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  1. I have an elfed up keyboard... Besides, it's going to be a pain to set it up since I don't have desk space for it. (I need to set up a shelf, and exactly how I'm going to REACH to mount that shelf... )
  2. Just ordered a Large Painstand and a Large Corner Paintstand, both for 26mm bottles. And since I was online, I added a Vallejo Satin Varnish and a package of plastic strips.
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Calm down. I'm pretty certain I've written worse...
  4. Reaper Store Wishlist

    Too awkward. It would be much better with an interface similar to Reaper's Pledge Manager, where you then get a list of the minis you want, and can select and deselect until you hit your target sum if you're on a budget....
  5. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    Any female gnolls?
  6. Mouse Adventure (Cartoon Miniatures)

    No shipping notice, just a note from the local post office that there was a package waiting for me when I got home yesterday evening.
  7. Mouse Adventure (Cartoon Miniatures)

    A neat box full of mousey parts arrived in Norway. My set of 6 arrived as 2 bags; one containing bodies (some with heads, some without), and one bag with 'everything else'. I haven't really studied them yet(just piced up the package on my way to work), but they seem to be good castings.
  8. Post Office Lack of Caring

    Nope. But I wouldn't hesitate if I thought it would help.
  9. Post Office Lack of Caring

    If you know that they have a badly-maintained sorter somewhere that's liable to mangle packages... Ship one full of glitter. I'm serious.
  10. RIP Stephen Hawking

    There's already a thread for this, but I guess he was great enough to deserve two.
  11. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    What are the odds that he knew, and decided to prank the studio staff by pretending to be oblivious?
  12. Bears Head Miniatures Gallery Series Kickstarter

    I suddenly need to learn to paint pandas...
  13. The triads are't a concern for me, they're mostly what came in Bones 3, it' those Special Edition paints....
  14. well I know what my April order will contain... Paints, paints, lovely paints! Probably time to order a couple of new HobbyZone racks...
  15. Reaper Store Wishlist

    The issue with using the cart is that it reserves those items in Reaper's inventory. Just remember how it was in December when they had to reset the carts every few days because people were 'hogging' the Holiday paint kits. I keep a list in a email draft of the minis I want to buy. (This list isn't always up to date, though... )
  16. Take a hike!

    A bit bored at the office, so... Shall we take a little hike? you're following a trail when it suddenly enters a dark and forboding forest. Do you enter? Feel free to use that in a game, but yeah, I take payment in candy... Once upon a time... I grew up in this fjord... Lets head up in the mountains. Frankly, I'm not too certain where these next pictures were taken. Now, the next one... This is taken not far from where I live now. About 3Km in distancee and 5hours hike... (Healthier people can do it in 3 hours, maybe) A local beach. Also a nature preserve, so no motorized access. A bit of a view among the trees... A couple of pictures from an early autumn hike last year, up to a mountain lake. Unpacked(read; just dumped my gear in the shelter. ) Yes, it's possible to sleep on the benches, if you bring a sleeping bag and some sort of padding. Which is lucky because there's no flat space large enough to pitch a tent. There's supposed to be decent sized trout in the lake... Unfortunately, my GOOD rod was broken... At 10pm... On my way back down the next morning, I stopped to take a photo or two, and also one of my big camera(Ondurama 17x6) And finally, another one where I'm not really certain where it's from. That's all for now...
  17. Dragon Lords: Grenadier miniatures

    Yes. My message was in regards to a comment on 20 - 30 year old IP.
  18. Dragon Lords: Grenadier miniatures

    Blame Disney or Bono for the last extension of uS copyright... Anyway, would you tell a sculptor that his lifetime of work is no longer protected and that anyone can recast his creations and sell them? There's nothing stopping a creator or his/her heirs from releasing copyright on the creations. But if they don't even know what they have... I wouldn't steal their inheritance. As for IP from defunct companies; much of that has been claimed by debtors. If they don't realise what they're sitting on, I guess it would be up to us to educate them so that they license out or sell it to someone who can manufcture the creation, to recoup some of their money.
  19. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Some bad news, The number of London pubs decreased from 4835 in 2001 to 3615 in 2016. Some slightly better news; In Norway, the number of killed in traffic accidents have decreased from 560(102 of those were children) in 1970 to 107 in 2017. (2 children died in traffic-related accidents in 2016. i don't have the numbers for 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRDp8ZNX1Zc Neither the driver of the towtruck(jumped clear) nor the trucker(couple of broken bones) in this clip became part of the statistics.
  20. Take a hike!

    Well... I did learn to row before I learned to ride a bicycle, but still... I think you deserve to watch this video... on repeat...
  21. Take a hike!

    for anyone considering a Zenit 202, take a film in good daylight, with the sun always in the 180 degrees in front of the camera(vary whe position as much as possible) because they have a critical flaw. It's a 'swing lens' design, so the lens assembly sits in a rotating drum, and around that drum are some 'light seals'. If they are bad, stry light will cause stripes on the pictures. And no, it's not something you can fix yourself. Most sellers are aware of this issue and will not argue about a swap.
  22. Take a hike!

    Yeah, that's the 35mm panoramic. It's fun to play with now and then. (There's several versions of it, and the latest, the 'Perfect' model is generally considered the best because of the choice of shutter times. ) The Ondurama 135 is still in stock... I just got a developer tank for cine film (50' 8 or 16mm film) and are practicing with a ruined film to spool it on properly. It's not easy... The chemicals used today doesn't give of much fumes, and besides, I do the processing in the kitchen, where I have the extraction hood over the stove... (I have a darkroom bag for transferring the film to the processing tank)
  23. Take a hike!

    The issue with medium format panoramics is that I onlly get 4 pictures onto a $6 roll of film(and that price is for expired film on eBay.) It takes time to learn to handle this properly... Particularly when the camera is a Pinhole camera with f=225. (That evening shot that I did with my cell-phone... The same would take 10 minutes on the Ondurama) One roll of 120 film(it's about 28" long) can hold 12 6x6cm negatives, or 16 6x4.5 (My Lubitel camera has a frame you can install to limit the picture size.) I wish I could use 220 film since it's twice as long, but that type of film doesn't have the backing paper with the frame numbers printed on it. So not only won't I know how much to wind the film, but I'd have to cover the frame window(small, red window on the camera back), but it also requires special handling. I have a few rolls that I have processed, but not yet examined, and a few awaiting processing, so maybe there's a few good ones in there. (It's all B/W, though, since colour processing is a bit of a pain) The Ondurama is currently sold out, so you don't have to worry too much. (It's been listed as sold out for the last 2 years) KS price was about $140 I think. If you want to experiment with film photography and panoramics, you could also source a Zenit 202 'Perfect' edition. It's only 120degrees, and a swing-lens, and about 10% of them are defective from the factory... (Which is actually pretty good for a Russian optics manufacturer... The forgot to put the coating on the lenses for an entire year's worth of production, once) The lens on that is a 28mm from one of their spy cameras, so it's pretty decent stuff. I hope to get some time to play around with my DJI Mavic Pro this weekend... maybe there will be a youtube link here soon?