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  1. Been a while since I have been able to paint as work has been insane of late. GM asked me to find a goblin alchemist. Had a gremlin taxidermist from Mailfaux that worked perfect for what he wanted. Still trying work out how to do a saliva bubble and drool. Drool should be the easy one. From what I can work out NPC is meant to be some disgusting little thing who becomes a party member.
  2. Painted a heap of these guys last year for the GM of my D&D game. Said to him about painting one up as a brother and the other as a freaky albino. He didn't go for it. So I bought two of them and made plans in my mini schedule to paint them up. My move from Sydney to Goulburn stopped the painting. But in the last few weeks have really resumed the painting. I guess the country air really does good for me :) Think I might still revisit the blue lava on the bases. My GM wants to use these at some point as leader types for the Nalfeshnee I painted for him. Not sure if the party is ready for 8 Nalfeshnee attacking them :(
  3. Finally completed the twin nalfeshnee kill team. Ebony and Ivory. Am sure the reason for their names are pretty apparent
  4. Still to do a blue one and a green one.
  5. Am in the process of doing three of this mini. All based upon Poison Dart frogs. Am pretty happy with the first result.
  6. When posting pics of two paintings I did to my facebook account found this pic in a folder of Wormpile from the Hell Dorado mini line. Love how the gooey, icky slimy feel really worked on it. Planned to use it in my Modern D20 game I was running. But the game ended before I got a chance.
  7. My GM needed this mini urgently for a game session this weekend. Asked me to paint it up. Needed a hill giant that had gone through Illithid ceremorphosis and created the hill giant from hell. Not the best pic from angles as GM had already grabbed the mini. Once it is used need to finish tentacles and runes on the base. Anyhoo thought I'd share
  8. Buglips, if I remember I used a base coat of Blackened Steel and then a drybrush of Drillbit Metal. Simple as that. Apologies for the slow response. Thanks as well to everyone's comments.
  9. Decided to do a quickie for the Marie She-bot from Metropolis. Went with the burnished metal look and a quick sculpted base to resemble concrete. The eyes didn't come out as piercing as I wanted, so might have to quickly revisit that
  10. I pulled these guys from my Bones II container last night with much the same idea of being a quick paint. Understand the pain on Bones minis with the mouldlines. Found a lot of luck with the Citadel Mouldline Remover scraper tool or before that basic knife set like X-Acto sell which you can usually pick up mega cheap in shops.
  11. Funded

    Sweet Baby Charlie, Thumb and Nail, and Mister Needle sold me on pledging on this one. So many unusual and bizarre minis. Plus the game :)
  12. 'What's that Brainbi.... My mind smells so delicious. You want me to come closer'...queue the song Born Free in the background 'brain free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows.......'
  13. Woke up this morning at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. Decided to spend some time before going off to work painting up the Demi-Lich from Bones II.
  14. One of my work colleagues when I showed them the pic started into Zoolander 'Merman dad...merman'. Never realized that is Derek Zoolander doing Blue Steel.
  15. Well after what seems like forever I have returned to painting stuff. Has been a huge couple of months. I bought and moved into a house, started a new job and lost my Dad to cancer. Kind of put the kibosh on painting. Didn't help I also screwed my arms up moving in. Anyhoo on the weekend decided to start on finishing everything that has been sitting around while I went back and forth between my old home in Sydney and new place in Goulburn. The sea elf was first cab off the ranks. For some reason came out a little fuzzy. Am thinking might need to get new camera.