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  1. Gadgetman!

    Black Friday Deals

    According to a Google search, he was 30010. So yeah, he slipped by me. Not that he was ever that interesting to me. They have said that 'all' the old Master Series would return, with new SKUs, but I don't believe that before I see a certain 12" tall resin cast back in the store... As for The Grudge, I think that's just a limited time offer because someone at Reaper decided to be awesome, and that his proper return is a way off yet. Again, that's just idle speculation from my side. BTW; have anyone already mentioned Kabuki's 30% off sale?
  2. Gadgetman!

    Black Friday Deals

    My guess is that it'll disappear again as soon as the sale is over. Reaper has stated that the minis in the Master Series will be brought back as part of their other lines(Dark Heaven Legens, Chronoscope) and with new SKUs, but as for now I believe only one has actually done the transition yet. (30016 Dark Maiden is now 3903) As this one is selling with the old SKU, it clearly hasn't done the transition, so yeah... you want it, you grab it as quickly as posssible.
  3. Gadgetman!

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Found a package in the mailbox today! Now to cross off another KS as fulfilled in my list. :-)
  4. Gadgetman!

    Black Friday Deals

    Everyone has probably already gotten their Greenstuffworld newsmail about 15% off of everything in their store...
  5. Gadgetman!

    What do you do with your hobby related ephemera?

    I'd like to point out that candy isn't 'ephemera'... To be that it must last longer than it takes to inventory the rest of the contents of the box.
  6. Gadgetman!

    What do you do with your hobby related ephemera?

    I dump it all into a big cardboard box... The. when it nears full, I sort through it and remove duplicate cards and stack the rest nicely so that they take less space. One day I expect that I'll use a ring binder with A4-sized plastic pockets to organise the cards, stickers and buttons. Or just get a bigger cardboard box...
  7. Today I got a 9pack of 'Formcard' in the mail. (Found it on IGG) Some sort of plastic that can be heated in hot water until it becomes pliable and used to make or mend all kinds of things. The genious about these compared to other products is that these are the size and shape of a credit card, just a bit thicker, so that you can keep one in your wallet.
  8. I've been a fan of this comic for nearly a decade now... And now its finally going to end up in my bookshelf! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/novil/sandra-and-woo-10-years-anthology-art-book/description About 10 years! Over 1000 comics! One book! ... No, wait, two books!! (+ art prints) And I’m super happy with how they turned out! Update [11 November 2018] International shipping of the books is now available!! Scroll down to the chapter “International Shipping” for all the details! Sandra and Woo readers have been asking me for a printed version for years. Now, it’s finally here, the Sandra and Woo: 10 Years anthology! It collects all 1031 comics that have been published so far. Check out the following infographic for all of its features: I guess that almost all visitors of this page are familiar with Sandra and Woo. If not, here is a short introduction to the comic strip: Sandra and Woo is a comedy webcomic about love, food, raccoons and other important stuff. Written by Oliver Knörzer (“Novil”) and drawn by Puri Andini (“Powree”), it mostly consists of short story arcs about the adventures of middle-schooler Sandra North, her talking raccoon, Woo, and their friends. You can see some of our best comics on the following pages: [1], [2], [3], [4]. Here you can see six sample pages from the anthology (pages 19, 184, 265, 334, 444, and 547): 6 sample pages from "Sandra and Woo: 10 Years" I carefully selected sketches and illustrations by Powree to fill the “holes” in the layout left by the irregular sizes of many comics. The anthology features a preface about the history of Sandra and Woo. Many of the comments below the comics include web links for further reading. Our editor Chris made sure that the English text contains no errors. But that’s not all! I also decided to publish an art book that collects illustrations of Sandra and Woo characters drawn by Powree and 50 other artists, The Art of Sandra and Woo. Most of the artwork by other artists was drawn as commissions or as entries for our yearly fanart contests. Check out the following infographic for the features of the art book: Here you can see six sample pages from the art book: 6 sample pages from "The Art of Sandra and Woo" Powree and Fredy Siloy are currently coloring over a dozen drawings for the art book that have only been available in black and white until now. A few drawings will stay in black and white because they look better this way. I carefully arranged all illustrations so that all adjacent pages have a common theme, art style or particularly pleasing color scheme. All featured artists are listed in the preface. They will receive a fair share of the profits of the art book which they agreed to beforehand. The special editions of the books come with a sketch in form of a stencil, a good fit regarding the graffiti theme of the cover. For this, I will use undiluted high-quality acrylic paint and apply it to the interior side of the cover page with a sponge brush. Beneath the stencil, I will add my signature and my favorite catchphrase from the comic: “Freedom! Justice! Cookies!” Hand-made stencil inside the special editions Several reward tiers include the PDFs of the books. The PDFs will be DRM free. The resolution in each dimension will be half of the resolution of the original PDFs used for printing. As a little goodie, I will also include the PDF of our first book that was published in 2009, Sandra and Woo 1: The Woo. If you not only want to put Sandra and Woo into your bookshelf, but also on your wall, you can get a set of art prints (mini posters). The art prints are 17 x 11 in (43 x 28 cm) large and UV coated. The set of 5 art prints contains the following ones: The set of 11 art prints contains the ones above plus the following ones: All books and art prints will be printed by Ka-Blam, a print-on-demand comic book print shop. Over the years, they have shipped over 150,000 orders and printed more than 3 million comic books. I’ve received sample copies of the anthology and the art book and I’m very pleased with the print quality! I’m particularly fond of the black and white line art of the comics. The lines are sharp, have the correct thickness and no aliasing effects. In addition, the paper is thick and has a pleasant, slightly shiny, white color. Before receiving the sample copies, I was concerned about the binding of the 550 page omnibus. But the binding also makes a very solid impression. Therefore, I saw no need to publish the anthology in two volumes. My sample copy of the anthology Ka-Blam will also be responsible for shipping all orders. I’m sure they can do it much faster and better than I could. The anthology and the art book will be ready to be printed before the end of this Kickstarter campaign! If all goes well, Ka-Blam should be able to ship the first books just a few days after the end of this Kickstarter campaign. Note that the covers for the special editions first have to be sent to me so that I can add the sketch and signature. After that, I have to send the covers back to Ka-Blam. Since Ka-Blam is located in the United States and I’m located in Germany, this will add at least a month to the total fulfillment time. If fast delivery is your top priority, you should rather get the standard editions of the books. Why does the campaign last longer than the usual 30 days? The weeks before Christmas are always very hectic. Ending my first Kickstarter campaign right during the most stressful time of the year just didn’t sound like a good idea. I wouldn’t have been able to promise a delivery in December anyway. International shipping outside the U.S. is available for the books as well! These books won’t be printed by Ka-Blam, though. Instead, they will be printed by the well-known German print shop Wir-machen-Druck.de. They will then be sent to the backers by the German fulfillment agency Aimplify.com. The shipping costs of all reward levels are: Germany: 5€ (~ $6) European Union: 10€ (~ $11) Other countries: 15 € (~ $17) In comparison, sending the books from the U.S would have cost 46€ (~ $53)! The art prints are not available for international shipping since Wir-machen-Druck.de doesn’t offer this product category. The profits (after all expenses for printing, shipping, etc.) will be used in the following order: Pay the shares of the artists featured in the art book. Pay Powree for her work on Sandra and Woo and Gaia. Increase the prize money for the upcoming massive Sandra and Woo 10 Years Artwork Contest! Risks and challenges Since the books are ready to be printed and Ka-Blam is an experienced comic book publisher, the risks involved in this project are very low. I currently see the following risks: • There’s currently no backup plan for the worst-case scenario of Ka-Blam’s printing plant burning down (or Ka-Blam going bankrupt). In this improbable case, I would look for alternative printing companies located in the United States that could fulfill the Kickstarter campaign. • I don’t know yet how sturdy the plastic piece used for the stencil is. If it breaks (multiple times), this will lead to a delay of the special editions. • I’ll go on a month-long vacation to Japan from the mid of March 2019 to the mid of April 2019. In case we get a very large amount of orders for the special editions, this could lead to a further delay.
  9. Gadgetman!

