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  1. Same here, but I was able to just delete the text and type in the CC number I wanted to use. Worked perfectly fine. Blending: Skin & Fabric x1 True Metallics 101 x1 The Art of Airbrushing : Finishing Techniques x1 Painting Crystals x1 Painting Eyes x1 Intro to OSL x1 Blood, Puss, Guts and gore x1 Diorama and Basing techniques and Materials x1
  2. That worked - my 3rd RC and I didnt know it.
  3. All done here. Very easy. One thing - my itinerary is not showing the classes I purchased, but I did get the email giving me the full list.
  4. Funded

    I have painted all my dwarven forge sets with Pokorny paints and never pre-washed or primed. they are all still perfect even with super heavy handling.
  5. Funded

    I am struggling to determine what to pick as well. I really want some options to just flesh out what I got from their first dungeon KS, but some of the specialty pieces are cool. I wish I could more piecemeal than have to pick thier rooms. Hopefully add on packs will give me options to get the "bells and whistles" id like. For the other commentors, my 5 boys have used my DF more than me :) They get an opinion in this too :) I have gotten the most use out of the second KS - the caverns one. I used the floor pieces to make random setups while I ran 5E Out of the Abyss.
  6. Bryan, any info on when will you know about additional blocks at other hotels?
  7. that is the best example of removed mold lines on bones I have seen. How did you do it? what tools? I have struggled trying with a hobby knife and sanding sticks and have never been able to get it to work.
  8. Hello all!! The stories here are fascinating, so thought I should join in. Edz, Cyonn or Mike, i'll answer to all three. Edz was a nickname given in middle school. Cyonn is the name of my online MMORPG characters for 13 years or so, and Mike is just my name. As with all kids of the 80's, I started with games on the NES and RPGs took hold of my heart - The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, and so forth. In 1991 a friend in middle school gave me Dragons of Autumn Twilight (first Dragonlance book) and I point that single event as the catalyst for my gaming and love of fantasy. I explored TSR and found out about this game called Dungeons and Dragons and so dived right in at the old age of 11. I had a few friends that would play with me and we would when we could on weekends or after school, AD&D 2nd Edition at this time. It was also during this time I read every fantasy book I could get my hands on, and still do (my grandmother gave me The Eye of the World for Christmas in 1992). HeroQuest, D&D, Magic: the Gathering, online MUD's, and the list goes on, all these were a part of middle/high school for me. I took a break for a while and then after I got married (15 years this year!) I got my wife involved and our friend group as well and as most things go, wanted to play so bad that I had to become the DM to make it happen. I've had a Saturday night weekly game now with mostly the same group for 11 years. Started with 3.5, did a bit of 4th (then quickly moved to Pathfinder), and then 5th which we all love. I have 5 boys, 12,10,8,6,3 and now my boys are all playing D&D in a game just for them as well. The D&D Mini's line of prepainted miniatures sucked me in. I have tons of them. It following other DM's on Twitter that got me introduced to the first Bones KS. I thought the sculpts were amazing so I bought in. I had never painted a thing, so I didn't do anything with Vampire pledge. Then Bones 2 came, so I bought in and got another big box of white miniatures. At this point I figured I better either figure out how to paint them or else do something with them other than have them sit on my shelf. So, I attended a Reaper paint and take at PAX South in 2015. I walked away from that with a Learn to Paint kit and the rest is history. I've been to ReaperCon the last two years and the classes there have really helped me to up my skill level. I mostly paint to play in my D&D games, but i've started to do some pieces for the Reapercon open, including my first dioramas!
  9. So I wasn't paying attention and it looks like the reaper block at the HGI is full. The prices without it are not fun. Any chances of getting more rooms?
  10. Everyone is showing off their Goremaw's so here's mine, finished today.
  11. well done!
  12. wow thanks all!
  13. How old are your kiddos? I tried with mine when they were 6-8ish but it never really took until they were 12 10 and 8. Now its the only thing they talk about.
  14. commander is fun because you can play with almost any card ever made, so you can do crazy cool stuff. your limited by numbers (1 only) so its not horrible, and you can build really cool themed decks. Its also fun because its casual and as i stated before, competitive magic kind of awful.
  15. I am in love with my Rosemary and Co. size 1 and 0. They are amazing and in my experience, have proved better than the Windsor and Newton ones. I have a W&N size 2 and it is way too big for most things I want. If i'm not using my R&Co brushes, I typically just use the green craft brushes ala Wappel style.