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    Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin

    Maybe. I mostly prefer the 2K movie, so it's a long time since I've seen the original movie.
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    Mother of Dragons

    About The concept for Mother of Dragons was born a few years ago. I still recall seeing the beautiful illustration made by Stéphane Wootha Richard posted on his Facebook profile and I fell in love with her immediately – I knew immediately that I wanted to bring her to life in miniature form. Fortunately, Stéphane was also very excited about the idea of a collaboration. We were inspired and driven to start working on the project that we both felt so passionate about and now, with much pride we can finally share this project with you all. What you see here required 2 years of committed development, during which time, our team has created and implemented many variants until we made of it a full range, indeed in addition to the varied scale of the main subject , you will find unique versions such as the bust or the lovely "super deformed" miniature. In fact, this is the characteristic of all of our Kickstarter campaigns — we always enjoy experimenting with new products and offering you something you've never seen before. Every successful kickstarter campaign enable us to share our dreams with the most supportive community in the world. In Mother of Dragons you will find exciting new figures as well as numerous artefacts (artefacts? – I hear you say. Exactly)! Be ready for an ancient Dragon Jar, or a real dragon’s tooth. One thing is certain. They will not be the only exclusives to catch your attention. Now with your continued help and support; it’s time to bring this project to life! So why support this project? Well, first because you’re a hobbyist and a modeller and you can’t wait to lay your hands on a new figure. Second, because the Mother of Dragons will also appeal to your collector’s side; she will be the “queen” of your showcase, no matter the scale, you choose. Apart from the main subject of this campaign, as usual, we’re offering great deals, rewards, add-ons and freebies, indeed Kabuki Studio places great importance to Kickstarter and for this reason the benefits/conditions offered will never be seen again outside the campaign, not even in the pledge manager/late backer's option. More views of our 1/8 Mother Of Dragons and some close-up In PDF format, you will qualify for guides related to your pledge’s scale; i.e. If you backed “Baby Dragon” pledge level, you will receive the painting guide for the 1/50 version; if instead you backed for “Dragon Host” you will receive them all. The artists in charge are: Riccardo Agostini (Italy) – 1/50 scale Keigo Murakami (Japan) – 1/24 scale Arnau Lazaro Azcarate (Spain) – bust (1/8 scale) Keigo Murakami (Japan) – 1/8 scale (full figure) You qualify for the guide even you have required the painted versions. Please be sure to provide a valid email address. No extra shipping costs for that reward. It’s a digital content. This is a FREE reward. A5 (21,0x14,8cm) print, each copy is hand numbered and signed by the character designer Stéphane Wootha Richard. Printed on a lavish hard-paper it will look terrific framed and hanging on the wall of your hobby room! No extra shipping costs for that reward. This is a FREE reward. Your support is awesome! We want to thank you by offering the awesome “Dragon queen” at a crazy price: KUBP16 Dragon Queen full retail price 30,00euro - vault price 15,00euro You just need to add the amount of money for the extra model(s) to your current pledge. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. This reward will be offered ONLY during the Kickstarter campaign This reward upgrade your Mother Of Dragons to a mini diorama perfect matching the original artwork. Get the dragon bones and dress-up your base! This reward is available for all the scales (but not for the bust), you will receive it accordingly to your pledge. No extra shipping costs for that reward. This is a FREE reward. Made of real beech wood, then hand finished and painted they are the ideal “frame” for your Mother Of Dragons; offered for the 1/50, 1/24 and 1/8 scale versions. Each plinth comes with a little extra: 1/50 scale +5euro (plinth measures: 6x4cm 1,8cm height) 1/24 scale +8euro (plinth measures: 14,5x8,5cm 2,3cm height) 1/8 scale +19euro (full figure only, not the bust - plinth measures: 28x15cm 2,3cm height) You just need to add the amount of money for the extra items to your current pledge. No extra shipping costs for that reward. An awesome real metal tag to attach on your wooden plinth. We will create 3 different tags in order to perfectly match each one of the 3 different plinths. This is a FREE reward if you have the wooden plinth in your pledge. Otherwise you can buy the display background by adding 1euro to your donation. No extra shipping costs for that reward. EDIT: REMOVED €12000 Stretch Goal Picture. Your support is awesome! You’re showing you really love our figures, so we give you access to a selection of 75mm models offered at a crazy price! KUB7502 Ky-rà full retail price 50,00euro vault price 25,00euro KUB7503 Dark Siren full retail price 60,00euro vault price 30,00euro KUB7504 Anne Bonny full retail price 50,00euro vault price 25,00euro KUB7505 Vixen Lord full retail price 50,00euro vault price 25,00euro You just need to add the amount of money for the extra models to your current pledge. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. This reward will be offered ONLY during the Kickstarter campaign A beautiful and useful pine wood box with sliding cover, measures are: 21x21x11cm that’s an ideal display solution for you 1/24 and 1/50 Mother Of Dragons also the 1/8 bust fits in very well. Each wooden box costs 9,5euro. You just need to add the amount of money for the extra item(s) to your current pledge. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. Taken directly from the original artwork it’s the ideal background for your Mother Of Dragons! Printed and die cut in order to fit the wooden box it will be the perfect frame for your precious model. This is a FREE reward if you have the wooden box in your pledge. Otherwise you can buy the display background by adding 3euro to your donation. No extra shipping costs for that reward. “It is said that few mortal souls ever dared to drink that foul liquor and that even fewer survived to tell about it!” This unique reward is made of a precious Japanese glass bottle. We will post the bottle empty and ready to be used with any liquid. The rear label will be customized with your name as one of the few mortals who drank it and still breathe. Due to the very particular nature of this item we can offer only one, it will go to a random backer (except for pledge level 1) This is a FREE reward. Extra shipping costs, if needed, will be calculated at the end of the campaign through our pledge manager. Community stretch goals unlock things on the Kickstarter campaign when we reach social media milestones. For example reaching a certain amount of supporters, or likes and shares will open up a new stretch goal. Everyone who backs the campaign is encouraged to take part in all the community stretch goals because the more people pledge in the Kickstarter, the more cool things people will get! PVC sticker “Mother Of Dragons” for all the backers. This is a FREE reward for all the pledge levels except the first. No extra shipping costs for that reward. KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE! What is this, and how does it work I hear you say? Well it’s simple. At some point during the campaign we will show some super-secret stuff that isn’t quite ready yet. You, as Kickstarter backers will have the exclusive first chance to grab some of this cool stuff. Any funds gathered from this boost will be added to the total campaign fund and will also go towards unlocking goodies for the qualifying pledges It’s simple, we need your support in order to fund the project and unlock all the amazing items we’ve designed! To donate, select a pledge amount and reward on either the right-hand side of a project page or after clicking the “Back this project” button and selecting “Continue”. From here you’ll be taken to a page where you can continue as a guest, or login if you already have an account. If you would like to continue as a guest, just enter your email address and select “Continue as Guest”. Next, fill in your payment details and take a minute to review your pledge details. When you’re ready, just click the green “Pledge” button and the job is done! Easy, isn’t it? During the campaign, thanks to your help, we will unlock several new rewards so you may want to review your current pledge, well how do you do that? To change your pledge amount, visit the project page and click the “Manage your pledge" button that appears next to your pledge amount and then select "Change your pledge" on the following page. From here, you’ll be able to adjust your pledge amount or choose a new reward tier you'd like to pledge for and your pledge amount will update automatically. If you don't want to receive a reward, select "Make a pledge without a reward" and enter your new pledge amount. Alternatively, you may change your pledge amount within the reward tier modal. Note: you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected if the project is successfully funded. Everything will be dispatched from Roma (Italy). You don’t have to be worried about customs tax because we’ll provide a special invoice for that purpose. All the pledges will be posted through DHL Express and the delivery time is brutally fast! 18-24 hours for Europe 2-3 days for rest of the world (customs clearance included) So even the delivery time is a “problem solved”. Average costs: up to 1kg to Europe 14.50 Euro up to 1kg to USA/Canada 19.50 Euro up to 1kg to Asia 31.50 Euro up to 1kg to Australia/South America 38.50 Euro We removed “Poste Italiane” from the carriers choice because the price difference is almost zero and the reliability of that carrier is particularly low, that means you could save 3 or 4 euro from shipping cost, but have great delays in your delivery or pay more in custom taxes, or even have the parcel lost.
  3. Gadgetman!

    Mother of Dragons

    I just got my Bust and the 1:50 scale mini. And the bust is GORGEOUS! It's so smooth, so perfect. Just one tip to others getting theirs; be careful when opening the box, at least for the bust. The foam that holds the parts is stuck to the lid, not the bottom, so it may be an idea to open it upside down.
  4. Gadgetman!

    Sealing Question

    If you have some Brown or Gray Liner, use that instead of Primer on Bones. It sticks like nobody's business.
  5. Gadgetman!

    Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin

    Loved the role she played in Blues Brothers 2000, Not really my style of music, really, but yeah, I'd listen to her sing again. ;-)
  6. Gadgetman!

    Sunshine Figures

    It's absolutely horrible! I can only pledge for 2 busts...
  7. And for those who haven't seen Audrey yet... https://youtu.be/ZrR5h-4hDBk It's kind of fascinating watching it work.
  8. I just tried the new Beta site, and it looks nice. (There's a few issues, such as having to register a new account on it instead of it validating me from the account already existing on your servers, but I'll email that list to the beta email) I did notice that all the minis that requires assembly now have that listed.(Not in the list views, though, you need to click into the page for each) and it's not possible to filter on that. (I assume that is coming later. See the unanswered FAQ here in the forum)
  9. Gadgetman!

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    It seems Kit has worked out the VAT issues and even worked on the shipping costs.
  10. Gadgetman!

    ReaperCon Sophie Model

    Not that there's anything wrong with the 54mm Metal Sophies, but... yeah. Me want...
  11. Gadgetman!

    LTPK - MSP HD = ?

    I just ordered a full set. (3 pistol cases, not the caddy set)
  12. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I was on my way back to the office, driving the vw caddy that belings to my department, and was nearly at the top of a long incline when... the car's 'I Hate You' mechanism engaged... 'Engine Management Error'... and it went into a 'limp home mode' that's closer to a 'snalis crawl home mode'... The last 1000 - 1500 meters to the top took and age, or so it felt, as I had to stop at every little pocket to let traffic by. It was impossible to bet it over 8mph. (It has the VW 'smoke grenade' version 1.6TDi - rebuilt to be 'legal' ) My 1.4i had better performance when it was only firing on 2 cylinders.... I managed ot get it back to town, and to the dealership, and removed all the more expensive stuff(Fluke network tester, my laptop, our industrial Brother pTouch, ) then had a 45minute walk to the office. In the rain... Instead of being back at the office before 3.30 and home at 4pm, it was 5:30 and 6pm.
  13. Gadgetman!

    01445; Ellen Stone, Cowgirl

    This wouldn't happen to be a reissue of the old Master Series 30005 Ellen Stone, Cowgirl would it? (Spotted it in new releases in the store)
  14. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    If you want to do Autocross, get an old CItroën ZX. The special rear axle has built-in passive steering so it corners like nobody's business... If you get one with the .14i TU3 engine, remember that 'stock 75BHp' is French for 'this one can take it'.... (The same engine, as used in the AX GTi and popular in rallying, pushed out 90BHp as delivered from the factory. And modders have pushed it above 130BHp) If leg and headroom is what you want in a small car, get a first gen Citroen Berlingo. They have the same funky rear axle, and aren't any longer. But you can seat 5 adults without causing knife fights... Up until 1998, they were 3 door, then they got a sliding rear door on the passenger side. They're also available as a 1.6HDi (Pretty much the same engine as sits in the Euro Ford Fusion, some Volvos and probably a few other cars) It's also available in 1.9D, but yeah... rock solid, pulls like an ox, but 0 to 60 is... eventually... Yes, I know that most French brands pulled out of the NA market back in the 70s... But the same car, with the Peugeot Partner logo was also manufactured in Mexico, if you fancy a road trip... If not, it's possible to import them from Europe to Canada as long as they're 15+ years old.... (There's at least one recent Canadian owner over on the English berlingoforum )
  15. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    About the paints... From what i remember, they mix paint in 5gallon batches and send through the bottling machine. 5 gallon =128oz x 5 = 640oz = 1280 bottles or thereabout = A lot of shelf space. Also a lot of money tied up in inventory. There are reasons for mixing such large batches all the way from economy of scale, accuracy or measurement in ingredients and so on, and... I expect that they need to clean out the bottling machine between batches. That is machine time that doesn't earn money. And that assumes that the reason thy're discontinuing the series is economic. It may also be that the HD paints use chemicals that aren't used in the Core or Bones series paints. Sometimes, even a small change in chemistry can result in large changes in how the result behaves. Maybe one chemical i now on a 'Scares someone in California' list, or the sole supplier decided to be jerks and double the price? We don't know, and odds are that we'll never find out, either.
  16. Gadgetman!

    Angel - 3D Print - NSFW

    Absolutely... *sigh* beautiful.
  17. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    They can't DO THAT to me!!!! I love Gnolls(particularly females), and there's no way I can afford a VIP ticket and the travel expenses right now. Not only are they OOPing the HD line, but... Europeans trying to oder from the US site no loner gets free shipping even if you hit $200... (And the Beta site wants to elf me over with VAT, which it shouldn't, and wants €11 for shipping )
  18. Gadgetman!

    Some Things Transcend

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mcahogarth/some-things-transcend/description About Many years ago, I accidentally started a story about a man who accidentally started a war, and that was a wild ride to the end, or at least, to what I thought was the end. Until I accidentally started a short story sequel that became a novel that made it clear that if we're going to start a war, we should at least see it through to the conclusion of its opening stages. Which is where this book comes in. Some Things Transcend is the second book in the Princes' Game series, which picks up directly where Book 1, Even the Wingless, leaves off. This is a six-book series, and only Book 1 has a paperback or audio edition. It's time to change that. But wait! You say. I'm one of your fans, but I don't know this series. Why should I contribute to this? And lo, I say to you: the Princes' Game series interweaves with most of the other "modern" Peltedverse novels. Don't believe me? Have a look at this sketch of a timeline, where the stories of Reese and Hirianthial are in green, and the events of Princes' Game in red: Even if epic war stories with violence, "adult situations," headgames, crazy redemption arcs, alcohol and drugs, revolts and revolutions, more crazy redemption arcs, and moral, ethical, and philosophical discussions are not your cup of tea, the events of the PG series will inform future series in the Peltedverse, which I am already at work on! But wait AGAIN! You say. What if I've never read any of your work at all! And then I would say to you, "You can start with the free novel Earthrise" if you want a space opera romp in a universe populated with friendly aliens, fuzzy critters, space elves, and humans all working together, or you can start with the novel Mindtouch if you want a gentle "forever friendship" story of college students coming of age, or you can leap right into the R-rated, HBO-compatible Princes' Game series with Even the Wingless. Because epic war stories with violence, "adult situations," headgames, crazy redemption arcs, alcohol and drugs, revolts and revolutions, more crazy redemption arcs, and moral, ethical, and philosophical discussions! But wait a THIRD time! I'm not into HBO-compatible anything! Or I don't like difficult stories without preparation! Don't worry, I've got you covered. I have a set of summaries of the entire series so you can read "ahead" and know what to prepare yourself for. (It's full of spoilers, but that's the point!) Go pick it up! Or don't, if you hate spoilers and prefer surprises! Stretch Goals So, some stretch goals! Just in case, even though this is only a week! $750 - Are you tired of bookmarks yet? I hope you're not tired of bookmarks yet! At $750, everyone who gets a physical reward will receive one! You need more bookmarks! $1000 - I will write a short story about Vasiht'h telling Sehvi about his experiences during the events of Dreamhealers 5, "Family"! You know you want more Vasiht'h and Sehvi time. Everyone will receive an e-copy! $1500 - Wait, another short? Yes, absolutely! This one will be a vignette, with Jahir's POV of acquiring the jackal chest and amulet rampant and communicating with 'the ambassador' during the events of Wingless. Everyone will receive an e-copy! Over $1500 - I will wiggle a lot! And then tuck that money away to pay for the audiobook, which will probably cost about $3000. No, I am not expecting you all to hit $3000 in a week. I love y'all but please, buy groceries and stuff. <3 But Jaguar! You say. Why are your stretch goals so modest! Why don't you do Chatcaava plushes! We would totally be on board with Chatcaava plushes! Because, dear backers, I don't want to fall down on this job for you, and that means humble goals. *bows* I admit Chatcaava plushes would be adorbs though. But Jaguar, AGAIN! What if we want more vignettes or shorts!? I'm not opposed to this idea. Tell me what you're interested in seeing. >.> Oh, and before I forget, the original for the Collector Level: Risks and challenges As much as possible I've streamlined this one so it takes very little by way of work. I've gotten very good at packing and shipping things! I think the biggest risks are: 1. I get hyper and start throwing in prizes and things that I shouldn't because I like running myself to ragged shreds doing stuff; 2. I get too perfectionist about the things and fuss them to death over millimeter differences in whitespace only I am going to care about. I think I'll be able to handle #2 since I've done OVER NINE THOUSAND of these Kickstarters. It's #1 you all are going to have to help me with. Sit on me if I start gibbering about something that sounds impossible, please?
  19. Gadgetman!

