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  1. I don't like the dent, but it is a rather small one, and not very deep, so it probably doesn't matter. Starting to learn about airbrushing? The first thing I learned was that you need to mind the valve on the cap that you screw onto the canister... The second was that a compressor isn't all that expensive...
  2. Look for 3mm or 4mm PTFE tubing. That's the type of plastic used in the 3D printer tubing.
  3. laying flat, in other words...
  4. Customs suck... My Reaper order has been stuck for nearly 10 days now... (Yeah, the order with the one paint I'm missing for the Rainbow Dragon challenge) So, being bored I surfed by Kinggames in Denmark and ordered the Vallejo transparent paint set. (Want to see if they can replace the Tamiya Toxic series of transparents) I also ordered some Vallejo Maskingfluid, and a set of their 'tiny' palettes(85mm diameter) I'm also looking at drones... I may end up with a DJI Spark. But I'm also drooling at he DJI Mavic 'Fly More' package... My bank account is whimpering and pleading already...
  5. Funded

    Strangely, the line 'The customer is always right' was never meant to be about customer service... It just means that 'The customer is right about what he wants'... (Whether or not what he wants is also what he needs is a completely different issue) I other words, the customer knows what he wants, and a businessman should listen to that. Then it's up to the business to decide whether or not it makes economicsense to stock that. Also... Want a CatDragon? There's 'stuff for that...
  6. Water alone won't degrade the glue in the ferrule... unless you leave it soaking in water for a very long time, and then it doesn't matter which way you store it. Personally, I store all my brushes flat.
  7. Yeah, there's a rather large US-based store selling anime DVDs. EVERYTHING they list as 'import' is crappy screengrabs, probably from Hong Kong broadcast TV. And you know the picture quality when they fit an entire season of maybe as much as 26 episodes on one DVD...
  8. Not directly related to this KS, but... There was a KS recently "Studio Ghibli Christmas Snow Globe Enamel Pins" that went all the way to funding... Which is now in dispute... I must admit to having sent a mail to Studio Ghibli myself... (Don't elf with my Anime obsession... ) It sometimes only takes one dedicated fan to bring down a KS. (For all I know, Studio Ghibli may have been inundated with emails about it and they were already in the process of sharpening their lawyers...)
  9. You know, there are companies producing metal dragons still... But they're SMALL. Because metal is heavy, because metal is expensive, because spincast metal moulds can only be a certain size... Also, metal casting takes time, and every time you create a new master mould used to create the masters which will then be used to create the production moulds... you risk destroying the original master. Every master can only be used to procude so many production moulds, and every mould can only make so many minis before they begin to lose detail. A Bones mould is CnC cut using a 3D design created on computer, or by 3D scanning a master. The cutting process is slow and expensive, yes, but the casting is pretty much done in seconds after the mould is installed. So production costs goes way down. Also, since the mould is machined out of steel, they last pretty much indefinitely. And really, Reaper is in it for the money. Without a good bottom line they wouldn't be able to do all the cool stuff they do. What about Resin? Yeah, that's lighter than metal and holds details even better... Ever seen the horrors that are misaligned moulds on a dragon even half the size of Kaladrax? There's a reason for the very high price for large resin models, and it's not the material cost... Yes, Reaper produce a lot of undeads. Probably because a lot of games have skeletons, zombies and so on as adversaries. You don't often run into flocks of deer terrorizing villages, or kittens sacking the capitol... (I consider skeletons 'good practice for beginning painters'... which is why I have so many of them... Zombies and all that just... no... ) But yeah, they make a lot of them. Which means I also buy minis from other companies. There's no law against it. And not only can you mention the stuff in the 'Aquisitions' thread in Off-topic, but you can also promote the stuff in the Kickstarter area and show off your painting or modding skills on it. (As long as you don't link to a commercial site, besides the Kickstarters, of course) Want something specific? Strangely enough, they have a topic for requests... And they take them into consideration.
  10. Parodies are fun and all, but when you start making money on them, many IP owners starts frowning on it.
  11. No. That's just the joy of learning.
  12. I think ReaperBryan or someone made some calculations about the weight and cost of one of the new dragons, somewhere in the Bones 3 enthusiasm thread. It was sobering reading... With todays rising metal costs, I'm afraid that the era of large metal dragons are long past. BTW: Welcome to the asylumforum!
  13. Vallejo have a 'Model Air Thinner' specifically for this. A drop or two of that doesn't hurt, particularly on metals or other paints where you're worried that the pigment won't stay in suspension if you thin them enough to use in an airbrush.
  14. Honestly, he's trying to balance on a tightrope across a canyon, and haven't bothered to check if the ends are properly secured... Staying the Elf away from that one.
  15. Fulfilling

    Enough? What does that word mean?
  16. One issue with Marvel and DC is that they own Diamond so decide who is distributed, at horrendous rates. (Daniel Lieske, the creator of WormWorld has written about this on blogs. Google it. It's not suitable stuff to link here) I stopped buying DC and Marvel a long time ago. I suddenly realised I had to look at the cover to find out which super group or even Universe it was about... These days I only buy the good stuff. and mostly on Kickstarter. Books I recommend picking up is the collected years of Sabrina Online, the collected Ozy & Millie, the Digger Omnibus, Gold Digger... Sithrah, WormWorld, Precocious, Codename Hunter, DreamKeepers, Girl Genious. Schlock Mercenary(I only read it for the violence...), The Whiteboard, maybe Wapsi Square(it gets a bit weird and supernatural after a while) Well, I also buy Pondus, but that is't published in Englsih, except for a couple of Australian newspapers, I think. (It's not even close to being PC... The beer flows, the women are ugly, the soccer matches are... bloody... the golfing is horrendous and the dog is... yeah... )
  17. Vallejo have some nice mud effects.
  18. People still read X-men? Anyways, got the weekly news from Black Tree, and they've managed to find some old and forgotten stock, namely the 3rd Doctor from the DW1002B pack(Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Pterodactyl), DW605 Mestor, and DW716 Dragon Marque. No mention of how many they found, though, so... order quickly if you collect. I added a FA7121 Griffin to pad out my order a bit.
  19. So... what happens when that envelope goes through the sorting machine at the post office? I read Freefall, but don't know much chemistry.
  20. I believe that talk about that series belong in the horror films topic. What they did with Irene Adler belong in that thread, at least.
  21. Rename your buddy's character to Captain Oblivious... (Not a single Blue on him. I'm pretty cerrtain that's against code for Supers with 'Captain' in their codename) Lonestar Leather or Spruce Green for shade, and yeah, no... no idea for highlight for Dungeon Slime. Maybe a yellow?
  22. More archers with quivers on their hips instead of on their backs. Casters that points with their staffs when they cast instead of the silly 'hold it straight up and to the side' pose. They're the focus of their magic, might as well use it that way...
  23. I think I would have preferred to make it a little lighter in colour, but yeah, simple works very well on that one. It brings out the strength hidden in her, and the colour helps you notice the claws pretty quickly...
  24. Kaladrax is a dragon, so the correct term is DEATH FROM ABOVE! And yes, in all caps...