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  1. GodOfCheese

    02645: Maria Roseblade - Savage Tide NPC

    She looks amazing! Aaaargh. Epoxy resin only has a 1 year shelf life? I'd better make a waterscape or something!
  2. GodOfCheese

    NSFW Elmore Demoness by Cyr

    The wings are amazing. Awesome colors!
  3. GodOfCheese

    77576: Female Sphinx

    I love the blue feathers in her wings! Very nice!
  4. GodOfCheese

    77194: Cthulhu

    I love the color choices-- the contrast between his knuckle/thigh bracer things and the green of his body is awesome!
  5. GodOfCheese

    Warning: Do not feed adventurers to Sphynx

    Thanks! The eyes came out slightly messy, but I like how they ended up. The color is Citadel Waystone Green, which is very thick and glossy. :-) Thanks!! I really struggled with her lips... I wanted to paint them fleshier, but I took a good look at my cats and many cats from the web (is it really possible to only look at a FEW internet cat pictures?) and chose to leave them close to the fur color and have the lip seam black. It would have been easy to give her pink lips, but also ridiculous. :-)
  6. One thing I love about this model: the jewelry. This sphinx has been hanging out guarding the pyramid for a really long time, but every day she gets up and accessorizes. :-)
  7. GodOfCheese

    Oh, you can't trust a troll...

    I had been thinking about putting a pin through his leg to bend him more into shape, but his ankles are very skinny so I was concerned I might poke through to one side and ruin it entirely. I'll ping customer service. I got this guy from the bones3 Kickstart we, so maybe they'll take pity on me :-)
  8. GodOfCheese

    Oh, you can't trust a troll...

    At some point while I was painting him, the troll kind of shrunk. It was like he was exposed to sunlight and it caused him to shrivel up into a low crouch. One could imagine that he's ready to pounce upon a Halfling, or is raising his hands in surrender to a much smaller aggressor. Or some kind of bizarre bonesium catastrophe befell him. I know I could have warped him back into place if this had happened BEFORE I started painting him, but I've never seen it happen AFTER the mini has cooled. Has anyone else seen that? If so, what causes it, so I can NOT do it again? I'm otherwise pretty happy with how ugly he is. In particular, I tried a different basing technique that LittleBlueberry described for me awhile back, which is definitely fun to do.
  9. GodOfCheese

    Ogre with Handbag

    It's not a purse. It's European! Sometimes, one simply must bring a snack when going clubbing. It works up quite the appetite. This Ogre's snack however is quite literally finger-licking good.
  10. This Ogre is quite chill. He's just lounging around with the club, ready to throw down but not in too big a hurry to. He has his swagger on, and is wearing his neck bling. Oh, and is that a magical pager on his belt?
  11. GodOfCheese

    A Well-Hydrated Ogre-Mage

    "Remember that just because I'm blue does not mean I'm made of water. All that squashing of adventurers into Tiny bits can definitely bring out one's thirst. That's why I drink Ogre-Aid(tm) from my shot glasses made from the skulls of my enemies! It slakes my thirst and restores electrolytes, but without all those nasty carbs. Do you think I got this ripped drinking colas?" :-)
  12. GodOfCheese

    Kev!'s 77441: Ostarzha, Elf Cleric

  13. GodOfCheese

    Dweller in Brimstone

    A DaughterOfCheese abandoned the painting of this model, so it ended up in the Simple Green for awhile and I decided that her beautiful dress would look better with tentacles protruding from beneath it. Beautiful, sickly devil-flesh striding across a hellscape while she peels back her hood to reveal sinister horns. And it does get cold in hell, so don't forget your scarf. Or anyway, that was the plan. It turns out that her color made her difficult to photograph. The tentacles are formed around unwound paperclips, which were easy to twist into the right shape, but the flesh I added (green stuff, some clay, etc) was difficult to get to the right proportion without making it fall off. I'm new to this whole "modding" thing, so I'd LOVE feedback on it. :-)
  14. GodOfCheese

    Ogre of Unfortunate Proportions

    This Ogre struggles every day with his bizarre deformity. Fortunately, he was raised by a forward-thinking tribe who provided him excellent dental care and outfitted him with scale mail, a masterwork club, and lots of bags. Now all grown up, he shuffles along striking fear into the hearts of his proud tribe's enemies!
  15. GodOfCheese

    An Unfriendly Ghost

    Mold lines, it seems, are my weakness. Fortunately, this model, which I absolutely love, had lots of wrinkly bits that I could use to try and hide them. :-)