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  1. BlazingTornado

    D&D books?

    $10.00 in 1977 had the same buying power as $42.36 in 2018
  2. BlazingTornado

    D&D books?

    Also, you can get the Basic Rules and the Basic Dungeon Master's Rules PDFs for free off Wizard of the Coast's website. You could literally play this game free. But like Free To Play MMO games, you don't get access to every feature.
  3. BlazingTornado

    Brownie minis?

    Are you looking for more AD&D Brownies? https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dungeons/images/a/a1/D%26DBrownie.JPG Or Mystic Quest Brownies? http://www.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/30780-final-fantasy-mystic-quest-snes-screenshot-fighting-some-brownies.jpg Or the guys from Willow? https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/willowufgood/images/6/68/Brownies.png Or the chocolatey delicious baked good?
  4. That orc is just gorgeous.
  5. BlazingTornado

    Looking for a lean, bare-chested human male...

    Here's what the bondslave looks like unassembled in its blister. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/PIEAAOxyAbxTlKnz/s-l1600.jpg
  6. BlazingTornado

    Looking for a lean, bare-chested human male...

    Fantasy boots don't need much detail anyway, do they? Like a cuffed boot is just a simple foot cover and then a wide brim...
  7. BlazingTornado

    Looking for a lean, bare-chested human male...

    Reaper's Bondslave might work. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bondslave/latest/14412 The set comes with three heads, the bearded one shown on the unpainted picture, the medium-hair one on the painted picture, and a bald head.
  8. Huh. Never noticed this thread before. Here's the latest stuff I snagged. The 90pc Fantasy Creatures set from SCS direct (one of each type represented on the pic), my first Nolzur minis (Yuan-Ti), a handful of Dragonstrike minis (those orcs kinda suck but the rest are quite nice), three Chinasaurs, three Polotoy knockoffs of Dragonstrike creatures and Rodan... and some big black knight whose source is unknown to me.
  9. BlazingTornado

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I like it too but not everyone has the time/energy/skill. Honestly for mobs I'm cool with tracking down just a buncha prepainted orcs or hobgoblins or kobolds. (too bad nobody does classic dog-faced Kobolds in prepainted format)
  10. BlazingTornado

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Except at first level when all they had was Turn Undead.
  11. BlazingTornado

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Hm. Well a single store reporting this isn't a very varied sample but still. I guess being able to know what mini you're getting can go a long way into boosting sales.
  12. BlazingTornado

    Best Version of DnD?

    Oof. New player joined the campaign (one player who's been here since day one has new job commitments that will keep him away from the game for many weeks at a time so his character sadly got delegated to "guest star" status) and for some reason first game in she's already hooked, and the other players are joining in the praise, and someone needs to help me not let that get to my head.
  13. BlazingTornado

    SCS Direct Fantasy Creatures: "Firbolg Druid"

    I do plan on doing that. Year and a half ago I ran a one-shot for a party made only of spellcasters and one of the encounters was these wizard statues that animated to protect the macguffin. I fully intend to do up two of the wizards as those statues at some point.
  14. I recently managed to snag the tub of 90 fantasy creatures from SCS Direct. Good amount of flexible plastic figurines for cheap, although you get a lot of repeat and not 90 individuals. They are also not EXACTLY scaled with gaming miniatures although a lot of them work (the centaurs and unicorns from what I've seen measure up well with gaming minis of the creatures, and the dragons size well for 5E-young dragons scale, the brute-ish ones can work as ogres, oni, ettins, ogrillons, orogs, et cetera)... the more human-looking ones are just incredibly tall compared to 28mm humans. So I decided to do test out how well they could paint using a wizard figurine to make a more Firbolg druid, going with the more traditional idea of a druid (like Panoramix from Asterix or the celtic image of Merlin). That way his towering height makes sense and hey, Firbolgs (before 5E turned em into the unholy hybrid of Joe Fixit and Shaggy Rogers) have those great orange beards... So, as always attempting a "clean" paintjob, here's the result. The skin is a lot darker and pinker in person, for some reason my lighting just makes it look very light... Size comparison with a Bones Hellknight, so you know just how big this dude is. (boy that flash photography really drowns out the details. Or maybe my digicam is a 2002 antique) Now I need to seal it because some of the paint looks like it's ready to rub off easily. So for now it sits in an emptied Chessex dice cuboid. Thanks for looking!
  15. BlazingTornado

    Best Version of DnD?

    That's kind of the magic of the Keep. It gives you all the NPC and creature placements and otherwise lets the DM tell his own story. Moreso than most other modules I've read... it's really the module that lets the DM make it their own, so no two games of the Keep are ever identical. Which is where I feel the 5E conversion from Goodman failed. Even its added areas are just full of references to either the other module (Into the Unknown) or to DCC stuff (like Torgo The Eye-Gouger's son being around)... I dunno if I ever talked about this on here but I made the Mad Hermit into a bad Doc Brown impression. One of my players is named Martin so the Mad Hermit just kept calling his character Marty.