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  1. I'm too unfamiliar with the Realms to know where my guy would be from. I'm not even sure which sun god works better for a Lawful Good paladin... Amaunator or Lathander.
  2. Haldir, if I feel with his Folk Hero background, my Paladin would've gained proficiency in athletics from working hard at the homestead and around the village, instead of survival proficiency, would that be okay?
  3. I'm having the most terrible suggestions for encounters. I was building a one-shot for 3rd level adventurers (one of my players is missing Saturday's session and I didn't want to leave her out of the current adventure's ending) and was poking around monster stats. Noticed the Guardian Portrait and Animated Table... Made for a good CR3 encounter, if a bit zany. Then I remembered the Rug of Smothering. So I pocketed the idea away for later as it's grown unbalanced (White Plume Mountain is in the future and one of the nations is going to reward the players with a keep that's a bit... infested at the time, and clearing it out will be the next adventure, so maybe there's a nicely furnished room in there...), but shared it. And the vile ideas were submitted to me. "Add a suit of armor, a hanging cloak and a chest in there." "Don't forget to have the rug throw itself in the fireplace after it's smothered someone!"
  4. Which I always fragging forget to do.
  5. I don't really know about the raised/lowered arm but he is still holding the hammer. Check the "back" shot.
  6. Oh cool so it's not just me. I've been wanting to convert this "Ghalshoaton" creature from a PF AP over to 5E because it's a croc-headed cobra-cowled scorpion-tailed-and-clawed monster of awesomeness but I go crosseyed trying to figure these gigantic blocks of... things.
  7. ....Is it too much of a mood-killer if I stick a Helm Horror with a Magic Mouth spell on it to utter "None Shall Pass" as it guards a bridge, in the middle of a story about the party trying to get to a white dragon that's out to get them?
  8. Meanwhile I'm just sitting here having decided not to give Daton a Gaul name to make things easier on my fellow players.
  9. I kind of want to give the Oath of Redemption (Unearthed Arcana archetype) a try but I worry being the epitome of a Superman-esque do-gooder might clash with the rest of the party.
  10. ...goat population? I must be a pretty bad DM because Keep for me just dragged on and had so much floundering around. Maybe I should've asked for pointers on adjusting XP for encounters and making sure everything is balanced.... :/
  11. Sunless Citadel runs levels 1-3.
  12. Well Daybreak is apparently currently the ones in charge of DDO while Perfect World is behind Neverwinter...
  13. I liked Green Hags up until I read their features... Apparently all they can do unless they join a coven is... spam vicious mockery and claw at people. Might still use one. Might also use dinosaurs as beasts the kobolds and other hirelings use. ... I also want to stick a bridge somewhere, with a helm horror, animated armor or shield guardian protecting the way, and a Magic Mouth spell on it saying "None shall pass". Just to lighten the mood.
  14. I kinda want to stay away from cultists because they're their own plot thread in this campaign. Unfortunately, in this case, he is tracking the party, and they are hanging around some southeast asian-style jungles at this time. So most of this is unavailable. I could see witches working, especially if he hooks up with local ones. The idea in my head for the adventure is that on their way south to one of the bastions of civilization of my world they stumble upon a wrecked, primitive village that had been protected by a relative of the dragonborn ranger's... So there's a case of mistaken identity as they think the ranger is their protector reborn, they also react hostilely to the kobold NPC that tags along, the natives speak of the "white death and its hounds", hopefully they're smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and set out to deal with the dragon once and for all.. Along the way finding pitfalls and squads on the lookout for the "rest of the party" (as the dragon thinks he already slew one of them), ending with the dragon's hideout for the final fight. Figured after a lot of dungeon crawling I'd do an outdoorsier adventure...
  15. Aside from the obvious Kobolds, what kind of henchmen could a young white dragon out for revenge coerce/bribe/hire into his service?