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  1. Well the water effects are taking an enormously long time to dry - I likely put it on too thick >< So I'm still waiting for the rest of the fountains to dry so I can do white to simulate bubbles. in the mean time I did add more sand via weathering powder and dust the statues themselves. So again, soon (TM), it'll be done
  2. GW Grots/Gretchin

    Haven't been able to get my lights out, I want to do some close up of some of these guys but here is their group shots. If/when I do, I'll update this thread :) I did want to do a bit more detail on them but honestly I'm suffering from can't see syndrome so I left it for now. Maybe when my eyes improve I can get some more done on them.
  3. Finally getting close to finish - I need to finish the water fountains and water effects, and then do my light dusting of sand over the whole thing and I think it'll be done =D Here's the latest WIPs Drybrushing and washing stages: Fountains close up WIP:
  4. ISO Reaper Gnome/halfing mini

    Those are some awesome ideas thanks guys! Idk why the weapon sprue wouldn't come up when I was searching >< but awesome sauce, it's perfect Now to pick one gnome hah >< that's the tough part
  5. 77337: Giant Scorpion

    Actually really like him! Well done. I can see him posing for the camera, "no, this is my good side! no THIS is my good side!" lol :P
  6. "Give Me Back My Hat" Secret Sophie for Chaoswolf

    I have to say... I think you kinda jumped the shark there...
  7. ISO Reaper Gnome/halfing mini

    Hope I'm in the right forum - apologies if not. I am looking for a mini that would have either an empty hand, or a gun, but is a gnome or halfling in fantasy style. Basically I'm looking to play a kinda crossover. Or if someone can suggest a mini to use and another to grab the gun off maybe? Don't really want 'western' style, or sci fi, which is making it a bit tough.
  8. Thanks Malefactus =D It's growing! Did a bit more work on it, slow going as I'm trying to build up areas to do as sand dunes.
  9. 01564, Max the Chibi Nosferatu

    wow that's amazing!
  10. 77018 Skeletal Archer..... Fingerpainted.

    Very good choice of model!! It looks awesome, and really the variation you got only helps it look old and decrepit like a skelly should
  11. Oh that literally made me shiver well Done!
  12. Wiz kids rusty dragon bar

    Excellent! I love that set.
  13. Glue Acceleration

    I may be doing it "wrong" but I basically dipped one side in it (say if it were an arm) and then applied glue to the other; other pieces yes I basically sprinkled it while holding them together. Wait til fully dry, brush off with makeup brush.
  14. Did some more work on this finally, getting it done! THough there's a lot of hurry up and wait, per usual with terrain because of needing to wait for glue to dry. A lot of the rock is more filler, and weight, as there will be a covering of sand over it all. I used some gesso last night (not shown) to build up areas where the sand will be encrouching. Usually I'd use spackle or something like that but of course I'm out. The little cylinders are fountain heads, most will be not working, broken or covered with sand, but I'm going to do a couple with some water effects of various types. I like the juxtaposition of the sand and water.
  15. Anubis 02734; Bast 02733

    Here are two of the statues I finished for my Ruined Temple terrain piece. Bast spoilered so it'll be SFW as she's topless. I still need to put another coat of gloss over them, to protect them, but otherwise they're just waiting for the temple to fnish.