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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    That's really cool Mad Jack! I'll have to show that to a friend of mine, her son is obsessed with elephants. I haven't gotten much done, despite being "off" this week (pre-k's out for the week due to American Thanksgiving). On the other hand, my two younger sons have been getting into art a good bit, which is awesome. #2 has assembled and I helped him prime his Dark Eldar 40k force. #3 son is working at slightly more traditional art (you can actually follow him on instagram @temperedgrace (shameless mom plug)). He's currently covering my back deck in spray paint :P and sketching 'old school' because his tablet for Christmas hasn't come in *rollseyes* youngins these days... pencil was perfectly good for us... <mutters about snow and hills>
  2. Goblin Runner

    That's really cool! if it becomes an actual model however I think you might need more points of contact, or it'll not fit well on the base :(
  3. Paint Track Apps?

    (Still) love this ap. and who comes up with these OS names?!
  4. November Hobby Goals!

    Grats to everyone doing NaNoWriMo! I've not attempted that for the last two years. =/ Anyways! updating list (always a WIP) continue work on The Kraken diorama finish Gorkanaut finish 3 bonesylvanians help my #2 son paint his Dark Eldar (primed!) Finish 3 Killa Kanz Kaptin Badrukk start Holiday exchange mini (will post pics after delivery)
  5. Tiik

    oh those are awesome - totally stealing this for my eventual swamp campaign (they're close enough! :P)
  6. Currently painting: The Kraken

    So I'm trying to get to my Kraken diorama lol but I keep getting distracted >< I did get some mounds done for the sea floor so I can put the plants on, and I got some more canvas pieces to put behind it for a backdrop. I started adding plants, but it's a bit slow going as I have to wait for the glue to dry before I can do a lot at once. And I"m slowly adding sections to different spots, trying to figure out where I want all the fish friends. I did quite a lot of green on these as a base, it was a bit of a happy accident tbh. I ran out of my brown spray and started using the moss green I had instead. Now it looks a good bit like the mounds have lichen/algae what have you growing on them, as you'd expect underwater. I'd have liked to try a coral reef but tbh I don't think my skills are quite there yet. Maybe next time. Anyway, so I did several homemade washes of burnt umber and burnt sienna (50/50) - just the cheaper student acrylic paint, water and a little flow improver to get it to flow around the rocks and such. Then I dry brushed everything, concentrating on the rocks with Dryad bark (a kind of medium, grey brown). Doesn't show really well I think in these pics but I also did several lighter shades of beige/off white, to highlight a few areas. And here's the whole scene thus far, with stuff in place (probably final spot), mostly. There's a few extra bits in that are just holding up the plants lol. I plan to run some thin nylon thread from the backdrop to the taller plants, to help keep them upright. Otherwise they're so tall they're just falling over. Trying to strike a balance between a vivid underwater world, and overshadowing the humoungous Kraken.
  7. Angry, Cheerful.... Psychotic? A very confusing cleric.

    Your cleric is totally perfect for one of my friend's PCs she's currently playing.... lol
  8. 01615 - Moustopheles, 2017 Con Mousling

    OMG it's so awesome!!!!
  9. Crypt - graveyard expansion

    That is excellent!! really really liking it!
  10. Yellow Sign Cultists

    you're going to laugh - my only critique would be the books are blank :P seriously though if you have a micron pen they're *awesome* for writing on tiny stuffs like that, you could do some cultist stuff in there =D Otherwise I really think you're being too hard on yourself! They look good
  11. Our Lady of Hysteria Recuperative Sanitorium for Women

    Oh those look very cool! I like the more subdued(?) colour palette you used with them
  12. 80034 Weapons Locker

    Little bit of a center piece for this piece of terrain but it's a great little err mini. I'd like to get a couple more - slap them on some more terrain bits. Anyways: Dry ^^ Slightly different view and slightly wet in this shot: close up of the little attempt I made a broken computer type screen:
  13. And stuff ordered for my secret pal =D very excited to work on the mini too, it's so cuuuuuuute
  14. 77016 Rats!

    Sorry for late reply =) been nuts here of late Tis actually PVA, sand and other grit. Covered by a little bit of resin (specifically Vallejo water effects because I felt lazy), with a drop of sewer water (secret weapon miniatures wash) mixed in. (The grit in the tube was actually my #2 son's suggestion, I'd been just going to use the water effects.)
  15. Bubba Da Gorkanaut - GW Gorkanaut Orks

    So I finally got my Gorkanaut on his base, though not the base I wanted. I tried several times to build a grot sandcastle but it just wasn't happening so rather than keep failing I decided to let it go for now and just finish him off as is. Pix: