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  1. That, sir, is awesome!
  2. My rosemary and Co #1 and #0 are my favorite brushes ever.
  3. what crackle effect do you use? really loving watching the progress on this
  4. Totally love the idea of a MVP version of an iOS app. Just build 1 feature, get it out there, and then build another feature! Be Agile my friends!
  5. what brand of colorless wash medium did you use?
  6. I live under a rock - what happened?
  7. Sailing ships more pirates/sailers
  8. Thank you all! I'm amazed at how you all were able to find these.
  9. Looking to try and identify these miniatures. I know some of them are Reaper.
  10. Which brand of sepia wash did you use?
  11. What did you do to get your greenstuff cylinders so perfect to cut out coins?
  12. I've used realistic water and the wierd glossy epoxy stuff. The wierd glossy epoxy stuff is amazing for standing water effects like pools in a swamp or such. I highly recommend it.
  13. is Coat d' Arms the Privateer Press line? P3? Also, did you leave the under wings (non-red area) as reaper brown liner or did you go over with something else? Edit - NM - you answered my question re: brown liner on wings. looking good!
  14. sad day.
  15. thanks for all the ideas. Just a fyi, heres what my pallette looks like after about 2 hours of constant use. This was a brand new paper.