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  1. Good lord that's only the second you've ever painted?! Sheesh it's awesome - seriously. A drybrush might be nice, and if you have it, I would say the Ghost White reaper colour - it's a beautiful blue/white great for ice and ethereal stuffs imo Another thing I might suggest, if you have it, as well of course, is a light blue wash on the white cloth. You don't have to! but I think it might look nice too. Anyway awesome job!
  2. Apologies in advance as some of these pictures I fear are a bit larger than I'd thought =/ I tried to crop them well enough for this forum but not sure how well I succeeded. These are the pieces I've made this year, pretty much originally for my swamp board, for Warhammer. However, once I started making them I realized it'd be a better idea to actually make them a bit modular, for all RPGs and other wargames (like frostgrave and malifaux). And it makes for a bit easier storage. Most of these pieces were inspired by the local swamps like Okefenokee here in GA. I find all these kind of areas just beautiful and full of so many unique features! These are some basic Ruins. I found using a foamboard for the base was not a great idea, it warped too much unfortunately. Here (below) a Swamp Pond, or bridge to terra firma as I've called it (couple different versions) My mausoleum piece. This is sort of in keeping with the ruins piece. It's meant to sit in a (obviously) drier part of the swamp, while getting inspiration from the swamp for plants etc. I'm working on two other pieces now (only in planning stages) - one is to be a more central piece of swampy land with lots of water areas and maybe(!) solid land parts, the second is going to be a kind of monster bird nesting spot, something like a marsh bird that nests near swamps. I plan on using pine straw (plentiful out here in GA) to make the "nests", something as yet undecided for 'eggs' and I'm looking for suitable figures for the bird monsters. The idea being a dangerous area PCs (or armies, in wargaming) may or may not want to wander into!
  3. Finally had my bases dry and got some pics of my Tankbustas and Ork Mek - the Tankbustas are conversions (basically I add a lot of rockets on them, and then more rockets) The Mek is the one in the front with the wrench and gear on a pole, and a big ol wrench in his right
  4. oooh man this so made me reminisce!! Some of our oldest dice: still have a few of my very first ones, the yellow set was among the first original add on type thing I think D&D came out with, several fill in the numbers with a crayon types, a *really* old d30 (we have two, the one in better condition is of course no where to be found atm), even have a 'do it yourself' lol hunk of wood iirc, with some faces to put on and then we dotted it...
  5. Yup, have done. Good strategy HAHAHAHAH yeah, no. It's governed by my wallet which is sadly lacking and won't be refilling any time soon. So I'm pretty much getting the core set and just the $10 add on of the hill giants at present. I can always use more goblins, well probably this set will be the last I need. If I could spend more I definitely would as I don't have a lot of RPG minis really, especially monsters and would like more.
  6. wow that's amazing, such smooth blends and lovely eyes. Like the drum as well.
  7. that's awesome! love the homage
  8. That's great! very creative use of them :D
  9. Just a quick collage of the finished products! on to more projects :D
  10. Thus.... it begins..... Just dry fitting atm, trying out positions figuring out where the tentacles go etc. Did already prep it (washed) so that's done. It's sitting on the board that will become its base hopefully. I'm honestly wondering whether it'd be better to get a piece of 14x14 instead (that's 12x12 craft plywood atm).
  11. So I figured I'd just start a WIP thread, rather than clutter up the forum with unnecessary extras. I hate disorder (although you wouldn't be able to tell that from looking at my workspace! LOL) This week's been mostly working on Gremlins from Malifaux, I have Somer, Slophaulers and Skeeters almost done. Still waiting on flying stand order to come in for Skeeters. Somer's the Bayou Boss, and I have other Bayou Gremlins in my pile of to-be-done but we'll see how long it takes me to get to them. Betrayal at Calth (BAC) is a GW box set of Space Marines that's both a board game and a kind of starter set for Horus Heresy 30k (which takes place before the Warhammer 40k sci fi - just for those who don't follow this). My LGS is doing an escalation league for 30k, and is running a contest for painting the box set. it's about 38 miniatures I think. Really hoping I win, even if I don't play the game because the prize is a free Horus Heresy book of our choice And I love books, even more than I love models so books about models... I'm THERE! Anyway here's my pics (except for the BAC which is still currently in its box lol) ^^ Slophaulers - because they, wait for it, haul slop Just finishing base really on these guys Somer - almost done, working on base now and just need cloth highlighted I think ^^ Skeeters (mosquitos) - trying out colour scheme, pretty much still basecoating although I did highlight their backs, wings and eyes (which still need glaze) Also trying to work on getting more lighting in my room for my light box :( so maybe my pictures will come out better =/ C&C is always welcome :) It helps me get better!
  12. Started making some objective markers - mostly for warhammer 40k but they are fairly generic enough to be useful for other things too Started with odds and ends & Reaper 50 mm (60mm?) bases: Got a bit more done, tried out some positioning stuffs and dice for the numbers on the objectives. Think I'm going to go with these black dice instead, they're a bit smaller and fit a bit better and are just as easy to read with the white pips I think. Just waiting on various glues to dry atm so I can add weathering on metal bits, the crates and such like.
