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  1. Eh I thought we were doing an official/non-official thread again. I've no idea what # we're actually on lol
  2. Nah it's obviously a dual wielding necromancer drummer
  3. Very cool!
  4. So got the box and it's repacked to send. Here's what I took: And here's what I put in (minus upper left DSM figure as I found someone else had already put one in hah. Some repacking occurred but I tried to keep everything labeled. I also repacked the glitterbomb into another layer just to be safe :P FYI - if you can PM me address I'm sending to I'll ship it out tomorrow after work.
  5. lol that's awesome!!
  6. Cough I use my makeup brush That's about the only thing I use it for too lol but definitely try to keep them in containers or one of those glass cases (Ikea has one I'm eyeballing btw, if there's one near you, - Look up the Detolf)
  7. That's amazing. As for flaws, we're our own worst critics! And tbh while they're prolly glaring to you, I can't see em ;) It looks awesome!
  8. Took some pics of my finished warbiker conversion (this is based on a deffkopta, basically a little helicopter) - WIP pics are in my wip thread. I tried several new things, mostly water effects in a more cinematic style. Tried to make the water look like it was spraying or kicked up by the bike wheels. Also did some droplet effects. Overall it's ok, not quite what I was hoping for but next time will be even better I'm sure.
  9. I managed to put some of the stuff in plastic containers, but I really need to get more lol Especially taller ones, I think, for stuff like my son's Terrorgheist! Anyway, the room's coming along (it used to be a kitchen nook, but the boys' have outgrown the table as well as broken it anyway) - I need to make an Ikea run this weekend, they have a glass case I've been eyeing for only ~69$ US and it would hold a LOT of minis for display.
  10. ^^ this has also been my experience, sadly I wasn't able to reverse it on mine - DON'T WAIT! If you try the method days/weeks later it doesn't work.
  11. Very cool! they look so vivid and that face on the one with the mace lol
  12. (Guildy looks on in confusion as they appear to have moved the 'quote' button and muscle memory is having a hard time finding it :P) Here's the 'vermin with the Litter =D I am in the process of building a place to put all our finished minis (converting an area to storage and putting up shelves) so most of the minis are just sitting out on the table atm. As an aside if someone had told me you have to dust these things, I would have started on the storage a lot sooner lol Also took a break from: To do some work on these: We played our latest game Saturday (I lost, again) and I really wanted to have my trukks whole and painted, but they were bought off ebay so Saturday they were pretty much in pieces. I'd been working on cleaning them up since I got them, from some really horrid paint and superglue problems, and I finally had the impetus to do a little work on them, mostly assembling and basecoating the majority (Still some bits that need priming as I added them later, hence you can still see the original red paint - that is stuck on like crazy)
  13. Did you find the heavy gel did ok - staying level and solid? that is, while it was drying? I've been wondering about using it for other projects but wondered if it would for instance drip too much out, or just not stay in place well enough
  14. Really nice, the more I hear about/see this game's minis the more I want to try it out ><