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  1. Yeah, but maybe it's me but painting a unique adventurer is more fun than painting mindflayers over and over and over again so I'm totes okay with buying prepainted minis for those purposes. Adventurers... you want them to look like what you want them to look like.
  2. You know, when the little Kobold NPC that tags along with the party failed all his death saves today... I didn't expect the gang to be that devastated. So I fudged things and gave the medusa not only a scroll of regenerate for the handless ranger but also a scroll of revivify for the poor little guy.
  3. Odd, you'd think people would want to paint their own adventurer mini moreso than the monsters.
  4. Yeah, but I started with Keep on the Borderlands which ended up being a LOT of "here's this lair and it's got this creature theme going!", so maybe I'm just burnt out on it more than most. I might revise it. Make the "bodyguards" a Fang Of Yeezgoku and a different Kobold spellcaster. Or maybe an evil fey, there's already a Redcap and a Ghast earlier, plus the Green Hag...
  5. Yeah there's enough ressources that I could've done that with, say, Hobgoblins or Orcs, and did that with Kobolds (and some dromaesaurids for variety) but that's the thing, I was just burnt on "here's this bunch of samey guys", regardless of reskinning. Wanted something that felt like more than a "mob". EDIT: In fact I just did that with the Gnoll encounter. It was originally just five "flesh gnawers" (CR1 each) and now it's a Gnoll Pack Lord (CR2), a Gnoll Flesh Gnawer (CR1), two Gnoll Hunters (CR½) and two plain Gnolls (CR½). I kinda like the setup, since primitive people will speak of the dragon's attack, they'll be talking of "The White Death and its Hounds of War" (ie the dragon, the kobolds, the gnolls and the dromaesaurids) and I'm curious how much my players will piece together from this...
  6. You guys ever get that feeling when you've been building encounters and you're kind of tired of just doing either one creature of the relevant CR or a bunch of identical/similar creatures whose CR adds up? I kind of ended up giving the young white dragon "boss" of the adventure this strange crew of assorted humanoids and critters as bodyguards just before his small lair: an evil knight ("Feathergale Knight"), an allosaurus, a cockatrice, a vine blight, a troglodyte, a purple fungus, a flying sword and a drow. I guess I can justify it in that it's a young white dragon so it had to hire and coerce an assortment of different things to aid him on his vengeance quest.
  7. Then what's even the point? ;) Me, I need to figure out how the party's cleric converting from the worship of Dionysus to Ares will affect the general course of things. I don't want this to devolve into a Chaotic Evil party but the consequences of the deal with Ares to get out of this strange white empty void still need to be felt...
  8. They did. And got stranded on the Astral Plane... All except the Beast Master Ranger's pet giant wolf spider. The cleric of Dionysus tried to pray to his god for guidance of help... And then things got interesting.
  9. Oh boy, we finally returned to the main campaign after three weeks of one-shots and cancelled games! The puzzle with the snakes was a bit harder for the players to figure out but they managed it. The fight with the Histachii was a bit more brutal, fortunately the next two encounter with undead remains of yuan-ti were less challenging. The found a Handy Haversack, though... But since it just looks like a backpack, the person that found it, who's also the designated Bag of Holding carrier, just asked if anyone needed a backpack... and when the answer came back in the negative, but before a player could chime in with a "Wait I think it might be..." she... put in in the Bag of Holding.
  10. "I... I'm here to help, I guess. Corkie mentionned missing siblings, can you tell us anything about that?"
