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  1. I also both loathe and love your Stirges lol well done!
  2. Idk if this is a KS model or one I randomly bought to fill out our need for giant monsters that are not cardboard cutouts. Anyway, he's done. He was going to maybe go in a desert diorama but I decided against (he didn't end up fitting). I might go back over his claw bits again tho, they seem a lot darker in the pic than they do IRL but theyr'e still just not quite right. Anyway, he's based on a couple of RL pics, mostly going for a shiny red carapace kind of idea. He's not in my WIP thread, so just a quick note, I undercoated him mournfang brown (a red brown GW colour) and then built up to the red with reaper's bloodstain red and later clotted red (my absolutely fave triad *ever*)
  3. am laughing so hard right now.... Love it and totally fitting
  4. One KS I managed to narrowly avoid (for my own health!) I am wondering tho, is that a resin or a plastic? And looking good!
  5. can't add much to what everyone else said - this is AWESOME SAUCE! <3 absolutely love the use of OSL in this and the grey scale.
  6. I sure am - thanks! Suggestions are always welcome :) I've been doing quite a few things, what with Wyrd Iron Painter challenge in the works as well as this bad boy, so my attention's been scattered of late (yes, @malefactus even more than usual, which apparently is *indeed* possible LOL) Here is Kraken basecoated - I rather like the colours so far, who says ugly monsters can't be pretty? :P I'm playing a bit right now with some clear paints, and trying to decide how I'd like to shade etc. I keep wanting to paint the little 'thorns' at the end of his tentacles with a different colour, but nothing is really leaping out yet. I may keep them green and just highlight with a bright yellow (instead of adding a fourth colour into my little muddle). Some mold lines are still there sadly :( having a really tough time getting them off, and a couple gaps, but I did just get some more GS etc in so I'm hoping I'll be able to fix the latter next, at least. One thing I noted is not everyone paints the eyes as a triad - I'm going more with the view that 2 (one on either side of course) of the 6 total are "real" and the other two are basically fake eyes, meant to distract/protect the main eye. It's still just black atm, I'm trying to decide how I'd like to paint it as well. Meanwhile: fish friends!
  7. So I figured I'd just start a WIP thread, rather than clutter up the forum with unnecessary extras. I hate disorder (although you wouldn't be able to tell that from looking at my workspace! LOL) This week's been mostly working on Gremlins from Malifaux, I have Somer, Slophaulers and Skeeters almost done. Still waiting on flying stand order to come in for Skeeters. Somer's the Bayou Boss, and I have other Bayou Gremlins in my pile of to-be-done but we'll see how long it takes me to get to them. Betrayal at Calth (BAC) is a GW box set of Space Marines that's both a board game and a kind of starter set for Horus Heresy 30k (which takes place before the Warhammer 40k sci fi - just for those who don't follow this). My LGS is doing an escalation league for 30k, and is running a contest for painting the box set. it's about 38 miniatures I think. Really hoping I win, even if I don't play the game because the prize is a free Horus Heresy book of our choice And I love books, even more than I love models so books about models... I'm THERE! Anyway here's my pics (except for the BAC which is still currently in its box lol) ^^ Slophaulers - because they, wait for it, haul slop Just finishing base really on these guys Somer - almost done, working on base now and just need cloth highlighted I think ^^ Skeeters (mosquitos) - trying out colour scheme, pretty much still basecoating although I did highlight their backs, wings and eyes (which still need glaze) Also trying to work on getting more lighting in my room for my light box :( so maybe my pictures will come out better =/ C&C is always welcome :) It helps me get better!
  8. Did more work on the Kraken's board. Actually painted something too (gasp) - I've had the dead men's chest piece for a while, looking for somewhere to put it, and this seems perfect. Lovely piece, lots of detail. Only basecoated atm: Same after washes (prolly will have another layer on the clothing, as I'm aging it): And a shot of the finished seabed base, with a few of the terrain bits - still thinking about where to put what at the moment. The little critters in the back are some of the denizens that'll be inhabiting the diorama. I've also got some marine plants (aquarium plants) I'm working on adding. For now I want to get the critters painted, then I can figure where to put what, and how then to put plants on exactly.
  9. Thanks Chaoswolf =D Bubba is currently waiting on his LED kit to come in then I shall work on him some more. For my Kraken part I'm working on the board atm, while the paint dries on the Kraken. I think I may get some more Reaper liners (I need the new October mini anyway lol) I got a coat of sand over the board, and sprayed it with brown paint, fixing to let it full 'cure' and then start drybrushing a lot of khaki over it. I usually use Vallejo Iraqi Sand for, well, sand.
  10. working on test colour scheme - I rather like it so far. Wishing I hadn't glued the mouth (beak) in before painting now but oh well.
  11. Excellent! I really like the eyes as well, and the beak is great I actually just ordered this mini too Will keep your scheme in mind for inspiration =D
  12. Trying to get back into workin on the Kraken diorama! I did a little beginning work on the board - basically priming it and slathering gel medium on top. It'll be covered in a coupld grades of sand after it dries. Aquarium plants will likely be used to cover parts of it as well. I also primed the fish that're going into it (well marine animals anyway) and got the boat primed in brown liner. It's still separate, just dryfitted together. I'm still pondering what colours to use on the Kraken itself. relatively boring seafloor: And the 'crew' of the diorama, Kraken and friends: Ehh ignore orks in background! they're not included :P
  13. This is really good to know, I've been applying the liner full strength - which didn't occur to me not to, as I tend to prime black
  14. also agree with what everyone else said it takes a bit of getting used to but well worth it I mainly use it to keep the paint workable, not so much for mixing, although it is handy for that as well I'm not sure there's time, but there was a reusable pallette on KS a bit ago - I'm not necessarily recommending it, just it's an option maybe I like both my home built and the masterson a lot - I just built a small one in a 1.99 photobox, with some home sponges and a piece of kitchen parchment (as a travel kit) it works fine It doesn't sound like you live in a humid area, but just a note for those who do, like me - make sure you keep your box clean! mold sucks :(
  15. finish Gorkanaut (may leave off LED I'm planning til paint is done as I still have to order the kit) work on Kraken Diorama entry! Plan is to at least get the base terrain put together and start on basecoating the minis finish "Owlbear and Cubs" fr Darksword minis, which I just ordered. Hopefully in time for my sissy's birthday (she loves bears and has two kids so it'll be perfect!)
  16. Those are awesome, totally saving for inspiration for when I get to mine
  17. nice! I like the tabard colours
  18. Oooh thanks good to know! I may end up painting some as well, depending on what son ends up picking haha @OP - can't wait to see more of your army as well =D
  19. Love your little story with her as well, also well done on the paint job!
  20. Those look really awesome Froggy! man you paint fast!
  21. Very nice! I like him a lot
  22. that is a seriously scary mini! hah great paint job - I like the colours!
  23. well your eyes are already better than mine! Love it, it's very vibrant - and for only your second mini? I'm really blown away.