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  1. Hello! Sometimes my urge to sculpt kicks again, so i pick up the sculpting tool and put myself at work! Recently i returned to an old love of mine, Chaos Dwarfs, that also IMHO offers some interesting options to practice scale armors and baroque decorations. So, to start a couple of unfinished old scupts that i'm working on to complete. I'm missing a size reference pic, but all the dwarf models are roughly 26-27 mm to the top of their head. First one is a Lammasu and it's rider. Original model is a GW manticore, with some modifications in pose and well, resculpted face. In these pics the beast was stillwithout the mane, i should make a couple of updated pics too. The rider has arms to be finished, and wil get a shield. Then a random sorcerer, again an old sculpt i'm working on to finish. It has been a good "practice" model to try work on specific things and details (mainly, scale armor). Of course, he's stillmissing the typical coiled beard of Chaos Dwarfs. To finish, a warpriestess i'm quite in hurry to complete, since is the one i want to bring to a miniature sculpting contest at the begin of November, at a large Con here in Italy. Definitely have to move, but i think i'm at a quite good amount of completition of the WIP. Also, not that i plan to win anything there, but contests are fun anyway. C&C welcomed, i always look for improve, and working on these models is teaching me some useful lessons about sculpture.
  2. HPN

    Twi'lek Smuggler 32mm

    Thanks to all for the appreciation! As said, i have plenty lo learn about sculpting, and i'm happy to have gathered up the motivation to keep on improving! About the size of the pistol...yeah in the pics i noticed it too, i have to check if it looks the same in real too. Probably it's because i started sculpting the pistol with leftovers putty while i was still working on leg/torso of the miniature, so it finished to have a bit thick handle for her to grip securely. And right point about the pose, having the pistol's weight fall vertically on her forearm would have looked more "relaxed" and comfortable as a stance.
  3. HPN

    Twi'lek Smuggler 32mm

    Hello all! Recently my gf started a tabletop RPG campaign, and guess who is the "lucky" one that had to take care of make the miniature of her character? :P Problem is that has been more than one year since last time i picked up the sculpting tools, and for sure i've never been a pro of sculpting. But well, seems i had to try anyway! Attached the almost finished result. 30mm to her eyes, made in Magic Sculpt and Green Stuff. There are stil some little tweaking to do, like fixing that small crack on her nose (even if in real is way less visible than in the pic) and i have to say that overal the miniature is not very "clean"; i could have smoothed better some surfaces, but i'm quite satisfied with the final result. Atleast, i could say that this small work made me wanting to come back into sculpting, so hopefully i will have more models to show off in future :D Anyway, critics and commentd well appreciated :D