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  1. Well that's the thing. The cult is anything but amateurish. They are the big bads of the overall campaign. Their leader is cruel, conniving, and most dangerous of all, savvy. One whose schemes can thrive even in a large, well-guarded city-state like the one the party is traveling too. They are presenting themselves with a benevolent front, as the Church of the Raven Queen. They even drove some Orc invading force away with their "paladins", but made sure to take plenty of captives to experiment on, breaking their will and corrupting their bodies to make either demonic orcs (Tanarruks) or diseased suicide bombers (Orc Nurtured One of Yurtrus). For converts, the Keep on the Borderlands presented me a lovely method of converting without kidnappings and torturings.... The bronze vassals that, when touch, may well corrupt one's mind into becoming a willing servant within seven days. Sure, some adventuring party of no-name losers destroyed the set kept in the Caves of Chaos, but who's to say there aren't more... They're currently building up for this mass suicide that'll raise one of their dread god's harbingers (undecided between a magically-enhanced giant's skeleton ala Tomb of Horrors or a large demonic hound). ----------------------------------------------- But for now, our heroes have vanquished the young white dragon. With my rolls to determine certain courses of action it didn't have a chance to go circle-strafe on em but it did let out one nasty cold breath on em... Unfortunately just before it chose to go circle strafe, the ranger out for revenge (his cousin was slaughtered by the vengeful dragon in a case of mistaken identity, they did look very much alike) went in with its three melee weapon attacks and scored a massive crit on the dragon that just doubled ALL the damage dice (sword, hunter's mark, hunter's prey) and cumulated with his two other strikes dealt enough damage to reduce the dragon to a single hit point. And well. 1) I'm a DM that still heavily values the narrative and 2) it's ONE hit point. One more turn in combat isn't going to change fizzlesticks since it wouldn't have been the dragon's turn anyway. So with a roar of cheers as I cut off the player who was still verbally tallying the damage to ask him how he wanted to finish it off, that spelled the end of the vile dragon. Deservedly so, as it had itself Izek Strazni was also successful in retrieving its remains, although the party had to first calm down the ranger... and while he really wanted to take its head (as the dragon took his cousin's head, and wore it on a chain as a grim piece of jewelry) he didn't even put up a fuss and asked for at least part of it, and was allowed to keep the bony protrusion that formed the back fin. So it's all going to plan, muhahahahahaha. So, since one of my mini goals is to at least collect minis of each character and creature directly involved with the cult, I need to find a smaller dracolich/dragon skeleton mini (as well as an Izek mini...). Anyone have suggestions? Is this a store? Can these be acquired online?
  2. Anyone have suggestions for adventure hooks in a big city that might have some tangential relation to an evil cult? So far all I have are: 1) because of their unholy activity, there's been a bit more restlessness amongst the restful. An old lost crypt made for a madman and his acolytes has been unearthed... And no one has come back. At the request of a priest friend, the players go in and deal with a Bodak and its various undead attendants. But the Bodak's tomb hides a secret passage that leads to a portal to the Abyss... The evil cult is counting on the players dealing with the undead but not finding this passage. 2) A local magic item specialist the players need to see about fixing a broken item will offer to fix it for free if the players recover some arcane item a bunch of thieves stole from the temple of the god he worships. That temple is the cult's benevolent front in the city, he'll claim the item was brought to be cleansed but really it's one of their artifacts proper. He himself has been recently "inducted" into the cult. The thieves have already had to deal with some undead tracking em as a result and the survivors are planning on skipping town when the players find em. Meanwhile the weapon specialist plans to curse the damaged weapon as he fixes it.
  3. So the fight with the dragon is coming up Saturday... and as I said, if the players beat him there's an evil cult that'll snatch up its corpse to try and raise as a dracolich... BUT I know my players kinda well enough by now... What could be my options in discouraging, not outright barring, just discouraging the players from keeping any part of the dragon, especially its head, as a trophy? I'm considering having "Izek" show up and try and scare em with "this was a fight to restore status, he failed and you are safe, but if you desecrate the corpse you will bring further tragedy to your lives. Dragons never forget.", not sure if that's a solid deterrent though. I mean if they still think it's worth the risk, kudos on them for inadvertedly thwarting the cult... but I don't want it to just be "We tear out its parts to keep as trophies!" and all I can say is "you shouldn't." out of character.
