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  1. Agreed. On the one I have the legs are a much harder plastic and she's been sitting in our mini cabinet in the game room for a couple years coming out at times to eat a few adventurers with no problems.
  2. Red neon glow. I'll have to give that a try. I have a project coming up that has a lot of red in it. I'll get some and see if it works out. Thanks for the advice.
  3. That red looks awesome! Every time I try to push a red that far it turns pink.
  4. slash486

    New hobby room set-up advice

    I just repurposed an old computer desk and then built a paint rack on the back and added a couple Vallejo paint racks below the one I built. Oh, and added lights. 2 led strip lights and one clip on desk lamp all from walmart and all daylight(5000k) balanced.
  5. slash486

    New Hobby Area advice/suggestions

    Nice! That is looking awesome!
  6. slash486

    How to cover bases on these minis?

    Vallejo earth texture works good for this. I bought a tub of it off amazon and I love it. I used it on the base of this bugbear. The original metal base is buried in there. I wanted to keep it because of how his foot is on the tree stump.
  7. slash486

    Painting Red hair

    I use the reaper red hair triad and then add a final tiny highlight just where the light hits the most with blonde highlight. It really works great.
  8. slash486


    The new larger reaper giants are still not quite 5th ed size. This is the new (huge) frost giant queen beside a wizkids prepaint frost giant, and he would be taller if he was standing up straight like she is.
  9. I have mostly reaper paints, a few citadel washes and their gem paints, some Vallejo, and some scale 75. Scale 75 has the best metallics that I have tried so far.
  10. slash486

    Cleaning sealant out of brushes

    I just rinse mine with water and then use the masters brush soap. I haven't had any problems so far. Oh, and I have used vallejo varnishes like this too.
  11. slash486

    Custom Lazy Susan Paint Rack

    That is EPIC! Great job.
  12. slash486

    How to organize my paints

    I use these. One straight module and two corner modules. They work great and the modules attack to each other. They are made by Vallejo and I got mine on Amazon. $20 for the straight and $27 for the corner.
  13. slash486

    Photo box

    Nice! What's the brand name?
  14. slash486

    How to organize my paints

    I have a vallejo rack with Browns, skin colors, washes and inks. I also built a rack for the rest. They are sorted by color then by number within each color. If that makes sense.
  15. slash486

    77580: Ma'al Drakar (pic heavy)

    That looks amazing! Excellent job.