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  1. jsalyers

    CAV:SO Army Builder

    I should have been clearer about the infantry, the program does include the different kinds of infantry but not all of the available options. As an example, you can buy packs of infantry that are equipped with a panzerfaust but you cannot find an infantry unit in the basic force constructor with a panzerfaust. You have to build an infantry unit with that specific option in the unit construction program and then it will be available in the force construction program. At least it worked this way at last year's Cav-Con. Perhaps, Jon and his developers have changed it since then...? Over on Facebook @CAVBOSS mentioned that there is an official effort going on to produce a Web based Cav army builder thingy... J--
  2. I was hoping to see you teaching a basing class this year!   Are you going?

  3. jsalyers

    CAV:SO Army Builder

    I have only used it on a Windows PC. It does work there. Be advised that there are some undocumented 'features'...? As an example, not all units that are for sale in real life are in the software. The infantry have to be built in the 'construction' program before you can add them to a force. J--
  4. jsalyers

    Any plans for a rules pdf?

    PDF rules have the obvious advantages: That FAQs can be directly integrated into them. They are searchable. I would pay the full price for the rules again for a consistently updated PDF. I'd also like to buy some more players, and some time to play, and @Savage Coyote's painting skills, @Mastergunz prolific ability to buy and paint everything 15mm scale and under. @CAVBOSS Can you move to Tulsa and make all of these things happen! J--
  5. jsalyers

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    I drove to Oklahoma City today and found CAV on the shelf at Games HQ. Only the Wave 1 stuff but it was nice buy something from a retail store. J--
  6. Generic Fighter box left for the Glitterlands On Friday, April 13th. J--
  7. Box departed on its long journey to the Glitterlands today. Shipping was surprisingly expensive.I used to feel bad for poor @Glitterwolf's mail people, now not so so much. Hopefully, Gliiterwolf and the others down stream will find some stuff they like! J--
  8. jsalyers

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    @Savage Coyote I hate you! :) J--
  9. Never seen her before. A 28mm figure with a flaming sword and partial armor. The figure has a base that is part of the cast but she's glued atop a square 'slot-a-base'. She seems to have left in a hurry and forgotten to bring her shirt. J--
  10. My apologies, here are the minis I'm claiming. The barbarian with the axe has stunning detail. I'm really looking forward to painting him. The ladies next to him both have stylish hats and are missing part of their right arms. Not sure what they gave them up to get but I hope it was worth it. :) I love the little pug mini. I hope to use him in a game along with his buddy the big bad wolf. My wife plans to use the sculpting dolls in her Frostgrave warband. I need to repack and ship the box. Should be in the mail on Thursday. Next stop The Glitterlands! J--
  11. Working on the group paint. Grabbed a random color slapped on some paint. Headed for the Glitterlands soon! J--
  12. Only 5 minis in and the word stunning leapt unbidden from my mouth. Literally! J--
  13. @Glitterwolf, sound the hunting horn and recall the pack. Let beleaguered mailmen around the world rejoice! The one true box grows nearer! (Cue deep and distant drumming, punctuated by the howls of distant and glittery wolves) One box to rule them all, one box to find them,One box to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. J--
  14. Generic Fighter box arrived today along with a cloud of excitement and a downpour of wow! J--
  15. Here is a comment from CAVBOSS over on Facebook. Don't know how 'official' this is but it gives an idea of what he's thinking for the game. "Jon Walker Overdrive: Critical Failure and Critical Fumble is the same thing, a roll of double 1s. Some of the following is coming as an errata update so it is a little different than what's currently listed. When shooting PBGs, regardless if a single-rolled or salvo attack, you will roll 1d6 only once after making the required combat rolls. On a 1, the PBGs (all of them) have over-heated and cannot be used the following turn. If any of the combat rolls are a double 1, the PBGs (all of them) will automatically over-heat, resulting in the loss of them for a turn. There will no longer be any weapon failure."