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  1. How to organize my paints

    I have a vallejo rack with Browns, skin colors, washes and inks. I also built a rack for the rest. They are sorted by color then by number within each color. If that makes sense.
  2. 77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    That looks amazing! Excellent job.
  3. 77399 Sigurd, Viking

    That looks awesome! Excellent work.
  4. Bulk bases

    Do you still sell the box of 250 square smooth bases? I bought one a while ago and it's almost empty. I looked on the site but I can't find it anywhere. I even tried looking up the sku on the box I have. Thanks.
  5. Sparrow makes a paint swatch journal

    Yea, I have a bottle of 09036 pale olive.
  6. Little Woolly -TBM-X4001

    It's a tribble with an eye and a mouth! Excellent work! The basing is awesome and the little dude looks ready to jump down and go exploring
  7. Bugbear Warrior 02469

  8. 89014: Seltyiel, Iconic Magus

    Very nice work. I haven't attempted osl yet but yours looks good.
  9. Evilhalflings accumulated painted stuff. [2017]

    Excellent job! The Phoenix looks awesome! What model is that?
  10. Beholder

    Nice job! Is that the wiz kids beholder?
  11. Bones 3 Ogres and Command

    Excellent job!
  12. Gunny Peegs - Bad Squiddo Games

    Nice! I love the guinea pig missile!
  13. Serpent Altar

    Nice job! I would not want to walk into that room!
  14. 77218: Woody Stumpwimple, Halfling Ranger

    Nice job! The base is awesome!