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    DSM8018, Brave Sir Robin the Scaredy Cat

    Brave Sir Robin is one of the first minis I finished, and still one of my favorites. Of course, mine doesn't come anywhere close to what you've done here. You even got the details on the butterfly!
  2. Gadgetman!

    Polystyrene Paint Rack

    Looks nice. You're 'wasting' a bit of area because of the thickness of the polystyrene shelves, but as you've added lettering, it probably counts as a win. People have used wire shelves, foamboard, PVC tubing, 3D-printing... so why not polystyrene? Someone's bound to use air-drying clay soon... The most important thing is that it works for you. Incidentally, I found nearly a dozen Humbrol metal pots when tidying up some stuff at my parent's house, and they're still usable, probably 20 years after I left them there. The brush, though...
  3. Gadgetman!

    Black 2.0 and Reaper Bones

    The Vallejo primer is a bit shinier, so it tends to look a bit more black, at least in some situations.
  4. If you want to make certain a forumite notices your post, either quote him ,or write his username with a '@' in front of it. Like this; @IgwanaRob
  5. Gadgetman!

    Black 2.0 and Reaper Bones

    I've had Black 2.0 for a while, but haven't really tried it out much, yet. I did an experiment, though. I airbrushed two CDs with Vallejo black primer, then airbrushed one with Dragon Black, and the other with Black 2.0. Just one coat, and not really thick, either. The B2.0 is definitely much darker than the DB. Assuming that B3.0 holds what they promise, I can see the use being inside of cowls, underside of minis(under skirts and dresses) in gaps between sections on mecha and so on. Deep shadow type stuff. If only they could sell it in sensibly sied dropper bottles... Vantablack is unfortunately not available(A pox on Anish Kapoor), and besides, the heat required to cure it would be detrimental to most minis... Gravity Black also requires baking, but supposedly also have a 'low heat' version, so may be possible to use on metal minis at least.
  6. You haven't gone 'all in' even once on an Oathsworn KS? Aw, man... *Gives the wuffle an earscritch*
  7. Gadgetman!


    I'm in for the €65 / 3mini level. Not impressed by their French only project page, though.
  8. Gadgetman!

    Ziba, Monster Lady WIP

    *Digs out the popcorn* Looking good so far.
  9. Gadgetman!

    Terrain Essentials

    The link seems to be https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1560579763/terrain-essentials
  10. According to their last update on the latest B&B KS, the next one will probably also be a B&B.
  11. And the LARGE orders comes in plastic boxes perfectly suited for storing brushes and such. (Their 'all in' pledge levels in their Kickstarters will usually come in that size box)
  12. Just dump a bit of nailpolish remover into the pot, shake it about, then leave it alone for a minute or three. Then you can hook the paint residue and just pull it all out... Cleaned my pot for the first time last month...
  13. Gadgetman!

    Cuttlefish Colors: A hobby paint line.

