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  1. Meanders 3: Digital Maps: Dungeons, Dragons & Dwarves is now live on Kickstarter. This set aims to release 16 Dungeon Maps, 32 Dwarven Maps and 12 Dragon-based Maps - a new wave of vectors/digital objects and possibly some new Mega-Meanders as well. Check it out here :) Kind Regards, Kris
  2. Digital Dungeon Bytz Kickstarter

    Digital Dungeon Bytz - my fifteenth and largest digital Kickstarter yet is now live and features over a thousand new tiles and a giant 7x4ft Borderland Ravine map. There are thousands of other tiles available as add-ons you can also pick up inc content from my past successful kickstarters, with delivery in February 2018. Start the year with 100's of Terrain Maps in Fantasy/Sci-fi, Sewer & Catacombs / Dungeon Rooms, a huge Terrain Tilepack in 10x10", City Buildings/Rooftops, Effects Tokens compatible for Pathfinder, D&D5e and Savage Worlds, 100's of 8x8" Dungeon Planner Layout Tiles, Digital Coin Forge and a limited number of Commercial Licenses. - and if you're a Return Backer, you can choose any single add-on to be added free to any pledge of $25 or more. 14 day campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/digital-dungeon-bytz-tiles-for-rpg Kind Regards, Kris
  3. Digital Terrain Tiles Kickstarter

    Need New Digital Terrain for VTT/Rol20/FantasyGrounds? My 9th kickstarter (funded) launched a few days ago offers 90+ Beautiful High-Resolution Interchangeable Fantasy 10x10" PNG Digital Terrain Map Tiles. You'll get BOTH Grid/No Grid versions + a gigantic detailed 48x36" Digital Olde World Map ready for you to customize, name dozens and dozens of locations and plan your next adventure. A short 14 day campaign with full delivery in Nov 2017. Core Art already 100% complete. Limited amount of extremely affordable Commercial licenses available. Vector pack with 40 objects and my illustrated Guide to Learning GIMP also available. Pledges range from $15-$110. Ends Nov 1st. Take a look :) Kind Regards, Kris McDermott
  4. Digital Dungeon Rooms

    Digital Dungeon Rooms has just 1 day to go. Over 700% funded, 5 Stretch Goals Unlocked, More than 100 Dungeon Rooms/Tiles and Mega-Dungeon Maps for just $32 AUD. All art is 100% complete and will be delivered this September. High Resolution, Detailed PNG files. 5 Commercial Licenses left of 20. Don't miss out on this chance for a huge range of Sewers, Catacombs, Labyrinth tiles and rooms for your Oldhammer RPGs. [Thank you for sharing the campaign Samurai Jack :) ]
  5. Meanders2 Wave2: Digital Sci-fi Maps

    It's happening. More than 100 New Sci-fi designs are being added to the Meanders range of synchable terrain thanks to my wonderful backers - and - its not over yet. Now in the last 72 hours of the campaign there are still loads of exciting goals left to hit suitable for #StarWars #BladeRunner #Alien #Starjammer #Starfinder #WH40k #Tyranids #StarTrek #Pathfinder #RPG . Truly this is going to be an exceptional digital sci-fi map set! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-2-48-new-digital-sci-fi-maps-and-terrains #Kickstarter #Tabletop #Digitalmap #Meanders #GTW #Scifi
  6. Meanders2 Wave2: Digital Sci-fi Maps

    Meanders2 Wave2 Digital Sci-fi Terrain drops in 2 days time on the 21st May. A preview is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/1602493010?token=6e1623e4 This will be the biggest sci-fi map project ever attempted and potentially over 145 giant new maps for Scifi RPG. You can get Vector Packs, Commercial Licenses, and much more. You can also have your name or even company logo put into my Meanders as a bonus just by backing early. There are downloadable banners on the preview that you can take to share the project around on groups and sites. Thanks for reading, hope to see you there. Cheers :)
  7. Meanders 2: Brave New Worlds (400+ New Terrains)