  13. RE: plants standing up - yeah it's a pain, if you're doing something in glue, use a slightly heavy glue. Dip the bottom of your plants in it, so you can wipe off excess since sometimes it doesn't dry clear. You can get Tacky Glue in the sewing or craft section, or just wait a bit for regular Elmer's to set up. I'll lay some down, go off do something else, come back a few minutes later. Sometimes I just hold the plant in place til I'm sure it's 'caught' or try to find something for it to lean against without messing up the glue. If you're doing something to go into clear resin, you can kind of do the same thing, just using a bit of resin or Vallejo water effects (which I really love) And it sounds a bit silly, but static grass literally does just need static - there are tutorials about converting a bug zapper into an applicator if you're handy. Or honestly, if you're a bit desperate (or really cheap like I was in the beginning :P) you can just use a balloon. Do the rub the balloon trick, build up static, hold over static grass. lol It's not quite as good as a static grass applicator but it does work! Anyway it's all a learning process as long as you're having fun =D
  14. Ooooh those look really really good! Love them! RE: Bones KS - I dunno... there seem to be *quite* a few monsters in the next KS. You might check it out just in case :)
  15. Haha I missed this before I went on vacation! sorry :) Those are actually some really old embroidery kit backings :) the kit's terrible - It's like from the 70s or something so unfortunately quite brittle with age now. Kind of like me lol Anyway I think they're just really thick cardstock but not 100% sure. They had a sticky backing but they really don't stick anymore either. I finally finished some terrain bits as well I'd been hanging onto since May - part of my 'get this stuff off my desk' project. This is a simple found object/trash objects Tower - notably many pringles were eaten in this endeavour for which my husband was only too glad to help, for once. ^^ The beginning. Only 1 'tower' made it to the final stage sadly. Tower Primed (just a brown craft paint) First pass on the metals Drybrushing rocks and rusting metals (verdigris on the bronzy) - again craft paints And with some flock and moss! Now done (though it's still drying in the picture)
  16. Just my opinion - I'd think something like cattails would be nice. Maybe a bit more vegetation along strategic edges. Overall I think I would add more flock, some being static grass - so different sizes of grass, to give it some variation in size and texture. Not so much colour. RE: the swamp water - two part resin is really really good for this, as long as you remember to pour it in layers (about 1/4" max depth) to give it time to dry properly. To tint it (or a one part water effects like that made by Woodland Scenics) you can use a wash or an ink. I have Secret Weapon miniatures "Sewer water", as well as the GW washes - they work well. So does Liquitex ink (which I tend to use for blue water as that's the only ink of theirs I have lol) A few drops is all you really need - you have to kinda figure it out by use unfortunately as how dark it ends up can depend on a lot of things, like how much resin it's going in, how deep the pool is going to end up and what colour the underparts are. For the flotsom on the top, some people use fine flock. Throwing it in after the resins poured but before it's cured. I've found it can be just as easy to simply stipple paint on the bottom of your pool, making the whole thing look stagnant. I wouldn't necessarily use paint to tint the resin unless you want a more opaque section. I think it ends up looking more realistic, if you use inks/washes because they're more transparent (translucent?) Anyway, it's looking good!
  17. My August goals are (thus far) - More Ork boyz - Finish at least 2 Frostgrave minis - Start on The Kraken and its diorama - objective markers
  18. Wow amazing plaid! lovely work
  19. absolutely fabulous work, love your stuff!
  20. Bravo!!! Love it =D It tells quite a story! of course, in *my* head... this is what it tells: (apologies for liberty taken I couldn't help it :P)
  21. Cool paint job! Not that fond of the mini but I don't do elves so... hahha
  22. Waiting for the bases to dry, then I can put the tankbustas on 'em and post pics :D I also finished an Ork Mek! Not a ton of stuff, but at least I'm getting back in the swing of things again.
  23. Hrm my contributions - house paint - good for terrain use (like sealing boards, providing a basecoat that you're going to be adding stuff over). At least if you have left overs like I do, it's cheap. Rustoleum - if you can use spray paint, they make some good/cheap ones otherwise - I also like to use craft paints (99cent apple barrel etc) but mostly for terrain, again
  24. ^^ One of Yellowstones hot springs bit blurry I fear, but some lovely old moss covered rocks along the trail leading up to Multnomah Falls My son and I both agreed this would make great inspiration for Nurgle-fying something lol It's a little area on the other side of a manmade dam, probably the oil from the equipment? has leaked out. Anyway, I doubt it's natural. Equipment in question - still working I think, anyway, some more lovely rust on it. Also probably good inspiration for anyone needing something steampunky/mechanical Took a lot of shots along the Oregon coast, this is one of my favorites - nice little private tiny outcropping into the sea with some lonely trees