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  1. Adventurescapes

    Some snazzy early production photos in their forum. http://forum.forgeprints.com/post/adventurescapes-preproduction-fun-9306098?pid=1300159080#post1300159080 They are sending out some Surveymonkey emails to get a jump on making some of the rewards, and there is still 2 weeks left in the KS. These guys are serious about beating the fulfillment timeline.
  2. Adventurescapes

    Those outhouses are really great. I can easily see the this add-on turning the kitchen into a grand tavern. And it is completely Forgeprints. Right priced, useful, with some serious whimsy.
  3. Adventurescapes

    I assumed the predominated sound from Sonny was the seawind whistling through the holes in it's body
  4. Adventurescapes

    The docks will actually be my first piece of 3d terrain.. I still plan on using my vinyl mat, but we always seem to have bad guys on platforms, dias, buildings, walkways etc and the docks can sub in nicely as discreet elevated pieces and clear up a lot of confusion we get from trying to represent higher areas on the mat. Plus when I do get to a harbor area I will be in business.
  5. Adventurescapes

    Given their history I expect them to delivery ahead of schedule. Certainly a lot more backers this time, and lots of painting to be done, but I am imagining you should have a couple months. Definitely time enough to get more money but not so long that it bumps into the Reaper deadline.
  6. Adventurescapes

    I think needing to buy the beach will keep me to one dock. Maybe I can do a dock tile add-on and the beach instead of two docks.... but I wouldn't get a second Pelican. Some people have wanted to buy accessories only . If someone like that was local I would be happy to get a second set of tiles and split cost.
  7. Adventurescapes

    The pieces seem to fit well with DF but I don't know Dungeonstone. I'll ask over on the KS. AS far as the pledge manager they have said you can pledge now and you will be credited that after it closes. You will be asked you selections after the KS but they said there would be a reasonable time to keep adding until closer to fulfillment. They may have it more automated this time but the last time I bought from them they just sent an excel sheet with options and my KS credit, I made my picks, and since it went higher than my credit they sent me a paypal invoice. I had a reasonable time to complete it and my stuff was shipped after. This time they have a lot more backers so it will probably closer to what Reaper does.
  8. What mini are you most excited to paint? Mossbeard Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint? The Stygian Barge / Baba Yagga's Hut. Depends on which I obsess over and blast out for an adventure and which I fiddle with forever. What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)? Now- The monsters core breakout. It is really the only thing I am getting duplicates of, a group of Griffons, Owlbears, or Wyverns is going to be awesome. Retail - The terror fish guys from dredmere, the dino-men if the final poses are a little more actiony, or the crab dudes from the Fan Expansion What do you hope to see most in Bones 5? A shambling mound Translucent Gem Dragons More exotic golems
  9. Adventurescapes

    No worries, I've back it. And I think there is so much value in teh dock set I am getting the accessories for free. And since I have them I might use them and get hooked on decor. The crates I have from foundation 2 by forge prints do get used quite a bit for all kinds of random things and proping up characters when they are flying.
  10. Adventurescapes

    Up 3% I'll take it. For me the accessories are a bonus. The dock tiles, pillars and water mat are what I would use. I'm not normally one for obscene amounts of dressing. Things like desks and crates are often sitting on the sidelines as it is while I draw them on my mat. So I'm 95%. The thing I am most looking forward to is just the all of the interested physical relationship between characters on this kind of set up.
  11. Adventurescapes

    Nice funding trend in the last couple of hours. Only 5 hours left to get in on the early bird pricing (which lasts into the pledge manager). I think the additional preview pics of the docks set-up with DF sewer walls and the prototype beach tiles are moving things along.
  12. Adventurescapes

    The fishing hut is more of a bait stand, the crane makes a little more sense when I think of it being hand powered (but still very tiny), the raft is a joke but I know I will just it. More like river hobo, or escape from an island transport but you get a huge amount of pieces.
  13. Adventurescapes

    Just jumped in for the Docks. I have gotten Forge Prints before and was extremely pleased with the scenic bases they made. They also gave me some cool free stuff as they were prototyping tables and chairs. Less than a day left to get early bird pricing and they are just 5% away from the funding goal(Which they will be hopefully hitting today), and then on to the stretch goals.
  14. I would be very curious to see how much more is put in the PM versus on Kickstarter. Anecdotal accounts seem to point to just about everyone planning on at least a little more. However ,that is just the diehards on the comments sections so it may be small relative to average backers. I certainly plan on it and I hope it makes Reaper tons of money and allows them to adjust their calculations for future kickstarters. It doesn't make business sense to assume that money will be there as they have to pay for artists and molds now, not next July, but it certainly would be a great way to pay bonuses to people like Bryan and start commissioning crazy awesome sculpts for Bones 5.
  15. Adventurescapes

    I think the accessory packs are a nice compromise. You can't piece everything out (100s of goodies in the 3 sets) but the ones you chose were super nice, unique, and useful. And the cost is great as well