  4. Well, I don't know if anyone cares, but I did end up renaming Izek Strazni when I introduced him to my campaign... mostly in case my players might be familiar with Curse of Strahd and think "Oh he's a named character from a module! He's probably way more important than we think!"... my players avoid a lot of metagaming but still. The "gauntlet" battle from Kobolds and small dinosaurs to a small pack of gnolls (that Izek was sort of just hired to chaperone, make sure none of them was hectic and they burned so many spells slots, especially for healing, that I just decided to have fun. Partway through the fight with the gnolls, Izek hops off the stones he was sitting on, smoking a pipe and watching the fight, gets to the cleric (who I'm controlling because the player's absent) and force-feeds him a healing potion and drops this "We wouldn't want you to die without fighting the dragon, now do we?" that just baffles all my players... because their endgame IS the dragon but why would this grim man care suddenly? Well. He's in service to the death cult. Owes em because they gave him his new arm. And really he's here to observe... and if the dragon kills the players... Report back. Thorns in the side are dead. Maybe recover the corpses for undeadification as a final insult. If the players kill the dragon... Secure the dragon's corpse, or at least its bones.... A dracolich can make a fine minion, even if it's just one raised from a young dragon.
  5. Not everyone speaks french. Have the Japanese fans made any mention of Reggae Armor?
  6. Well this is me bringing in my experiences in action figure collecting... I can understand releasing CGI renders at first, product's early but you want to give people a good visual early on for promotion and word of mouth.... but eventually you need to release some proper stock photos. I'm often curious about these minis, especially the new unpainted ones, but it's hard to pass judgement when you have a high quality CG render whose details won't be as crisp on a final product.
  7. Is it common for one of the D&D human Barbarians to not have a proper face?
  8. Well I guess that all depends on the aesthetics you like best about Fizban because bearded robed wizards in wide-brimmed hats are a dime a dozen. I think this one is probably the best match. wizard hat human beard/sku-down/02114#detail/IG_1955_1
  9. Grab Kain Swiftblade instead then, he's got almost identical armor but is sword'n'boarding it. swiftblade/latest/02025
  10. They can, but the problem is all a dragon's innate spellcasting is tied to its charisma. A young white dragon's charisma is a 12 or 13, but it's a +1 modifier, so it can know and single-day cast that single spell of a level no higher than its challenge rating divided by three (CR 6 = level 2), and the spell's attack modifier would be prof+cha (so +4 to hit), and its saving throw would be 8+prof+cha... so a DC12 for saves... Against fifth-level adventurers...
  11. Suppose you were a young white dragon, and while you're an encounter of one CR above the level of the players, they've kind of plowed through a lot of what the universe threw at them, so you're thinking of boosting yourself up with some innate spellcasting... But as a young white dragon, your charisma modifier only allows you to know a single spell of 2nd level or lower that you can cast only once per day. What 5th Edition spell would you learn to make things harder on a ranged ranger, a bard, a war cleric and a melee ranger?
  12. So the party's been following tracks of gnolls and kobolds and other things in this adventure, and at no point did they ever stop and think "Maybe the kobolds laid down traps." Until one of the rangers nearly tripped into a foot-trap. Admittedly after that they were methodical, in a way. Bard had a mage hand go and put pressure in spots while the ranger looked out for traps as well. And they spotted the next trap, a tripwire that would send a large boulder down. But you know, sometimes a trap requires more than ten pounds of pressure to be triggered. So when the mage hand couldn't trigger a trap, the ranger stepped right in it... falling 20 feet down into a pit of spikes. Between the fall and the spikes, the fifth-level ranger was reduced to a single hit point.
  13. 18+3 = 21
  14. I don't think there's really much that can work for Tas without a lot of modding....
  15. Hey that's the system the Dark World adventure board game is based on! It's what I got as a youth instead of HeroQuest... and never got to play it because I could never convince anyone else to try playing it with me.