  11. So can we see from here if the gate's been disturbed or not? If so, our job is pretty much done....
  12. I think I'll keep Izek as Izek. Chris Perkins' portrayal of him in Dice Camera Action gives me a decent framework to start from. Just need to find a nice top-down character token for him. (and since he's aligned with the cult I'll probably have to find a miniature for him as well. Open to suggestions) Speaking of suggestions I still need to populate this adventure. I bought some lovely jungle maps from the Roll20 marketplace and want my money's worth. Plus this is meant to take them from level 5 to 6 so it needs enough things to run into. This is what I have down so far in the order of encounters: Premise: Young white dragon the players fought before is out for revenge. Him and a number of lackeys and allies, mostly kobolds and gnolls, attacked a small primitive village that was protected by one of the player character's cousins who bore a striking ressemblance to the PC. He thinks he killed the PC so he's been setting up a lair deeper in the jungle and his acolytes have been dwelling about. Small ford crossing: Obviously not the first encounter map, but after some adventuring deeper in the jungle they come across this small ford. A plesiosaurus is there, nesting, and also eating some humanoid remains, a kobold and a gnoll who though they could beat it. Beatable by the party but not a hostile, so if they leave it alone they can venture further down and cross the river there. But further down there's also two Awakened Trees, courtesy of the green hag that allied herself with the dragon, as the dragonborn's presence was hindering her evil machinations. Defeating the trees reveals another path, down to the murky swamps. Swamp part 1: The hag dwells there. She will sense the party arriving and change her form to that of a lovely young woman in rags and play the damsel in distress. Plenty of beasts (crocodiles, snakes, centipedes of both the giant and swarm varieties) and even a Will O Wisp. When the party gets close enough she'll strike, and she also has a gift from the dragons, a White Guard Drake, aiding her. Swamp part 2: The hag's other pet, a nasty Otyugh, lurks in the deeper parts of the swamp, and typically takes care of the corpses the hag kills. He also guards her treasure. River crossing: The ford was easy enough to cross through but the river is a different beast. Fortunately there is a bridge. Unfortunately, an onyx Helmed Horror guards it. A magic mouth spell on it delivers a single ominous warning: "None shall pass." Higher river: The trail kind of keeps hugging the river a bit. Further up they run into a stranded man in robes on the other side. Ran into a ruffian who was trying to cross with a log, got conked in the head with a greataxe and then the ruffian kicked off the log and the rocky formations make it dangerous to backtrack back down to the bridge. The man is a Warlock, in cahoots with the dragon, and once he realizes who the party is, he'll try to kill them. But he's stuck on the other side, so the party can just leave him to his fate. Winding trails: We're nearing the villains' encampment and the kobolds set up a number of traps around them. Right where the path branches off both ways there's a small foot-wide pit. When the paths reconverge, a tripwire sends a large boulder tumbling down from atop a rock. Further down, a larger 20 foot pit trap. And last, a trigger that'll send an opening bag containing a swarm of angry beetles. The encampment in the ruins: Set up in three encounters, the path leads right in the center of the wide ruins, where the koblolds have set up. A couple of kobolds with some velociraptors, plus a dragonshield with a deinonychus and a scale sorcerer. Upon beating them, the cackling of the gnoll flesh gnawers will alert them to their presence. There is an ancient archway between them and the gnolls, and there's a chance they'll trigger the trap that sends the archway crashing down on them. Defeating the gnolls, they'll realize that's not it yet as a Redcap and its pet Ghast make their presence known by digging around the kobold and dinosaur corpses. Izek is also there, right by the entrance to the ruins. Smoking his pipe. He'll notice the players instantly but never act hostile towards them, not even alerting the kobolds to their presence. The battlefield: There was a battle here. So fierce a giant tree came down. Might put an encounter there but really this is more a place for the players to play detective. There's a trail of blood and some footprints leading off, but they're seeking a dragon. The wounded barbarian: Here is where the party meet the ruffian mentionned by the warlock. He is Hrundor, a barbarian the characters encountered twice. Hardly a good kind of person but he owes his freedom to the party two times over now and felt indebted to them, so he tried to kill the dragon. He also has the pet panthers he took from his last employer (the main villain of a previous adventure). Seeing that the dragonborn PC is still alive... Well, he might still help the party defeat the dragon... but he wants dibs on its scales. The dragon's lair: Self-explanatory. He's dwelling in a cave somewhat up north where it's cooler, obviously. Will probably set up a few more traps around his lair. And then there's the four maps I still need to use: A sparse clearing. A bit of a hill-y map. Another hill-y map with a prominent rock face. A different trail in thick brush. I kind of want at least two maps before the ford crossing. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. "By the morning lord I've never seen such aggressive rats before! What caused them to turn so hostile? Everyone okay?"
  14. No, I think pit fights would still be a reasonably niche market. He'd be more of a Bas Rutten I guess. But they might have heard tales of him (the bard especially), perhaps even encountered him with an entourage at a tavern... Two of my players are rangers with the outlander background so they're the least likely to know... I probably wouldn't even let em roll... That leaves bard and cleric of Dionysus.... Guess I'll have to inquire how likely they'd be to hang out on the bad side of whatever towns they visited. I kind of like the idea of the character being a gloomy character of Fantasy Equivalent Of Transylvania origin but I worry keeping the name and look might give away that he is important. But I'm also coming up empty on good "reskins" to do with the guy. Can't go viking, there's already Hrundor of Midgarn showing up later in the adventure....
