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  1. Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon. Benzine is a petroleum ether. They are different things.
  2. Crypt - graveyard expansion

    Awesome work. Very well done!
  3. 03386 Thorvald Dwarf Hero

    Excellent job! Nmm looks good.
  4. Frogheamoth

    I actually didn't have the money at the time of the kickstarter to get one but I happened to find one one ebay for 20 bucks.
  5. Frogheamoth

    Just finished frogheamoth. Loved painting this guy! I can't wait to unleash him in our D&D game! C&C Welcome.
  6. Yellowed bone

    Thanks Pingo. I don't have many artist colors but I'll give that a try.
  7. Yellowed bone

    Anyone know of a good yellowed bone color, or maybe what colors to mix to get one? I managed to mix one a while back, but I didn't think to write down how I did it and now I can't seem to get it right. Thanks.
  8. Ma'al Drakar

    I had a blast painting this guy. C&C welcome.
  9. I recomend. 1 boxer 2 berzerker 3 pirate queen
  10. Hobby Report - First and Best (so far)! [Group/Open]

    Still so much to learn! Pictures got switched. Second one is the older minis.
  11. Goblin Musicians - 77567

    And he's up there, what's that? Hawaiian noises? Bangin' on those bongos like a chimpanze. Excellent Job!
  12. Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    The detail is slightly better and they come preprimed. The only problem is that if you want to remove the mold lines(and there are some), then you have to spot prime afterwards. Oh, and they are slightly stiffer too. I've bought several and really like them all. It's nice to have official D&D miniatures that I can paint myself but you can't beat the bones kickstarter prices. Besides, the bones miniatures are pretty awesome too. Here's one I just finished.
  13. 50308: Vermina

    I love the base! Nice job.
  14. Storm Giant Royal Guard.

    It's not a reaper mini but it is painted with reaper paint. C&C welcome. Human mini for scale.