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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    OK, it is a commercial, but since the product isn't for sale outside of Norway... 'supermye smak' = Superlots of flavours, 'superlite sukker' = Superlittle sugar, Does NOT give you superpowers... (translated from a spoken line)
  2. Heroines in Sensible Shoes 3

    Same here. I've even bought new tackle boxes, already. (I store every mini in tackleboxes with adjustable compartments.)
  3. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    Darkstar has a set of metallic washes... in limited supply...
  4. My First Miniature!

    I assume that you haven't seen the 'The Mother of Dragons' Kickstarter by Kabuki Studios, then...
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    So, I was sitting in the car on a ferry, heading out to fix a little issue with a printer, when... A cop suddenly knocks on my window! You heading towards someplacewithaboringname he asked... It transpired that he and his colleagues were heading towards the same site as me, and he just wanted a couple of tips about it since they hadn't been there before(opened a month or so ago), and he remembered seeing me before at similar sites. Mostly 'how's cell coverage'(real crappy or nonexistent), wardrobe(yes), break room(yes. also they have a coffee maker, and probably waffle iron, too). The Public Roads Administration was going to hold a joint control with them at the site today. The Police will be running the ANPR (license plate recognition system) to filter out cars of interest, and the PRA will be doing technical spot checks. The PRA wasn't setting up the brake check cameras, this time, though. (A pair of IR cameras, one on each side of the road. Just take pictures of a truck's wheels as it passes, and you will easily spot if one brake disc/drum is hotter/colder than the rest. ) The nice thing with ANPR and the brake cams is that those checks are done while the traffic is running as normal some place before the checkpoint. Only cars with 'issues' need to be waved aside for a manual inspection. (Unless they want to check for overweight or adherence to rest times)
  6. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    You may want to look at GreenStuffWorld's 'Chameleon' paints, also... (These are mostly for airbrushing, though, but supposedly usable with a brush if you do very thin layers. I couldn't get it to work with a brush, though. ) Also, yeah, Scale75 metallics are nice... real nice...
  7. My First Miniature!

    Maybe give the chain mail a wash, to make it pop a bit? Also, the colour of the cape could have been different. As it is, he's a bit 'Sir Dullard the Grey'. The shield and belts looks good. My advice? Put it up on a shelf, then get another one in a year and do a fresh attempt on that. It'll show you how much you've progressed since then, also.
  8. Also, they have something called EZ Lock on some discs. (You use a special shaft with a spring-loaded lock insteadof a screw to hold the discs) You want this.
  9. 10K is fast. Trust me, it's fast. If I was to buy a Dremel for this use, I'd pick up the batterypowered 8050 Micro. I've had a classic 395 model for decades, and when it failed(I was cutting through rusted steel on my car at the time), I replaced it with the 8200, which is also batterypowered. It's weaker than the 395 was, but it's so much easier to get access in weird areas. (I still hope to repair my old 395) But you may also want to take a look at micro-sized tools on eBay. 'mini micro drill' Probably not all that useful with a cutting wheel, but yeah, replace the stock chuck with one that can take a 1/8" bits, and use a 1mm ball-nose endmill...
  10. Devil's Dungeon II - The Resin Casts

    4th time lucky? This time it's a pure Resin set. I probably don't have to tell everyone which set I backed for...
  11. The Beaufighter wasn't put into service until July 1940, but Dunkirk was in May/June that year, so that would have been inaccurate. Maybe a Blenheim? It's the same overall shape, but slightly shorter, has a turret on top and generally flew like a sitting duck... (Slow... ) Longer but not really faster is a Beaufort Torpedo bomber. They got it right on the third try... (Bristol Hercules engines instead of the weaker Taurus, and 4 x 20mm cannons. )
  12. Thanks for the link. I love the Beaufighter. For one reason or other it's almost universally ignored in the documentaries.
  13. Mouse Adventure (Cartoon Miniatures)

    And today I got the shiping notice with tracking number...
  14. I have an elfed up keyboard... Besides, it's going to be a pain to set it up since I don't have desk space for it. (I need to set up a shelf, and exactly how I'm going to REACH to mount that shelf... )
  15. Just ordered a Large Painstand and a Large Corner Paintstand, both for 26mm bottles. And since I was online, I added a Vallejo Satin Varnish and a package of plastic strips.