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  1. Yeah sadly no time to finish his base and weathering but his painting is done. I'll have to do the rest when I get back :/
  2. Monday needs slicing! Lovely work :)
  3. Trying to finish this guy up for Dakkadakka monthly - and cuz I'm leaving soon. So easily distracted.. I'm bouncing from my Gorkanaut to this guy to the Kraken diorama display I'm trying to do. Anyway this is a resin model Kromlech puts out. I'm fairly happy with how his face has come out, except the eye. I wish I could do eyes better. So all of my highlights have really blended in, and I'm doing some pinwashing and edgehiglighting atm, to try to bring the contrasting elements up a bit more. Hopefully I'll have time to do his rust/weathering effects before I leave on Thursday.
  4. looks like an awesome idea! And I also hate hate escort missions! lol
  5. Love them! Love coffee and dwarves - that's a perfect mix =D
  6. Really like your beholder as well!
  7. So beautiful, really love your style
  8. Good to know!
  9. Concerned about flying with my paints actually. I may use the excuse to pick up some when I get there
  10. Honestly I think he just needs a boombox and he's good to go
  11. Pre-grats on the birthday @Generic Fighter My goals are really modest this month, because again, I'm going to be gone pretty much the entire end of the month. I'm going to work on my gorkanaut and paint at least two Kromlech Juggernaut models.
  12. Final breakdown: Orks - done Gunny Peegs - done Kraken - ehhh moldlines are done, need to get some more liner paints Oh and I erm built a gorkanaut while I was distracted by the shiney So not 100% on target but better than nothing
  13. That is absolutely brilliant as always!
  14. Bonehenge giggles! Love it =D and very well done on the painting and basing job, it looks superb!