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  1. If there is time, Daton'll show his gratitude by teaching Evyn some swordfighting techniques.
  2. This is played on Roll20. If this were in person I'd probably always just use one of those re-drawable grids or something... I've sadly cultivated some expectations with proper battlemaps for Keep on the Borderlands and Rahasia... I've found homebrews for the Pan Lung and Yellow Musk Creeper and its zombies... Nothing for the Tasloi though.
  3. Yeah. The game ended up abruptly stopping just a few sessions afterwards... We moved from Wednesdays to Saturdays to accomodate a player's new schedule, then never had a session there because of "exams" and that's the last I heard of the DM and another of the players. That was almost a year ago, exams in jolly old England sure take longer than those in Canada. Meanwhile, I'm still at a loss as to what to run. My players are going to finish Rahasia at level 4... I wanted to do Dwellers of the Forbidden City but I just cannot find good battlemaps for it, and there's three or four monsters that just do not have 5th edition statistics, and nobody seems to have homebrewed them either.
  4. Daton'll go first with Klaus. He's got a decent chance of being stealthy and can be effective at range or melee right now.
  5. OOC: Regarding the tunnel, are we meant to check it from the outside or from within the keep? Daton would also inquire if there were a way to get a bow, long or short, as well as a powerful two-handed weapon (greatsword preferably), and ditch the shield and longsword if possible. Let me know if this is an option at this time.
  6. Daton will tell the militia men, "Keep them separate! We don't want them coordinating their lies!" Turning back to the mayor. "We're here to help.. Can you brief us on the situation?"
  7. It was... really hard to immerse. He just kept throwing random nonsense at us at the cost of the main plot. Whatever tiniest hanging thread of the module's proper plot had vanished maybe three sessions earlier.
  8. Mine was more of a "We really should rescue the player character currently being gang*expletivedeleted* by some hobgoblins" which somehow, the Lawful Good Fighter and the Chaotic Good Wizard thought wasn't worth their time. I mean even ignoring alignments it's a dick move to just abandon a player's character to their very invasive doom.
  9. Apparently what I end up doing a lot is "playing the good guy". Which is true. None of the characters I ever rolled up inched south of the Good axis, in alignment terms. And despite being forced to play the true neutral halfling thief in a terrible game of Lost Mines Of Flapdoodle, the DM still had to at one point remark "Why is the thief the voice of conscience for you guys?".
  10. Think it's been four sessions with Warlock #2. He's just not getting what he wants out of it. He's a modern vidya gamer or something so he doesn't want a character who's bad at things... So despite the need for strength for a glaive-wielding warlock... it was still his dump stat. And thus, he misses and misses and misses. Warlock #1 lasted a bit but called it quits when he realized he couldn't be "the arcane knowledge guy" because Int isn't his primary stat, and there's a lore bard in the group. Sailor Monk lasted about the second half of Keep on the Borderlands and then he just kinda got bored of it.
  11. How should I deal with an indecisive player who gets bored with characters or just makes terrible builds? Guy's on his fourth character now, not counting the three times he changed up his new character since Saturday. Useless half-elf warlock (pact of the blade, tried to make a glaive-swinging frontliner but didn't bother prioritizing strength in any way), then wanted a Goliath fighter, then a Goliath barbarian, then settled on a transmutation gnome wizard and god knows how long before he gets bored of THAT. I was pretty keen on getting a martial though. Party's been lacking a good meatshield.
  12. This is something I remarked, not as a complaint because I always vary up the gear on my humanoid monsters anyway, but just as an observation. But I'm surprised neither of the Bugbear miniatures offered in the D&D range actually match the gear that bugbears wear by default in the monster manual (hide armor, shield, morningstar). Given this is for officially licensed D&D stuff, I would have expected them to stick more closely to the monster manual. But they are very nice bugbears regardless and, again, it hardly bothers me.
  13. Daton'll gently put his hand on Rolen's shoulder. "Not worth it. Our best chance right now is to reach the keep, and if he's getting reinforcements we need to get as large a lead as possible. Come on."
  14. There's a nice review of the D&D minis with lots of pics here:
  15. 18+3=21 How far is he? Could I hit him with a thrown handaxe?