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  1. I don't think Haldir is part of this game.
  2. Thank you.
  3. So if I get 40$ of stuff, do I get both the anniversary mini and the ghoulie bag, or am I presented with an option?
  4. I'm fascinated. Ellaborate. I have kind of a problem figuring elf culture. You see them in stuff like Tolkien and they always look quite the snooty, organized bunch, but in nine-alignment D&D they tend more towards chaotic... I'm really not sure how to make them more than "pretty humans who live long".
  5. Yeah well if we're working off norse mythology alone I'm pretty sure none of the elves would be particularly fun to hang around with either.
  6. I take SOME inspiration from Klingons in my orcs but they're definitely not as focused on this whole "honor" deal. That's more of a dwarf thing to me. Honor and hard work.
  7. I try and approach it in Star Trek terms... It's less that they're evil and more so that their culture developed different and thus they don't hold to the same ideals as humans do. Orcs, for example, value strength, especially physical. They see a lot of the comforts of civilization as signs of weakness. They're outlanders, raiders, nomads... never making much more than crude villages for bare necessities, and fight for the rest, as the strong are meant to do.
  8. This is also something I've played with. When I ran Keep on the Borderlands, the three orc prisoners of the bugbears, since Gary didn't specify either way, weren't part of orc cave B or orc cave C, rather they were sort of religious zealots who wanted the other orcs dead for turning away from Gruumsh. The party ended up teaming up with them. And then of course there's that renegade bugbear, whom I just played as this big dumb lovable oaf. Then later on they met this polite samurai-ish hobgoblin sellsword that never acted antagonistically towards the party. And now in the current city they're in, the first big city they ever visited, I stole a page right out of Volo's Guide To Monsters and had kobolds living underground, doing gruntwork in the sewers for the city. They were searching the sewers for something else and then they spotted a lone kobold eating something, he spotted them, started to flee, so the rangers killed the poor guy with arrows and then the cleric had to go "What's wrong with you?!?" and go revive him. That is the typical entitled attitude of an adventurer isn't it? Gods forbid other people don't hold the same ideals or values as they do. Matt Colville did a video about exactly that... And indeed, this kind of thing even happened in my game. There's an archmage in that big city, with a big tower in the middle, and defenses set up against invaders and pesterers. I think I already mentioned Little Miss Chaotic getting blasted by those defenses.... When the rest of the party ended up there following their investigation and inquiring about, they learned what happened and that most of the citizens in the area really just left her body there. I mean this stuff happens regularly for them, some pretentious or thieving adventurer trying to get one better of the archmage... "Oh, another one of those hoboes got fried by a lightning bolt trying to enter Wei Jian's courtyard? Must be Thursday..." And that made the bard flip. Going on a tirade about the heartlessness of these people and trying her goshdarndest to make that shopkeeper she talked to feel bad. And when that failed she went for Vicious Mockery, a 2d4 cantrip, on the 1d8hp commoner. Killed him on the spot, so again the cleric had to go and stabilize someone. Then they talk to some guards who explain they tried to take Little Miss Chaotic in until her tantrums just weren't worth the paperwork, so they let her go to get fried. And again the bard was trying to make these guys for whom the sight is commonplace feel bad, and I gotta admit it was comical to see a CHAOTIC good character go on about how these guys are "meant to uphold the laws and the order".
  9. Yeah but then the townsfolk hate the murderhobos for suckering the poor kid to his doom.
  10. Ah, yes, extra muscle to lug stuff around. That reminds me of my players, actually. Throughout recent adventures they found a number of mundane weapons and armors they chose to hold on to (as well they should because they're coming up on a pretty touch cultist hideout, but will find within some prisoners that can help them once freed and geared up), but some started complaining about how their bags and haversack were getting bloated... Despite the fact that I gave them a cart to lug things around way back, and they bought a carriage for more capacity later on.... neither of which were particularly filled. They finally realized the weekend prior that they could lighten up their carried loads by passing some on to their vehicles.
  11. Yeah but we're talking OD&D movements here, so this is that era where you couldn't buy magic items, wasn't it? You could only find them through adventuring.
  12. That's the thing, though, isn't it? An adventurer has that plate armor or chainmail... and then also has that backpack with all the rations and the torches and the bedroll and the mess kit, plus the javelins or crossbow and quiver somewhere.... Sure the armor itself is properly distributed but just like a modern soldier, there's still all this gear being lugged around on top of the protection.
  13. Dice. Random rolls help make varied characters, and helps break from the norm. It can give characters weaknesses that flesh them out. You'll never get a Raistlin Majere or a Grog Strongjaw with Point Buy. With Point Buy the worst anyone can get is "slightly below average", particularly in 5E. You should try ditching the "reroll 1s", but have a set number that the rolls need to meet. Matthew Mercer's method of rolling is 4d6, drop the lowest, and if the sum total of the six stats is lower than 70, reroll it all. I've used it as the standard for my games and it's turned out pretty interesting so far... And more than once I've had a character end up with a stat of 7 or lower.
  14. The Psionics as shown in Unearthed Arcana was a bit much IMO. It was like an entirely new class system in and of itself with way too many mechanics and enough subclasses that you could have an entire party of psionics and you'd have all the traditional roles filled... It was a bloat in and of itself. The psionics used for the Gith race in Unearthed Arcana and for most psionic creatures in the monster manual is a lot more manageable.
  15. Matt Colville used something called Hexographer to build a worldmap with input from Twitch, dunno if that's along the lines of what you need.