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  1. Guildenstern

    Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    have been very bad at updating last few WIPs And I have been extremely bad at doing any RPG figures at all :( sigh Working on 40k Orkz (converted from Custodes and Ork bikers, with some Kromlech bits), and I took a family shot of my 30k Luna Wolves the other day (not all painted but all basecoated at least so far)
  2. Guildenstern

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    What Glitterwolf said Very nice!
  3. Guildenstern

    Reaper figs with hexagon bases

    yeah pics would help - if they have the tab that goes into the base, it's not necessarily easy to remove, if they're simply glued on, you can drop them in simple green for a while to help loosen the bond. Also, once they're dry, you might stick them in the freezer for a short period of time, to help the superglue become brittle. Only because they're metal do I suggest this! It can also make plastic and resin brittle. Let them warm up again before you do anything with them, but it should help. However, post pics first, as there'll be plenty of people here who can give you detailed advice depending what the pictures show :)
  4. Guildenstern

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Unwinding - what's that? If we can just make it to the end of the week - or at least through to next Monday, I feel like I'll be ok. Running around with stuff for my kids (really, young adults), trying to get one sorted for College this fall (SOON!), one who's got his mind made up and wants to be an artist but needs to raise his grades to try to get scholarships, and one who just doesn't want to leave and loves to eat ramen and read manga (my aspie). Plus, it's the last week of Preschool. Tomorrow is our last day. I'm in charge of the bouncy house. Joy. Someone shoot me.
  5. Guildenstern

    Happy Mother's Day.

    Happy Mother's Day!!
  6. Guildenstern

    Fenris Games - Rubble City

    Dunno about single blocks, you'd likely still want to put in some windows or something I'd think (at least I would). There are multi packs available now, as addons too, maybe that's more what you're wanting? He's getting more different types out as well, like we just unlocked curved walls. Anyway I'm really looking forward to this. It's like the perfect terrain for Frostgrave (or a lot of wargaming, but I'm mainly wanting it for our Frostgrave)
  7. Guildenstern

    2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    And packed my mini! all ready to ship tomorrow after work, bit later than I'd hope but at least I made the deadline!
  8. Guildenstern

    50328 Space Henchman Spring Exchange Mini

    Finally - got him packed and ready to ship, will go tomorrow. Meanwhile here's his final pics (terrible lighting sadly)
  9. Guildenstern

    50328 Space Henchman Spring Exchange Mini

    Finishing his base - he's still all shiny cuz of gloss varnish, will matte it down shortly. I changed out his base from round to a hex, cut the metal tab off the bottom and made it into "pegs" so to speak, so he'll be sturdy. Should be done today, tomorrow to make sure 100% dry and cured, then off he will go to his new home =D
  10. Guildenstern

    2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    Awesome!! I'm working on the basing for my exchange partner's mini - I finally got an idea, now to see if I can pull it off! Of course, like most of my ideas, it has grown already beyond the KISS rule lol
  11. Guildenstern

    50328 Space Henchman Spring Exchange Mini

    Thanks =D he's coming along, I think he's almost(?) done. Anyway I'm considering basing ideas atm. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do, because the only two things that come to mind are sand or a scifi ship type thing. Dunno, am playing with stuffs atm
  12. Guildenstern

    50328 Space Henchman Spring Exchange Mini

    Ooh yeah I like that idea, makes a lot of sense! I'll give it a go Did a little more work on his clothes, trying to make pants look a little worn. I did some hatchmarks in a lighter blue, then glazed more blue on top to try to make it blend a bit more. Think I used too much glaze but it's a start so I'll keep working on it.
  13. Guildenstern

    50328 Space Henchman Spring Exchange Mini

    Got his clothes basecoated, and his bandolier. Did washes, just waiting for them to dry. I still need to do his eyes... just not sure how yet. They're pretty deepset and I'm not sure of a good nonhuman colour.