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  1. I accidentally killed another player character yesterday. A wight critted its life drain attack. On the cleric, who happened to be the only member of the party with means of reviving a fallen ally. Fortunately, he's the one primarily indebted to Ares, so he's back as a Revenant (thank you Unearthed Arcana racial stats!) until his debt is repaid, so for the next... I figure six or so levels, the party's going to have this gaunt, corpse-like tiefling cleric. On an unrelated note, anyone know how to deal with special snowflake players? I got one who's like "all the races and backgrounds are boring can I play gnome twins with separation issues and creepy incestuous subtext" as though breaking the D&D mold is what makes characters interesting (hint: it's not, and every other player in my campaign proves it) and it's like... Allowing it won't cure her of this ailment. Gnome twins die or she gets bored of em and she won't want to just go back to a plain ordinary race/class combo... she'll want a pixie or a satyr or something. And I don't want to do that, that's not what makes D&D fun for me. So how can this be resolved with minimal animosity here...
  2. How about some ninjas with oni or hannya masks? Maybe also some male ninjas that use more than katanas?
  3. My Andre's not half-bad but I'd rather save it for a nice giant rather than a mean one. Heck I once considered playing an Andre/Fezzik-type character.
  4. Darin?
  5. Have you checked out the Anhurians?
  6. Could it possibly even be 15mm?
  7. Sweet. So... here goes... Acrobatics: 12 -4 (+2dex -6ACP) = 8 Attack: 17 + 4 + 1 (leaping strike) + 1 (if bless is still up) = 23 Damage: 5 + 3 = 8
  8. All right so walk me through this. The Warchanter is two diagonal squares away from me. There's also that structure separating us. So what sort of hindrances or benefits would I need to factor in were I to want to do the following: Hop up on the structure Leap off it, sword swinging downward Attempt to cleave its skull as I land. (ending my actions to the square northwest of the warchanter)
  9. Apparently the 2014 Kickstarter was for a Pathfinder version. They're still giving updates as of July 2017: I guess Pathfinder is such a pretentiously overcomplex system that it takes 3+ years to convert a city-state to its ruleset. Sure would like a 5th Edition version. Guess for now I'll check out the original and D20-system pdfs...
  10. Given the Bones expansion Nagendra thing... I'll just repeat my wish for some more legged snake-men. ;) (seriously did no one else grow up on that toyline with the muscley man with the magic sword who sometimes fought snakey men and would like some snakemen that evoke the same feeling?) Also any chance of a more old-school style Owlbear? The one with the toothy longer beak and the feather-y "mop top"?
  11. I guess I'd call KOTB "setting-neutral", at least in the way it's written. There's not even names assigned, it's so great. Just a big blank slate for the DM and players to work their own narrative. Interesting.... got any details? My players seem to be getting a massive kick out of the massive city they're fully free to roam about... Might be an interesting starting point for a future campaign. Seriously, though. I love that this exists:
  12. They're factory mass-produced in China, of course they're not going to look as good as the stuff you meticulously work on at home.
  13. You sure? It's got some creatures that were pretty much exclusive to Basic/Mystara, like the Living Statues.
  14. I flipped it briefly, it didn't look very good. Supposedly it tried to move stuff to Greyhawk but still kept a lot of Mystara lingo? I like that too but sometimes not everyone feels up to the task in this regard. It's a nice extra and can even be good inspiration. Lord knows if I ever re-run B2 I currently haven't the foggiest what I would put in there... Wouldn't surprise me either. It was the "starter set" pack-in adventure for so long...
  15. Whoa, how did this remain under my radar. They announced this back in March! Hardcover re-release of B1: In Search of the Unknown and B2: Keep on the Borderlands (including multiple versions given its long, revised history), plus 5th Edition conversions of both modules including an expansion of the areas around the Keep and a proper filled-in Cave of the Unknown!