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    Oni of Hate

    Proud you can be !
  2. BananeDC

    Warg - 77202

    Really stunning. It looked like a comics at first sight !
  3. BananeDC

    Ogre Smasher - 77455

    Yep, indeed an excellent work, well done !
  4. BananeDC


    Same as Gliterwolf : i like the eyes. And it looks as if they were on kind of fog on all this white surface
  5. BananeDC

    77580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant (Picture Heavy)

    Really nice one, really good job, well done ! I like the color scheme, and you did a solid work on the base. (in love with this round base, Must have a real cool effect in a gaming room !)
  6. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Here is my version of Bones Kraken !
  7. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Thanks again !
  8. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Thanks ! Btw, the algae are polyfiber from Woodland scenics + wood glue + water. Sand is made out of roughcast, then painted.
  9. BananeDC

    [77291] Bones Kraken

    Thanks everyone !
  10. Hi, i'm sure there is already such a topic but i'm new to the forum, and typing "dragons" in the search engine will give me too many results. So i'm trying to identify dragons in order to paint them in the right colour. I've already painted Ebonwrath, Dethsleet and Blightfang. Dragons that have no names are called "silver dragon" or "fire dragon" so they are already identified but there a re a lot of other dragons with a name. By the way i'm trying to be as close as possible to D&D dragons, that's why i painted "pathfinder red dragon" in blue, as for me it's a blue one, with the horn on the nose. - Ebonwrath = black - Silver dragon = silver - Shadow dragon = shadow - Dethsleet = white - Blightfang = green - Virdius = Green - Kyphrixis = Copper or bronze - T'raukzul = Red - Ma'aldrakar = Tiamat - Fire dragon = ? - Narthrax = ? - Lavarath = ? - Diabolus = red - Marthrangul = ? - Verocitrax = ? - Cinder = Thanks for your help !
  11. BananeDC

    Murgmo - Reaper Miniature

    Good job ! I like when people use custom bases too.
  12. Really nice ! The paved way colors are well chosen, and i particularly love the squeleton rising from under
  13. BananeDC

    [Blood Bowl] Vomit Dream Team

  14. BananeDC

    [Blood Bowl] Vomit Dream Team

    Done ! Here is my Nurgle's Vomit Dream Team The names are humorous french names (diseases and so on) The Chaos Beast, Bernard Tumeur : From left to right, the Nurgle warriors : Michel Pustule, Gerard Bubon, Raymond Furoncle, Marcel Verrue From left to right, the pestigors : Robert Pus, Anatole Diarrhée, Roger Morve, Yves Mycose From left to right, the rotten #1 : André Lèpre, Gilbert Gangrène, Jean-Claude Herpès From left to right, the rotten #2 : Daniel Scorbut, Serge vérole, Albert Typhus
  15. BananeDC

    Best Version of DnD?

    Hi everyone, I have read a part of this topic and found interesting things. I did not know there xas a monster builder program (offline) for 4thE. I'm desperately lokking for it, if anyone has it...Otherwide i will crate a topic just for this. Thanks !
  16. BananeDC

    [Hosting Pics down] Solutions ?

    Yes, i found Postimage very good, and decided to go with this one Thanks for all the replies
  17. After Photobucket turning from free to 50$/month (), HostingPics announces that the site is closing. When you have a lot of images on forums, it's a problem : 1) you do nothing and there will a lot of holes in your favorite forums 2) you have a lot of work re-upping pics and repairing the broken links everywhere. I need a solution, i wanna be sure that the images will be there to stay, even if i have to pay (but not 50$/month...). Any ideas guys ? Thanks.
  18. BananeDC

    77959 Graveyard and fencing

    The answer to the question can be found here, from Reaper Brian :
  19. BananeDC

    [Hosting Pics down] Solutions ?

    Thanks everyone. I'm really looking for image hosting sites that provide the tools needed (bulk uoload, auto image links for forums at the size chosen etc). @Glitterwolf : 150 k is really too short, unfortunately. (by the way i can't believe that the majority of people still use 56k modems. People have at least ADSLconnections now). I already have an Imgur account, half of my photos are there. Will have a look at Tumblr and Pixiv.
  20. BananeDC

    Exchange Minis for Generic Fighter

    Very well painted, i love them. Well done !!
  21. BananeDC

    Random Rainbow Dragon No 2: Stormwing

    Really nice job !
  22. BananeDC

    03477, Brain Horror

    Awsome job, well done. The colors are well chosen.
  23. BananeDC

    Stop Thief: Mousling Diorama

    I love the diorama, and especially the portrait. Wonderful job !
  24. BananeDC

    01546, Tut the Chibi Pharaoh

    Great painting job, he's absolutely amazing, well done !
  25. BananeDC


    Superb work, well done !