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  1. Live

    The greybeards certainly fit that theme as well.
  2. Live

    How about female Centaur, Ettin, Genie, or Bugbear?
  3. Live

    Do you have this kind of breakdown for the previous Bones Kickstarters?
  4. Live

    Just wonderful. I could write a whole world based on those two sketches
  5. Live

    Buy all the paint, trust me, in a year and a half you will need more ,especially with hundreds of new minis.
  6. Live

    My daughter has stolen and will steal any pony, unicorn, pegasus, alicorn, lady minis with wings that I have for her own painting desire. This is despite owning 8 million My Little Pony minis already. She even uses my Reaper paints to mod her duplicate ponies to make them into her own creations.
  7. Live

    Well if all of us get 10 friends to back it today it will move itself.
  8. Live

    i'd be happy to help. I don't have the $400 to support that I did last time, but I find the ride fun. This is also the time in a kickstarter where people panic a little about stalls so I wanted to put our numbers in context. I too would like to be ticking along a little faster but when we look at it if all were the same numbers of days, we are in good shape. The data set I really want to build is the core set size by day number, both total minis and the count modified by size. Reaper says that is the big key new backers, so I want to know if they have bent that curve this time around.
  9. Live

    I like stats and I haven't shared my tracking of the Bones x 4 in a while. Here is an update after yesterday's numbers. The first two are the real comparisons and the other two are stretching the timescale of all 4 bones to be the same. Bones 1-Yellow, Bones 2-Green, Bones 3-Red, Bones 4-Blue
  10. Live

    What is really exciting to me is that outside the Dragon and possible left over Conan stuff there aren't a lot of teases left, but a lot of time left. I think they are keeping a little more guarded than last time and we will get some great surprises this week to keep the fires and wallets burning.
  11. Live

    Because I need Baba-Yaga's Treehouse of Woe
  12. Live

    That hour started to send us right for the day, and certainly should keep it from being the low day of the campaign. I'm still afraid that we'll slump to our slowest this weekend before Monday starts the rise to the end. Maybe chicken hut can power us to a new update tomorrow? Only takes 2000 huts. :)
  13. Live

    Really not enough Bloodstone Gnomes. They are new to me but are now a must have, too bad they are not in bones yet.
  14. Live

    Because I spend too much time with stat software I wanted to see how Bones 4 was looking if we normalized the timeframe. These make a very compelling case for the money total so far and a backer growth rate that gives us a shot to catch Bones 2. Very exciting.
  15. Live

    Even right now while I feel awash in 'dudes' minis the Dredmere ones feel fresh and full of variety.