    Minis we would like to see

    It would be rather difficult to do non-asterix minis as they're so... distinctive... (And Reaper seems... hesitant to license much. ) There's a race of catfolk in Dr Who, also. (Cat nuns run a hospital on New New New New.... Earth, in Season28 or about then.) Yeah, so Cat nuns...
  10. Gadgetman!

    Reichbusters: Projekt Vril

    I might want the Dieselpunk Mecha, but the rest is of no interest.
  11. Gadgetman!

    Christmas special edition minis

    If Reaper decide to gift-wrap some coal and send to their customers, create a paint that will be exclusive to this year's christmas, or anything in between, then that's entirely up to them. (And remembering the 'coal' or the rock they've included in specials before... mine are still blisterpacked. ) I notice that the Holidays paint set is back in the Previews. There's some lovely colours in that box. ;-)
  12. Gadgetman!

    Canada is closed (well postaly anyway)

    The rotating strikes is supposed to be as disruptive as possible without actually taking down the service altogether. Not certain how it is in Canada, but here in Norway, if a 'critical service' was taken out completely it wouldn't take long before it resulted in a compulsory salary committee. So the trick is to cause enough havoc that the opposition is forced to negotiate again, but without completely disrupting everything. Also, there's rules as to who can 'take over' the tasks belonging to someone on strike. (In some countries, only the direct supervisor can take over. ) So taking out someone who has a 'moderately critical' position can force the immediate superior to have to take over that task, or risk everything getting even more swamped. And that impacts his normal duties. Incidentally, my old boss(retired now) was a member of the same union as me, and during the last conflict we both ended up picked to strike at the same time. It was weird... Anyway... Not all services are on strike, so this will only affect anything that is being shipped with Canada Post on the final leg of the journey.
  13. Gadgetman!

    Ghoulie Bags

    Aw, man... How is that possible?
  14. Or Belech Sabbath, Axeman of Omens. That's a mini that really begs for a Banjo conversion...
  15. Gadgetman!

    Black Friday Deals

    Wyrd Games is also doing a sale... on Limited Edition minis. And giving away a free LE version of 'Reva' for every $150 you shop for.