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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    How does one throw a '0' with dice? if you want to read while laying on your couch, but also want to avoid straining your neck, consider picking up some reading glasses... Star Wars... haven't seen anything new from that franchise since they introduced 'Midichlorians'. I don't see any reason for that to change now. we may have gotten about 8" of snow where I live... That's what it looks like when I take a quick peek out the window. It's probably time to get off my fat ... and sove the stairs and probably a bit of the walkway. then it's time to start getting the elfed clutch out of my car... (transversely mounted engine and FWD. That'll be fun)
  2. 01621 Winter Elf

    For Christmas this year... i wish for a fraction of talent like yours.
  3. 30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    It's possible to use a mold material such as 'blue stuff' from greenstuffworld or composimold to form a mold around the part you want to copy, then use a 2-part epoxy or other resin as casting material. it's a bit of work, though, and you'd want a bit of casting experience before you tackle making a copy of something this small. it probably wouldn't hurt to get some experience modding other minis first, either.
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I miss Mike Rowe on TV... But... wouldn't you know it; they've released 'dirty jobs' on DVD... I may need to make an order or two...
  5. Boardgames - suggestions please

    Ludo... Or a big heap of 1500 - 3000 piece jigsaw puzzles.
  6. 30+ Year Old Figures to Paint!

    I have just one point. Get yourself either a macro lens for your cell-phone, or a proper camera with a macro mode. A smooth grey background (Use liquitex Gray #2 on a large piece of cardboard if you want to save in the beginning) also helps, and some decent lighting, but that can come later. For now, we really want to see the details! If those two minis are supposed to be the same, I'd consider doing a weapon swap on the standing mini. Give him the same weapon as the crouching mini.
  7. Filling gap

    Pure baking soda (Natrium bicarbonate, here in Norway sold as 'Natron') or 'baking powder'(Natrium bicarbonate, Natrium diphosphate and MonoCalsiumphosphate)? Have you seen the Glue Looper? It's made to 'tease' glue into the correct spot.
  8. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    The one thing I've really learned here is that there no 'one true way' to paint anything! I remember a pink dragon, and someone who fingerpainted a mini... After that I KNEW that I had found where I belong... Splitting forums is a realy, really bad idea. Who's to decide who will post WIPs and Show-offs in one or the other? and on what criteria? No. What I would like to see, though, is implementation of some sort of mandatory tags in the show-off. 'Starting out, be kind', 'Aiming for awards, take it apart', 'Will work for critique', 'just wanted to show off, no need to critique' Something like that.
  9. Mother of Dragons

