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    Weight Loss Support Thread

    If you intend to do a 'ruck hike' (I assume that means a longer hike with a big rucksack), then get a GOOD rucksack with solid, wide hip straps, and a good pair of hiking staves. (This is also posted for anyone else considering a longer trek) DON'T get any wallyworld stuff. Go to a professional company and get the rucksack fitted properly. Even ask them to load it up with 25lbs or more so that you can feel how it works. The hip strap is crucial because it transfers most of the weight to your hips instead of letting it hang onto your shoulders and load up your spine. Staves... The grips are the most important part. Unless they're comfortable they won't be used. Next is the tips which should be Tungsten Carbide. Nothing weaker than that is acceptable. Quick tip when using is to NOTuse the straps on them when going downhill. If you accidentally step over it or something you'll end up pushing it down with your foot, and the strap will pull you down with it. Not fun. @Dilvish the Deliverer may be in good enough shape, but for everyone else I would suggest taking shorter test trips first. Actaully, test all the gear before heading out. Not only will you know that everything works and that you aren't missing anything, but one of the saddest things to see is 'hikers' arriving at a campsite in slightly bad weather and running around like headless chickens while trying to set up their tents. (and only managing to get everything soaking wet.) Camping in the back yard may look silly, but yeah, great for testing stuff. That brings us to tents... Mine is a Fjellräven Akka Shape RS2(not sold any more). The bottom is waterproof up to 10.000mm 'watercolumn' and the outer cover is 4.000. It weighs in at 2.2Kg, can be set up even during storm situations, the air vents can be opened and closed from inside, and it even has a clothesline under the roof. The material can melt but will not burn easily, so it's possible to use a small cooker in the 'outer' area on bad weather days. No, it wasn't cheap. 'watercolumn' is a standard test for water permeability of fabrics. imagine that you take a piece of fabric, strap it securely around the bottom end of a long, vertical pipe, then start filling the pipe with water. If you measure how deep you fill it before water starts seeping out through the fabric you get this measurement... Cheap tents often rate below 1000mm... A stiff breeze can force the rain through... Some tents are advetised as having 'taped seams'. This is supposedly to improve the watertightness of the seams. But those tapes are glued on, and will often fail even during the first season of use. My tent, though, was sewn with thin needles(makes it more expensive because of breakage) with threads that swells up slightly the first time it rains. Tunnel tents(such as mine) are usually easier to set up, but cupola(igloo) tents give more headspace. Single layer tents are lighter but will often have issues with condensation. I've tried 2 and both ended in the bin because I did NOT enjoy the wakeup shower... Hammocks can be an alternative some places... Stoves. While it may be romantic to sit around the campfire in the evening, it may not always be safe, or even legal. (not legal here in Norway during the summer) A MSR Pocket Rocket or similar 'micro' gas stove is a good solution. For long daytrips or an overnight hike with plans for a hot brew or something minor in the evening, an ESbit burner may be the solution. (Mine is stored in a Trangia 212 Mess Tin together with matches, teabags, and sugar packets. ) A final tip; If you hike through woods, and happen to have a rolled up camping mattress(foam) strap it to the backpack vertically. Otherwise it will be the widest part of the pack and much more likely to hook on trees.
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    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Must be a Red Dragon hybrid then...
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    Weight Loss Support Thread

    Geocaching is worldwide, but I'd suggest not attempting it in certain countries because of old minefields, or because it can look suspicious. There's been a couple of reports about gangs placing caches in unsavoury areas or just hanging out near well-known caches in order to mug players, also. I kind of stopped a few years ago because of all the trashy caches that began appearing. Many were placed so that they were almost certain to be discovered by passers-by and removed, or in areas that is off-limits according to the rules. (I've found them at bdridge foundations... and one I know of requires you to enter a working mine. ) It has been banned from some areas because people have left things such as folding knives in them... (Rule of thumb is to not leave anything you don't want a 5year old to find) Or they've been ravaged by animals because someone left bugglegum or candy in them. I've seen caches marked as 'unavailable in winter' with clear footprints leading to them, and the snow disturbed. (The idea is to keep the game 'secret' from the muggles... making a visible path to caches isn't helping) And the admins never seemed to care whenever I reported transgressions. There's too many plaers not taking the game seriously and spoiling it for everyone else.
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    Weight Loss Support Thread