    If they had something special, I think a lot of us would have backed, in the hope that it might become an established brand. And if not, at lease we'd have something special to brag about in our paint racks... Everyone has to start somewhere, and some of us won't mind risking a little bit of cash helping that process.
  14. About Girl Genius is an ongoing story featuring adventure, romance, and Mad Science! It follows the adventures of Agatha Heterodyne, the last of a notorious family in which the spark of mad science runs strong. We call it a "Gaslamp Fantasy," by which we mean that it takes place in an old-fashioned, Vernian world of airships, monsters, and wild inventions. Girl Genius is published as a webcomic and graphic novel series, and also as a series of prose novels. The graphic series is updated three times a week on our web site at girlgeniusonline.com. When we have enough pages, roughly once a year, we run a Kickstarter campaign and publish a collection. Queens and Pirates is Book Five of the Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne–and the eighteenth book in the overall series. If you're new to the Girl Genius comics, The Second Journey is a great place to jump in! We are Phil and Kaja Foglio, creators of the ongoing adventure story Girl Genius. We are ready to make the print version of Girl Genius: Queens and Pirates, the latest in our self-published series of Hugo award-winning graphic novels. The book will be printed as a trade paperback, with a short run of special hardcover volumes that feature a lovely "puffy" padded cover. We used to offer pre-orders for upcoming books through our online store; which helped us pay for the up-front costs of printing the books. It also allowed us to get an idea of how many books we should be making in the first print run, especially of the limited-edition hardcover. Now we use Kickstarter, which really streamlines this process. We learn and get better at it every time we do a campaign. You can see information about all our previous campaigns on the Kickstarter Information page at girlgeniusonline.com. If this campaign funds, all our backers will be asked to fill out our Very Necessary Pledge Manager form from BackerKit. A link to the pledge manager will be sent to each backer in an email from us through BackerKit, and we'll let everyone know when it has gone out. The pledge manager is important, because it's the only way we get a physical address to use when we mail your rewards. The Book Cover! As ever, we like to start with a tiny little immediate reward. Here is a special icon–just for fun. We hope you enjoy it, and use it to spread the word. We are very bad at social media, so any help we can get is appreciated! The contents of the different reward levels are listed to the right. The stars of the show are, of course, the books. In addition, all backers getting a book will also receive a campaign-exclusive archival, acid free, self-adhesive 3"x4"bookplate, signed by authors Phil & Kaja Foglio. Now that we have funded and met some stretch goals, each signed bookplate now comes in the Envelope of Madness! What is the "Envelope of Madness?" It's the stack of flat extras we'll be shipping along with each pledge level that contains a book. At this time, it consists of: The signed bookplate One Queens and Pirates sticker One "Thank You!" art card featuring Bangladesh DuPree and Captain Hawkins OTHER LEVELS AND REWARDS: PDFS: For those who either do not want a physical book or plan to get it from their favorite real-life book store (or library) later, yet still want to support the project, we have some lower-level rewards, starting with a simple "Tips Jar." All our backers, regardless of level, will receive access to our commemorative downloadable computer wallpaper, which we will reveal at the end of the campaign. TRAVEL STICKERS: At a slightly higher level, we have a new set of FOUR travel stickers! This year's set will feature attractions from around Londinium: The Hall of Privateers, The Royal Museum of Inconvenient Oddities, and the Glass City itself. I know we say in the sidebar that it's a three sticker set, but we've added an extra sticker, because we can't contain our enthusiasm for that pinnacle of Londinium tourism: Hydraulic Pump No. 74. Our 2019 Travel Stickers! MEDALS: Next, we have this year's campaign-exclusive medal: this year it's for being a First Class Scallywag! It's a substantial metal pin-back affair, offered in a choice of silvery or brassy tones. We will be unveiling this year's medal design as the campaign rolls along. Below are examples of some of our medals from previous campaigns. As you can see, the finals wind up a lot more 3D than Phil's 2D drawings... PATCHES: Some levels also include our limited-edition Queens and Pirates patch. Here is the concept art: The campaign has funded! Hooray! Now, we're able to set things up so that we can offer add-ons. So, if you're after extra medals, books or patches, you'll be able to add those on after the campaign, when our BackerKit survey goes out. Now backer levels at and over the $12 level will have access to our post-campaign pledge management system! This is where you can add on all kinds of things, including extra campaign medals, patches and Envelopes of Madness. Additional shipping, if any becomes necessary, will be calculated in the pledge management system. (It has to do with weight and postal categories.) Nota bene: We will have the BackerKit store open for a while after the campaign, but the campaign exclusives: the medals, patches and Envelopes of Madness, may be slightly more expensive at that point. So if you think you'll want one of our exclusives later, back now! And now, onward to the stretch goals: Just what it says...everyone at and above the $10 level will now get a free download link to the PDF of the book at Drivethroughcomics where the rest of our Girl Genius titles are half off throughout the campaign. What is the ENVELOPE OF MADNESS? It's the stack of flat extras we'll be shipping along with each pledge level that contains a book. Now, the bookplate will be shipped inside the traditional ENVELOPE OF MADNESS, along with a Queens and Pirates sticker. Further stretch goals will add more to the envelope. Deluxe medals! At this level, each of our medals will come with an extra insert to make it even more magnificent! They’ll be part of the whole thing when it ships, but you can still easily take them apart and customize them with past medals and inserts. Finally, we also have a special downloadable wallpaper (in addition to the campaign exclusive wallpaper mentioned above.) This wallpaper is a freebie for all of you who have taken the time to come to our campaign page, whether or not you back the campaign. Thank you for visiting! There are five versions of the wallpaper, in the following sizes: 2560x1600, 1920x1080, 1600x1200, 1024x1024, 600x800. Or, you can download a zipped archive of all five. 'nuff said...
  15. Gadgetman!

