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  1. Best Version of DnD?

    The party made it to Wave! The cleric of Ares picked it up! "Hi! Have you considered converting to the worship of our lord and savior Poseidon?" Followed by ridiculous leaps of logic regarding the fact that no tidal waves wiped them out last week is proof that Poseidon is the best. Had a blast RPing that trident till the cleric stuffed it in his handy haversack.
  2. Priming my pewter

    No... I used Tamiya, Testor Model Masters and Citadel.
  3. Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

    Urf, obviously not your fault but that's kind of poor adventure design, because it partly means the tunnel has to be 100% protected by the DM, otherwise we're stuck at the keep with our thumbs up our posteriors until we die of starvation or something. :/ Anyway Daton'll look at Klaus doing his skill check. "If you spot something let us know.... I'm going to head back down and start preparing with the others."
  4. Rise of the Runelords

  5. Rise of the Runelords

    Is this a check for everyone? Perception: 10+3 = 13 Survival: 17+1 = 18
  6. Best Version of DnD?

    Sure, but just because Ares exists and shows himself doesn't mean the orcs will worship this obviously non-orcish war god. I've toyed with your idea of "the gods are distant and a bit forgotten and what they are considered will change based on the local culture" but I ultimately decided against it. Instead I do have numerous pantheons and unaffiliated deities but because of this number, the way the gods can interact with the material plane is limited. Indeed, Ares himself cannot topple Thayatis in vengeance for how its vile mage-rulers overthrew the old warrior kings who'd built the city for his worship... This is why he saved the players from their Astral predicament.
  7. Priming my pewter

    Really? Again, my Bones painted just fine...
  8. Priming my pewter

    Aren't Bones fine to paint without priming first? My Hellknight's paint is still holding up, and Rogan just has a bit of wear on the tip of the hood and cape corner...
  9. Critical Role: Campaign 2

    Has anyone tried IDing the minis on the gaming table in the intro?
  10. Priming my pewter

    I wouldn't mind spraying but I live in a 1-bedroom apartment, which probably won't have enough ventilation to use spraypaint indoors.
  11. Priming my pewter

    I was pondering getting the black, grey and white ones to use depending on my base coat needs but if the white is all I need, that'll be easier.
  12. Priming my pewter

    I might as well ask because I'd just keep feeling stuck otherwise... But while I'm no stranger to painting small things (being an action figure customizer), painting pewter minis has never been a thing for me.... And since I got a bunch of Reaper ones plus a few other ones, I figure I need to get some primer for em. But I don't really know... what to get? Reaper has a lot of different primers, there's spray primers (probably a bad idea since I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Canada), there's other brands... I feel overwhelmed.
  13. Best Version of DnD?

    The thing that bugs me about small pantheons is that religion is such an influence on culture that a small pantheons is too saturated. My game uses the real-world and non-human pantheons from the PHB along with a few add-ons (did a hybrid Sumeria/Mesopotamia pantheon, trying to do one for eastern culture too) and the Dawn War stuff from the DMG as deities not really affiliated with specific pantheons. Something small like the Dawn War or just going Greek kinda raises the question, why do orcs worship the same god as the human "spartans" they're currently at war with? If all the greek gods present as human or near-human, what does it mean to elves, dwarves, halflings?
  14. Best Version of DnD?

    Well I was more curious about what kind of zany variant cards you came up with...
  15. Best Version of DnD?

    Interesting. I'd love to hear more about it.