  15. Ok so for the next adventure for my players there is an encounter with a number of creatures in some ancient jungle ruins. But there's also a possible non-hostile... I was kind of looking at monster stat blocks across the books with an online tool and kind of landed on the character of Izek Strazni from Curse of Strahd and he looked cool and he was originally going to be in cahoots with the young white dragon out for revenge against the party, but given his feature of having this horrible demonic arm, it got my wheels turning... And now I envision him as being a former pit fighter who lost his arm in one fight that didn't go his way and got a "fresh" arm from the evil cult the party tangled with before in exchange for servitude. He doesn't really mind either way, he's a brute, this arrangement means he gets to kill people, although in this case he's really just here as an observer... He's here to monitor the party. If they show up and die, he can report back to the cultists, if they show up and succeed... preserve the dragon's remains. I'm sure the cult could use a dracolich in its nefarious purposes. Anyway, I'm just wondering if I should keep the character's name and/or appearance intact... This is what the module depicts him as: The other thing is... he's of some reknown as a pit fighter so how do I determine if the players recognize him? Do I flat-out ask them to roll or should I wait for them to inquire?
  16. Daton seems to snap out of a daze at the maiden's words... Almost like some unearthly force forced him into the tavern rather than going to inquire at the general store about the missing siblings. "Oh. Hi! Pleasure to meet you Mary! I'm Daton. I thought I had more pressing matters but sometimes an empty stomach simply cannot wait. I'm guessing by the name that your boar might be particularly good? Twas a specialty in the village I was born in... But I'm also curious how your fish might be if you serve it. The ones sold at my village tended to have a nasty stench to them."
  17. Speaking of traps I need some good ones for Kobolds... and maybe a good way to use some Urds. There's a lot of nice jungle trails and open areas... and all I put down so far is a pit trap... mostly because it was already set up for the map.
  18. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide's "Purple Dragon Knight" fighter archetype (also referred to as a "Banneret" if you're using it outside of Forgotten Realms) covers some of the Warlord's ground as well. Oddly enough, Volo's Guide To Monsters provides an NPC statblock for a Warlord.
  19. Well Daton's going to go for that remaining swarm, sweeping low while being careful not to hit Klaus. 20+5=critical 4d6+3 = 6+5+6+1 +3 = 21 (On the one hand I hope I keep rolling this lucky. On the other, I'm worried people might start thinking I'm cheating...)
  20. I've been trying to do that with my group but only one of the four players has given me anything...
  21. Speaking as a newcomer that came with 5E... Can experienced players share their personal pros and cons of any edition of D&D, Pathfinder and any other D&D clone they like or dislike? Instead of an edition war, I'm just geniunely curious what works and does not work with each edition...
  22. Preach on. This was kind of a prerequisite of my recruiting my last group. I asked that they bring heroes to the table. Don't have to be goody two shoes overly pure give all the loot to the poor heroes, but at least heroes who won't look at the dragon swooping down towards the orphanage and say "How much money do we stand to make?" This needs repeating though. This is a thing two of my players just could not handle and ragequit over. They seemed to expect everything to stay quiet and inactive or doing whatever idle activity the module says they're doing until their rooms are entered, and encounters, especially boss ones, to be "to the death". Elf that, if you want that experience go play Skyrim or something. Yeah, if I as a DM work my butt off to prep an adventure and then the group says "screw it let's sit on our asses waiting for mad magic swagz or planeshift to somewhere impromptu" I am not going to have fun. And I want to have fun too, that's the point. Pretty much this.
  23. Daton kind of tunes out what the dwarf inquires about and jumps in, "Missing sons? Has anyone tried to search for them?"
  24. Your damage roll for the opportunity attack only had a +3 modifier though.
  25. "Fear not, for wherever the elf's gloomy mood dampens thing I am here to brighten things tenfold.", Daton says. "I have but a simple question for you..." He lowers his shield to reveal the same insignia strapped across his chest by leather straps. "Hug or fistbump?"