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  1. Vallejo have a 'Model Air Thinner' specifically for this. A drop or two of that doesn't hurt, particularly on metals or other paints where you're worried that the pigment won't stay in suspension if you thin them enough to use in an airbrush.
  2. Honestly, he's trying to balance on a tightrope across a canyon, and haven't bothered to check if the ends are properly secured... Staying the Elf away from that one.
  3. Fulfilling

    Enough? What does that word mean?
  4. One issue with Marvel and DC is that they own Diamond so decide who is distributed, at horrendous rates. (Daniel Lieske, the creator of WormWorld has written about this on blogs. Google it. It's not suitable stuff to link here) I stopped buying DC and Marvel a long time ago. I suddenly realised I had to look at the cover to find out which super group or even Universe it was about... These days I only buy the good stuff. and mostly on Kickstarter. Books I recommend picking up is the collected years of Sabrina Online, the collected Ozy & Millie, the Digger Omnibus, Gold Digger... Sithrah, WormWorld, Precocious, Codename Hunter, DreamKeepers, Girl Genious. Schlock Mercenary(I only read it for the violence...), The Whiteboard, maybe Wapsi Square(it gets a bit weird and supernatural after a while) Well, I also buy Pondus, but that is't published in Englsih, except for a couple of Australian newspapers, I think. (It's not even close to being PC... The beer flows, the women are ugly, the soccer matches are... bloody... the golfing is horrendous and the dog is... yeah... )
  5. Vallejo have some nice mud effects.
  6. People still read X-men? Anyways, got the weekly news from Black Tree, and they've managed to find some old and forgotten stock, namely the 3rd Doctor from the DW1002B pack(Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Pterodactyl), DW605 Mestor, and DW716 Dragon Marque. No mention of how many they found, though, so... order quickly if you collect. I added a FA7121 Griffin to pad out my order a bit.
  7. So... what happens when that envelope goes through the sorting machine at the post office? I read Freefall, but don't know much chemistry.
  8. I believe that talk about that series belong in the horror films topic. What they did with Irene Adler belong in that thread, at least.
  9. Rename your buddy's character to Captain Oblivious... (Not a single Blue on him. I'm pretty cerrtain that's against code for Supers with 'Captain' in their codename) Lonestar Leather or Spruce Green for shade, and yeah, no... no idea for highlight for Dungeon Slime. Maybe a yellow?
  10. More archers with quivers on their hips instead of on their backs. Casters that points with their staffs when they cast instead of the silly 'hold it straight up and to the side' pose. They're the focus of their magic, might as well use it that way...
  11. I think I would have preferred to make it a little lighter in colour, but yeah, simple works very well on that one. It brings out the strength hidden in her, and the colour helps you notice the claws pretty quickly...
  12. Kaladrax is a dragon, so the correct term is DEATH FROM ABOVE! And yes, in all caps...
  13. It's quite OK to have a Belldandy shrine. I mean, she IS a Goddess after all. and smokin hot... Got the OVA and the TV Series, and just maybe a Manga or two. And a movie...
  14. In Dead Snow II they had a cop explain that the patrol car has a bad battery because they don't have sufficient funds to maintain it properly... (And frankly, that's way too believeable... Don't ask.) The car I drive at the office has an alcolock fitted. Unless we unplug the mouthpiece when we park it, it will drain the battery in 3 or 4 days at the most, and a week will kill the battery anyhow because of the hidden part of the alcolock. Also, on cold days itcan take up to 2 minutes from you plug in the handset and switch on the ignition before you can blow into the tube. And the unlocking part takes 5 seconds blowing, then 2 or 3 seconds before the analysis is done and the car ignition is unlocked. More than enough time for zombies to drive a tank over the car....