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  1. And are you absolutely certain that the brush or pallette has not been contaminated with Future wax? What is your climate? (Temperature and humidity.)
  2. Got a package from El Greco today. It contained Vallejo Smoke(70939) and Transparent Blue(70938) Bethanwyne Foxpaw, Female Halfling from War Griffon Miniatures, and Steampunk Dorothy and Steampunk Zara Craft from Guild of Harmony. The paints were packed in a small zip-lock baggie, which was a good thing because the blue had leaked a drop or two. This is somethig that can happen, and which is why paints should be given additional precautions. (The minis were in zip-lock bags, wrapped in bubblewrap inside a small carboard box, and that box, together with the paint bag was in a padded envelope. Pretty good packaging. ) I'm going to add a writeup of the packaging of every miniature-related package I receive from now.
  3. fulfilling

    Who knows, they may have added a milk bone to your box...
  4. fulfilling

    Nope. When they opened the PM they opened it for EVERYONE! The big difference between the KSers and those of us who joined after the fact is a 50% price hike. (Still worth it... ) My tracking code arrived an hour ago, while I was out shopping groceries on my way home.
  5. What? No worries, most of us have good worklights, so I doubt it'll be much of an issue...
  6. Creating a Persian analog in Helvetica must be one of the 7 Deadly Sins, right? Because the Persian alphabet is just elegance on paper, while Helvetica is... Well... Not...
  7. fulfilling

    Still 34 left, and on Wave 8. I have 4 orders, in Wave 10. As in 'Got into the PM in Dec. 2015, long after the KS finished'...
  8. fulfilling

    Currently on 39 shipped, wave 8, to Zaragoza, ES. Oslo, NO passed by a little while ago. Probably still a few more before I get my notice...
  9. You only really need to clean it once, before priming it. (Or use Brown Liner) It's mainly to get rid of remains of the mould release agent used during the casting process, and secondarily to get rid of fat from handling while you worked on cleaning off mould lines and stuff. Remember to rinse it off throughly afterwards. As long as you're careful about handling it after it has been cleaned it won't need to be washed again. After it has been Primed or Lined it's not much of an issue, but try to keep your fingers off it anyway. Lukewarm water or even warm water and dish soap works fine. The plastic won't deform with any water you're comfortable sticking your hands into. Most of us use a toothbrush to scrub the plastic, and even if you're 'quite rough' it won't damage the plastic. Find a 135film canister, a narrow medicine jar or vitamin tube or something and fasten the mini to the top of it to use as a handle while painting. Poster tack works fine for Bones.
  10. fulfilling

    48 to go. Someone in Belfast only had one order...
  11. fulfilling

    And they're at it again. Down 10, to 71 left, and this goes to Florstadt, DE, and is a Wave 7.
  12. Just snagged a Kabuki Studios Tinkerbell Pinup on eBay. I wonder why they don't list the old OOP minis on their site.... (They don't list Nerah, either)
  13. I could have IDed them by browsing the Fenryll website... I think... but yeah, that might have taken just as long, and would have had the added danger of costing me lots of money....
  14. Finally IDed the Fenryll minis. They're Female Mage's Progression(3 minis) and Female Elemental Mages(also a 3pack) and was bought through King Games in Denmark.
  15. Maybe not the same quality, but... Alternative Armies 'A Wizard's Progression' is a must have... You know, for when whoever is playing the Wizard annoys the GM one time too many...