    Queens and Pirates: a Girl Genius Graphic Novel

    I think most forumites can find it, and if not, they're not really Sparks, and probably don't deserve the goodness...
  16. The Euro site finally got the Efreeti in stock... So, my monthly pledge ended up looking like this; 02017 Scorpius Rex Dracus 02029 Princess Elena 02030 Sarah The Seeress 02031 Michelle Dancing 02051 Cecilia the Trickster 02101 Jade of the Veils 02141 Alexis Spellsinger 14025 Kyla, Bounty Hunter 14128 Moraia, Overlords Hero Plus, of course the 'free' Efreeti... ;-)
  17. Excuse me while I head off to order that fairy... EDIt: Never mind. Kimera is sold out, El Greco haven't received any yet, all the other retailes are taking a big chunk extra cash, and I'm not stooping to order a recast from Chnia... (Eh, the name ot the country is close enough... like most of their goods... )
  18. Gadgetman!

    Cuttlefish Colors: A hobby paint line.

    I'm guessing that most of the backers are either newbies or they're used to only finding a certain brand of pots at their FLGS, and have no idea of how to find or order online. There's so little info in this KS that even if I wanted to back them out of the goodness of my heart(it happens... once every blue moon), I wouldn't feel right about it.
  19. Today I got a bottle of the 'blue with many names'... Some call it Machinists Blue, or Scribing Blue, others call it Prussian Blue, and those who does laundry use names that isn't suitable here... In other words, a blue liquid that you brush onto metal, then when it's dried, you use sharp metal objects to scribe in it instead of drawing with a pen or pencil. No idea if it's usable as a primer... (I'm going to use it when cutting aluminium pieces in the workshop/garage)
  20. Holy Mogg! Why don't I already have this mini? (Must get in an order at Ral Partha europe soon... )
  21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1858050352/slightly-damneds-bookification-project About Whatchu Doin'!? Slightly Damned is a webcomic that debuted in 2004 and can be read for free (always!) at sdamned.com! It is the story of Rhea Snaketail, a girl killed through mysterious circumstances, and her adventures through the afterlife and beyond. She befriends a Demon named Buwaro and an Angel named Kieri, and together they travel the world, seeking lost family and uncovering the secrets of an ancient war. Slightly Damned won two Ursa Major Awards in 2012 and two more 2013, namely for "Best Graphic Story" and "Best Other Literary Work". In 2014 there was a successful Kickstarter campaign to manufacture plush dolls based on the comic's leads. However, this campaign is all about the comic! Specifically, printing the books! With your support, we will be taking our first step towards producing print volumes of Slightly Damned. It's time to get those comics out of cyberspace and onto some ink and paper! Tell me about these books! Slightly Damned: Book One contains original comic pages #1 through #187, re-lettered and proofread by, not one, but two editors for maximum grammatical accuracy. The comic pages have not been altered in order to preserve the original story, aside from some minor formatting for the book. This book is also chock full of brand new artwork that cannot be found anywhere else! New Artwork? Like what? Slightly Damned: Book One contains the following new art: Both chapters have a new cover - (The old covers will still be included in the back of the book.) There's an exclusive 4-page bonus comic! New gag strips! And a select number of redrawn pages! Not only that, but depending on your pledge, you can even get rewards with the book. Some rewards allow backers to add personalized content to the book, such as scripted gag comics and nominating an old comic page to be redrawn! Gimme some rewards! Here are the reward tiers, and the rewards associated to each tier! The physical rewards include the softcover book, a double-sided bookmark, a signed bookplate to personalize your book, a stickers sheet, a set of 4 prints, and penciled original page. Since the original pencils to each Slightly Damned page are one-of-a-kind items, some pages are unavailable due to being previously sold or lost over the years. Many of the higher rewards allow backers to contribute to the book, by scripting or suggesting a gag script or by selecting a page to be re-drawn. All backers are included in the Thank You pages! Show me those stretch goals! There's only one stretch goal. If this Kickstarter reaches $35,000, then I'll have the funds to print Slightly Damned: Book Two! And get this, it will come with its own set of brand new bonus material!! Just like book 1, this includes re-drawn covers, an exclusive bonus comic and gag strips, as well as a new bookmark and some digital wallpapers! If we reach this stretch goal, backers will be able to select tiers to add book 2 to their order. Say... Weren't there already Slightly Damned books? Yes. For a couple of years, I used a print-on-demand service to produce copies of Slightly Damned: Book One, Book Two, and Book Three. I sold them online and at conventions. Each Slightly Damned book was well over 200 or 300 pages in full color, and unfortunately, the service I used was ill-suited for making books of that size. The cover stock was too thin, the binding was too weak, and the books often came with errors. After a while, I decided to discontinue selling those versions The books that will be made through this campaign will be of higher quality, and due to the printing method (offset rather than print-on-demand), will cost less than the first editions. Not only that, but I've worked hard to include TONS of bonus material to make these volumes as definitive as they can be. So if you've already got one of those first edition copies, I hope you'll find it in your heart to pledge towards this new and improved version! (Yes, those are legally distinct first edition copies with a different ISBN and everything.) Even if you don't want it for yourself, it'd make a great gift to a friend who needs a new webcomic addiction, or donation to your local library! And if you still don't want a physical copy of the new edition, you can still get access to all of the brand-new bonus material and help fund the print run by pledging $5 for the PDF! Thank you for your support! Risks and challenges Even though my last campaign met its goal and everyone got what they pledged for, it was a bumpy road. It was certainly a learning experience for someone who decided to take on their first Kickstarter campaign solo! Too many tiers, too many rewards of various sizes, and being blindsided by expensive shipping costs resulted in a load of complications, even though it eventually worked out in the end. This time, however, I'm backed by the experience of Hiveworks (hiveworkscomics.com)! They have been working with me every step of the way to make sure this campaign gets off on the right foot, and they'll be helping me make sure everything is printed and shipped on time and within our budget. We also made sure that all the rewards were either digital or easy to ship. And aside from the backer-created content, I've already designed pretty much all of the material that needs to be printed! Getting these books printed will be a bit of a challenge due to the comic's age and the fact that several supporters already have the first editions. I can only hope that the comic has gained enough new readers, and that past supporters are generous enough, in order to reach the campaign goal. In order to ensure a certain standard of quality and consistency, I want to get the Slightly Damned archive printed in order before getting to the material that's never been in a book before. And lastly... I've been an online presence for well over a decade now. Honesty is my number one policy, and I've never broken a deal, no matter how small. Even when things go wrong, I have striven to be as transparent as possible so that no one is left in the dark. I always deliver. That's why Slightly Damned has lasted for as long as it has! Well, that, and the infinite patience of my friends, family, and readers like you!
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    Artificial Incident Book One