    About The concept for Mother of Dragons was born a few years ago. I still recall seeing the beautiful illustration made by Stéphane Wootha Richard posted on his Facebook profile and I fell in love with her immediately – I knew immediately that I wanted to bring her to life in miniature form. Fortunately, Stéphane was also very excited about the idea of a collaboration. We were inspired and driven to start working on the project that we both felt so passionate about and now, with much pride we can finally share this project with you all. What you see here required 2 years of committed development, during which time, our team has created and implemented many variants until we made of it a full range, indeed in addition to the varied scale of the main subject , you will find unique versions such as the bust or the lovely "super deformed" miniature. In fact, this is the characteristic of all of our Kickstarter campaigns — we always enjoy experimenting with new products and offering you something you've never seen before. Every successful kickstarter campaign enable us to share our dreams with the most supportive community in the world. In Mother of Dragons you will find exciting new figures as well as numerous artefacts (artefacts? – I hear you say. Exactly)! Be ready for an ancient Dragon Jar, or a real dragon’s tooth. One thing is certain. They will not be the only exclusives to catch your attention. Now with your continued help and support; it’s time to bring this project to life! So why support this project? Well, first because you’re a hobbyist and a modeller and you can’t wait to lay your hands on a new figure. Second, because the Mother of Dragons will also appeal to your collector’s side; she will be the “queen” of your showcase, no matter the scale, you choose. Apart from the main subject of this campaign, as usual, we’re offering great deals, rewards, add-ons and freebies, indeed Kabuki Studio places great importance to Kickstarter and for this reason the benefits/conditions offered will never be seen again outside the campaign, not even in the pledge manager/late backer's option. More views of our 1/8 Mother Of Dragons and some close-up In PDF format, you will qualify for guides related to your pledge’s scale; i.e. If you backed “Baby Dragon” pledge level, you will receive the painting guide for the 1/50 version; if instead you backed for “Dragon Host” you will receive them all. The artists in charge are: Riccardo Agostini (Italy) – 1/50 scale Keigo Murakami (Japan) – 1/24 scale Arnau Lazaro Azcarate (Spain) – bust (1/8 scale) Keigo Murakami (Japan) – 1/8 scale (full figure) You qualify for the guide even you have required the painted versions. Please be sure to provide a valid email address. No extra shipping costs for that reward. It’s a digital content. This is a FREE reward. A5 (21,0x14,8cm) print, each copy is hand numbered and signed by the character designer Stéphane Wootha Richard. Printed on a lavish hard-paper it will look terrific framed and hanging on the wall of your hobby room! No extra shipping costs for that reward. This is a FREE reward. Your support is awesome! We want to thank you by offering the awesome “Dragon queen” at a crazy price: KUBP16 Dragon Queen full retail price 30,00euro - vault price 15,00euro You just need to add the amount of money for the extra model(s) to your current pledge. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. This reward will be offered ONLY during the Kickstarter campaign This reward upgrade your Mother Of Dragons to a mini diorama perfect matching the original artwork. Get the dragon bones and dress-up your base! This reward is available for all the scales (but not for the bust), you will receive it accordingly to your pledge. No extra shipping costs for that reward. This is a FREE reward. Made of real beech wood, then hand finished and painted they are the ideal “frame” for your Mother Of Dragons; offered for the 1/50, 1/24 and 1/8 scale versions. Each plinth comes with a little extra: 1/50 scale +5euro (plinth measures: 6x4cm 1,8cm height) 1/24 scale +8euro (plinth measures: 14,5x8,5cm 2,3cm height) 1/8 scale +19euro (full figure only, not the bust - plinth measures: 28x15cm 2,3cm height) You just need to add the amount of money for the extra items to your current pledge. No extra shipping costs for that reward. An awesome real metal tag to attach on your wooden plinth. We will create 3 different tags in order to perfectly match each one of the 3 different plinths. This is a FREE reward if you have the wooden plinth in your pledge. Otherwise you can buy the display background by adding 1euro to your donation. No extra shipping costs for that reward. EDIT: REMOVED €12000 Stretch Goal Picture. Your support is awesome! You’re showing you really love our figures, so we give you access to a selection of 75mm models offered at a crazy price! KUB7502 Ky-rà full retail price 50,00euro vault price 25,00euro KUB7503 Dark Siren full retail price 60,00euro vault price 30,00euro KUB7504 Anne Bonny full retail price 50,00euro vault price 25,00euro KUB7505 Vixen Lord full retail price 50,00euro vault price 25,00euro You just need to add the amount of money for the extra models to your current pledge. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. This reward will be offered ONLY during the Kickstarter campaign A beautiful and useful pine wood box with sliding cover, measures are: 21x21x11cm that’s an ideal display solution for you 1/24 and 1/50 Mother Of Dragons also the 1/8 bust fits in very well. Each wooden box costs 9,5euro. You just need to add the amount of money for the extra item(s) to your current pledge. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. Taken directly from the original artwork it’s the ideal background for your Mother Of Dragons! Printed and die cut in order to fit the wooden box it will be the perfect frame for your precious model. This is a FREE reward if you have the wooden box in your pledge. Otherwise you can buy the display background by adding 3euro to your donation. No extra shipping costs for that reward. “It is said that few mortal souls ever dared to drink that foul liquor and that even fewer survived to tell about it!” This unique reward is made of a precious Japanese glass bottle. We will post the bottle empty and ready to be used with any liquid. The rear label will be customized with your name as one of the few mortals who drank it and still breathe. Due to the very particular nature of this item we can offer only one, it will go to a random backer (except for pledge level 1) This is a FREE reward. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. Community stretch goals unlock things on the Kickstarter campaign when we reach social media milestones. For example reaching a certain amount of supporters, or likes and shares will open up a new stretch goal. Everyone who backs the campaign is encouraged to take part in all the community stretch goals because the more people pledge in the Kickstarter, the more cool things people will get! PVC sticker “Mother Of Dragons” for all the backers. This is a FREE reward for all the pledge levels except the first. No extra shipping costs for that reward. KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! What is this, and how does it work I hear you say? Well it’s simple. At some point during the campaign we will show some super-secret stuff that isn’t quite ready yet. You, as Kickstarter backers will have the exclusive first chance to grab some of this cool stuff. Any funds gathered from this boost will be added to the total campaign fund and will also go towards unlocking goodies for the qualifying pledges It’s simple, we need your support in order to fund the project and unlock all the amazing items we’ve designed! To donate, select a pledge amount and reward on either the right-hand side of a project page or after clicking the “Back this project” button and selecting “Continue”. From here you’ll be taken to a page where you can continue as a guest, or login if you already have an account. If you would like to continue as a guest, just enter your email address and select “Continue as Guest”. Next, fill in your payment details and take a minute to review your pledge details. When you’re ready, just click the green “Pledge” button and the job is done! Easy, isn’t it? During the campaign, thanks to your help, we will unlock several new rewards so you may want to review your current pledge, well how do you do that? To change your pledge amount, visit the project page and click the “Manage your pledge" button that appears next to your pledge amount and then select "Change your pledge" on the following page. From here, you’ll be able to adjust your pledge amount or choose a new reward tier you'd like to pledge for and your pledge amount will update automatically. If you don't want to receive a reward, select "Make a pledge without a reward" and enter your new pledge amount. Alternatively, you may change your pledge amount within the reward tier modal. Note: you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected if the project is successfully funded. Everything will be dispatched from Roma (Italy). You don’t have to be worried about customs tax because we’ll provide a special invoice for that purpose. All the pledges will be posted through DHL Express and the delivery time is brutally fast! 18-24 hours for Europe 2-3 days for rest of the world (customs clearance included) So even the delivery time is a “problem solved”. Average costs: up to 1kg to Europe 14.50 Euro up to 1kg to USA/Canada 19.50 Euro up to 1kg to Asia 31.50 Euro up to 1kg to Australia/South America 38.50 Euro We removed “Poste Italiane” from the carriers choice because the price difference is almost zero and the reliability of that carrier is particularly low, that means you could save 3 or 4 euro from shipping cost, but have great delays in your delivery or pay more in custom taxes, or even have the parcel lost.
  10. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    If it was editing to make it fit a narrower slot they should have shaved off seconds here and there, not taken out a whole scene.
  11. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Looks the right way up to me. So... There's 11 on that tray, but there's been 12 Doctors.
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Probably just the Rustboro Baptist church that hijacked the censorship board again. They do that now and then... Or it's possibly because someone is whispering 'The Earth is round, the Earth is round' during the entire scene. (You need to adjust the volume to max to hear it, though, and it's in such a high pitch that most older people can't hear it even then)
  13. Filling gap

