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  1. Today's haul; 4 Dr. Who DVDs, Tthe Valiant movie on BlueRay, and Cannonball Run 2, also on DVD. I also got a whole stack of plastic pocket sheets for binders. Some for holding collecting cards, some that might be suitable for bookmarks, and yeah, a few others because why not? (quite a few minis comes with a card, it seems there's a rule that all KS projects must include bookmarks... ) I may not have time to paint tonight...
  2. Gadgetman!

    Catfolk feet?

    Walking on the toes is known as 'digitigrade', while walking on the heel is 'plantigrade'. Most anthro races have tails. That should help their balance quite a bit. One problem with 28mm scale is that details can often be too small to cast. (Which is why hands and weapons often are too large. Facial features, too A human eyeball is approx 24.5mm in diameter. At a 1:56 scale, it would be 0.44mm... Isn't Google wonderful ) Take a look at Julie's Daughter of Sekhmet http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cat/sku-down/14510 Yeah, it's more lionlike than kitten, but... If she had the facial features properly 'to scale' I think she wold have looked more like your females. Really. What I'm saying is probably something like 'your minis are too realistic' That second picture is a clear 'Rub mah belly!'
  3. Gadgetman!

    Catfolk feet?

    We'll try to keep it somewhat constructive.... (Note that I have a bad habit of writing stuff that can sometimes be interpreted as 'not nice' criticism sometimes. I don't mean to. If it happens, just PM me and I'll clean it up, preferably before the mods see it... again... ) I prefer properly fluffed out cats, such as Norwegian Forest Cat, and those hairless things.... brrrr.... There's nothing quite like giving one of those fluff-pillows a good, rough bellyrub. Have you studied the cats in Dark Sword's Kritter Kingdom series? (I just love Ali Sparrow, Cat Pirate, and of course, Sir Robin, Scaredy Cat... ) A bit more 'cattoony' than the catfolk here, but still.. Also, you can't write 'my cat does... ' and not post a picture. I'm pretty certain that's a rule, really...
  4. As for shipping and money... I'm guessing that he's got a Chinese manufacturer ready, and also haven't really studied how KickStarter handles money... What a pity that he never heard of Chinese new years... Incidentally, the $3000 stretch goal was an additional set of 8 brushes included for free to anyone backing for one or more sets. He's got over 500 pledges, with over 100 being double sets. That's a lot of brushes. I have a suspicion that he's way overextended already... Actually it sounds as if he noticed what GOOD sice 0 brushes costs, and never bothered to check what a size 6, 10 or 20 of the same material costs... For those who haven't checked what a size 10 Kolinsky costs... Don't... Your wallet will scream out in terror... 'our sizes' are actually the cheapest in the series...
  5. High quality isn't the first thing most painters think of when you ask them about synthetics. What I worry about is all those beginners getting sucked in and thinking the brushes must be better than what they already have because they're more expensive. And it's not even a sensible set of sizes. A 5/0, possibly a 3/0, 0, 1 and 2 pointed and a couple of filberts would make more sense.
  6. Who needs all those sizes? I use size 0 - 2 of nylon brushes for priming/basecoating and other drudgework. What does a miniature painter need a 5 or 6 for? (Or if you need one, why haveboth? The difference between a 5 and 6 is pretty small, really) Lage flats? No, that's what Filberts are for...
  7. Gadgetman!

    Sithrah 4: The Deep

    And my book has arrived.
  8. The Defender (Why am I thinking of a British 4WD all of a sudden?) isn't in any of the movies (IV, V and VI ), so it doesn't count. Today's aquisition is the Hardcover book IV of the comic SIthrah.
  9. Gadgetman!

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    Also, if a boardgame is shown to not be playable, you can just publish revised rules.
  10. The A-wing is the speed king. It's actually freaking awesome to fly in the old X-Wing game. (Tie Interceptors can't outrun you... and they pop easily... ) The X-wing is the stock 'don't know what'll happen' fighter, pretty decent weapons and shiels, lower speed and poorer maneuvering. The Y-wing is if you have all day... and absolutely have to have heavy weapons. And don't mind the ping pong balls harassing you... (Space is big, so if you have a turning circle the size of a small moon, what does it matter? )
  11. Gadgetman!

    Catfolk feet?

