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  1. Not for me, but... Some might get a kick out of the latest book bundle from Humble Bundle... Dungeon Master for Dummies, Dungeons and Dragons 4th ed for Dummies, GURPS for Dummies There's a lot of 'beat the bank for dummies' there, and some honest maths, crossword and Sudoku pussle books also.
  2. Gadgetman!

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    You know the shuttles? The reusable spacecraft with those incredibly high-tech and expensive tiles... That were held on with common bathroom sealer...
  3. Didn't stop by any stores selling Stroopwaffles today, but... The store I did stop at had 1Kg packs of Allsorts on sale... I also picked up 2x 13000mA powerbanks for cheap (About $18 each)
  4. Gadgetman!

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Petter Northug, also known as 'the Mosvik Express', a Norwegian Cross-country skier who just retired, was once named 'Athlete of the year'... in Sweden...
  5. Picked up Magix FastCut Plus Edtion (Video editor) on Humble Bundle. (Currently installing... takes a loooong time)
  6. Gadgetman!

    The Adventurers

    Yeah, they don't really impress. Overly dramatic, almost caricatures. I love their Dr Who minis, but even they aren't all that impresive when it comes to detail.
  7. How many times has Stroopwaffels been mentioned here in Aquisition the last couple of years? (I sometimes uspect a certain W.O.O.F agent to be on the payroll of a bakery... ) Come to think about it, I haven't had any Stroopwaffels for a while now. I'll pick some up the next time I go shoppng.
  8. I just tried the new Beta site, and it looks nice. (There's a few issues, such as having to register a new account on it instead of it validating me from the account already existing on your servers, but I'll email that list to the beta email) I did notice that all the minis that requires assembly now have that listed.(Not in the list views, though, you need to click into the page for each) and it's not possible to filter on that. (I assume that is coming later. See the unanswered FAQ here in the forum)
  9. Gadgetman!

    Bones Black Questions

    There's not all that many ways to shape plastic. There's injection molding that's used on normal Bonesium and the Gray stuff, there's 'rotacast' (you pour molten plastic into a metal mold, then spin it every which way to distribute the plastic evenly as it slowly cools and hardens.) this is usually used for hollow designs.(My kayak was made this way) and there's 'pressing'.... That's the way you make LPs. Take a lump of nearly-molten plastic(vinyl) shape it into a thick disc, place it on top of a metal mold,then press down on top of it with the other half of the mold. Yes, there are a few other methods, but... I doubt vacu-forming is used for this. The only real differences to different injection-molding processes is the temperature, pressure and cooldown times used. Rotacast is really better suited for large items, so we can probably ignore that. The big difference between injection molds and press molds is that the press molds doesn't need holes to inject plastic. I may need to watch more of that video. Or not. (speculating is a lot more fun ) I like that Reaper is experimenting with different techniques. If they can combine a few it might open up for some astonishing work... (Imagine the angel minis, but with wings made of thin brass that has been stamped like coins.... )
  10. Gadgetman!

    Frozen Ninja 3D - Fantasy/Sci-Fi minis and busts

    PM is out(Just an email with a spreadsheet or PDF you fill in and return by email). Of course I added the Flower Girl.
  11. Gadgetman!

    Confrontation: Classic

    I'm beginning to feel bad for the poor saps who got into the Resin 'celebration' pledges... I mean, it was supposedly Hyterical Games who was to make those, and they're currently down and out, and SD haven't mentioned an alternative caster, yet.
  12. Gadgetman!

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    @Kuroneko and @aku-chan did you create an account and log into it before you started shopping? If not, the site wouldn't know how to handle VAT for you. (I'm in Norway, so outside the EU, and I pay VAT during customs, not when paying Reaper, so for me it works correctly... )
  13. Gadgetman!

    The Caravan by JoeK Minis

    He's a pretty fast one, too. My Caravan piece arrived today.
  14. Gadgetman!

    Deep Space D-6 reprint and expansion (solitaire sci-fi dice game)

    I think the tatus of this one can be set to Fulfilling, at least, since my game arrived today.
  15. Gadgetman!

