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  1. Gadgetman!

    Kuzunoha, the fox of Shinoda by Elder Forge

    Not too happy about the parasol handle, but the rest is... yeah... that...
  2. As a computer professional, I have some tips... Shoot to kill anyone suggesting CD or DVD as a storage medium. An improperly-stored DVD can be unreadable in less than 2 years. Sometimes as short as 6 months! (Direct unlight is the worst offender) In the business we have the 3,2,1 rule. Store anything you want to keep AT LEASt 3 places, on at least 2 differnt physical media, and at least one out of the house. (I keep a 4TB HDD at the office... ) If you want dependable long-term storage you may need to look for a tape format. LTO is te current choice for most professionals. (We shoot those suggesting DAT) It's a bit costly, though. The old QIC tapes(and their more modern versions) aren't as bad as many would claim, but there's the issue of drivers or evn interface cards to get them to work on newer machines. If you're serious about this, consider a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system with 3 or more drives that support RAID5. (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks... ) RAID come in many flavours, and it may be difficult to understand the differences... RAID 0 - Doesn't live up to the 'R'' part. It just lumps two or more disks together. Usually used for 'scratch' disks for temp files when editing video. Not for serious use. RAID 1 - Morroring. The disks are paired, and mirror each other. Good fault tolerance, but wastes 50% of the disk space... RAID 5 - Striping with parity. Data is striped over several drives, and a complex parity code is generated and stored with it. You lose the capacity of one disk in the set, so you need at least 3 drives for this. 'wastes' 33% or less. Very common on servers, but not as the system disk. Parity generation slows down writes a bit. Any one of the disks can fail, and the missing data can be reconstructed from the remaining disks. Rebuilding the data from the failed disk can take a long time on largge disks. (it was typically 4Hours on 300GB SAS - that's SATA's grownup brother, with 15K rotation disks) RAID 6 - similar to 5, but minimum os 4 disks, you lose the capacity of 2 disks, but it tolerates 2 failed drives at the same time. This is what most large datasenters use. If you use a NAS as 'onsite but off computer' storage, make a habit of disconnecting it in the file explorer when not in use. You know, just in case a Crypto virus comes by. Other tips... Seen those little binders that coin collectors use? They're perfect for storing SD cards. Why bother with deleting the pictures on them? It's not as if they're expensive... Just copy the pictures off them, then put them in the binder and store it securely.
  3. Gadgetman!

    Maya the Darkroom timer

    I found this rather fascinating project that might be of interest to others interested in the darker arts of photography... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/maya-the-only-darkroom-timer-you-ll-ever-need/x/10803452#/ The Darkroom Timer with the most useful features: -Countdown timer -F-Stop adjustments -Test Strip mode with F-Stop control -Dodge and burn actions based on F-Stops -Auto time-compensation for dry-down, toning, aperture and paper size changes -Safelight and room light control -Film development timer -Metronome -Modular hardware with add-ons, buttons and switches -...and many more! Yet at the same time, The Darkroom Timer with the cleanest, most intuitive and informative interface ever! I'm backing for a black with quad power outlets and 2 buttons. The outlets are for controlling safelights, room light, the enlarger. He's also going to make it Open Source afterwards. My old mechanical timer is kind of iffy, so I needed a new one, anyway.
  4. Gadgetman!

    Confrontation: Classic

    You think? But there's so many of those that we'll neverbe ableto guess who!
  5. Gadgetman!

    Life Of the Party: Volume 3 - Into the Dungeon

    And I'm in, too.
  6. Gadgetman!

    Confrontation: Classic

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch... I wonder who's taking them down?
  7. Gadgetman!

    28mm Lesser Goblin Horde

    Goblins aren't really my thing, but... I have bought from Splintered Light before (An Ice Dragon and some Hedgerows & Heroes units... still needs painting... ), and the quality of the minis are good.
  8. Gadgetman!

    The Short, the Shortest and the Bulky - Wolfbane-art

    If you absolutely have to have 'KS exclusives', make them 'will never show up in my webstore, but will probably show up in later kickstarters'...
  9. You have cheap brushes to practice on... Do that. That soap will last you a long time anyway.
  10. Prepare to be... flabbergasted... There's a world of difference between cheap synthetics and proper Kolinsky sable brushes. (But be warned, not all Kolinsky's are the same. They differ in length and width of the 'belly' and other details, so a brush that suits one person may not suit you. I went through Both Rapael and W&N before settling on Rosemary & Co Series 33 ) Do you have a brush soap? (Regular soap is 'not good' for the hairs)
  11. Gadgetman!

    MOMminiaturas: Mercenaries

    They have a few nice minis on their homepage, but it's only in Spanish... (The domain seems to have been registered back in 2014, so it's possible they've been around a few years)
  12. Gadgetman!

    WIP - Learn to Paint Kit (Core Skills)

    You claim no experience in painting/arts... Yeah, I think you're bluffing... The wear wou've worked into that weapon is awesome. I have to try that sometime. In case no one has warned you and you haven't read the 'welcome' topic in the off-topic area... Purple means that it's a joke. We use Goblin Math for all the most important things in life(such as how many minis or paints we own.) and in Goblin math the largest number is 20. (Unless the goblin in question has lost a finger or toe... ) So we never have more than 20 minis, we never have more than 20 paints... and the gamers definitely never have more than 20 games. Check out the 'Mini Exchanges and Pint Contests' for some more fun, but be wary if anyone wants you to do a 7 day' or 'Goblin challenge'. (They were invented by Buglips the Goblin, and is basically to paint a very large mini in 7 days or less, using nothing larger than a #0 brush... )
  13. Gadgetman!

    Reaper weapon packs - anyone know if metal or plastic?

    80s and 90s minis are more likely to be 25mm scale, rather than 28 - 32mm or Heroic scale as is used today. (measure from the bottom of the feet to eyeheight of a typical male human mini to find scale) Weapons pack 7 shows a ruler that will help decide if they are suitable for your minis. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/weapons pack/latest/03447 Oh, and we expect lots of pictures of the minis after they've been restored to their former glory and (hopefully) painted...
  14. I have 'a few' of the smallest size of those clamps... Be very careful when clamping foamcore as it's very easy to apply more pressure than needed with them. (use scrap pieces of foamcore to pad out where the clamp grips) Just beautiful.