    Of course you do. Julie made those. I don't think they're resculpts. The body lines are too 'normal' for that. I suspect it's more a desire to show off each claw individually. Glenn Harris, though. It's strange. His first mini seems to be from 2008, and looks pretty decent. Not something I'd buy, but then again, male halflings isn't my cup of tea... (Not interested in the 2 Chronoscope minis either) Swiftpaw has kind of weird feet, and could really use a bit more fur texturing on the head, but is otherwise OK. Trilladour should be painted with a big target on his chest because the pose screams 'shoot me' Mistveil, in addition to the feet, seems to have somewhat 'flabby' arms.(I'm willing to attribute it to 'fluffed out' fur, though) But yeah, I bought it, so not too bad, really. (I hope I can hack the feet into shape somehow) Steelclaw really need to learn not to hold his shield that way. There's no protection in holding it like that. And yeah, his feet. His armor is pretty nondescript, which is actually good. Lots of opportunity to practice blending, freehand and anything else you want. He's on my 'maybe get one or two' list. His coming Azarmand, Catfolk barbarian looks pretty good, actually. I will probably get one when it's released. Tawnyll... Not certain if this is a male or female, really(and the tags doesn't reveal it), but the pose makes it uninteresting to me, even if it wasn't for the very splayed feet on this one. He looks as if he can create GOOD miniatures when he sets his mind to it, so I'll assume that he's 'coming up to speed' and that future minis from him will be good.
  12. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    In my commune we pay property tax. In some of the neighbouring communes they don't. And the rules are different(minimum valuebefore taxation, percentage and all that. ) With 60x the population, you'd expect that someone realised the importance to handling the data and money as efficiently as possible. As for unions. Yes, we have unions, and they're pretty strong, too. There's always been a policy that no one will be fired when new technology opens up for more efficient routines. Employees that loose their tasks will be retrained for other tasks, offered early retirement or other solutions. I know that some of those that used to sit in the DMV now anwers the phone and helps people do the tasks online, have retrained into doing practical(driving) exams, or in one case(a woman locally) trained to do roadside inspections on big rigs. (This task belongs to the DMV here, not the police) Most of them have ended up in positions with higher pay, even... (They won't lose their level of pay no matter what position they end up at) The revenue people are very, very happy not having to deal with horrible handwriting or having to track down missing account or payment paperwork. Now they can focus on looking for the real swindlers... Post office... The Norwegian post has closed most of their post offices... And that has resulted in better service... Because the office used to open at 8:30am and close at 5pm on weekdays, or even 4:30pm in the summer. Now we have 'post in store'(they outsource the work to a local grocery store) and they're open from 7am and close at 10 or even 11pm on weekdays. And even stay open on saturdays... The fact that they're now cutting down to 3 mail deliveries to the mailboxes along the streets and roads... Not a worry as long as I have the tracking code, because as long as I have that loaded into the tracking app I get told when my package is scanned in at the store, and is ready for pickup. No need to wait for the notice slip. (or go home and pick up the slip before hurrying to the po.office to pick it up)
  13. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Tax software? Why? When the time comes to file my income tax, I log in to the Norwegian income tax service's server, look over the pre-filled form, and make any changes I deem necessary, then save and 'send' it. Or I just don't bother, and it's auto-delivered with the already calculated values if I don't bother to log in and check. Yes, I got money back last year... And I think the year before... (banks and employers report electronically to the service, they get property ownership and cars and so on from public registers. And so on) Even better, any time I get money back(with better interest than my savings account... ) it goes straight to my bank account. All communication from them comes to my 'digital postbox'(secure email system where only validated senders such as government departments, banks and so on can send), so it's real easy to spot IRS fraud messages, too... Filing actual papers? Haven't done that in nearly 2 decades... And today I learned that our DMV now only handles 20% or 'ownership change' transactions when people sell cars. The rest is done online. (In 2016 they did 80% ) Not certain how many transactions they're talking about, but it freed up 50 employees to do other things. (Some were retrained for other jobs, some retired, some found jobs in private business. ) We have about 1.9Million cars here. You still have to visit them to get your license, but... while you're there you can also get your commercial drone pilot license... (They use small networked computers that loads a webpage for the theoretical test, and they realised that they could just load a different set of questions to take whatever type of test you needed... ) I wonder how that would scale for the USA.
  14. Gadgetman!

    Unruly tries to airbrush

    Don't click on the 'Downloads', just click at the store link without picking any selection in the drop-down menu. The zipped file will show up way down in the list... Just click on the 'Download product' link there to get the files.