    Raging Heroes: Dark Elves and Sisters

    Mold release agents are chemically very different from paints. Frankly, if you don't value the minis overmuch, go try out Engine Degreaser... As for Ultrasonics. Stay away from 'jewelry cleaners' and go for the 'industrial looking' models sold for auto repair businesses. A 1L stainless steel model with a mesh basket should do nicely. (I used mine to clean the clips locking the injectors to the HP rail on my car engine. Stripped the paint straight off them. )
  16. Gadgetman!

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    I'm guessing that Reaper has decided to ship the most popular minis there first. After all, it's a BETA site, and they want a bit of use, and the best way to do that is to make certain those minis most people would want is in stock. Odds are that they'll use customer's wishlists to decide what to stock next.
  17. Gadgetman!

    War for Chicken Island

    What the Cluck!?
  18. Got my Oathsworn order in... Hedgehog Warrioress (Medium, Hedgehog) Hare Warrior (Large, Hare) Wildcat Warrior (Large, Wildcat) Fox Huntress (Large, Fox) Gwasila, Fennec Fox (Large, Fennec Fox, Rare beast, Freelances) I wanted to order a few more, but this order should just squeeze in under the VAT limit. Oh, and I got half a dozen glass christmas ornaments in yesterday... The one I've checked so far has an 18mm opening, but with the way the edge has been trimmed, it may be possible to file it out to 19mm. (Store is Little Crafty Bugs in England) Tantrix arrived a few days ago, too, and I've been messing with it. The 14piece challenge is... painful... Tamiya punches also arrived, and they eem to be OK. But I need to try them out on some more tricky materials than the cardboard bacing of the blisterpack they came in...
  19. Gadgetman!

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    I don't even bother to try digging around. I don't use FarceBook, so I'm always being pestered by 'login mesages' covering most of the screen if I try.
  20. Gadgetman!

    Reaper Live Episode #007!

    Just one point to this episode... Consider getting a couple of the flat tabletop mics used in videoconferencing systems, because the setup you now have doesn't work in this setting.
  21. Gadgetman!

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    I can' really tell from that picture, but is it a green, flattened sphere type of ornament? (I believe I have a red one from a year or two ago)
  22. Eh, they were selling all kinds of computer related items back when they tried to establish themselves in Norway, so a gaming mouse is nothing unusual. I bought a complete MC outfit there;boots, gloves, helmet and suit. The boots were horrid, so was tossed away, the glove held up a year(I went back to using my M77 boots), I swapped out the helmet after 4 years(it was a decent system helmet actually, but I don't trust them for longer than 4 years), and the uit was GoreTex with thick padding and even hard plastic reinforcements to protect the joints. It lasted the lifetime of my scooter. How thick is the Thinsulate liner? I've seen it as both 40 and 80grams, and if you want to use them on really cold days, 80grams is the way to go. That jigsaw is GORGEOUS! Just a pity it's so few pieces... Edit; Googled a bit and found the site... Ouch!
  23. Gadgetman!

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    There's a reason why I have a separate page in my spreadsheet just for Reaper... (Actually, it's getting time to plit that into two pages, one for Bonesium and one for the rest)
  24. Just popped by the Beta Reaper store and put in a small order; 01578 Carol, Christmas Bard - 8.32 02504 Bria, Dark Necromancer - 4.16 02511 Midori, Female Monk - 4.16 02615 Female Bloodguard - 4.16 02749 Jade, Dancing Girl - 3.74 02981 Lonnia, Female Duelist - 4.99 03114 Deva, Angel - 14.99 03203 Shaedra, Female Paladin - 4.16 03333 Boneflail, Gnoll Cleric - 7.49 03344 Children of the Zodiac: Leo - 5.82 03352 Children of the Zodiac: Virgo - 5.82 01225 Bones Holiday Stocking Promotion FREE 01630 Fairy Garland FREE 07012 Dungeon Dwellers: Caerindra Thistlemoor FREE I'm pretty certain that I already have 02749 Jade already even if it's till on my wanted list, but it's such a beautiful sculpt that I'm willing to take the risk... Two things to notice about the Beta site... 1. There's a wishlist on it. 2. You will get a list of 'free' promo items that you've earned before you actually pay for the loot, so no more 'oops, missed it by £0.01'.