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  1. Guildenstern

    Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    I removed all but one of them (dremel is love) - I'm toying with graffiti idea over it, or maybe small conversion, haven't quite decided yet. Only just got da Beast primed finally. Airbrush is kind of a necessity for this sort of thing, and mine's been uncooperative =/ I did a lot of drybrushing on my terrain, or a kind of it, anyway. Been spending last little bit trying to get a good white! It's ok, certainly from further away. Not as good close up. I'm almost ready to really start scratchbuilding the rest of the terrain (idea being a Forgeworld table). That'll take the longest really. But mean while I've got some pretty bits of terrain to use for games generally. In other news, I'm waaaaay behind on all our RPG figures :( I just chucked the chibis back into the simple green again, I really just can't seem to get them looking the way I"d like :( Might be time to set them aside for a while and do some thing completely different. Maybe a bit Reaper monstrous figure. I have a couple of the dragons (I can never recall which ones). I might try to do one of those instead. Also have a friend who's sending me the 77194: Cthulhu which I've been wanting to try for a while.
  2. Guildenstern

    Anyone need a familiar?

    Near Georgia? Prettysure da hubby wouldn't notice another black kitty, they're all ninjas anyway!
  3. Guildenstern

    Attempts at polar painting

    what they all said!
  4. Guildenstern

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Woah that is amazing!
  5. Guildenstern


    Lovely natural look! I hgighly recommed a rubbermaid box for storage and spraying the foliage to death with PVA/Water to really keep the hold
  6. Yeah I was gonna say - awesome book
  7. I don't think I posted my goodies from the box so here they are (if I did, and forgot ignore this :P) Stuff I took out: Stuff I put in: Various bush materials, flock, fine sand (good for making flowers), aquarium plants, home made tufts, some odds and ends, some bases I made (my design so no worry about copyright etc), lichen in a couple odd colours, small trees (can cut lil base off to stick on your base etc). Oh and the resin gates, make great rubble or jersey barriers.
  8. Guildenstern

    Trying to save this mini

    He looks good! If you wanted the only thing I could think of to do differently is maybe use a purple wash on his 'stitch' areas, to help it look more raw. But that's just my druthers too :) Well done!
  9. Guildenstern

    Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Kinda working on some terrain, put some Bones Chibis in simple green (again, juct don't like how they weere going) & putting Forgebane box together Also did work on da Beast: Parts used: Baneblade, Ork Mek Gun, Galvanic Servohauler arm & antenae, misc bits & lotta plasticard. I think he'salmost done, in terms of building
  10. Haven't been through whole box yet, but SGHawkins09 's box gotta clear admirer before I had much of a chance to do more than open it....
  11. Guildenstern

    Luna Wolves (Horus Heresy)

    Well havent been online much as we just had to repalce my comp, meanwhile been working on my 30K Horus Heresy army - loyalist Luna Wolves, lead by Loken I took an army shot, tho still have work to do, mainly vehicles, but overall infantry is done. The colours are Vallejo medium grey, Reaper Weathered Stone (mixing up fr the grey, three layers to weathered stone), HL'd with Ghost White, one of my fave colours, ever
  12. Guildenstern

    Whisperer Below (Custom mini)

    That is... not something I'd want to meet in the dark! Love it!
  13. Guildenstern

    77379: Dracolisk

    Oh wow I really like how he came out! Love teh wings