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  1. Live

    I wonder why he set up the new user? Your displayed name can be edited, your bio, everything, really, so there's no need to get a new user on the KS Site.
  2. UberQuest is a free weekly Fantasy/Adventure/Sci-fi/Drama webcomic by Michael Corbett (Skidd) and Jessica Corbett (Phuufy). UberQuest takes place in a mystical realm known as Evyr. Inhabited by three races called Fera,Dahaki and Avions, along with various other creatures,monsters and humanoids. The story follows six protagonists, Sesame – a feisty rookie warrior, Kibbles a mage in training, Claire an inventor from another time-period that crash lands in Evyr, Farron a con-artist and traveling merchant, Mason a wary shy blacksmith and Kylar a high-ranking ranger. Sesame is on a quest to solve the truth behind the desolation of her homeland, seeking vengeance and answers she encounters various other adventurers and challenges along the way. Tensions rise as our heroes find themselves in the midst of a civil-war. Strange occurrences and terroristic attacks have been more frequent with the advent of such unrest.With various factions with questionable motives all fighting for power. Finding the clues to an ancient mystery that threatens to destroy the world as they know it.
  3. If they accepted it, then saw the contents and realised that it wasn't theirs, and still kept it, then they're still thieves, and valid targets for glitter bombs. EDIT: Padded envelopes works real nice for glitter bombs....
  4. Live

    What is it? Our first Libre Computer Board, code name Le Potato, is designed as a drop in hardware replacement for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and offers faster performance, more memory, lower power, higher IO throughput, 4K capabilities, open market components, improved media acceleration, removal of the vendor locked-in interfaces, and Android 7.1 support. This platform uses the latest technologies and is built upon proven long term available chips. It is supported by upstream Linux and has a downstream development package based on Linux 4.9 LTS that offers ready-to-go 4K media decoding, 3D acceleration, and more. It can be used to tinker with electronics, teach programming, build media centers, create digital signage solutions, play retro games, establish bi-directional video, and unlock imaginations. It is available in 1GB and 2GB configurations while utilizing a large existing collaborative ecosystem of parts for creators to build new and exciting products and services. Why is this project important? We coined the term "extensible embedded computing space" or EECS (or Electrical Engineering Computer Science?) to describe a market that is under-developed in proportion to its size and age. Professionals, enthusiasts, educators, students, and hobbyists have been creating alternative world-changing ideas utilizing inexpensive extensible computing infrastructure. We want this computing infrastructure to be open so that anyone can turn an idea into a product or service. We feel that the traditional barriers to entry for hardware and software, both in terms of cost and time, should be de-duplicated and scaled. We created this initiative called the Libre Computer Project to further this scalability via promoting and funding open hardware and software libre. They've passed the $25K funding goal (currently at $28K) with 3 days still to go. Yeah, I'm a backer.
  5. Fulfilling

    Guess what I intend to wear to work tomorrow...
  6. Got 'Kinda the Cheetah Woman' from Black Sun today. As usual, it's a wonderful casting in a plain, brown cardboard box. Also got my Groot Beer T-shirt today. ;-)
  7. fulfilling

    No, it's now 5:18pm in England, you wrote that when it was about 4pm, or about an hour after the time they stopped marking packages as shipped on the good days earlier this week.
  8. For Fantasy(can't remember which Edition), why not go 'By The Book'? (Lots of Cheesecake, though... lots... and lots... )
  9. Fulfilling

    He's now in the fulfilling stage. (I just got the PayPal invoice for shipping) A few backers have already gotten their minis.
  10. Funded

    Or give them nightcaps, and say they're sleepwalking? ;-) Coming soon...
  11. Live It's been 5 years since I began drawing Wuffle comics. Time flies! Now the series is over and I need your help to make the third and (kinda) final volume happen. So let's do it! Methinks the agents of W.O.O.F is trying some sort of Propaganda campaign...
  12. fulfilling

    And we're off to a flying start. with 37 orders out the door, they're now left with less than 1000 to go.
  13. Funded

    Yeah, this one is going to hurt. I thought that the 'dixons dozen' would be enough...
  14. Which colour did you use for shade in the white? You may want to look at MSP 9021 Snow Shadow as a possible shade colour for white. But yeah, wish I could do the white as well as you do...
  15. Live

    There exists examples of 'Proto Writing' from as far back as 6600BC. That doesn't cover cave paintings, though, which can be dated to 40.000 years ago. And many of those clearly have MEANING in them. And there's no reason to believe that the concept of 'writing' in any form came before a spoken language, no matter how primitive. Also, I thought it was illegal to export anything but finished products or 'stumps' of Ancient Kauri wood from NZ? (The Project originates in the UK?) And the Ancient Wood Ltd company is in the USA? While it's very beautiful wood, it's also a limited and very finite resource. I'm sitting this one out on principle.