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  1. After Photobucket turning from free to 50$/month (), HostingPics announces that the site is closing. When you have a lot of images on forums, it's a problem : 1) you do nothing and there will a lot of holes in your favorite forums 2) you have a lot of work re-upping pics and repairing the broken links everywhere. I need a solution, i wanna be sure that the images will be there to stay, even if i have to pay (but not 50$/month...). Any ideas guys ? Thanks.
  2. Exchange Minis for Generic Fighter

    Very well painted, i love them. Well done !!
  3. Random Rainbow Dragon No 2: Stormwing

    Really nice job !
  4. 03477, Brain Horror

    Awsome job, well done. The colors are well chosen.
  5. Stop Thief: Mousling Diorama

    I love the diorama, and especially the portrait. Wonderful job !
  6. 01546, Tut the Chibi Pharaoh

    Great painting job, he's absolutely amazing, well done !
  7. Behir

    Superb work, well done !
  8. Tarrasque/Kanjira

    Here is my Kanjira. The pose of the monster made me think it could be a good idea too make it emerge through the Trees. A vision of Knightmare, for sure.
  9. Boxer Dog Bust as my pet Brutus. By Glitterwolf

    Great !! I love how you painted him, and i love the original Brutus too, he looks very nice and cool
  10. Tarrasque/Kanjira

    Thanks !
  11. Marthrangul - 77542

    Very good work, i love it ! Well done !!
  12. Bones 3 Viridius

    Here is my version of Viridius as a venerable Bronze dragon.
  13. Bones 3 Viridius

  14. Beholder

    Good work ! Slime on the tongue/teeth would really enhance it !
  15. Kaladrax and the wand of death diorama

    Great work, thanks for sharing it !
  16. Bones Shipwreck Revenant

    Excellent job, i love it ! But i would give it the base it deserves
  17. Bones 3 Ma'aldrakar/Tiamat

    Hi, I would really like to see your version of Tiamat too !
  18. Bones 3 Ma'aldrakar/Tiamat

    Hi guys, i have just finished All the minis from Bones 3, here is my Ma'aldrakar.
  19. Bones 3 Ma'aldrakar/Tiamat

    Thanks !
  20. I have finished my graveyard. I added custom elements to the set in order to have a nice diorama and set the scene in autumn. I have also added a Gargoyle but i need a second one for the other pillar.
  21. FitzBones: Gug

    Nice ! The effect of frontal light is wonderful.
  22. FitzBones: Spawn of Shub-Niggurath

    Great ! I love it, good job !
  23. Maledrakh's Bones 3 Translucent Sylph or Fairy

    Very good job, you have kept the translucent and made something really nice with it, congratuilations, it's awsome.
  24. Bones 3 graveyard expansion custom version

    Thanks everyone