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  1. Most Fluo colours are kind of a disappointment, really. Works poorly from the beginning, then fades to nothing in just a couple of months unless you'revery careful.
  2. Gadgetman!

    Ondu III PInhole camera

    Trust me, the Ondu is much more fun than the Horizon... (Assuming you mean the Zenit Horizon) I know because I also have a Horizon, the 'perfect' edition. With those there's a good 10% chance the camera is broken before you even get it(Light seals around the drum is the weak point), and the story is that they shipped a whole year's production without the coating on the lenses... You wouldn't believe how sturdy tripod you need for that camera. (I have an Induro AKB2 with a heavy cast metal ball-head. No Aluminium or carbon fiber was used in the construction of that tripod... ) 645? As in Polaroid 645, the instant film? That requires a lot of very precise machinery around the cassette to spread the gel-like chemicals evenly. They did make some instant 135 slide film, though. It came with the chemicals in a separate cassette. After exposing the film, you placed the film and the chemical cassette in a processing machine and started cranking. One day I'll try a roll of the B/W film and se how it works. (probably not very well... the film had an expiry date back in the 70s... Yes, I have both films and the processor... )
  3. For those who doesn't remember... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70750-kaladrax-the-pinkolich-an-ub3r-showoff/&tab=comments#comment-1433659 That is one of the most awesome 7day challenges shown here, and also the most impressive use of pink ever!
  4. Gadgetman!

    Ondu III PInhole camera

    135 is for wimps. Also, it takes more than a couple of spool adapters to fit 135 film into the 6x17. (the back plane is curved, and the rails are too far apart for the 135 film to rest on. you'd need to fit additional rails for narrow film. And yeah, counting sprockets would be a pain... 120 film has paper backing with frame numbers written in, visible through a small, red window.)
  5. Gadgetman!

    Ondu III PInhole camera

    ww.kickstarter.com/projects/ondu-/ondu-iii-pinhole-cameras-perfect-shutter-snap-on-f About Imagine a camera with no lens, no focus, no mirror and definitely no batteries that can create images like this. No need to imagine anymore, it is here. This will change the way you think about light, time and memories. We have created the ONDU pinhole camera series MK III to reignite your spark in photography, and most of all to enable you to create captivating images with light in the simplest way possible. There's a lot of nice pictures on the project page. Enjoy them, then back the project. I own the very limited edition 'Box' from the first KS(less than 20 were made), and the 6x17 OnduRama from the second KS, and both are very nice cameras. They did have issues that caused delays back then(with getting the machinery delivered and so on), but they were pretty good at keeping backers updated. But now they have all the machines in the workshop, so I expect there won't be any big delays this time Necessary disclaimer; they considered me so helpful in the comments section that they gave me a 135 pocket camera as a bonus. so yeah, I may not necessarily be completely impartial.
  6. There's a few versions in the Inspiration Gallery. As it's an 'abyssal' dragon, I'd guess that colours associated with Death and decay should work... Or possibly pink...
  7. A spray booth is NOT an alternative to a respirator! I use a proper booth with a good fan and filters at the back, but I still find minute specks of paint on my hand after a paint session.
  8. Gadgetman!

    Return of Cleopatra - Dark Fable Miniatures

    I got mine today. The Anubis statues are impressive.
  9. The chinese stuff is hit and miss, mostly miss... I can't believe the difference between my 'store brand'(made in China ) and my Patriot... And the amount of cleaning and fiddling I had to do on the 'store brand' brush between sessions if I wanted it to keep on working. On the Patriot I just run some airbrush cleaner through it between clolours and before ending the session.
  10. Got a package from Germany today, containing a tin of PK-Pro Masking Putty(saw it demonstrated here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82969-ongoing-wip-thread/& ) ome files and stuff, and... a 10gram bag of Haribo Gummy bears. I didn't even know they made miniature gummy bears... Sorry, no pictures, but I can confirm that they tasted just as good as the normal sized ones... Now, to order some Nanobeams(5x5mm aluminium profiles with channels similarly to typical 20x20mm profiles) and some bracket and bits for them. Nice stuff for building things...
  11. Ordered the Orc Rock Band from Alternative Armies(this is the same set as made by Tabletop Games in the early 1980s, just restored to glory), and the Wyvern Kilane(200mm wingspan, and yeah, the 3 heroes in the pictures are actually included, they're not there just for scale)
  12. Gadgetman!

    Question on the Miniture Sizes

    Sizes... Miniatures comes in all shapes and sizes... really... But as you've probably noticed, they don't list a '1:72' or '1:35' value that's easy to understand. '28mm scale' means that a mini of a 'typical' (male?) human in that scale is 28mm tall from the bottom of their feet to their eyes. 'atypical' humans, giants, dwarves, dragonsnack(gnomes), elves and monsters can be taller or shorter, but still be considered the same 'scale'. 25 / 28mm seems to be the most videly used, with 32mm a good second place. 15/20mm is popular for some wargames with large units, and even down to 6mm scale is used for infantry. 54 and 75mm very rarely used for gaming, and is mostly for display. (There are also often made of resin, not Pewter or Reaper's Bonesium plastic) Those are scales, though. A 28mm SCALE giant may actually be larger than a 54mm scale human. Take a look at the topics in the kickstarter section, or the 'Aquisitions' thread in the Off-Topic section, and you'll find all sizes of minis show up regularly. Also, WELCOME! Don't feed Buglips the Goblin, check your sanity at the login prompt, and have a good time. Feel free to post in the Show off and WIP sections, and remember that we like pictures. The more the better. Purple text means some sort of joke. (This is expanded on in a thread in the Off-topic section)
  13. Scale75 just launched a set of fluorescents that is very tempting. But they don't have any info on how fade-resistant the paints are. (I sent them an email about it)
  14. I believe the tradition is to paint a Dragon with it... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70750-kaladrax-the-pinkolich-an-ub3r-showoff/
  15. Gadgetman!

    A Fair, a Robbery and a Promo Pack- by Artipia games

    The classic distraction trick. It's probably very difficult to protect against at such venues. I would suggest cameras, not accepting cash on any purchase over $10(who doesn't have a card or other electronic payment method these days?), and to keep everything locked down. Dropped $25 into the 'No reward - Every dollar counts' level.