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  1. What the BBC and the rest fails to realise is that Top Gear wasn't really a car show... (Boo, hiss, all inds of nasty sounds directed at me) It may have been about cars once, but eventually it ended up as 'Men being childish with expensive toys'. The fact that the toys happened to be cars is just a happy coincidence. No one ever really watched the show and hoped to see a serious test of a car, did they? No, they wanted to see Clarckson insult someone, May getting lost, and Hammond... being Hammond... Joey? Isn't that the guy with the vacant expression and drawn out drawl? (Honestly, to me he looks as if he's been smoking something he shouldn't) Nope, never watched a certain sitcom he was in, either, because he annoys the elf out of me.
  2. I plan on getting as many of the Sophie sculps as possible.
  3. It's in the FAQ area, There may be special rules there about who can or can't answer questions. (The nice people at Reaper want the answers to be correct, not our guesses and half-remembered bits)
  4. The wood shingles could do with a bit different colour, maybe slihtly brown, to differentiate it from the stonework, but the paintjob is beautifully done. I don't really do scenery pieces, but I'm beginning to regret not getting this one... It looks kind of awesome with paint on...
  5. That they do. They weren't impressed with me calling the gnomes 'Dragonfood', though... When thinking about it, gnomes aren't dragonfood. They're just snacks...
  6. Ginger teas are good... in very small doses and when I'm very, very sick... Sick enough to not notice what I'm drinking... My clutch lets me shift gears just fine... No, it's slipping when driving that's the issue. And THAT can really elf up the clutch plate. (And because I've had issues with id stalling out when idling, I've been 'riding the clutch' a lot lately) I ordered a new idler valve and a few other sensors together with the clutch cable.... Should I need a new plate, I can get that one locally. I could NOT get my cell-phone to work with the DJI Mavic, except when connected through the remote. Which really sucks because my phone is a CAT S40, and no, not only doesn't it fit physically in the clamps, but the USB-port is on the side, and rotated the wrong way for the cable that came with the remote. It flew well with the remote, though. But without a phone or something connected, I can't see the video feed. (I had it in 'beginner mode' so it wouldn't fly further off than 100feet in any direction) I even tried to fly into a few trees and bushes, only to have the remote buzzing and alerting me to 'obstacle'. I'll see if there's any usable footage in it later on. (It's got a gyro stabilized 4K movie camera... It better have good video... )
  7. Not everything called tea is actually a tea. Rooibos for example is how they get rid of weeds in Africa... They ship it to unsuspecting buyers in other parts of the world... Quick tip from the garage; if your original clutch-cable had an automatic adjuster on it, it's NOT a good idea to replace it with a cheap third-party cable without an adjuster... Also, I really, really hope I haven't fried my clutch because I have a transversely mounted engine in my car, and that translates to 'never ever room to get to anything down deep'... (New cable, and a couple of other bits, mostly sensors have been ordered) Now... I'm getting myself a good cup of tea(Indian Chai this time), before I head out and try to crash a very, very expensive DJI Mavic Pro... (I've crashed every copter, quad or 'drone' I've ever gotten my hands on... Lets hope this one has enough onboard smarts to survive) EDIT: Also, Western movies are supposed to be bad! Nothing better to watch than a classic Spaghetti Western with the Clint as the lead actor...
  8. Posts mentioning Discworld Licensing have been removed by the mods, but not the original question. (They aren't considered relevant to this topic. I expect this one to also be deleted.) Mods; please edit the first DW post with a comment.
  9. Live Text Link because picture is a bit too non-PG. This is a miniature set featuring the Goblin King being carried around by his burly orc goons, as he flaunts his girls and his gold. The set fits well into any 28mm heroic to 32mm fantasy miniature setting. This set can be easily be the center piece to any goblin army.
  10. Funded

    That one, I'd buy in any material. Except Fudge... (because even if it's an awesome material, it doesn't transport well after shaping)
  11. Did a little bit of shopping... Reapercon Swag bag, Reapercon Sophie, and some Clockenbooty(Casiatta, not the Bones Cassiatta, 2001 Christmas Sophie, Dancing Girls, Dwarf Forge Mistress), and a couple of Anirion (both Bones and Metal, because the one in my LTPK... could use a bit of support of his peers... ) Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 2x Lysette Happy Halloween! Your order has received a Ghoulie Bag! It also got me free worldwide shipping.
  12. A set of 13 detailed male & female 28mm scale gnome miniatures, suitable for all your Fantasy miniature games, from Midlam Miniatures. About this project The Baron of Midlam, on dealing with the matter of the 'Winter Adventurers' returned home to Midlam Manor, to a most alarming sight. For there, at the end of his estate, at the bottom of the garden, was a hill, where previously, there had been no hill. Fortunately the Wizard Gudgrief had accompanied him, and was quick with sage advice. "I fear my Lord, that you have a mild infestation of gnomes, the common or garden sort. Quite harmless, I assure you... " The Baron did not look best pleased, for this was Midlam Manor, his supposedly secret retreat, far from the hustle and bustle and plotting and scheming of Midlam Town. And now there were gnomes here. Gudgrief, sensing the Baron's dismay was quick to step in. "You'll find they are no bother, indeed, they are good at tending gardens so they team with flowers, will protect your grounds from wild animals and alert you to the coming of foes. Other than that, you'll hardly know they are here... harrumph, apart from the hills of course... they do so like to build hills..." Midlam Miniatures are pleased to present a collection of thirteen 28mm scale figures, for all of your Fantasy games. There are a variety of both male and female gnome miniatures.
  13. You need to have been logged in as a member on the site to be able to edit or remove a pin, but you can add one as a guest...
  14. Please tell that the elf? with the kitty cat is available to buy somewhere...
  15. People still celebrate halloween? Here in Norway they've already been setting up the stands with Christmas goodies in the stores, so there's not all that much room for a certain even-more-commercialized-than-Christmas celebration...