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  1. I never saw trolls as being thicks. That looks more like an ogre IMO. Back in their inceptions, D&D trolls were tall green gangly things.
  2. Yeah, in the Deep Cuts range. 12th image in the gallery.
  3. What's so off about 5th Edition trolls? Aside from the dreads they seem to match older renditions (1E, 2E).... Yuan-Ti halfbreeds? OH fudgesicle YES.
  4. All swell ideas but sadly won't work.. Kinda gauged my players who don't metagame and a big part of the appeal wasn't just getting the keep, but getting the keep and getting stories to tell about the wicked things they fought in order to gain the keep. "And this is the room where we had to slay no fewer than FIVE owlbears. And you won't believe what we had to fight in the dining hall!" So this kind of needs to be a dungeon crawl more than a morally gray area. Anyway, this session got a last-minute cancellation (family emergency) so with two players... they were kind enough to focus the session on very non-combat oriented things. Starting with the relentlessly chaotic ranger taking a quick step off to try to find some drugs to slip the rest of the party during a feast thrown in their honor. She asks the first shifty guy she spots... and he immediately recognizes her as a totally easy mark. So one quick alleyway transaction she spends... god, 500 or a thousand gold or so on about 75 gold's worth of a cooking spice called fusaka (blatantly stolen from Critical Role so the other ranger's player, a big CR fan, can be in on the gag). And at the feast she's trying to think of a way to slip it to people and inquires with the dwarf cook party tagalong (old friend of the bard character) who's just excited at the fact that she bought some, so she starts putting some on the others' meats, and the cook and the halfling sorcerer NPC filling in for an absent player are discussing the spice casually and it STILL hasn't dawned on the player that she got played until dessert time and it hasn't affected anyone. So she tries to get revenge... takes the other ranger with her under some false pretenses ("I got mugged!"), they find the tracks of one of the people, wait until it's even later in the evening before striking the house where the trail ended... fail their stealth checks, an old lady comes out of the house and starts berating em and a few failed deception checks later the chaotic ranger decides to tackle and try to punch the poor middle-aged lady. Botch, punches a rock instead, breaks the grapple, so now the other ranger jumps in, and one of the swindlers jumps out, unaware of who's causing trouble but just knowing his aunt is being harrassed... so he runs to the streets and shouts for guards. Players hightail it out of there. THE NEXT DAY So, one thing down... Now the players are once again figuring they'll take on RP and skill check tasks to lighten my load encounter-wise. Chaotic Ranger nabbed some bounties off a bounty board in a seedy part of town the day prior. Out of the three, they took interest in two. Apparently the fierce half-dragon warrior, they realize he's clearly out of their league. But not the Wolf... Whom they know nothing about. Even the bounty post is nebulous. Really the only bounty that's worth taking and succeeding at doing at their level is the dwarf barbarian who's wanted for owing some money. But the Wolf. Man they want him. They'll never get him. He's a master thief, a gentlemen thief, a thief who meticulously picks his targets, what to take, plans everything against every eventuality... and only takes the ill-gotten gains of the corrupt rich. IE the stuff that they couldn't even report as stolen by the authorities. Anyway, so they try to inquire in some seedy parts of the large city, find a gambling den... go in with a plan. Two of the party members will go in as hotshot high rollers, the other two, Chaotic Ranger amongst them, will play servants/slaves... And then everyone but Chaotic Ranger is just meant to hang at the gambling tables while she pokes around and tries to use Thieves Cant to get info, but all she can say to gain the attention of people who'd understand the language is "gee I sure hate my boss (ie Other Ranger) wish someone would kill him" which only gets a supposed assassin to offer to take the hit, so she has to backpedal quickly. Then she tries to sneak in the upper floor that's members only, fails the check, and gets thrown on her broccoli.... Then goes back to the bar and outright ask the bartender about the Wolf. One secret signal later and she first, and then the entire remainder of the party, go Jazz out the Banks house.
  5. "I'm not that drunk, friend. Merely hoping they might serve some tea."
  6. Is Cranky Dog in any other PbP game on here? That might be why, I'm in two other games with Dilv and one other with cdorf so I know they could already post....
  7. Doesn't permission need to be granted? After the board reset I recall none of us could post in the Tyranny of Dragons thread....
  8. "Unusual? Friend, you don't know the half of it. Name's Daton. If the Hagfish has good seating I'll gladly join in, and hopefully they serve something other than ale."
