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  1. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Pick the biggest items first. Not only are those the units with the biggest expected saving over retail, but they're also the ones that may be delayed into retail because of packaging issues. They're also the ones that are most likely to disappear as soon as the initial production run is sold out.
  2. The Problem with Female Miniatures

    Wonder no more. Yes, it IS a Wiebe sculpt. According to the website;
  3. Thrym's Tough Decision Day

    There's a reason why most companies never press charges against an ex-employee for stealing, and it's that it looks bad on them. No publicity is bad publicity is NOT correct in these situations. It's one thing to do it when they toss the moron out, it's quite another thing to do it later. "They took how long before they realised he stole all that? What kind of bookkeeping are they doing, really?"
  4. Into The Forest - Resin Fantasy Minis and Busts

    I think I prefer my minis and busts a bit more old-school...
  5. Female werewolves

    No, no, no.... That was my wallet, whimpering...
  6. Spaceship toys. What primer to use?

    Try washing them in Isopropyl Alcohol first. (I'm assuming that you've already washed them with dishwashing soap and afterwards rinsed the mthoroughly)
  7. Is your fridge running ?

    I'm lucky that where I live we sort our trash into separate dumpsters; Paper and cardboard in one, food waste in one, glass and metal(jars and cans mostly, that is, food containers, not drinking glasses, cups, or car parts) and 'the rest'. Plastic packaging goes in a transparent sack. So my grease is left to solidify, then gets scraped off and into a biodegradable plastic bag used for food waste and placed in the correct dumpster.
  8. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Napoleon is at least partially responsible for the start of the computer revolution! During his reign they needed lots of fabrics such as Brocade, woven with special patterns for his armies. That forced through automatisation of the French weaving industry and the creation of the Jacquard loom(uses linked punch cards for programming. ), and that in turn is said to have been a big influence on Charles Babbage.
  9. Is your fridge running ?

    To instead make a larger clog later on? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/aug/06/fatberg-london-sewer-grease-blockage
  10. If the local store doesn't have them, why not ask them if they can get them? Who knows, you may end up liking them more than Reaper's paints? (I love Reaper's Bones paints, but I reently got hold of the Scale75 Metal & Alchemy Golden paint set, and after trying it, yeah, I also ordered the Copper and Steel sets. The Bones metallics just can't compete) The store I usually shop from here in Norway didn't have ANY Reaper paints when I started. (Mostly Army Painter, Vallejo and some Citadel stuff) These days they have the big sets, and even the LTPKs. Would they have had it if I hadn't asked? (I bought the full Bones paint set, and the LTPK: Layer Up kit from them)
  11. The Problem with Female Miniatures

    DSM aim for the collector/painter, not the gamer markets, really, so they prioritise differently when designing minis. They can split a mini into more parts in order to make better castings, while Reaper often need to keep it in one piece to make it cheaper and more attractive to gamers. The same with the heads and arms. Smaller heads are more difficult to paint so takes more time. thinner arms are more 'correct', but won't stand up to the same amount of abuse. Yeah, I love them, but at the same time... I still haven't managed to paint more than ONE DSM mini yet(Brave Sir Robin, Scaredy Cat... Not exactly like one of the females in one of their Masterworks series... ) and have The Scribe of Westeros 'half done'(It has been like that for a year now).
  12. If you like the SW paints, why not just get them instead of trying for equivalents? I haven't heard anything bad about them, and it's not as if you'd be denied access here if you used them. If there's metal in the Old Oil, it means your engine is busted...
  13. Is your fridge running ?

    This is why sinks and showers should have 'child protection' locks that blocks you from setting a too high temperature. That way you CAN have a proper, hot tank and avoid bacteria farming.
  14. Is your fridge running ?

    Not much will grow in a tank that's at 75 degrees Celsius(167 F) or higher all the time. That even kills the Legionella bacteria.
  15. Is your fridge running ?

    Hm... Flushing the water heater isn't something we do here in Norway. But then again, hard water isn't an issue, either. Fuse box. Never just assume that because flipping the breaker and seeing the light go out in a room that everything in that room is OFF. Always check with a voltmeter before messing with an outlet. If you're the least bit uncertain, flip the main intake breaker. Automatic breakers, voltage filters and Ground-fault interruptors; (All the stuff typically found in a modern fusebox) These need to be flipped once every year or you risk that they get sticky. Ground faults can kill, so keep that interruptor working! It does NOT hurt to add a floorplan to the papers in the fusebox. Mark all the outlets and such on it and write in fuse numbers. If anything is 'weird', write it down, also. What worries me is that I really need to de-ice my freezer... Yeah, should have done that in the winter time.