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  1. Deadpan argument that Marvel's Radioactive Man predates The Simpsons's by a number of years, likely followed by a Thermian claim that the Radioactive Man comics Bart Simpsons reads have been around since at least the 50s.
  2. UPDATE: won all the buggers for $79. Shipping not included. Just.... No way I was going to let all those hours spent getting them all identified without something to show for it.
  3. That's a game setting I wouldn't mind trying out if I could. Especially the new Pulp Cthulhu variant that's come out. I'm definitely more the type to want action in his RPGs.
  4. UPDATE: He just dunked the whole lot of TSR minis: AD&D, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Gangbusters, Marvel Superheroes, Indiana Jones; all in one big batch for auction on his FB page (couldn't even give me early dibs on some stuff despite the hours I spent identifying them all for him). Currently I'm high bidder at $77 but I'm spite-bidding at that point and there's still two days to go. If I win, hopefully re-selling the Indy and Marvel stuff helps me recoup.
  5. BlazingTornado

    Who's on the good team???

    I don't get it, the only time Zangief was ever a bad guy was in the live-action movie and even then he turned face by the end.
  6. BlazingTornado

    Miniature Scale

    Yeah, I have a handful of Ral Partha minis, they are definitely tiny compared to Reaper's stuff.
  7. BlazingTornado

    Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    "It's by the will of the gods we weren't spotted... What now? We've rescued these people but they are still under siege...."
  8. BlazingTornado


    IMO he still needs at least one red "gem" on his helmet to break it up a bit, but that's just me. Otherwise, near-perfection.
  9. BlazingTornado

    Best Version of DnD?

    Reading this old blog entry from Matt Colville about playing OD&D for the first time with old schooler Jim Murphy was interesting, apparently many who played the old whitebox... didn't have Chainmail. Thus houserules were born.
  10. BlazingTornado

    Pathfinder Version 2

    That sucks. I use fumbles but they're usually minor hindrances for the players. NPC foes can suffer harder consequences. I think the worst I did was damage a +1 handaxe after a relentless amount of botches happened with that weapon. The player was cool with it though, he was like "Sweet I get a sidequest to get that fixed!" and I ended up using it as a hook for a sewer crawl I wanted to run.
  11. BlazingTornado

    Pathfinder Version 2

    Wait you mean you don't have spells backfire with crit fails?
  12. BlazingTornado


    Remember, he's left-handed. Shield goes on the bare arm, sword goes with the chainmail arm. Don't make the same mistake WOTC did. ;)
  13. I hate that you're probably right because since posting my last post... A Facebook friend threw a whoooooooooooooole lotta TSR miniatures from D&D and their other self-published minis lines for help identifying and while I was identifying I was like... "I sure wouldn't mind all the D&D stuff even the broken ones". And then that same friend posted an auction for some Marvel figurines including some fantasy-worthy Handful Of Heroes and I've been bidding on that too. EDIT: I won the Handful Of Heroes.
  14. BlazingTornado

    Best Version of DnD?

    In regards to Hoard/Rise... it's not very well received and from all I hear it's not all that fun. It's just a bunch of places you're ferried around to. A bunch of faction quests, a quick train tour of the sword coast, nothing terribly thematic, unique... Kiel Chenier discussed it as being the opposite of a fun "playset" dungeon/adventure. https://twitter.com/KielChenier/status/1020045103862185984