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  1. I discovered the local pub which is close to my workplace have the most FANTASTIC paper napkins for cleaning brushes. Whatever they are made of they are just the best. I find myself at least once a week having lunch or dinner there and grabbing 5-10 of them. Think the waitresses think I am some kook who has a weird fetish for napkins when I grab them. Waiting for them to say something to me. Funny bit is that I even got my Mum in on the act. When I have lunch with her there, she also grabs a handful and then gives them quietly to me like they are some illegal contraband. Just have to stop my cat now licking the brush when I am not looking. She has a real thing about licking the brush, drinking the water I rinse brushes in, AND licking freshly painted miniatures. Am starting to think Reaper puts catnip in the paint.
  2. Closest to it from Reaper is in the Bones paints selection. Dwarven Gold. Doesn't have the same pinkish undertones. Is pretty close though.
  3. Finished the Muumuu Zombie. Was going to do just a oozy decomposing effect to the mini. But just kept that to the wound on the back. Decided after doing a quick scratch built base with a blood pool that she'd be standing over. That she needed to look like she'd just fed on some juicy morsel.
  4. Bought two Gravewailers a while back in metal. Decided to paint them up once I get the Bones III ones. Still working out colour scheme to use. The pink/reds actually work really well. Also have a Gibbering Mouther to paint so could do all in one go :) Love the Froghemoth as well. Going to be awesome once they arrive. So much to paint!
  5. Finished my first mini from the Bombshell Babes III kickstarter. Isn't actually one of the new ones. Just one of the previous minis. Tried to get a bit of muddy, just been out in the tank feel to it. Actually mini from Bombshell Miniatures website is 36032 - Tammy the Tank Girl The picture from behind is a bit blurry, but am sure you all get the idea :)
  6. Maybe something industrial gothic like from the movie City of Lost Children? Was thinking much the same thing. Could go for stock standard mad scientists lab with test tubs and so forth. But maybe an escapee Brain in a Jar? City of Lost Children is all concrete and rusty iron.
  7. Can't wait until June/July to get this mini. Good job on the gooey brain liquid
  8. Was asked to paint this up for a friend who loves Japanese stuff and is planning on running a game based around Asian stuff. Not sure of the company, they just handed me the mini. The base I had was a teeny bit smaller then the actual mini. So I moved the limbs a bit to make it look like it is creeping off the base. Actually really like the effect. Kind of wish it was my mini to keep.
  9. A little while ago a work colleague turned up with a kitten. At first had to ban her from the study with my minis, etc. But thankfully Pikelet is now much better behaved and will happily sit on my shoulder or next to me on the chair and watch me paint. Seems enthralled by me painting. Which is kind of cool. Only occasionally have to stop her from coming onto table. Found these pics on my phone I took to post on Facebook for the guys in my gaming group. Oh yes occasionally she likes to sit on my head near the lamp now it is getting cold in Goulburn as it is warm.
  10. I realized the other day I will be hopefully in the US when Reapercon is on. So maybe if the stars align and I can afford it. Might make it to Reapercon. Pretty excited at the idea.
  11. Been a while since I have been able to paint as work has been insane of late. GM asked me to find a goblin alchemist. Had a gremlin taxidermist from Mailfaux that worked perfect for what he wanted. Still trying work out how to do a saliva bubble and drool. Drool should be the easy one. From what I can work out NPC is meant to be some disgusting little thing who becomes a party member.
  12. Painted a heap of these guys last year for the GM of my D&D game. Said to him about painting one up as a brother and the other as a freaky albino. He didn't go for it. So I bought two of them and made plans in my mini schedule to paint them up. My move from Sydney to Goulburn stopped the painting. But in the last few weeks have really resumed the painting. I guess the country air really does good for me :) Think I might still revisit the blue lava on the bases. My GM wants to use these at some point as leader types for the Nalfeshnee I painted for him. Not sure if the party is ready for 8 Nalfeshnee attacking them :(
  13. Finally completed the twin nalfeshnee kill team. Ebony and Ivory. Am sure the reason for their names are pretty apparent
  14. Still to do a blue one and a green one.
  15. Am in the process of doing three of this mini. All based upon Poison Dart frogs. Am pretty happy with the first result.