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  1. Not normally, but the uniform is 'virtually unchanged' over the years, which means the same pattern is still in use. There's just small details that have changed. (New boots is probably the most visible) They still even have the black 'bowler' hats that they got because Princess Louise, King Harald V's Great Grandmother was so impressed with the Italian Bersaglieri.
  2. Watch His Majesty The King's Guard; the Royal Guards sing under the 4th tallest waterfall in the world...øyeste-fossefall-14915345.ece They're in the county to do their usual exhibition at a music festival, and happened to do a bit of sight-seeing. I'd ask for metal or resin minis of them throught the ages in the Chronoscope forum, but... I expect that it'd require licensing. (I'd particularly like to have them with their 1940s black uniform, "die schwarzen Teufel" as the Germans called them)
  3. My department have a get-together on a hotel every year, and in addition to talking shop, we try to do 'something social' one of the days... I traveled by Viking longship, I've visited Russia, and I've done this: Now, last fall we got a new boss... And he just started asking about ideas for where to meet up... and the meeting is sheduled this fall. I'm a bit worried, really. Incidetally, the year we visited Russia we really wanted to visit Svalbard, but that was nixed by the 'way higher up' boss. So instead we took the way more expensive daytrip to Russia... Do you know what REAL redundancy is? The sun is shining... So, should I keep on cleaning up my verandah(which has been neglected for a few years and is really, really icky) or should I dig out the fishing rod and head out to the Atlantic Ocean Road(half an hour ride, and rumour has it that the Top Gear team is filming today. Which is also kind of icky. Sorry, but the current team is kind of like cold, wet noodles.... ) Oh, and the blasting siren is driving me bonkers! (They're doing the groundwork nearby to set up a few houses, and with this being Norway, they need to break up some bedrock.)
  4. Live

    The People at Antarctic Press is at it again... May the Farce be with them in their endeavor of creating cool T-shirts... Hurry up to pledge, there's only 4 days left.
  5. All the recent audionuts posting here reminds me of something... Back in the days Opera used to run an online community, and they often had to deal with posters thinking it had something to do with Oprah Winfrey... And back in the days of Usenet News... The ragers complaining about intolerance in the no.alt.sexuality. or whatever areas. None of them ever realised that 'no' stood for Norway...
  6. So, can anyone suggest thread names? Randomness XIII; The Search For Babble. Randomnes XIV: The Day the Babble stood still. Randomness XV from outer space. Anyway... Today I made my neighbours happy. I loaded up my old scooter in the trunk of my car and took it to the scrapyard... Goodbye 2006 Kinroad 50cc... you will be missed... NOT! The 'electric starter didn't... The plastic covers were rotten... I had to solder the leads directly onto the bulb when the rear right indicator bulb broke because the holder just about dissolved... the rear brake was mostly for show... the frame had gone soft, and no amount of tightening could fasten the handlebars properly... But the front wheel bearings were good... And the grey plastic covers blended nicely with the duct tape holding it together... It was about time now since I threw away my GoreTex biker suit a couple of years ago, and smashed and threw away my helmet last year, (it was nearly 10 years old. There's no way I was going to let someone pick it from the dumpster and use it. ) A fat guy in a black MC suit, polished army boots, black leather gloves, black helmet... looks ridiculous on a small chinese scooter... Trust me, I know...
  7. @Pingo, I see your flash mob and raise you a 1981 Children's TV production from 1981...
  8. Black Tree is having a 28Hour long 20% off sale on Dr. Who minis... (Heading over now to pick a few minis I'm missing or want duplicates of) They also have a few goodies in their Clearance section... (A nice Lamia among other things)
  9. So, exactly how does GW decide on how to develop the game? Flip a coin and do 'Heads we retire a unit, tails we elf it over', then throw a dart at a large placard with all the different units listed to decide which one? How can they stay in business if they continually screw over their players? Must be something they mix in the plastic...
  10. They may be well-made cultists, devoted cultists, evil cultists, but GOOD cultists? That's like being Chaotic Good... If that's possible?
  11. Live

    Huh... Didn't notice that, but yeah, it can look as if the hand is a bit too long.
  12. I once answered all questions with '17' when they called. Another time, when they called me at 8:30pm, I just creamed at them and told them to never call me again. (Generally, surveys are exempt from the 'do not call' rules here in Norway, but they're not exempt from common curtesy, and calling that late is rather rude)
  13. Morning? But it's almost 3pm...
  14. $600? Effing eck! Was it an Audi or other prancer with a LCD built-in? And 'rear view mirror'? That's the one mounted inside, on the windshield... If you managed to knock it off without destroying the windshield, it wasn't fastened properly anyways, and you shouldn't be held liable for the damage. Not one of the expensive wing mirrors with heating and motors for adjustment, which shouldn't have cost more than $300 no matter what. Boots. I know that my M77 is available in size 36, which I understand to be about a woman's 6 in the USA? (The boots are 'unisex'. My sister used a pair back when she had a newspaper route to add to her income)
  15. $700? I spent more than that just in parts to get my Beloved Berlingo back on the road... (Add another $200 in new tools and lots of evenings messing about in the garage... ) If I'd have to get a shop to fix it, it would have been declared 'not economic to repair'. Actually, doing the math, just one part(refurb rear axle) cost me about $650 including shipping. Which was kind of a bargain really, as a new 'third party' part would have been about twice that much, and as it would have been a Chinese 'pattern part'... only half as good. Then add new rear shocks, new hubs, new brake drums,... (about $350 in total) And the work I did on the engine before I broke the rear suspension... (Headgasket, piston rings, big end bearings on piston rods, a few cylinder liners... oil seals....) Not a full rebuild, though. I would had to have pulled it from the car, then. The good thing about doing the work yourself is that it's cheaper. The bad is that you try to keep the clunkers running for far after it should have been crushed... (Mine is 18 years old and has 240K Kilometers - about 150K Miles - on it. It probably wont last too many more years... ) Let us all read from the Gospel of Haynes, the Commandments; 1. Though shall always prop thy chariot up onto stands, lest it be supported by thine jack, which may falter. 2. Torque thine bolts in the pattern of the star of guidance, when installing the wheels, but torque in the pattern of the Spiral of nature when building the heart of your chariot. 3. The open ended spanner is heresy. The Adjustable one is of the devil. 4. Keep holy the pairs of suspension and brakes. If one part is changed, do likewise with the other or thine chariot may falter from the straight. 5. Disconnect the source of lightning.