  9. Daton staggers over to the pair in a manner expected from one who's been lifted and carried and shaken about by an unruly crowd and then given far more ale than he would've normally consumed. "You know the downside with some people's generosities is that they're hard to redistribute to the needier." Losing his balance a slight bit, struggling to hold on to his unusual trophies (Darc does the mallet have any weapon statistics?), "Could one of you help me find a stable place to sit and try to sober myself?"
  10. Decent choices, but I feel trouble of that type would overt enough that the king would've sent his own men in. This is more like it... Vampires in 5th edition are a bit over-powered for a 9th-level party unless I populate it with nothing but spawns. Wizard's always good, and perfect to just throw in all the weirdest stuff. Shame I already did a Wizard's Tower crawling with abberations last week, but I'm sure a bunch of freaky monsters'll suffice. The problem is that a cult is already a big part of the ongoing campaign, starting with, fittingly, Keep on the Borderlands and now in the island city-state of Izmir. So I don't want to over-do it on cults. That sounds cool, but the thing is the way I've run is overly-dependent on VTT battlemaps so I need something good I can fit on a Roll20 grid. That's a big reason why I had to cancel convertiong Dwellers of the Forbidden City, really. Couldn't find some good immersive battlemaps for it or even get the old B&W maps in the module to scale up to a grid. :(
  11. Hey guys, I need some ideas. I decided to run White Plume Mountain for my players when they reach level 8, and instead of just tossing money at em I'm having the owners of the weapons offer them some special things. Chief amongst them, the owner of Blackrazor is a king and will give them a keep. But while it's been abandonned for some time, it seems there's some recent, nefarious activity happening in there that they'll need to clear out. I sorta got inspired from three directions really. Critical Role and Greyskull Keep, the fact that in the "old days" at 9th level player characters were usually at the point where they WOULD get a stronghold, and the Deck Of Many Things' card that grants the players a keep, but that they have to clear out of monsters before they can claim it. Problem is I'm kinda drawing a blank and could use help figuring out just who or what could be dwelling in that keep, and to what ends... (I could also use ideas for nice castle or keep battlemaps, I'm considering this nice full ruined keep by Gabriel Pickard but its rooms are so bare I'm not even sure their functions)
  12. Daton's sword melee: 14+4 = 18 2+4 = 6 16+4 = 20 Mallet: Nat20 + 4 = 24 Damage: 8 + 4 or 5 (rounded up or down??) = 12 or 13 and whatever I get for critting?
  13. Oh I missed that part. Yes, +1HP for Daton.
  14. Daton's probably going to give the sword-sparring competition a try. Excellent opportunity to teach or learn a thing or two! Maybe give that mallet thing a try too if he's got energy left afterwards.
  15. Ok well given their distance Daton is going to stow his greatsword and draw his shortbow and at 80 feet away they're just in range. Better to take out a bandit first, so he'll take aim for the nearest one. 12+5=17 to hit 6+3=9 damage if it hits.
  16. No, this one is just for flavor so he can "blend in" better, during normal interactions, he wouldn't even be wearing em while adventuring/dungeoneering/etc.
  17. I just realized I forgot to buy him a few more necessities like plain clothes. Are there any sunglasses-like spectacles in Pathfinder, and if so, are they cheap? I figure Daton might wear some to hide his glittering golden Aasimar eyes when he wants to just blend in a bit, but otherwise it's just flavor stuff.
  18. No idea what to fill in for background, but here's the character sheet!
  19. I've personally just been waiting on the plot to progress.
  20. Good point. There is WAY more to rebuild on a Pathfinder sheet than a 5th Edition sheet.
  21. Need to finalize a few things and then compile everything in Myth-Weavers...
  22. Fine. Possible Aasimar Paladin then. Still with Toughness as a feat because the rest all strike me as convoluted, overly situational or just plain dumb.
  23. It's not even languages. I don't think I even got to that. It's just the skills and the feats (and apparently you need lots of smarts to be able to be things like really tough or know how to do an attack less likely to hit that'll cause more damage) and the weird wording where I can't even figure what features I get at 1st or 2nd level in my class... I kinda gave up 1/4 of the way through my last attempt at something and just made a dumb ugly orc barbarian. Dunno if Darc'll approve it.
  24. I'm not even trying to get fancy. I'm just trying to get functional.