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  1. The Gamer of C-ville

    Best Version of DnD?

    The only time I've ever played D&D or Pathfinder was when a friend of mine got some of us together to play an epic(is that the right term?) game to convince us how fun it would be. I came up with the most ridiculous character I could think of; a goblin samurai who had taken an oath of silence(I just sat there and read a book) for dishonoring his family name since I had no interest in playing it. https://comicbooger.com/2016/07/21/sdcc-2016-crossover-with-red-sonja-tarzan-pathfinder-john-carter-more/ Now I'm sad because I can't find anyone to play it with me. (on a side note, my goblin samurai slew the dragon in one hit)
  2. The Gamer of C-ville

    Movies - Recently Watched or Plan to Watch Soon

    I just saw this thread. It makes me sad so I'm going to watch Spirited Away now.
  3. The Gamer of C-ville

    RIP Yasuda Michiyo of Studio Ghibli

    I'm so sad to hear this. Her work was amazing.
  4. The Gamer of C-ville

    So What Have you Read Lately? And other favorite books!

    Overlord Vol. 2 by Kugane Maruyama. What can I say? I'm a nerd in more ways than one.
  5. The Gamer of C-ville

    Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature

    When I saw the part in the article about Rolling Stone magazine declaring "Like a Rolling Stone" the all time greatest song I just closed the tab.
  6. The Gamer of C-ville

    Reaper Trick or Treat Ghoulie Bag for October 2016

    Oh crap, it's that time of year again, isn't it? The "spend-all-the-money-I-shouldn't-be-spending-in-October-and-December-on-Reaper-products" time of the year. Time to start skipping meals, I guess.
  7. The Gamer of C-ville


    Well ok. More fun for the onlookers, perhaps. Now THAT would be some great entertainment.
  8. The Gamer of C-ville

    Getting to Know Each Other--Year 2--Feb

    Yes. *nods* Yup. Totally agree. Sometimes, I wonder how many other people have eaten them raw.
  9. The Gamer of C-ville


    Not for me, at least. My opponent had to read to me what spells I took and I couldn't remember who had what. And the strategic and tactical mistakes were ridiculous(I gave a Knight the Ring of Power to boost his magic).
  10. The Gamer of C-ville

    So What Have you Read Lately? And other favorite books!

    Recently, I took the MBTI test to see what it said about me. According to this thing I'm an INTJ and while looking at a list of fictional characters, I started a long and frustrated rant. "Why am I the badguy! Everyone of these is an evil villain! I mean, at least Gandalf is on here, but who the heck is the Mr. Darcy guy?" at which point all the women around me swooned. With that said, my sister is bringing me Pride and Prejudice tomorrow. But don't be afraid. I'm still going to be a mighty, manly man of man-ness and I won't let some book take that away from me.
  11. The Gamer of C-ville

    Barbarian Queen DSM-7523 (Takhisis takes Human Form)

    Oh, nice. Very nice. I've only ever done mass army painting so I'm learning a lot by your work and what people are suggesting. I really wish I could do eyes that good. On another note, if that is DSM's representation for who I think it is, then shouldn't they have made her a little more...um...scantily clad.
  12. The Gamer of C-ville

    Getting to Know Each Other--Year 2--Feb

    Nah. Never heard of it(or in that fashion if it is something I know).
  13. The Gamer of C-ville


    Got in a game Friday. Word of advice folks, don't try to play a game when your sickly and seeing doubles.
  14. The Gamer of C-ville

    The semi-official reaper faq

    Not sure if this is the preferred place for my question, but it does appear to be the most appropriate. Now that the Boneyard is gone, I'm having trouble discerning the bits on some of the models. For example, 02081 is definitely one piece. 14028 looks like it might be one or two pieces and one I want for the body. However, if it is one piece, how hard would it be to get the wings off and is it worth the effort. Finally in the case of 03489 it looks like it could be anywhere from 1 to 6 pieces, most likely 3, I think. With that said, how should I go about getting the info I need in such cases? Do ask in the Reaper General sub-forum if someone knows, send an email to request the info, or by some other means? Thanks.
  15. The Gamer of C-ville

    Getting to Know Each Other--Year 2--Jan