you have a lot of work re-upping pics and repairing the broken links everywhere. I need a solution, i wanna be sure that the images will be there to stay, even if i have to pay (but not 50$/month...). Any ideas guys ? Thanks.
  6. Exchange Minis for Generic Fighter

    Very well painted, i love them. Well done !!
  7. Random Rainbow Dragon No 2: Stormwing

    Really nice job !
  8. 03477, Brain Horror

    Awsome job, well done. The colors are well chosen.
  9. Stop Thief: Mousling Diorama

    I love the diorama, and especially the portrait. Wonderful job !
  10. 01546, Tut the Chibi Pharaoh

    Great painting job, he's absolutely amazing, well done !
  11. Behir

    Superb work, well done !
  12. Boxer Dog Bust as my pet Brutus. By Glitterwolf

    Great !! I love how you painted him, and i love the original Brutus too, he looks very nice and cool
  13. Tarrasque/Kanjira

    Thanks !
  14. Tarrasque/Kanjira

    Here is my Kanjira. The pose of the monster made me think it could be a good idea too make it emerge through the Trees. A vision of Knightmare, for sure.
  15. Marthrangul - 77542

    Very good work, i love it ! Well done !!