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  1. Fulfilling

    They're still working... 1074 now. Guys, this is above and beyond the call of duty.
  2. Fulfilling

    you need to get her a folding trolley... And we just passed 900!
  3. I imagine him him driving up to the pearly gates in the Volvo 1800, getting out and brushing an imaginary speck of dirt off his immaculate dress, ignore the halo St. Peter is trying to hand him and instead pull one out of his pocket, then saunter through the gates as if he owned the place.
  4. Fulfilling

    And now it's back to 0 again.
  5. So, pick up a few extra bottles and mix paint in those. That way you will have more of that colour for later minis or touchup. (If you search a bit you can find dropper bottles down to 5ml or even smaller, but the smallest ones doesn't have the removable tip, and they're generally crap quality. It would be nice with a Reaper line of 'mixup bottles in 5 or 10ml... )
  6. Yeah, it's 'tradition'. ( Tradition = what we do because we've always done it that way, don't care that there'a better way and can't remember why we're doing it this way anyway) Because a lot of people started out painting model kits from Revell, Airfix and so on, and used those Humbrol paint pots. I'm trying, unsuccessfully so far, to get my brother to switch from the brush-killing swill in old metal pots...
  7. When Reaper uploads a picture of it, I assume. Lots of days left of May, yet...
  8. Open pots allows more air in, so paint dries out quicker, even if you have it open only for a moment. Also, some may not close properly so the fluids are still allowed to evaporate. While you may have issues with bottles not sealing perfectly, either, the area that is left unsealed is miniscule compared to the same situation on a pot. Bottles also allows for much greater precision when mixing paints. So yeah, quite a few of us transfer other paints from pots to dropper bottles.
  9. I'm sorry, but it's NSFW...
  10. Fulfilling

    60 hours work-week? You, and probably everyone else at Reaper, have deserved to have nice, quiet weekend! Would I like to start painting the Bones 3 minis? Sure... But I have 20 Bones minis from Reaper already, Kaladrax among them, waiting to be painted. I have 20 Warlord minis, 20 specials, 20 Dark Heaven Legends. There's 20 from Dark Sword, 20 from Oathsworn, another 20 Bombshells, there another 20 from Hasslefree, 20 from Ganesha, and definitely 20 Dr. Who related minis, all waiting to be painted. I think I can wait a few days... or years... May I suggest that anyone who has any 'issues' with reaper please be a bit more diplomatic about it? And to learn how to be diplomatic...
  11. The Honda Fit, known as the Jaz in Scandinavia because someone spoiled our fun and revealed to the Honda executives what 'Fit' sounded like here... Tents... Every few years? I think I've had mine for a decade now... ;-) I hope it came with proper pegs, not those soft steel wire pins they like to foist upon the unawares. (I use triangular aluminium profiles. The first time you hit a rock, or just hard soil, you'll understand why they're worth it)
  12. There was a leaaflet that came with my tent that explained that the seams would leak very slightly the first time it was exposed to rain, but after that the seams would swell up and seal the holes. (my tent is a Fjellräven Akka Shape) What I look for in a tent is ease of assembly(it can even be assembled in a storm...) Watertightness (4000mm watercolumn on outer cover, 10000 on bottom. Yeah, you can just about camp under a waterfall) Ventilation(this disallows single-cloth designs for obvious reasons. On my tent, all vents can be opened and closed from the inside.) Weight(1.5Kg without rods, 2.2Kg with them) Flame proof... (The fabric of my tent can be melted, but is very difficult to actually set on fire) Compact packaging.(packs down to a bundle smaller than a light sleepingbag in a compression bag) Tents with taped seams? Stay the elf away! The seams are not waterproof on their own, and the tape will fail sooner or later, either by the glue failing, or the tape 'rotting' because it's not UV stable. I've used too many cheap 'igloo' type tents to ever, ever use one again, so I spent $500 on something decent for once. Never regretted it. I have a couple of reasonably modern bags with dfferent temperature ratings, but I also have a pair of post-war ex-military bags with Kapok filler, and keep one of those in my car if I'm driving anywere in the winter. This because Kapok fibers will insulate even if they get wet.
  13. And where will you fit your MSP HD or MSP Bones colours? Or Vallejo paints, Scale75... The odd little Coat D'arms washes...
  14. A but unusual colourscheme, but nice. You don't have a Sirforcale? B-but...
  15. 13K miles? What are the roads in your area made of? Lava, glass or sandpaper? I would expect decent tires to last for double that, at least, and the roads here in Norway are known to be 'abrasive'. Unless you're using 'all year' tires, of course. (They have a softer rubber mix to handle cold weather driving. Too soft for hot summers... )