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  1. GW Battlewagon & Skorchas

    The Skorchas are a smallish buggy like vehicle that doesn't have a model, so I cut down a couple trukks and made my own. The Battlewagon is pretty much stock kit, except I am adding a base (which isn't done yet). Skorchas:
  2. So I figured I'd just start a WIP thread, rather than clutter up the forum with unnecessary extras. I hate disorder (although you wouldn't be able to tell that from looking at my workspace! LOL) This week's been mostly working on Gremlins from Malifaux, I have Somer, Slophaulers and Skeeters almost done. Still waiting on flying stand order to come in for Skeeters. Somer's the Bayou Boss, and I have other Bayou Gremlins in my pile of to-be-done but we'll see how long it takes me to get to them. Betrayal at Calth (BAC) is a GW box set of Space Marines that's both a board game and a kind of starter set for Horus Heresy 30k (which takes place before the Warhammer 40k sci fi - just for those who don't follow this). My LGS is doing an escalation league for 30k, and is running a contest for painting the box set. it's about 38 miniatures I think. Really hoping I win, even if I don't play the game because the prize is a free Horus Heresy book of our choice And I love books, even more than I love models so books about models... I'm THERE! Anyway here's my pics (except for the BAC which is still currently in its box lol) ^^ Slophaulers - because they, wait for it, haul slop Just finishing base really on these guys Somer - almost done, working on base now and just need cloth highlighted I think ^^ Skeeters (mosquitos) - trying out colour scheme, pretty much still basecoating although I did highlight their backs, wings and eyes (which still need glaze) Also trying to work on getting more lighting in my room for my light box :( so maybe my pictures will come out better =/ C&C is always welcome :) It helps me get better!
  3. Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Weirdboy is mostly done, needs base and his squiggling finished: Did some hose work on my Skorchas (Greenstuff with a roller): And a little work on some Luna Wolves for my 30k Army:
  4. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    Nice @Generic Fighter those are beautiful minis! Sucks about your shoulder, def agree with getting neck checked. If you can, you might get also into a chiro. My chiro has helped my neck/shoulder pain immensely. Good luck in any case! I finally ordered my mini(s) >< I thought I'd done so earlier, and apparently hadn't actually hit the confirm sigh. But in any case, work will start shortly! (Can't believe some people are done already! sheesh)
  5. Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    I did some more work on Mr Fungan Shroom face: Devil of a time getting a close up without blurriness on phone Also did quite a good bit on my Skorcha Vehicles: And built a skorcha gun (technically it's large enough to be a Supa Skorcha, if I had the druthers to stick it on a model with trakks, per FW rules)
  6. His Majesty the Dragon King (Kingdom Death)

    How on earth did you do that? It seriously reads as concept art. It's truly amazing. I would love to see more close ups - I love the KD minis and you've really done an awesome job here!
  7. 01558 2015 Con Mouseling

    I just loved this guy when I saw him so I have painted him up, as an Imperial Paw (note, nothing at all to do with Imperial fist space marines, at all. Nothing to see, move along.) I tried to write Imperial paw on his little decorative ribbon thing I painted on, but yeah that wasn't working, even with a micron I kinda had to fudge the word to get it in. Tbh I'm quite pleased with his eyes. For once, they're actually looking like eyes, and going in the same direction even
  8. Working on freehand...

    Beautiful! They look awesome!
  9. wow those look really amazing! Love it!
  10. Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Thanks! It's always a bit slower with conversions, so many bits tend to fall off whilst painting lol sometimes leading to entirely different vehicles. I think I've changed these up in a small way a few times, nothing major too much. One of them: prepaint, after primer It was a really amazingly humidity free weekend so I primed EVERYTHING. I just wish I had more stuff built =/ I took the opportunity this weekend to play with my metals and do a little kinda cheat sheet guide via pictures, of the different looks I like to get. The resulting pile: Set1 (Ignore where I wrote down Balthasar Gold on the first few, it was actually Warplock Bronze, a quite darker colour, I just got them mixed up in my head =/) Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
  11. Jan/Feb RPChallenge!