    In the county where I live here in Norway we have a little campaign going right now 'Stikk Ut!' (Go Out or Get Out, take your pick for translation. Google translates it to 'Strike Out!). As you know,we Norwegians like to go hiking everywhere, and we also like to let others know we've been somewhere... So on a lot of destinations there's a mailbox or other sturdy box with a logbook inside. (If you're ever in Norway and hike somewhere, please sign this book instead of building a stupid 'mini cairn') Now, what the campaign creators have done is to put everything into system, by writing tour descriptions and a website with STATISTICS, and added apps(Android, iPhone, not Winphone) so that people can register visits online. The campaign started May 1, and so far there's over 16000 people registered with a total of over 111K registrations. So far, I have 21 registrations to a total of 20 different routes, which puts me at a shared 667th place in the statistics. (The current leader has 117 different routes so far) I've set myself the ambitious goal of being in the top 500 at the end of the season this year. Last year with 33 different routes brought me to a place around 1300, but there were only about 10K participating then) There's no reward for getting first place, just bragging rights. (If you manage 7 or more you get the right to order and buy a cup... ) Also, there's 381 different routes to pick from... Here's a link to the translated website. click on the 3 lines at the top right to get the menu, and then on 'Find Trip Destinations' for a map with trips marked in. (and to find descriptions and a couple of photos) The routes are even colour coded with Green, Blue, Red, and Black. And on a map they sent to every household in the county they marked every stroller/wheelchair accessible route in with a separate colour in the list. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=no&ie=UTF-8&u=stikkut.no&edit-text=&act=url So far I haven't noticed a difference in my weight, but hopefully... (I'm weighing in at 118.5Kg right now)
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    Take a hike!

    A bit bored at the office, so... Shall we take a little hike? you're following a trail when it suddenly enters a dark and forboding forest. Do you enter? Feel free to use that in a game, but yeah, I take payment in candy... Once upon a time... I grew up in this fjord... Lets head up in the mountains. Frankly, I'm not too certain where these next pictures were taken. Now, the next one... This is taken not far from where I live now. About 3Km in distancee and 5hours hike... (Healthier people can do it in 3 hours, maybe) A local beach. Also a nature preserve, so no motorized access. A bit of a view among the trees... A couple of pictures from an early autumn hike last year, up to a mountain lake. Unpacked(read; just dumped my gear in the shelter. ) Yes, it's possible to sleep on the benches, if you bring a sleeping bag and some sort of padding. Which is lucky because there's no flat space large enough to pitch a tent. There's supposed to be decent sized trout in the lake... Unfortunately, my GOOD rod was broken... At 10pm... On my way back down the next morning, I stopped to take a photo or two, and also one of my big camera(Ondurama 17x6) And finally, another one where I'm not really certain where it's from. That's all for now...
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    Take a hike!

    A few more pictures... First is a trail on the way up to a nearby mountain.... and for the ladies, some flowers. These small flowers were found at above 700MoH. The nook they're in is sheltered from the worst of the weather, and is probably also free of snow quite early. (soon after the soon begins to heat the large rock) And today... I headed out again to a mountain slightly closer to home. This picture was taken about 45 minutes into the hike. Yes, the goal is the top all the way up to the left. The view from the top... The ridge I followed up is just about in the middle of the picture. And here's the ridge seen from above... It's NOT a nice part of the trail if the wind hits you from the side. (I was lucky today, it was head on on my way up, and in my back on the way down.) What isn't immediately obvious is that there's a trail to the right of the first rocky crags, you don't have to balance precariously on top of them. The trip was 4.5Km or so, one way, and took me 2 Hours up, and 1Hour 45Minutes on the way down. And yes, I'll be really feeling it tomorrow... To end it, here's a picture I took at a local beach earlier this year. It's so much easier to take pictures unhindered when there's no one else there...
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    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I think it would be cool to embed a magnet in the Huntress' back and another in the caribou so that it can be added or removed whenever you want. Or for DMs to mess with the player's heads by adding it while they're busy devouring the pizza.
  8. just placed a little order at Cadwallon, Kena, the Sorceress of Ice LOS-10091 Shailis, Huntress for souls RH-818 There's a few more I also want but I decided to stay below the TOLL/VAT limit for now.
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    Legends of Signum

