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  1. I'd be interested in the new world version. :) J--
  2. I genuinely appreciate everyone's responses but especially those of CAVBOSS. There aren't many games where the staff directly answer my questions in a timely fashion. My apologies for not checking the errata - I forgot the game had one. Thanks! J--
  3. I'm trying to understand how the Special Ability (SA) Bulky applies to vehicles. I have a primary attack squad which I built using the CAV Force Manager that includes: 1x Naginato [veh] 3x Wolves [veh] 1x Talon CAV. All of the vehicles have the Bulky rule in the print out that the software makes. The rules say that an attack squad must have between 4 and 6 Vehicle/CAV models in it and that SA: Bulky models count as 2 models for squad size. So my attack squad can include at maximum 3 Bulky vehicles and no other models? My Talon CAV (Recon) is bigger than my tanks but it is not Bulky...? The software appears to let me build an illegal attack squad. I have 4 SA: Bulky vehicles and a Recon CAV in it but I don't see any errors listed anywhere. What am I missing...? Thanks for your help! J--
  4. You can get it to export a PNG. Can you work with that? You can convert a PNG to a JPG. J--
  5. I like this tool for visualizing color combinations. Its meant to choose colors for web pages and user interfaces but you can imagine paint schemes for miniatures too. paletton.com J--
  6. Sculpt a set of blocks/stones from pink foam and use it as the ground layer to raise the building to what ever height you like...? Just cut 4 strips of foam to match the building dimensions. Score the surface of the foam to make it look like field stones fitted together, drybrush with multiple shades of grey, stipple in a little green to represent some moss and Bob's your uncle. :) Edit: Didn't see Mad Jack's post where he already suggested this. Looking forward to seeing your finished work. J--
  7. Can I still buy metal figures from Reaper? They still had a bunch when I was there at ReaperCon last year. I grabbed a bunch but not knowing much about the game I missed some figures I'd like. I'm not sure how many of the metal figures got translated to Bones. I generally don't like the Bones figures - though the Simba model is pretty good. Thanks! J--
  8. Club is 100% correct. The program gave me 2700/300/600 I was too inexperienced to realize what was going on. Thanks for everyon'e help! J--
  9. Thanks for the reply! So, in a 3000 TVP game 3000 is a hard cap. The software allowed me to add another 300 points of units and I didn't see any error messages. I probably overlooked it. I found the rules about 'Force Specialization' on page 42 and 128 - 141 (in case anyone else else finds this thread with a similar question). I have not found the flexible spending part but I'm still looking. J--
  10. Building a force in the CAV Force Manager and there is a category called Flexible that allows me to spend more than the 3000 TVP my starter force is set to. I can't find any mention of this in the CAV:SO book. Is this legal? I see a similar category called Bonus which appears to be for buying upgrades. I don't see anything in force construction for this either...? From a noob's perspective the game could use some examples of force construction in a 'stickied' post or 12. :) J--
  11. I think the Simba can carry 4 stands of regular infantry or 2 stands of Bulky infantry? Is that accurate? Thanks, I'm a noob! :) J--
  12. The red gives it a creepy 'living building' feeling. Seriously, that is creepy and very Frostgrave. Well done! J--
  13. Updated my list with more models I've puzzled out. I hunted through old 'Casket Works' looking for the CAV's feet. I feel like mechanical podiatrist. :) I have 4 lower torsos I couldn't find amongst several issues of Casket Works, the current Reaper CAV page, and the Talon Games Youtube channel. Later this week I'll post some pictures in the hopes that the vets may have an idea what CAVs these are. Thanks in advance! J--
  14. Thanks for the info. I was able to sort the missiles out via the 3D videos on Youtube. Where do these color data cards come from? Thanks! J--
  15. Finally got some work done on this and I thought I'd start with the vehicles since I had fewer and they seemed easier to recognize. Name Qty Code Faction RMI Challenger 1 07013 Adon Economic Confederation MarkIV Poltergeist 2 07035 Empire of Malvernis Grundor house hunter 2 07056 Empire of Malvernis RMI Bishop 1 07049 Empire of Malvernis Grundor House Thug 1 07021 Empire of Malvernis Revenant CAV 2 07082 Empire of Malvernis Mark IV Wraith 1 07044 Empire of Malvernis Grundor House Butcher 2 07059 Empire of Malvernis Hughes Marietta Sabre AFV 4 07068 Grand Order of the Temple Hughes Marietta Flail AFV 1 07069 Grand Order of the Temple Hughes Marietta lance 2 07029 Grand Order of the Temple Hughes Marietta Centurion 1 07060 Grand Order of the Temple Hughes Marietta Spartan 1 07041 Grand Order of the Temple Hughes Marietta Sovereign 1 07018 Grand Order of the Temple Koda Works Malefactors 1 07076 Greater Empire of the Rach Voodoo 1 72215 Greater Empire of the Rach Koda Works Kahn 1 07022 Greater Empire of the Rach Koda Works Tyrant 1 07005 Greater Empire of the Rach Whisper missile flight system 1 07024 Open Ripper missile flight system 1 07024 Open KDM Mastadon 1 07039 Ritterlich Republic KDM Panther 1 07007 Ritterlich Republic Ashigiru 4 07050 UTF Simba 1 72218 UTF Syram Talon 3 07037 UTF Nightshade 1 72226 UTF I have a few questions if anyone has time to answer. 75% of my primary squad is required to have the '...model task of attack..." (CAV:SO pg. 40). What tells me a model's primary task is 'attack'? Do I find this info on the 'data card'? I have a model that looks like a 'Whisper Missile' but is slightly bigger with more fins. I can't find anything like it in the Casket Works nor the active Reaper CAV pages. I did see a post that mentioned the Whisper and the Ripper missile. I see a 'Ripper' missile in the data cards but have no idea what it looks like. Anyone know the story behind this model? Thank for your help. I'm slowly pulling this together in the hopes of playing Ludo soon. :) J--