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  1. Hello! I have started a Kickstarter for ten unique 28mm sculpts of people that are turning into....things. Great for Call of Cthulhu or whatever game needs a gribbly monster. Thanks for looking!
  2. I laughed when I saw the pig! They're looking great! The red really makes them stand out.
  3. I liked your colour scheme for Mr. Karswell so much I "recommended" it to my studio painter, as he was having a hard time deciding on how to paint him. Thanks for the inspiration Lex! :-)
  4. If you like any of those, please have a look at my current kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191582083/harwood-hobbies-re-releases-former-tengu-miniature main_scr28mm tcho 1 by Harwood Hobbies, on Flickreen1 by Harwood Hobbies, on Flickr 28mm Tcho 2 by Harwood Hobbies, on Flickr 28mm cthulhu zombies by Harwood Hobbies, on Flickr bubo-clown-zombie by Harwood Hobbies, on Flickr tengu-zombie-clowns by Harwood Hobbies, on Flickr
  5. Looking good so far Lex! I'm glad they made it to you safety and in record time! :-) Mr. Karswell had a tab as I commissioned Iain to sculpt that one for me, the axe cultists had the integral base as I purchased those from Iain (I think he was planning to put them up for sale on the Tengu site, before he shut it down), and the other cultists are all 3D prints, and I haven't had enough experience to know if they would print better/worse with a tab on there. ;-) I'm looking forward to seeing how the warband progresses! Wally Harwood
  6. Harwood Cultists

    Just received the printed version of The Duke:
  7. Harwood Cultists

    @Carnacki - Thanks for backing the project Carnacki! I am quite a fan of Hodgson's character Carnacki as well.
  8. Harwood Cultists

    Last 12 hours and I'm almost at goal! If you were on the edge about going in before, please do so now so I can make these miniatures a reality!
  9. Harwood Cultists

    Last 48 Hours for the Kickstarter!
  10. Harwood Cultists

    Woo! Thanks for the support Lex! I'm looking forward to getting these made into miniature.
  11. Harwood Cultists

    Yeeeeessssss! Thanks ub3r!!! A few more pics of concept artwork:
  12. Harwood Cultists

    You heard me right, I've made the decision to make a strong push to get funded and have REMOVED THE STRETCH GOAL LIMITS!!! Now all of the previous miniatures that were available only upon reaching a certain funding limit are now available as add-ons! I really need your support in order to get these miniatures to market! Thanks to all my backers! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/191582083/harwood-hobbies-presents-28mm-cultist-miniatures
  13. War & Empire II: Legions of Rome - now live

    Backed! Loving Andy's 15mm sculpts.
  14. Harwood Cultists

    Received the 3D print of the Dweller Demon today!
  15. Harwood Cultists

    I've updated a few of the miniatures from the previous kickstarter to be available in "bundles", where you get a discount for buying a number of miniatures with the same theme: