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  1. Don't know who might follow this forum and not be a member of the Reaper/CAV Facebook group but there is a new CAV mini for sale at ReaperCon. It is called a Firedrake and is open to all factions. There are pictures and stats on the Facebook pages. J--
  2. Not that I know of... I'm at CavCon. I'll ask Jon when I be next see him. I could grab the FB pic and post it here...? J--
  3. I think we met at the tables in the center...? The Bonwirn box of goodwill is in the CAV area behind the artists. Come and trade minis/stuff with it. J-- In the CAV area come and exchange! J--
  4. I have a 'Box of Goodwill' - see link below - with me today. Find me at ReaperCon and exchange minis, terrain bits, and especially Goodwill with it and me. When the Con is over I'll send the package on its way to the next exchange member. I'll be shopping, taking the factory tour, and playing CAV today. Look for the exceptionally ugly guy in the long sleeve, blue, button up. :) J--
  5. Ok, the Bonwirn box will be at ReaperCon today. I'm wearing a blue long sleeve button up. I should be in the CAV area a lot today. Please come by and look through it. J--
  6. Here with the Mrs. and waiting on them to finish up our room. Dump luggage and then food! J--
  7. Letting the wife sleep in while I load the last few things and make the coffee. Its a nice 4 hour drive for us and we should get there just in time for check in. J--
  8. I was checking into to 218 got a call and when I got back it was gone. Very clever of you...very clever. :P J--
  9. I'll have the Bonwirn Box at ReaperCon. I'll bring to the venue Thursday, Friday and Sunday. At some point in time during those days I'll have it out at a table. Feel free to come by and exchange something with it just leave the equivalent of what you take. Bonwirn has requested some ReaperCon swag as he(?) won't be there. Instead of trying to describe what I look like - a Lovecraftian chore to be certain - I'll label the box as shown. I look forward to meeting some of you! :)
  10. Did you get room 218? J--
  11. I suspect world wide there may be a record number of people painting today. I am. :) J--
  12. Perhaps she is expecting a little one...? Or do they just mine new Dwarves from under the mountain? I can never remember. :) J--
  13. I'm available to play a regular game outside the tournament if you have the time and the inclination. J--
  14. After annoying Cavboss (sorry) I finally got signed up for the tournament. Looking forward to meeting some of you there. I have a pile of unpainted Grand Order of the Temple metal CAV piled on my desk that I've worked fairly hard to collect. I plan to play 100% painted. [crosses fingers] I've only played 3 games so far so forgive me when I get stuff wrong. J--
  15. I'll have the Bonwirm box, we can compare the contents. Let them play in the Reaper Bone yard! So long as they've had their shots. :) :) J--
  16. Is it normal for me to still be painting on my ReaperCon minis this close to the convention...? :) I must certainly be in the top 10 of slowest painters ever. I wonder if I can paint in the car while the wife drives to Dallas...? J--
  17. The Bonwirm box is making a side trip to ReaperCon and then will go out to Bonwirm afterwards. Should leave my hands on 10/24 or 10/25. J--
  18. I'm looking forward to meeting you too. I have Friday free and clear and plan to play a bunch of CAV. I need to make a list of all the people I'm looking forward to meeting otherwise I'll never remember everyone. J--
  19. I too am playing in the CavCon tournament! Excited to get to meet you!!! Good luck painting the figures. I've been working on mine for months and will be until me and the Misses pull out of the driveway it seems. Make sure you grab the APP from Talon's website it helps. :) J--
  20. Bonwirm indicated he was not in a hurry to receive the box - correct me if I misunderstood you Bonwirm. Should I bring the box to ReaperCon so that others in the exchange might examine it's many treasures...? J--
  21. I went on the tour for the first time last year and it was well worth the time and effort. I too recommend driving yourself over to allow for extra time in the 'bits' area. @ladystorm Last year I had about 8 pounds of 'melt table' credit left over after my tour shopping spree and was told I could use it this year. Is this still true and if so how do I identify my 'credit' when I am ready to purchase bits...? Thanks for your help. J--
  22. The minis look incredible... but the scale. Those guys are HUGE! I'm guessing they are at least 8 feet tall in the CAV universe. PS- That CAV looks GREAT! :) J--
  23. Thanks for the information about the Basillisk. It is an amazing sculpt for the time period. I'd love to explore the Citadel game store. Your description reminds me of the early days of Rogue Trader back in 89/90 when we first discovered it. We'd drive to nearby cities (Lexington, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, etc...) and search out every little hole in the wall game store we could find looking for Citadel minis. Back then distribution was not uniform like today. One store might have a treasure trove and the next only one piece but it might be jsut the thing you looked for. It was like 'yard sales' for miniatures. :) J--
  24. Yes, my friend took those. He thought they were Reaper minis but I've never seen anything like them. To me, they look a little like Tyranids from GW...? I thought the wedding dice was the oddest thing in the box - down right creepy given the month we're in. :) J--
  25. Got the box from Buckyball late on Saturday. Monday is Columbus day so no postal service. I invited a friend over to look through the box and he took a few things. I may need to repack the box as we are adding more volume than we took. I hope to get it out by Wednesday unless Bonwirm is going to ReaperCon in which case I could deliver it by hand...? My wife was very pleased by the Archive Miniatures Basilisk. We looked it up online and found some references to it here: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Category:Archive Looks like it might be between 35 and 40 years old and still in the shrink wrap. We plan to take it out and give it a good paint job. The poor thing has probably just about given up on ever being painted or played with. After ReaperCon it is in for a very pleasant surprise. :) When it comes to Box of Goodwill pictures quantity is the preferred quality - enjoy. J--