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  1. Just to make sure I understand this particular FAQ. "Is the enemy model required to be in the AoE of the activating model’s APA system? What if it has both a APA and ECM system? No, jamming does not require targeting data so it less dependent on range and an enemy model equipped with a APA and ECM system will have BOTH systems jammed." You're saying there is no range limit to how far an APA equipped model can jam - from one diagonal corner to the opposite? J--
  2. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Mine is done should go in the mail tomorrow. I left the base generic so he could model all of his force to look the same. Hope 'D' likes it. I'm pretty sure he knows whose model it is. Looking forward to seeing the other models you paint to go in this force.
  3. Firedrake Blueprint

    You designed the Firedrake...? Awesome, I love that model! J--
  4. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Another WIP shot. Should have this done and in the mail on Friday.
  5. Finally finals are over done with the primering. (Posted from my account because her phone was downstairs).
  6. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Sent messages out to everyone who hasn't posted a WIP image. Please contact me via PM and let me know how you're progressing. If your WIP image is to 'revealing' then send one to me in a PM so I can put you on 'CAVa Claus' nice list. :) J--
  7. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    @CitizenCane, @Ludo, @jsalyers Working hard on our Secret Santa CAVs with a guest appearance by @CourageousOctopus. Paint day @ Team Covenant our FLGS! J--
  8. Paint Track Apps?

    Any chance we can get Daler & Rowney inks? How about a rich text editor...? The ability to take and store pictures along with my sets...? Wonderful app, absolutely worth more than I paid for it. Thanks! J--
  9. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    PM me your info from the instructions post and I'll find a way to fit you in. J--
  10. B.A.S.E. System - Take control of your battlefield!

    Seriously debating on backing this. Depends on the size of the terrain. If it works for CAV then I'm in. If it only works for BTech then... maybe. J--
  11. CAV color schemes

    He was at CavCon. So, was I.
  12. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Just got in my SS mini to paint. Plan to clean, assemble, and base this week. Paint on model Sunday...? How is your model coming along? J--
  13. CAV @ TotalCon in Massachusetts

    My favorite aspect of the game is the combined arms part. Show off some tanks/aircraft...? Make some LOS blocking terrain. Use painted minis...? Give each player a 'hidden' tactical objective. Capture an objective, damage each unit in another player's force, get a model across the table to the other board edge. That sort of thing. J--
  14. 28mm Sci-Fi Skirmish Games?

    GW is re-releasing Necromunda in a few weeks. J--
  15. Happy Birthday, JSalyers!!

    Thanks to all. Spending the day with my family, watching movies, and playing video games! J--