    Have you seen this thread? And yes, GS is strong enough to hold the pieces together.
  14. Valhalla....

    I wonder who wrote that. It almost sounds like something Aslaug could have written. (Danish lady ) She used to have the .eu site of her name, but the only way to find that now is on the Wayback machine. If anyone does, please take utmost caution when reading her stories. A lot of the stuff in the first Transitions story is what she experienced back then. It's... painful... Anyway, she used quite a lot of Norse mythology in her writings. and her rants... oh, goodness...
  15. I probably shouldn't mention this, but there's this Japanese website... J-list... No, not going to mention that as the place where I buy Japanese snacks such as Black Black... (I don't drink coffee, but sometimes need a bit of coffeine to stay awake during meetings and such.) Driving in snow. I drive a FWD car with studded wheels. I also keep a snow shovel and snow chains in the trunk. If there's anything I would have had different in my car it's that I miss the HydroPneumatic suspension of my older cars, and could also use a diff locker. 4WD is overrated, really. A RWD car can be made 'tolerable' if you load it with a 4 - 500lbs in the trunk, but I'd never call them good. These are the conditions I often drive in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH7_nYA6YbY But no, I don't drive towtrucks. But here's a picture of one of the vehicles one of the local towing companies use:
  16. Thunderbolt Mountain is closing its webstore on Dec 25