    I totally spaced adding the tags to my threads :( Too late now :( But, to be fair, I think I'm gonna have to add the Grots as 4 - 8 as well, since while I was counting stuff more as projects complete, there were 43 of 'em and I didn't really get more done so =/ eh. Hopefully March/April will go better as well. I have mucho stuffs to get done
  12. Jasper and the Panzerkampfrad

    Oooh now that's a DOOMWHEEL :D I love it, can't wait to see how it turns out!
  13. WiP Malifaux Viktoria of Blood

    Awesome!! I agree, I also have suffered malifaux modeller's pain. I seriously just sent a TON of my stuff to a friend, who I am paying to assemble. I just can't. >< Anyway, I love your Viktoria! she looks great! Almost a kind of animeish look to her, or maybe that's just me. Anyway she's beautiful well done!
  14. Yeah was gonna say really sounds like time to repackage the box. Also just mentioning in case anyone's interested, for those who have a Michael's near them, they had some of their tiny dollhouse stuff on clearance (at least mine did). Not all is suitable for basing or even 28mm terrain but it's worth picking over - not even necessarily just for this venture, but in general.
  15. GW Gangs of Commarragh set

    These are actually mostly a co-op effort, I helped but my son did a lot of the work :) I did the decals and colours on the little flyers, he did washing, drybrushing on most all the rest. He wants them too look like they're from Arrakis, or a Dune-like planet. Hence the colour scheme - more of a Fremen look. And the Drybrushing fits in pretty well making most of them look 'dusty' as they would' from a desert world.
  16. GW Grots/Gretchin

    just a few better pics of some of my faves:
  17. GW Grots/Gretchin

    Haven't been able to get my lights out, I want to do some close up of some of these guys but here is their group shots. If/when I do, I'll update this thread :) I did want to do a bit more detail on them but honestly I'm suffering from can't see syndrome so I left it for now. Maybe when my eyes improve I can get some more done on them.
  18. Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Aaaaand we're distracted again Because I keep hoping for a low humidity day, so I don't have to drag my airbrush out and prime my skorchas/mek gunz above. Instead I've been working on these guys: This guy is gonna be my weirdboy - he's the new Fungoid cave shaman guy from GW (still in subassemblies atm) And I finally got some yellow on my "not a SM" Imperial Paw Space Mouseling:
  19. 2018 Spring Miniature Exchange

    I think I have found the perfect mini! he'll be ordered this week <3
  20. Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    The problem with playing Orks is that you have the urge to CONVERT ALL THE THINGS!!! granted these are units I still need but omg it makes for easy distraction lol So Mek Gunz (artillery piece), this one's a conversion from left over bits plasticard and a wooden spool: Skorchas - essentially fast attack lil buggies, with a particular weapon (I'm hoping at some point they make a new buggy kit, with options). These are made from various bits, but most of the chassis are from a couple Trukk kits, except the... boat shaped one, which uses a leaf from a drop pod as its 'base':
  21. Apologies in advance as some of these pictures I fear are a bit larger than I'd thought =/ I tried to crop them well enough for this forum but not sure how well I succeeded. These are the pieces I've made this year, pretty much originally for my swamp board, for Warhammer. However, once I started making them I realized it'd be a better idea to actually make them a bit modular, for all RPGs and other wargames (like frostgrave and malifaux). And it makes for a bit easier storage. Most of these pieces were inspired by the local swamps like Okefenokee here in GA. I find all these kind of areas just beautiful and full of so many unique features! These are some basic Ruins. I found using a foamboard for the base was not a great idea, it warped too much unfortunately. Here (below) a Swamp Pond, or bridge to terra firma as I've called it (couple different versions) My mausoleum piece. This is sort of in keeping with the ruins piece. It's meant to sit in a (obviously) drier part of the swamp, while getting inspiration from the swamp for plants etc. I'm working on two other pieces now (only in planning stages) - one is to be a more central piece of swampy land with lots of water areas and maybe(!) solid land parts, the second is going to be a kind of monster bird nesting spot, something like a marsh bird that nests near swamps. I plan on using pine straw (plentiful out here in GA) to make the "nests", something as yet undecided for 'eggs' and I'm looking for suitable figures for the bird monsters. The idea being a dangerous area PCs (or armies, in wargaming) may or may not want to wander into!
  22. Kobolds, Gremlins, and The Doctor

    Awww Kobolds and Gremlins oh my!! so cool :)
  23. Thanks=D again, I'm getting a bit tired of it lol just want it to be done. That seems to happen often near the end of a big project. Anyway, bubbles/water foam! begins now. The water effects finally fully cured so I'm doing a small bit of white (gel medium in this case so I have a good stiff but liquid material to work from). It should dry fairly opaque.
  24. Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

    Some work done on Battlewagon - basically just basecoated it, added trim colours. I'll be edge highlighting and weathering it extensively soon. After I build some Mek Gunz, so I can do it all at the same time =D The battlewagon is the base kit, except I removed a couple wheels and a grot is holding one axle up =D