    Hi guys - well it's almost all wrapped up now with 95% of rewards delivered and just some PDF conversions (underway) and some special conan grids to go. Over 100+ new designs were created this time around and I hope you enjoyed the campaign, liked the maps produced and will consider backing me again in future projects. As I go forward I hope to continually improve my skills, learn more about how to achieve different effects and hone my art and will be seeking funding for new computer upgrade to make even bigger, better maps and eventually break into the 3d side of things as well. Before I take Meanders to the public via Game Tile Warehouse, I wanted to have some backers spend time with the designs to get feedback on quality, design and utility. I'm now trialling a new format that will see a change to the standard size of a Meander (8175x5475 - which originally accounted for a design meant for physically printing onto gameboards - and extra bleed) to a more robust and precise 8100x5400 with the grid taken all the way to the edge. From this standard hi-res format to be in JEPG, there will be two more JEPG formats especially for VTT. The 2nd format will be sized at 2700x1800 and suit 100 pixels per grid, and the 3rd format will be sized at 1350x900 and suit 50 pixels per grid. The new standardization in size should neatly enable scaling the maps down for more convenient use, as well as be easier to handle with the reduced file size. Less uploading and storage requirements means I can make more of them, and also offer them as instant digital downloads from my website in the coming month. New Meanders in the Fantasy Range will be added semi-regularly to the range. The files are currently being reviewed in the hands of three GTW supporters so with luck, the files prove to be a better all-round format and I can take them to market very soon - with new maps added to the collection on a semi-regular basis. I'll also be adding a new code to the file names that will quickly identify which meanders series/type/theme it is, and make it easy to find what you are looking for even when there are a thousand. Check the new GTW Forum located under NEWS for more details on upcoming projects, kickstarter news, and other features. My Sci-fi Meanders 2 Kickstarter is also just around the corner and will offer 75+ new maps in a huge range of sci-fi themes - I hope to launch it around Mid-May or the 21st at the latest. Thank you everyone that backed me, I will let you know how the trials go, and keep you updated on the next wave. Kind Regards, Kris
  8. Meanders 2: Brave New Worlds (400+ New Terrains)

    Hi Nunae, check out the images below which feature the Underdark and one of the Gemstone Caverns. Others in the Meanders 1 set are shown here: Kind Regards, Kris Thanks for your contribution Nunae! Almost 900% funded, free maps sets of 4 Mountains, 4 Treetops, 4 Temples/Ruins now unlocked - more Stretch Goals added. 3 days to go. Dozens of new art samples added to updates. $3 World Meander Map option available. Commercial Licenses sold out. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-2-new-terrain-maps-for-rpg Meanders 2 Fantasy Terrain Campaign: is ending soon on Kickstarter. Core Jungle/Forest/Snow/Desert Maps with Roads and Rivers. Get 124 giant interchangeable RPG maps and a dozen themes for $25. Vector and map pack for $45. Supercore Set with maps, vectors and 32 extra maps for $75. 1200% funded, nearing a new Stretch Goal. Hi-Res PDF/PNG and Low-Res for Roll20/Fantasygrounds and other VTT. Just 32 hours to go. 4 new maps for every $500 over 5k. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-2-new-terrain-maps-for-rpg The Meanders 2 Wave 1: Fantasy RPG Digital Maps: closed at more than 1400% and broke all my previous records for a KS. Wave 1 is now 60% completed. As some of you know, the original Meanders campaign was gigantic, but had to be broken down into much smaller sets - and believe it or not, the giant set of fantasy maps being completed was just one of approximately 5 sets which will include Sci-fi, Zombie, Urban/Post-Apocalyptic, Military and Superhero. The next wave will be Sci-fi...and if all stays on target, should be launching mid or near end of April.
  9. Meanders 2: Brave New Worlds (400+ New Terrains)

