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  1. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    It's little (or not so little) promotions like this that really endear me to reaper - I gotta Rock for Trick or Treat and it's a bit silly but I do really treasure it :P here's hoping for coal ;)
  2. Flesh Golems? - Lemures

    wow those are really well done (Also whoever named them Lemures... o.O I was expecting cute monkey lemurs :P)
  3. Finally finished my Kraken Diorama. Tough time lighting it sadly, to where it didn't glare >< but it came out pretty and it's done so I'm happy =) Only way I would have really liked to make it better is to be able to put it in resin but that'd be a bit much lol Most of my WIP is in my WIP thread, except that last stage where I added background panels (supposed to look like the sea under water, I'm not an artist lol) I was hoping to put more fish in but it started getting a little busier than I liked, and plus it was quite hard to show details on all the fish as well as the Kraken so I just put enough in for interest. Anyway, hope you like it =)
  4. FitzBones: Iron Maiden

    Very cool! Doesn't look like bones at all - which is perfect!
  5. Verminling Mindthief

    Really cool! I keep hoping Miniaturemarket gets more of these games in - it looks fun!Although, it might be easy enough to sub some reaper mouslings for the minis.... hmm....
  6. @NomadZeke I feel your pain, I had to redo mine as well. Just shipped mine off - hoping it arrives ok, fairly nervous about it but I packed it pretty tight (apologies in advance to recipient for using so much foam peanuts but better safe than sorry!)
  7. Somewhere in the Deep, Something Stirs Kraken (77291); 03518: Dead Man's Chest; [03612: Aquatic Familiars; 02948: Familiar Pack VII (not all were used just some from pack)]
  8. Burnaboyz GW orkz

    Not had time to do a lot of WIP pix except on like instagram, what with all the holiday stuffs we're doing in preschool! (Let me tell you I have glitter in places I cannot get out lol) Anyway here are some burnaboyz I finished earlier - no bases yet sadly as I'm out of the appropriate size & order hasn't come in yet.
  9. *crosses fingers* on mobile - hope this works!
  10. Manticore bones 3

    Looks good! Was it tough to assemble tho? Is why u wouldn't want another?
  11. CAV secret santa Dictator

    Looks awesome!
  12. Zombicide: Black Plague Hirst Arts walls

  13. When Care Bears go wild.......

    I love the bumping of old threads; I get to see minis I've not noticed before <3
  14. Ocean base

    It's all about learning!! If you get a chance, check out 70skid's work on instgram, he's doing a really marvelous sea with a sinking uboat. Lots of wip pix. Only thing I would suggest is building up waves with cotton balls, soaked in gloss modgepodge (or medium) - they end up giving srtucture, wotbout using too much gel/medium/water effects. Added bonus they look like white water. Apologies if this idea already came up, surfing on mobile atm. One thing I noticed, we're never happy with our own work, this is what makes it art and helps give impetus to strive for better! I'm sure your next attempt will be even more awesome!
  15. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    That's really cool Mad Jack! I'll have to show that to a friend of mine, her son is obsessed with elephants. I haven't gotten much done, despite being "off" this week (pre-k's out for the week due to American Thanksgiving). On the other hand, my two younger sons have been getting into art a good bit, which is awesome. #2 has assembled and I helped him prime his Dark Eldar 40k force. #3 son is working at slightly more traditional art (you can actually follow him on instagram @temperedgrace (shameless mom plug)). He's currently covering my back deck in spray paint :P and sketching 'old school' because his tablet for Christmas hasn't come in *rollseyes* youngins these days... pencil was perfectly good for us... <mutters about snow and hills>
  16. Goblin Runner

    That's really cool! if it becomes an actual model however I think you might need more points of contact, or it'll not fit well on the base :(
  17. Paint Track Apps?

    (Still) love this ap. and who comes up with these OS names?!
  18. November Hobby Goals!

    Grats to everyone doing NaNoWriMo! I've not attempted that for the last two years. =/ Anyways! updating list (always a WIP) continue work on The Kraken diorama finish Gorkanaut finish 3 bonesylvanians help my #2 son paint his Dark Eldar (primed!) Finish 3 Killa Kanz Kaptin Badrukk start Holiday exchange mini (will post pics after delivery)
  19. Tiik

    oh those are awesome - totally stealing this for my eventual swamp campaign (they're close enough! :P)
  20. Currently painting: The Kraken

    So I'm trying to get to my Kraken diorama lol but I keep getting distracted >< I did get some mounds done for the sea floor so I can put the plants on, and I got some more canvas pieces to put behind it for a backdrop. I started adding plants, but it's a bit slow going as I have to wait for the glue to dry before I can do a lot at once. And I"m slowly adding sections to different spots, trying to figure out where I want all the fish friends. I did quite a lot of green on these as a base, it was a bit of a happy accident tbh. I ran out of my brown spray and started using the moss green I had instead. Now it looks a good bit like the mounds have lichen/algae what have you growing on them, as you'd expect underwater. I'd have liked to try a coral reef but tbh I don't think my skills are quite there yet. Maybe next time. Anyway, so I did several homemade washes of burnt umber and burnt sienna (50/50) - just the cheaper student acrylic paint, water and a little flow improver to get it to flow around the rocks and such. Then I dry brushed everything, concentrating on the rocks with Dryad bark (a kind of medium, grey brown). Doesn't show really well I think in these pics but I also did several lighter shades of beige/off white, to highlight a few areas. And here's the whole scene thus far, with stuff in place (probably final spot), mostly. There's a few extra bits in that are just holding up the plants lol. I plan to run some thin nylon thread from the backdrop to the taller plants, to help keep them upright. Otherwise they're so tall they're just falling over. Trying to strike a balance between a vivid underwater world, and overshadowing the humoungous Kraken.
  21. Currently painting: The Kraken

    So I figured I'd just start a WIP thread, rather than clutter up the forum with unnecessary extras. I hate disorder (although you wouldn't be able to tell that from looking at my workspace! LOL) This week's been mostly working on Gremlins from Malifaux, I have Somer, Slophaulers and Skeeters almost done. Still waiting on flying stand order to come in for Skeeters. Somer's the Bayou Boss, and I have other Bayou Gremlins in my pile of to-be-done but we'll see how long it takes me to get to them. Betrayal at Calth (BAC) is a GW box set of Space Marines that's both a board game and a kind of starter set for Horus Heresy 30k (which takes place before the Warhammer 40k sci fi - just for those who don't follow this). My LGS is doing an escalation league for 30k, and is running a contest for painting the box set. it's about 38 miniatures I think. Really hoping I win, even if I don't play the game because the prize is a free Horus Heresy book of our choice And I love books, even more than I love models so books about models... I'm THERE! Anyway here's my pics (except for the BAC which is still currently in its box lol) ^^ Slophaulers - because they, wait for it, haul slop Just finishing base really on these guys Somer - almost done, working on base now and just need cloth highlighted I think ^^ Skeeters (mosquitos) - trying out colour scheme, pretty much still basecoating although I did highlight their backs, wings and eyes (which still need glaze) Also trying to work on getting more lighting in my room for my light box :( so maybe my pictures will come out better =/ C&C is always welcome :) It helps me get better!