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  1. For those that have Sir Ulther, Christmas Knight is the miniature clean shaven or does he have a beard? The sketch of the miniature has a beard, but the model looks clean shaven (might be the dark skin tone make it hard for me to see a beard?)
  2. akai

    Bonesylvanian & Sophie Box Sets

    I noticed the upcoming Spirit of Summer miniature is listed as a regular Dark Heaven Legends miniature. is that a mistake, since the Spirit of Winter and Spring are listed under Special Edition?
  3. akai

    Base Boss by Reaper

    For some reason I laughed at the video posted on the Base Boss page at this part: "...32 mm bases....do you remember when your miniatures were 25 mm tall?"
  4. akai

    Minis we would like to see

    Elemental-themed soldiers resembling Archons - basically elementals wearing armor. I had always like the idea of Angels from the Astral Sea versus Archons from the Elemental Chaos that was described in 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.