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  1. Yeah, I have a few samples that Reaper USA added to orders, but what about the UK site? It is a big part of the fun with ordering directly from Reaper, that they sometimes add a little surprise like that. It would be a shame if that doesn't also happen with orders from the UK site.
  2. That apple seller must have very strong hands. That tray must have more than a Kg of apples on it, in addition to the weight of the tray itself, and he's holding it level one-handed.
  3. I wonder if Reaper will ship 'samples' over to the UK site, also. Today I got a PSU PCB for my old Samsung 46" TV. (It's incredible what you can find on eBay) The TV is repaired and tested OK. But I already have the replacement mounted on my livingroom wall, so it's kind of not needed... I'm thinking of building some sort of stand for it(I threw away the stand it came with years ago when I mounted it on the wall), and give it to my sister. She's only got a 'dumb' LCD, and could use something a bit better. Oh, and I got my swag bag. And the Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea 2 set(It has Sophie in it, do I need other reasons?) and another RCon SOphie, a Catfolk Rogue... The bag contained last years colours, and while rhey're nice, I already have those, so email is off to Reaper, and replacement set has already gotten postage. (The usual superefficient service from Reaper. I love dealing with pros)
  4. I got a Air regulator and waterfilter, some fittings and 10' of airbrush hose in the mail today. Now I just need a fitting to connect it to the compressor in the garag.
  5. Gadgetman!

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    That was what I found, also.
  6. I just finished the fifth and(currently) last book in the Dreamhealers series by M.C.A Hogarth. It's about Jahir, a member of a reclusive race(Eldrich) who has decided to study Psychology at one of thr Alliance's better Universities, and on his first day there he happens to meet Vasicht'h, a member of a race that is about as different from his as is possible, and of course they become friends. (wouldn't be a story if not) The fist two books is about their ending up as roomies, then friends, then find that they're developing a psychic link called a Mindline. In the 3rd book they're setting up practice at a large space station, and have to battle prejudice and distrust because of their unconventional methods. In the 4th book, Jahir has been studying on the side and is ready to get his nurse's certification, they decide to go to a 'holiday planet' and while he's up on the obiting station taking his exams, his partner is down on the surface testing out brightly coloured drinks and attractions. Of course something happens. A big storm blows in and wrecks a large area, Jahir skips out of the exam to 'pad down' to the surface to search out his partner and offer what help he can. In the fifth book, they travel to Jahir's homeworld(Alliance members doesn't even know where it is. Yeah, they're backwards, reclusive and rather xenophobic) and... no, not going to spill it. Vasiht'h ends up with a new name... Jahir is a member of the Eldrich, which were once human, but they split a long time ago, and they're keeping that knowledge secret. In fact to get them to join, the Alliance had to agree upon a computer censoring program known as 'the veil' that rather effectively strips any real info about the Eldrich off of most Alliance computers. What is known about them though is that they're touch espers. Touch them and they'll see your innermost thoughts. In fact the Eldrich abhors this ability. Vasicht'h is a Glaseah, a strange mix. They're centauroids, with furry bodies, small batlike wings(not suitable for flying) and featherlike protrusions on their ears. They're genetically modified from 'proto centaurs' made by Humanity thousands of years ago. They're also espers, but doesn't hesitate to use their ability(they have ethics, though) and because of some quirk of their cobbled together mess of genes, they mostly don't have the drive to propagate the species. (They do it because of duty.) Actually, besides a few real aliens, the rest of the Alliance consists of 'the pelted'(of which the Glaseah is just one race) that can all be traced back to being created as labour, sex slaves and who knows what by Humanity. Oh, and Humanity has also been invited into the alliance. There's a lot of history tidbits in the books. There are also drawings, and recipes... (kerinne, cookies, candy... ) The books are mostly feel-good slice-of-life, but captivating. These books have made me miss dinner once, and my tea has gone cold on me also. Incidentally, M.C.A Hogarth is the author of 'Spots the Space Marine'(no furries in that book) that got the high and mighty at a certain games company to get their panties in a twist...
  7. My Swag bag stopped by Germany this weekend. and landed in Malmø, Sweden today. Give it another week. and I may have it in my hands... if the Norwegian post can be bothered to do their job...
  8. Gadgetman!


    I have over 200 computers in my attic(from the smallest REXX creditcard-sied PDA, via portables such as the Osborne, to 'iron' such as an SGI Indigo2 and SUN UltraSparc, and Macs... and... and... ), probably even more Sci-fi and Fantasy books than I have minis(yet), a couple dozen jigsaw puzzles, from 1000piece up to 6000(A 1000 piece is an evening's entertaiment, a 2K will last me a weekend, 3K takes the weekened and a few evenings... 6K... is still unfinished, but packaged carefully with sections on cardboard in lots of zip-lock bags). As for the 'not good enough to paint...' I've bought doubles or even triples of some of the minis I'm a bit leary of painting. And for practicing new techniques, I have heaps of Tehnolog figures from russia.
  9. Also, be careful about which undercoat you use. A white or grey primer is not a good idea with the dark metallics.
  10. If you get R&Co brushes, thy also have some nice synthetic filberts good for large, flat areas or drybrushing. (but not allowed in a 7day challenge, of course)
  11. Gadgetman!

    new Pathfinder minis

    Pathfinder is owned by Paizo, and from what I understand, it's they who decide what to release and when.
  12. How good are the main paints? The bottles, and particularly the caps reminds me a lot of the cheap Chinese bottles I use for stuff(Water, acetone-free nailpolish remover, some mixes and so on), and there the tip of the dropper tends to split.
  13. Gadgetman!

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    I think I have the clad one... (Don't have my spreadsheet here)
  14. Gadgetman!

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Is that a Sophie that I don't own? (I wasn't in on Bones I, or even II, and only got into III after the fact) My opinion on exclusives... In games the exclusives should only be minor advantage, or possibly a fancier, more detailed item, not a 'game winner' or big advantage. Giving out 'game winners' or similar is just going to annoy players that come late to a new game. (I wouldn't be surprised to see tournaments where they ban 'exclusives' from the games entirely) Oathsworn's Burrows and Badgers Kickstarters usually have an exclusive, cast in Resin. The last was a mole Monk, I think. Not exactly a gamechanger... They're just a cool bonus and their way of saying 'we love you all'. Boutique minis... Here I really don't understand what the project creators are thinking. They spend hours upon hours to create a marvellous piece of work, then they decide to limit the number to whoever few in the KS decide to buy it. On some they probably barely cover the cost of resin, the mold and the work doing the casting. Greebo's Legacy Vault? This is barely better. There's this tiny sliver of hope that one day they'll cast another few to sell, and that if you missed it the first time, you may be lucky... some time in the future... if you find them at a con or something.