    I'm thinking it might be time to do a bit of sympathy shopping over on the Cadwallon site...
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    Confrontation: Classic

    Kickstarter will not do anything if a random poster claims that there's a copyright infringement. They require notification from an actual copyright holder, or someone claiming to be one. I learned this when the 'Studio Ghibli enamel pins' KS ran. (I emailed Studio Ghibli to alert them of the issue. ) SD / Stellar or an angry artist is the only possibilities I can think of right now, and really, the angry artist is the least likely.
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    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I have only one comment about this latest update. That halfling NEEDS to also be cast in metal. Just saying.
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    Priming without Obscuring Details

    Get an airbrush. Even I can manage to put on a thin coat of primer with one. 2ml is enough to prime a dragon such as Kyphrixis, and still have some left over for the scenic base. (Ok, you use liner, not primer, on that dragon, but... )
  13. Gadgetman!

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    Backed at the Single pack Level + 3 add-ons.
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    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    When athletes become bored of pussyfooting around in sports like MMA, they turn to BUHURT, which entails dressing up in medieval armor and hitting each other as hard as possible with real weapons. The most well-known competition is The Battle of Nations tournament, held every spring somewhere in Europe.
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    Reaper figs with hexagon bases

    I think you mean Hexagon bases, not octagon. The difference is only 2 sides, but still... (Hexagon = six sided, Octagon = 8 sided) If the minis and bases are metal, you could try boiling them in order to destroy the glue.
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    Webcomics - Because....

    Just an old favorite... Fnaire from 'Room for one more',(a rather silly webcomics) is dancing.
  17. Gadgetman!

    Eclipse Miniatures 75mm Resin Dangerous Ladies

    Beautiful, but... AU$80 for ONE 75mm miniature? I'm sitting this one out.
  18. Gadgetman!

    Alignment Check

    Gosh... And here I take a hike across the road to the local grocery store just before lunch on monday, to pick up a bread and something good to put on it, and that bread will last me the entire week, and even leave a few slices to bring back home on friday afternoon. (this week I picked up some Nice roastbeef. I already have Remoulade and pickles in the fridge, together with a jar of jam, tube cheese, boxes of sardines and tuna... Or maybe smoked salmon... ) I do know about People who buy 2 or 3 breads at the same time, slice them all up, butter the slices and put cheese or some sort of lunchmeat on them, then bag and put them all in the freezer. Then they have ready-packed lunch for 2 weeks. Now, where do they fit in the diagram?
  19. Gadgetman!

    Alignment Check

    If it grows mould in one day you may have a serious problem with your home. (Incredibly high humidity or a mould issue) Either that, or they sell you crappy bread.
  20. Gadgetman!

    Alignment Check

    Don't store bread in the fridge. The temperature transitions will cause the humidity in the air inside the bag to condensate, and at best you get soggy bread, and at worst... That's Chaotic Evil, with monoloogues and Ominous Thunder territory...
  21. Gadgetman!

    Japanese vending machine disney Princess

    An even dozen... I wonder which of the princesses is missing from that set. (no set of capsule items are ever stocked equally with all the items of the set. That would make it too easy for collectors to get a complete collection.)
  22. Yeah, there's a lot of pins up. I emailed the people at Studio Ghibli about one, and it was cancelled for Copyright violations pretty soon after... Any of the current ones using copied art, or do they have original art?
  23. Gadgetman!

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    Unless you can retroactively put a Copyright on an medieval allegory, I think they're in the clear... according to the great fountain of wisdom(wikipedia) It's also Iron Maiden's 13th song... 3 novels, 3 plays, 6 movies(the first in 1918 )and the number of artworks. A google image search results in a rather overwhelming set of pictures... In other words; that title has been used on so many works of art that no one can claim copyright infringement on it.
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    Alignment Check

    I wonder what I rate as... At work I use a bag clip with a pTouch label( with my name on it) attached to secure the bag, but at home I just tuck it under.
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    Forum CSS change? Search bar wackiness

    I ave an old PHPBB forum that I don't really use any more... I could set you up as an admin there so that you could play around a bit. (As long as you don't delete any of the genuine contents)