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  1. fulfilling

    The next one was Carshalton, UK. Only a single order.
  2. fulfilling

    And what do you know, IT MOVED! It's down 9 right now, with a Wave 6 to Athens as the last shipped.
  3. I find that there's enough room on a cheap airbrush to stick a #0 label on it...
  4. There's already a thread for this one:
  5. I'm pretty certain RAFM is metal. The rule is pretty much that if it isn't listed, it's metal. Those who make Resin minis will often write so because of the preceived detail quality of Resin. There's one aspect of Resin-casting that isn't mentioned too often, and that is that it's just about the only way a lone hobbyist can produce minis himself, without the need to sell his soul to a casting company. Just get a box of insta-mold, throw it in the micro and heat until liquid. Spray your master with mould-release and insert it into the HOT liquid goop and leave it until the goop hardens. Cut through the hardened goop with a knife if necessary afterwards to free the master, place the blocks of goo together again, and yeah, fill with resin. Or use latex for a large mould for terrain or whatnot. Some companies add a 'KS exclusive' resin piece to their Kickstarter projects, and in certain cases have even shown the entire process from they start moulding the part until it has been removed from the casting mould. So, Resin doesn't have to mean 'top quality'. It can also just mean 'homemade' or 'made with love at home'. Also, some types of Resin(such as early Trollcast by Impact!) can be very difficult to paint and normal primers won't stick properly. Then you need an 'etch primer'. If so, look for a two-part type as the pre-mixed stuff and rattle cans have a limited shelf life. (This is also good for dificult to paint metals, often used in model trains. So a store catering to model train builders is more likely to have this stuff)
  6. fulfilling

    Yeah, and? You think the Dark Gods doesn't torture in an orderly fashion?
  7. fulfilling

    Last? You're Wave 10, too? My first lock-in was Dec. 20. 2015. When was yours?
  8. Picked up my cup on the way to work. :-) Then, as I was busy pretending to work, a DHL driver called and asked if I was at the office... (He knows better than to attempt a home delivery on my address. Also it's a shorter drive to my office). That package contained a Lomography LomoKino camera (takes short 'films' of up to 144 pictures on normal 135 film) Then I got a text about another package waiting for me at the local post office, and this one contained KoW Balefire Katapult, and KoW The Green LAdy. And of course, when I got home I found another collection notice for something... Which I think might be Kingdom Death: Savior 40years.
  9. Live

    This looks like an interesting product forgluing together minis with extra small parts...
  10. The 80s... A-HA... Dance With a Stranger... I was going to school in their hometown back when they released their first album...
  11. Completed

    Most, if not all backers have received their books by now, and Jason himself considers this KS finished.
  12. Completed A beutiful story told by artist Jason Brubaker of Dreamworks fame(he quit in 2015 to work full-time on his stories. ). SITHRAH is a sci-fi about a little girl trying to find her father after their plane crashes in a unfamiliar land. That's when she starts seeing an invisible creature, called SITHRAH, who has been following her around. It's not long until she runs into a young man named Dino who is running from his own ghosts. Together they set out to find her missing father wherever the evidence leads. This series will be 6 books long when complete. Each book will have a different color cloth binding.
  13. Picked up a cheap($20) 5port network switch at the HW store. Then, when I came home I fund a KS reward(Sithrah book 3, Hardcover. This is good stuff. ) and a collection notice. Since the notice is about a CafePress package, I'm guessing it's my 'Shut up & Reboot' 16oZ travel mug...
  14. ALL RAFM miniatures are unpainted. From their storefront: Also, digging up a thread that's been dead for 7 years? Ewww....
  15. fulfilling

    Don't think so. They never shipped anything after 3pm UK time before, and right now, it's only 28 minutes left. 6 orders, and I have a feeling that it was to only one or two customers. (I have 4 orders... )
  16. If you want layers with any thickness at all, you may want to try out Tamia Clear Arcylic Paint (sku: X-22). It's NOT a vater-based acrylic, though, so you need to be extra, extra certain that the previous layer is absolutely dry before adding another... It's also 'not good' for good brushes.
  17. fulfilling

    9am in England...
  18. fulfilling

    Enjoy your vacation! Now to count the weeks until my loot arrives... (Not much faith in Norwegian customs and the Post )
  19. Live

    She need to hold the bow and arrow higher up. The hand holding the string needs to be level with her chin when she aims and releases the arrow. Otherwise it's like shooting from the hip with a pistol. Just a waste of time and ammunition, really.
  20. Live

    *Sigh* Another archer that can't effing use the bow...
  21. Checked the spreadsheet listed in this topic?
  22. A dot of Blue would look cool in the eyeholes of a skull... Maybe Spectral Glow, if you have it. Also, this is the point where I write something about yet another beginner being better than me... Except I've used all the good lines already... So many good painters here. And you're one of them.
  23. Eh... it's spelled 'boobs', not 'bobs', and most female busts have them... Picked up Master of Orion I & II and Final Fantasy III for almost nothing over at Humble Bundle because of weekend sale.
  24. Pre-launch

    Sounds more like the plot of the movie 'Pacific Rim'...