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  1. Still feel scattered from Christmas tbh but here's my ATC for @Keianna
  2. Guildenstern

    Corsair's CAVs

    Not to my knowledge, it's even only suggested to use hex bases, because there's a lot revolveing around base to base contact and as mentioned firing arcs. Course the models all come with hex bases, all the same size, so I tend to stick with those anyway myself.
  3. Guildenstern

    Naomi, Female Vampire:77027

    dunno about pics but she's beautiful!
  4. Guildenstern

    Shub Niggurath

  5. Guildenstern

    77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior

    Looks amazing!
  6. Guildenstern

    What?! A Reaper mini

    Looks awesome!
  7. Guildenstern

    Mouslings for Christmas!

    It took me a min to get the Jones one but then I really laughed - love it :D RE: basing yes - make sure you let them cure fully. It can depend how you do it, but generally I use a layer of PVA/water 50/50 for my first layer. And you really have to let that fully dry and harden before you can do anything else. If you do, it ain't comin off any time soon! but if you don't yeah you'll pull up your basing materials sadly. You can also, use super glue, or straight PVA on your basing materials. Again let it dry fully, and to give them that little extra sticky, hit them with a spray bottle of mixed PVA/Water (again about 50/50). This can help glue down the next layer (just do with succeeding layers), letting them fully dry between layers. It also is nice as it makes a very sturdy little base, those materials aren't coming off easily. A quick trick I learned from model railroading peeps is to add a lil drop of flow aid into your pva/Glue mix. Especially if you're not using the spray bottle (maybe because it'd blow away most of the flock with the air). It works really well if you're using either a dropper type thing or an old brush to let the mixture wick into the materials. The flow aid reduces the surface tension and helps your glue wick more up into the materials.
  8. Guildenstern

    77541: carrion worm

    He looks awesome! I've had minis that I've repainted a few times too =/ He really came out well this go around! lovely slime effects and I like how he looks like he's coming out of the ground! great work on the dirt
  9. Guildenstern

    The Imperial Tzak

    omg I love them lol
  10. Guildenstern

    06047: Lizardman Command by Glitterwolf

    That is wonderful! I love especially that they're different skin tones, very cool!
  11. Guildenstern

    Here Kitty Kitty

    That's awesome! he looks like a cougar
  12. Guildenstern

    Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Is it bad when you get distracted from the distraction? Sigh Hobby ADHD But gotta create when the Muse is handy, she's fickle like that. Some time ago I'd done a twitter contest for peeps into da Green boyz and anyway a couple prizes were conversions I would make. Finished one the last like two days. Haven't started other yet, but I got some ideas... Try to get them vaguely in order, hopefully didn't repeat any sometimes taking pics on phone, using google to update to my comp is confusing. To explain a bit, my friend's building a Blood Axe themed 40k Ork army. This is stuff like Kommandos and "sneeksy" types. I'd been wanting to convert one of the GW new Baby Knights (Knight Armiger) for a while. And someone on instagram, I totally space who, had already done the open cockpit idea, which I promptly stole. The rest of the model is bits from various GW sources, plasticard, wire, and greenstuff. The idea of the head and the wires is a little bit like the grots and Meks found this thing all blown up and decided to refurbish it. But being a bit unversed in Imperium technology, they had to ... make some adjustments. Like extra wires to make the head work (where the brain or whatever of the machine would be). I had to move the Grots arm a bit and use my hot air gun to melt the hand about the wires, then place him on a tiny scaffold thing so he could be seen above the open cockpit. Honestly, bending the wires, lacing them together and fixing the grot in place took up the majority of time with this build!! Everytime I moved one thing right, something else moved out of place >< Anyway the Blood Axes actually use camoflage (although their ideas vary wildly from what humans would consider 'working') and I thought hey I have all these bits from t he GW Trees, wouldn't it be funny, kind of like those cartoons you see, where the character's holding a small shrub or branch and is all "you can't see me!", if one of these Baby Knights was all "You can't see me! I'm a Tree!" anyway that's where I was going with it. I'll admit many late nights were involved. Anyway pic spam:
  13. Guildenstern

    Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Trying to do up a load of these guys from the Battle of Pelennor fields box (GW Lord of the Rings starter box set) - just to table top, so's to actually play the game at some point before the end of the Era. Saving the fun ones for later (calvary and the big Nazghul). The models are a lot closer to true 28mm scale and so a bit smaller than I've gotten used to painting tbh.
  14. Guildenstern

    Forgeworld Deredeo Dreadnought

    I've been working on this guy for well over a year I think, really just finished his base off b ut here he is in all his glory. Wonderful sculpt, typical FW resin (mold slips etc) but he's a beast in 30k games vs flyers so really really love him! :D