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  1. Live

    Saw this in a random Facebook add and thought it might be appreciated here. Not going to say that Cat-Word that Reaper has not promised us. :) J--
  2. Sir, do you owe us some pictures...? Pretty please...??? J--
  3. Live

    A question to pass the time while we wait for the cat dragon next update. What is the first model you'll paint from Bones 4 and why? I'm not sure Cat Dragon is a valid answer but the judges might allow it. I plan to paint the Lady Devil (#72) though I'll need to find a shirt or some strategic armor for her. Poor thing seems to have left home in a hurry and forgotten something. As for why, the model looks great the pose is eye catching, the wings are spectacular. She'll make a great villain for the Fantasy Hero campaign I plan to run for my wife. J--
  4. I really love that face excellent work and the shading on the clothing is very effective. You keep the colors muted while providing good contrast. Well done! J--
  5. Keep up the great work missing Boot Lady! Enjoyed chatting with you when you supported Ludo! As an aside, I should totally Julia Child this challenge - Paint Maal'Drakar with my airbrush and every cheat I can bring to bear and then switch out my feeble attempt at the tiny brush version at the last minute. :) J--
  6. It's an epic battle - Sylverthorne versus Maal'Drakar! Lets get ready to RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMBLE! :) J--
  7. I completely forgot to compliment the work you've done. This is so good I haven't shared it with my wife yet. I'm saving it to show her with dessert after our dinner. A treat for the eyes to compliment our meal. :) J--
  8. Please tell me your using your entire arsenal of tools. The fever that forces forumites to paint this model with a tiny brush is spreading and the CDC seems powerless to cure it. :) J--
  9. I might accept this challenge with only an airbrush but never with the tiny brush allowed. I will follow and cheer your progress and results. Good luck! J--
  10. I'm going to a small miniature convention next weekend that features a 'garage sale' Saturday night. Attendees can set up a table for $5 and sell their own stuff. I anticipate many acquisitions. :) @Bonwirn I'm sending the package on its last leg to you. Any requests from the garage sale...? J--
  11. LIVE

    New to Kickstarter and need a little clarification about how my pledge works. Once I've chosen items in the Pledge Manager equal to the amount I pledge during the KS can I then come back later and add more items (that I have to pay for immediately) that exceed the amount of my initial pledge? As an example, I only pledge enough for 1x Core Set during the KS campaign and I choose 1x Core Set in the Pledge Manager at the close of the KS. Can I come back in March of 2018 and add another Core Set for the immediate cost of $100 (+ shipping)? If I add items in the Pledge Manager after the KS closes will they cost the same amount that they did during the KS? How dumb was I miss out on the first 3 Bones kickstarters? [Answer: very]. :) Thanks! J--
  12. Live

    *** Steps into the Batter's Box asks the Umpire to hold the sabertooth pug ***
  13. Live

    I'm new to the Reaper community and totally missed out on all the previous Bones offerings. I especially regret not getting the Sledgehammer BFG from Bones 3. I REALLY hope that there is something similar in Bones 4. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy the Sledgehammer from Reaper as a retail purchase [crosses fingers] and hope they've done more partnering with Victoria Miniatures. J--
  14. Live

    I have the metal version sitting on my shelf above the computer desk. It is heavy requires a fair bit of putty work to close the gaps on. The wings are HEAVILY pinned. :) J--

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of F5 KEYS suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. :) J--