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1696155462/artificial-incident-book-one?ref=user_menu About Hey folks. How do I pitch this? I guess I can start with a little bit about myself. I've been doing webcomics since the end of 2003. Back then I started a little webcomic I called Yosh!(because I was a total weeb). Now here we are, 15 years later… and I’m still doing 3 Yosh!comics every week. There are over 2000 comics on Yosh! Problem is, Yosh!, while fun, isn't the only idea running around in my head waiting for when I feel skilled enough to take on a bigger challenge. There's a bunch of projects I want to do. Almost 3 years ago, I started working on one of those other ideas. That comic series is called Artificial Incident. Artificial Incident is a project I fell in love with as soon as I figured out that it already had a known Genre. Yosh! fell into the "Slice of life" category even though very little of it fell into everyday life, but because there really wasn't a better fit for it, it was categorized as that. AI, on the other hand, was RPG Literature, or for the weebs, an Isekai (Yep, 15 years later, still a weeb). Allow me to explain my passion, or skip this paragraph. I love stories that take a person and throws them into a familiar yet alien world. Stories like The Wizard of Oz, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and yes, even Captain N the Game Masters (Actually I was more a fan of the Dungeons and Dragons animated series but anyways). I enjoyed these stories because I saw so much potential and a simple connection. Most people can put themselves in the shoes of the person thrust into this strange situation. They can think about what they would do and how they would react. This creates an instant connection to the protagonist of the story. Then there's the shear number of familiar yet different things you can do leading to near limitless potential, while not being so alien that people have trouble understanding it. It's a perfect storm of unique and familiar attributes. So, what Is Artificial Incident? It's the story of a character that not only gets pulled into a video game, but has the memories of that character as if they actually lived their life within the game. This caused many of the character's original memories to be overwritten, but not all of them. They're not alone in this game though. The story focuses on the main characters and the mysteries that unfold from the world. This includes everything from the NPCs, to a massive change in the economy and civilizations of the world, to even other Player Characters... from entirely different games. What makes AI different from other similar stories? This comic has many unique traits, but the thing that frustrates me the most about many current similar stories is their lack of actually showing why things are the way they are. So many mysteries and concepts are never explored. AI is written to explore these changes and work to discover the reasons behind them rather than just accepting things "just because".
  23. Gadgetman!

    Pearlized or colored metallics?

    There's a recent post about blue paint and metallic wash that may be helpful. Darkstar have several differently coloured metallic washes that may be worth looking at.