    Meanders 2 campaign launch moved to Feb 10th. Hope to see you there :) Hi - My new Kickstarter has 28 days to go and features over 400+ new maps. A follow-up to the successful first one - pledge just $10 and get all 60 gaming maps from the original campaign then choose extras as required. Dozens of themes, including Sci-fi, Fantasy, Urban, Zombie, Atlantis, Dwarven and much much more. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-2-synchable-terrain-400-new-designs 20 days to go.Almost 40% funded - new terrains and pledging bonuses added: + MapForge compatible tile sets now on offer. Following a decision to cancel, re-work and relaunch the Meanders 2 campaign it is now up and live again. Thankfully KS approved the new campaign in record time - and it is jam-packed with loads of extras for anyone that returns to back or backed Meanders 1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-2-new-terrain-maps-for-rpg Hopefully this relaunch sees more success for all of us. See you guys there :) Kind Regards, Kris Hi Guys - 500% funded and hitting stretch goals. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-2-new-terrain-maps-for-rpg You can get 48 Digital Maps for $25 + Constructor Set to build your own - and even a license to sell the maps you make (if you're quick : 3 of 10 left) See you guys there :) Kind Regards, Kris
  10. <<<MOD>>> Link to the Live Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-2-synchable-terrain-400-new-designs?ref=nav_search Hello - just over 2 weeks away from launch I felt you guys might like to see how the campaign is shaping up, what you can expect, and the avalanche of features involved. Here is a preview of the campaign that is approximately 95% completed with just some art of the core designs left be be added. You may also be pleased to hear that I have committed to over 400 new designs, making Meanders 2 almost seven times larger. Kind Regards, Kris Visit the Meanders 2 Campaign Preview due to launch Feb 18th on Kickstarter
  11. Hi Everyone. You might know (or not) that I am running a kickstarter for a neat little thing called the Digital Coin Forge that allows you quickly and easily print tens of thousands of different coins at home: but there is a new twist being added that you may be very interested in. The gist is that I am adding not just coins - but Shell casing tokens and bullet chits to the Forge available in a boxed Ammo Crate. One of the backers and I are discussing how to go about it: here is an excerpt of my reply detailing possible options. As I understand it, there are very few places to get bullet tokens, so this could be a good opportunity for you to weigh in as there are custom options available to get your own tokens/coins designed how you like. Alright, here is what the options are: "A2: Frankly I love the idea of an Ammo Crate and cylinders - and I think there is definitely room and time in the campaign to put something together. Here is how I see it: there are three design choices to go with or a combination: (1) Rectangles could be fashioned into Handgun clips or TNT blocks, Entire Boxes of Rounds or Top-down Shotgun Shell Casings and bullets such as .22 and .303 etc so whole cartridges are visible. Players could reload by placing the required new rounds onto templates during play. (2) Round coins in sizes 1.25"/1"/0.75" and 0.5" can be used to illustrate the bullet end-on from the back so you can see the Primer / strike-point with markings and size indicating the shell type. (3) Round coins in 1.25" and Rectangles in 2x1" can be fashioned into open Cyclinder, Open "X-Ray" Clips or Shot Shells or Double Barrels of a Shotgun can be EMPTY and onto which can be placed coins from concept (2). We might also consider having casings that can be reversed after use to show a spent cartridge by being blackened and having a cross through them for instance. On the reverse side can be Power Numbers/Assigned Values as you say - and since these fall under Denomination - I can add these freely so backers can ensure they suit the purpose required. I can make up some basic colour schemes for markers for these - and if something more is required backers can buy the Custom design for $5 per coin or use their exclusive pledge freebies. If backers choose the denomination rather than me making set values - this makes the DCF infinitely more valuable. Given that the DCF can make tokens, coins, poker chips, markers of thousands of varieties I see no reason not to expand into shells and bullets as an add-on. You spoke about the physical handling of such tokens -while I cannot custom design a means to encase the bullets in a specifically designed carrier I can suggest using a scrabble type shelf to make them visible and easy to change over and manipulate. If I think of any other means I can offer besides small flat boards/mats with graphics for placing the tokens on - I will let you know. As for creating a AMMO CRATE for the box - not a problem, I will make that possible." If interested, please let other Wargamers know and you can also check out the campaign here: The DIGITAL COIN FORGE on Kickstarter Kind Regards, Kris
  12. Meanders: Themed Boards with Connecting Paths for RPG

    We funded! Now get over 40+ Meander designs and counting for $25 the lot or my special GIMP GUIDE to make your own with any pledge $45 or over. Approaching first stretch goal... Check out MEANDERS on Kickstarter.
  13. Meanders: Themed Boards with Connecting Paths for RPG

    Noted. Changed. Thank you.
  14. Meanders: Themed Boards with Connecting Paths for RPG

    Frostgrave style Castle terrain and Biomass over-run Planetscapes for Tyranids being added: