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  1. Just got home a bit ago, from vacation, massive amount of house work to do sadly. Plus yardwork that was left undone. My goals for what time I've got left this month are to 1. Clean up my hobby area (sadly quite messy and crowded atm) 2. Finish off my tankbustas for my Ork army - they pretty much only need their bases done and maybe a bit more touchup. Hopefully that'll get me all back and ready to go full steam ahead in August =D
  2. Back from Vacation =D My and my #2 son drove to Washington to visit my sister, and dad. Was a long trip but worth it. Really enjoyed ourselves, though as always, wish we'd had more money to visit stuff and so on. So much to see in the states, I'd forgotten. We managed to hit Multnomah falls, Lateroulle falls, Mt. Adams, Lacamas Lake, the Redwoods, Salt Lake and a few other places. Would have liked to also go spelunking as we went through areas with some fantastic caves but no time lol Really missed my computer! and my forums, and my minis as well (took a small paint kit with me but didn't get much done, as the light just wasn't good and again, time) Anyway, to make this a little more on topic :P here's what was waiting for me on my return!! <3 Bones <3 (plus a few other stuffs)
  3. this made me laugh because this is about what happened in our latest RPG night - and said lost dog had puppies! That made for an interesting time as well, since they were two headed and not yet weaned as well - my son's character tried to hide one under his robe but sadly it didn't make it. So then he tried to use his necromancy to raise it from the dead, but since he hadn't really started studying yet, he only managed to raise it long enough for it to get up, chase it's (non-existant) tail and fall back down. Maybe next time :( But also it's a really really cool paint job, as usual with your work, Inarah!
  4. I finished my trukks finally! Just took some shots outside, to see how the lighting varied. I have a few bits I have to stick back on... ork stuff is truly ramshackle >< haha but otherwise, they're done =D Waiting another 24 hrs to see how the varnish did, and if I need to revarnish them (really important since I tend to do a lot of weathering and these will get handled a lot)
  5. It's such a perfect name! My May Goals are a desperate race to finish off stuff I want to get done before my trip (going to be gone a month or so with my son as his graduation present, although I intend to paint as much as possible it's a lot harder on the road!) I'm working on - 10 tankbustas (conversions from boyz and a couple boxes of lootas) - hoping to get 5 done at least 3 Trukks (almost done, finishing some weathering) 2 Hedgehoglings (STILL >< argh something always seems to get pushed to the back burner) ? Boyz other Frostgrave bits as I can (I still have the reaper treasures, unpainted, which I'd like to paint for certain as we're def taking Frostgrave on the road to play) And I just got in over 20 I think it is dwarves from one of my Kickstarters... I'm worried I won't be at home when the Reaper Bones III arrives :( I expect my husband will freak out when he sees how many minis I 'bought' lol
  6. I love weathering - it's my favorite part of painting now tbh. I'm going to be definitely using your WIP information/guide on a lot of my new projects! As for this one, it's amazing!! Absolutely awesome - love it so much!
  7. He looks really good!
  8. Thank you Serenity! For some reason I couldn't see it either
  9. "better"? seriously? I don't think it could be. I mean, it's perfect to me as you've done it. It is extremely creepy and foreboding! I love it =D
  10. Wow that's amazing! that beer looks drinkable!
  11. nice! I feel your pain about throwing stuff into simple green, I think we've all been there as well I'm glad you didn't though! As the others said the eyes look really good!
  12. bwahaha nice touch on second pic Very err entertaining? zombies! :D
  13. Love it! omg that original was just <shudder> I had no idea. Love the nod to blue as well, great way to show the change!
  14. awesome mini! also, also swiping this, cuz. Yeah :D
  15. Ya see you found them (in box o good will thread anyone else is interested) also box has been sent (actually a few days ago, sorry I forgot to update)