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  1. edz16

    Anyone basing?

    Wow, thats awesome! Would love to know how you made your own flock like that.
  2. I just finished all mine today! airbrush + pokorny paints base grey, then brush earth stone then drybrush stone edge drybrush. pushed them through the machine, now on to the little pieces!
  3. i had to brute force it....and gave up.
  4. edz16

    Airbrush noob questions

    I tried an airbrush from china ordered from Amazon and quickly clogged and destroyed it. Then I took the basic airbrushing class at Reapercon and learned all the Do's and Don'ts quickly. I bought the badger patriot at the Con with a compressor and love it. Still use it now as my workhorse. Its reasonably priced and its a solid brush. I now have two squirt bottles that I have filled, one with 97% iso alcohol and the other distilled water. I use those to swap and clean between colors and at the end of the session. My main uses are priming, using the Badger Stynlrez brand and big base coats on bases and larger models. I have delved some into full airbrush on larger models, mostly dragons with some beginners success. Most reaper MSP will spray through the brush without a problem. Some of them need to be thinned with water or an airbrush medium but they work fine. The HD or Bones lines paint are hard to use in an airbrush with out a lot of thinning. I actually prefer paints made for airbrushing in many cases (such as the badger line or the Vallejo Game Air or Model Air). I also use Daler-Rowney inks in my airbrush with great success.
  5. edz16

    Roll Call for Con

    I will be there Wed eve - Fri eve
  6. edz16

    Anyone basing?

    ill be happy to join into the conversation.
  7. edz16

    2018 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    Count me in. name: edz16 - mike forum pic ill be there the whole con
  8. edz16

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I was able to order beholders from an online store (MM) just this week.
  9. edz16

    Reaper classes?

    Worked flawlesly from my phone. Thanks!
  10. edz16

    Reaper classes?

    Open yet?
  11. edz16

    Reaper classes?

    I tried to click that button that says purchase add ons. It sent me to a cart with nothing. I am assuming that is because they are not enabled but that is still the correct way to do it. I was hopping for an affirmation of that assumption. Looks like we will all be scrambling at 1 together.
  12. edz16

    Reaper classes?

    Any more information on how this will work? Ive registered my classes. What button will we need to puwh? Can we do it all at once? Etc etc...
  13. edz16

    Reaper classes?

    Hi. I'm looking at the class list and it says "Purchase tickets to Register" but I have purchased reapercon tickets and they show in my past purchases. It also says I can register but wont be guaranteed until tickets are active and I purchase them. Is there a problem with my account? I want to make sure im ready to go when tickets go live. Do we know when that will be? thanks, Mike
  14. edz16

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Lidless Eye - where did you see that announcement? I have been searching for a beholder for months! I want to stay on top of it.