    Don't forget the ninja cannon.
  17. And mine arrived here in Norway today.
  18. Mother of Dragons

    Thank you! It's always nice to be appreciated.
  19. Mother of Dragons

    They supposedly have some plan or other that will be revealed in a stretch goal.
  20. Mother of Dragons

    Give your kids a marzipan figure each, dowload a couple of cheap indie games for the StayPlayton/xCrate and tell them they can stay up as late as they want and you're golden... Now, hurry and hock all their new toys... Besides, I warned you not to look in this thread! (Don't believe me? Just check the tags, it says 'Kabuki' right there. That's Italian for awesome and expensive resin minis)
  21. Mother of Dragons

    I'm in it for the Fireborn bust right now. We'll see... (1:8 scale bust, nearly 6" high. What madness is that? ) I may change my mind because of the 'base' on that bust.
  22. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    It is... All the way up in the righthand corner while browing the store. Just select any of the other currencies and it will show how much more to buy before you hit Free Worldwide shipping.
  23. Help colorize Gold Digger #3

    About Help us colorize the original Black and White Gold Digger series by creator Fred Perry. If you're not familiar with us, my name is Joeming Dunn, and I run Antarctic Press, a small, independent comic company started in 1984. I have personally collected comics of almost every type and genre since 1974, and I can say that during the past 30 years, we have published some of the greatest and best independent comics out there. Our publishing history includes titles like Gold Digger and Ninja High School. The comic industry has changed over the years, so we have started this Kickstarter program to help introduce new projects from our talented group of creators. You may have seen some of other successful and fulfilled campaigns. Over the years, we have published a number of series. Prominent among these is Fred Perry's ingenious title, Gold Digger, which Fred describes as a mixture of Indiana Jones and Final Fantasy. The idea for Gold Digger was first conceived during Fred's tour of duty in the first Gulf War, and it debuted in Antarctic Press's anthology comic, Mangazine, in 1991. A four-issue miniseries followed in 1992, and a regular monthly black-and-white series followed starting in 1993. The current color series began in 1999 and has continued since then. It is the second-longest-running solo-created title in the industry. In 2013, Fred was honored at Comic Con International in San Diego, where he received an Inkpot Award for his work on Gold Digger. One of our most frequently received fan requests over the years is, "When can I see the original black-and-white series of Gold Digger in color?" Getting a book colored is not an easy proposition due to the cost and time involved, and both of those commodities are scarce in the independent publishing world. But with Kickstarter, it is now possible to achieve that goal. We experimented with a previous Kickstarter (Gold Brick #7), and due to its success, we were able to color the first two issues of the black-and-white series. So back in June of 2016 we ran the first part of this campaign and we were able to COLORIZE 5 ISSUES. So out of the 50 Black and White issues that have been released in the past, a total of 12 have been colorized thus far. Here is a small sample of what was done. Below are original and colored pages from Gold Digger #6 (which was colorized in some of our previous Kickstarter). What we would like to do is to continue this process with issue #13 of the series, since the first 12 issues are already funded. Here is a PDF link for Gold Digger #13... http://antarcticpresslibrary.com/gdbw/gdbw13.pdf The money collected will go to paying the colorist to perform the task of coloring. And for each $1200 we collect beyond the first, we will color the next issue. For instance, if we collect a total of $2300 with this campaign, we will then proceed to color issue #14; if we collect at least $3400, we'll have issue #15 colored, and so forth and so on. Supporters will receive the PDFs of each completed issue that is colored plus the issues that have already been colored. Wouldn't you like to see the many great Gold Digger moments in color? Theo versus the Lich King, the first appearance of the Leprechaun mecha, Ace's 747 battle against Dark Bird, Gina and Penny's wedgie war, the first appearance of Ryan, and the epic Time Warp saga are but a few of stories that can be eventually colorized.
  24. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    And for good reason; that's some nice paints. (Bought the kit last year. )