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  1. Yeah, it'll be much more common from now. Because with 3D modelling SW and ready-made templates, a lot of people will start churning out moe 'sames'. Short-term it might give us more miniature shops, but long-term, it can be a disaster. 'Sames'? Read Paul kidd's book 'Fey';
  2. fulfilling

    Did Bryan forget to post here? Anyway, the very, very short of it was that the European Container has reached port and that the fulfillment center is hoping to get it 'soonish'. Lets hope that customs inspection goes quickly.
  3. Live

    I'm going for a 54mm 3pack; Hedwig, Ruby and Marusha. I'm guessing that the Redcoat is eating Cheesecake...
  4. Kevlar fabric alone isn't going to stop a scalpel. You need hard plates for that.
  5. It was points you could hit and destroy while fighting unarmed. It's kind of difficult to target tendons... The knees, the eyes, the ears were listed. (Not going to say how to attack those, though. ) A 'fun fact' he told us is that even the strongest and toughest is likely to faint if you break their pinky finger. That's NOT on the list, though, as it not only can be healed, but it doesn't put your opponent out of action for long.
  6. Actually, it's short for "someone you really don't want to meet in a dark alley"... Even the US Navy Seals are leary abut that. Story has it a karate grand master spent a year with them, helping them develop their own style of martial arts. This style supposedly only have a few blocks and counters, no disarming or capture moves, and the rest just full on attack. Instead of the usual K-bar knife they carry a modern copy of a Tanto because it's better for penetrating 'stab proof' vests.... Ex-FSK soldiers have been known to work for the now-closed E14 military intellingence operation. (They were sent into areas where it was thought military operations MIGHT be needed later) A typical test before joining was to be left in Oslo with a 10NOK coin ($1.25 - $1.5) and the message 'see you in Trondheim tonight' That's about 500Km (300+miles) If you couldn't talk your way there you probably didn't have the people skills needed for active operations.
  7. Welcome! Everyone struggles with the face, and particularly the eyes. The fact that you have had art classes and even worked as a colorist may be an advantage... or not...
  8. Back in Boot camp the sergeant we had in unarmed combat handed out a sketch marking out 33 points on the body that if attacked would result in permanent damage. Then he told us that if we ever used that knowledge in a fight that was not life or death, he would search us down and dance on our graves. He never mentioned why he was so certain that there would be graves to dance on... That guy could be fun or scary, your best friend or your worst enemy... all within 5 minutes. He was the only one who could talk us into doing 'extra duty' and train in the evening. That was in the 80s, before the FSK became public knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up there. I think I still have that sketch somewhere...
  9. That minisub with torpedoes... Do you know which model it is? I've only seen the Biber as that's what they have at a local WWII coastal fort.
  10. Got a bunch of 'Woodland Warriors' 20mm scale minis from Splintered Light; Faithful Heroes # 1 - 4, Rebel Heroes #1 - 2, Each pack contains 5 minis, so 20 in total... I also got two books today; Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia 'with all 11 doctors and more than 200 friends and foes' Doctor Who The Dangerous Book of Monsters, 'the Doctor's OFFICIAL Guide' The last one was kind of a letdown, really. And even the first could do with a bit of an expansion.
  11. Since there never was a tank officially named 'FT-17' that comparison kind of bombs out. The FT was never named anything but 'FT' by Renault, and the French forces never gave it any other designation, either. Possibly, the '17' got stuck on by amateur historians because the Licensed US version was called M1917?
  12. Mara will be mine!
  13. Squid Lovers Anonymous? Tentacle Games?
  14. Not normally, but the uniform is 'virtually unchanged' over the years, which means the same pattern is still in use. There's just small details that have changed. (New boots is probably the most visible) They still even have the black 'bowler' hats that they got because Princess Louise, King Harald V's Great Grandmother was so impressed with the Italian Bersaglieri.
  15. Watch His Majesty The King's Guard; the Royal Guards sing under the 4th tallest waterfall in the world...øyeste-fossefall-14915345.ece They're in the county to do their usual exhibition at a music festival, and happened to do a bit of sight-seeing. I'd ask for metal or resin minis of them throught the ages in the Chronoscope forum, but... I expect that it'd require licensing. (I'd particularly like to have them with their 1940s black uniform, "die schwarzen Teufel" as the Germans called them)