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  1. Good point. Gotta live with your overspecialization.
  2. Is that how mechanics work in Pathfinder? Eek, talk about trap options.
  3. I could link to a video review of it but I'm wary it'd break some board rules... I mean the reviewer tends to drop a few f-bombs and while it's up on Youtube it's still kind of a porn movie review....
  4. I dunno. 5E is kind of a chimera... It's still firmly in the D20 System mentality, but carries over some concepts of 4E and also tries to evoke some old schoolery in its fluff and crunch.
  5. I run my games online with people I've never met face to face so... very technological game here. Even so I still prefer checking my books' index for a rule instead of searching the PDF copy of that book I have.
  6. In that case he'll kick at the goblin leader's corpse in frustration.
  7. I guess you just gotta watch a ton of pirate movies to get it? Sorry my pirate phase was a good long while ago...
  8. Can Daton stabilize the other dog with his divine touch thing?
  9. I probably could have built a better campaign around the Keep but it was my 2nd time running an adventure and first time converting an older edition to new rules... There just seemed to be a lack of interest for players to play in the sandbox so it was always back and forth from the keep to the caves... Were I to run it again for a different group, I'd hope I can do better. I mean in the city the players are currently in they've definitely had more fun "sandboxing" around.
  10. Still pretty excited for this. I'll probably break the bank getting it, though, especially with Xanathar's Guide To Everything coming out around the same time.
  11. Yeah, 5th Edition tries its best to avoid that. Creatures IMMUNE to nonmagical damage tend to be very powerful archdemons whose CR exceeds the level cap of 5E anyway or, or very thematic creatures like a demilich. There's still some weaker creatures that combattants can't be too good against, like wights... but that's why you carry torches, alchemist fire vials and the likes.
  12. But had you known he and MJ got married all the way back in 1987?
  13. Rat-mount dies next! 15 + 4 = 19 4 + 3 = 7 damage
  14. I feel like we really strayed from Etherial's original concern of accidentally making a garbage build in an edition other than 4E and into "people making characters that don't flow with the GM/party dynamics in general". No such thing!
  15. 5th edition is also really good at avoiding garbage build. You basically have to deliberately try and make one... (which I've seen happen, mind you)
  16. Old school owlbears with the long toothy beaks and the feather-y "mop top". Dragonwomen (I think there's only one right now?) and non-Reptus Dragonmen in general. Snake men of greater variety. More anaconda-like snake men. Snake men with legs. Snake men with snake-tails for arms. Snake men in armor. Just so many varied snake men you'd think Reaper got taken over by fans of that old muscleyman toyline that had snake men. Hairless half-giants and hairy beardy half-giants.
  17. One of these days I'll get a character to level 2 on these play-by-posts.
  18. Oh it's not just its hit points. It's also its armor class of 20. The DC to escape its tentacles is 15, and your attacks when grappled by them are at a penalty, as are your strength checks to escape it. Its bite does 4d8+4 damage, fortunately it can only bite one target per turn.
  19. Oh god I didn't imagine a Roper would so severely wreck my adventuring party. He's already got half of em grappled, restrained and at below half hit points... and one of the adventurers not in its grasp has a cursed Berserker handaxe that imposes penalties on all weapon attacks not done with it.... This thing is of a challenge rating one level lower than the party's current level.
  20. I ran it but it's pretty clear it wasn't made for the 5th Edition type of level advancement. (but I guess at least Clerics get their spellcasting earlier) Speaking of, despite no noise from WOTC or Goodman Games about it, it wasn't ready for Gencon and was pushed back to a November release. Had to go internet sleuthing to find that out. (hope I'm allowed to post non-vendor links)
  21. Okay so Daton is going to try and kill the leader on that big dire rat thing, I'm hoping PF combat rules aren't convoluted enough that he can't kill a rider before killing the mount first. So.... d20+4 = 16+4 = 20 Damage d8 + 3 = 7+3 = 10
  22. I ended up doing the "surrogate father's sacrifice to revive the cleric" thing. His funeral's tomorrow. I also ended up redesigning a lot of the 7th level encounter with that evil cult.
  23. Maybe Gygax just wanted something he WOULDN'T need a mini for. It's just this invisible traveling force with no way to dodge as it fills out the 10-foot-wide hallways.
  24. Init: 16 + 4 = 20
  25. Daton can help with stabilizing, he's got that Sacred Touch. As he does so, he is most assuredly going to keep an eye out for goblins who might've decided to stick around and hide. So just let me know what needs to be rolled....