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    No, they're not discontinuing the caddy(09999), but the HD caddy sets.
  20. Gadgetman!

    The return of Lastman. Hi.

    A hole in your neck? A little bit of Greenstuff, some filing, primer, and a layer of 9444 Scholar Flesh should fix that in no time... Lets see, what has happened since you left? Bones II, III, and IV(you may still get onto the Pledge Manager to snag some of the big stuff cheaply), Reaper's 25 year anniversary(gave away a free mini on all orders over $40 last year. ), they introduced the Bones series paints, CAVs are no longer available in metal, ReaperBryan quit, Buglips' house burnt down, I joined the forum... I think that was just about the most important parts...
  21. Gadgetman!

    Some Things Transcend

    They're good.. I'm currently working my way through the Dreamhealers books, and have completely missed one dinner so far... All her books are available as eBooks, and some also as Paperback and even audiobook. If you decide to get some, don't forget to pick up 'Spots the Space Marine'(Yeah, the book that caused a certain gaming company to go ape...Also, not a part of her 'Pelted' universe. ) and sign up for her Patreon. There may or may not be a bit of exclusive content there. Also, her 'Lunchbag art'(She draws cute drawings on her daughters lunchbags)
  22. Gadgetman!

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    We don't care about Sweden. But we're good buddies with the danes. Their SF are pretty decent, too, and they supposedly hold some nifty exercises and invites their buddies. Back in 2011, Norway and Denmark sent a total of 12 F-16 planes to Crete to bomb Libya. Those 12 planes flew the most 'hot' missions of any down there. (They were 'hotseating' the planes, and keeping them in the air up to 20hours/day. The Norwegian and Danish ROCs were mostly 'avoid civillian casualties', everyone else had much stricter rules) The Swedes were faffing about and flying recon missions... The brits were mostly flying from England(air refuelling to get closer, then launching long-distance cruise missiles) The planes from Quatar and the UAE were flying 'air superiority'... even if the Libyan air force was a bit bombed out... So, yeah, we like the Danes.
  23. Gadgetman!

    Some Things Transcend

    It funded succesfully, of course. And today we got the ebook version of the book, the print editions have been ordered and is expected to arrive in a timely manner.
  24. Gadgetman!

    Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I'd like to quote a certain immortal philosoper, Stupid is who stupid does. Christopher McCandless may just have been incredibly naive... Eveyone who's following him are just elfed stupid. Most of those who live in Alaska wouldn't be able to live alone in the wilderness for an extended period of time without lots of equipment, and they're familiar with the dangers.
  25. The nutty part is a 'Flange nut'...