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  1. Swishy Robed Cleric

    I just realized that I'd been painting but had not posted any of them. :-) I like this mini, but I often struggled with the impression that she was putting her head on for the day. :-) Painting her was fun, but I had a lot of problems with her mold lines, and she came out very muddy in some ways.
  2. 60199: Honaire, Spirit

    Nice blending! The contrast is awesome, and the lower half is so intense that it seems to glow. One consideration: if it IS glowing, it doesn't look like it's lighting anything else up though (still amazing).
  3. Winnie the Pooh, and His Trusty Axe

    Oh bother, this silly old bear has misplaced his honey! Fortunately, he can get plenty of golden treasure from the forest beehives using that handy axe. Not to mention swarms of XP!
  4. F'thaggn on the Noggin

    A coworker buddy found this guy at a thrift store under "knickknacks". Yay! Or, I should say, "Ia-ee!" :-) But I got slightly blocked on painting him. He's been sitting on the kitchen table unfinished for about a month. So I thought I'd post him to unblock myself. I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep the base he came on... it looks kind of beachy, which is neat, but I feel like more could be done. One concern I have about the figure is that its base is only about 4-5" across, while the Pathfinder's Cthulhu stats show a 40' Space, and I like the base to match that (at 28mm scale, of course). So a substantial expansion may be called for... Anyway, this is him so far, needing substantial additional paint... I should do this more often. The camera has clearly managed to find all my missing mold lines. :-/
  5. I was stuck on another project, so I took a break and painted some other minis. This one looks better in real life... Color correction seems to be destroying the image :-/ Yendrensovith is an NPC in my currently-paused campaign; a drow of spectacular violence and a complicated past. For the curious, more information is available here.
  6. Warmachine Seraph

    Thanks!!! I actually didn't know what their canonical colors were until I searched for the image so I could title this post. Very, very different :-D
  7. Warmachine Seraph

    Thanks! I was a bit leery putting that much base under him, but it all kind of came together yesterday, and the weight definitely helps. Downside: now I don't know how to store him. The water is epoxy resin, but I learned from my mistakes with the Wyvern. This time, I made the "shore" from play-doh and rocks, then covering that with glue and sand. So this time, it was actually watertight. I also was more careful with how I measured the components, so it dried much faster and more evenly. Although with all that diligence to prevent seepage, I still spilled some of it when I was pouring it in. D'oh!
  8. Warmachine Seraph

    I think I got this and a couple of other Warmachine minis at garage sales. This one had seen a little abuse (some by me), but I always figured it'd make a good creepy dragon or horror creature someday, if I could figure out what its ecology was like. I painted this one to take a break from another mini that was kind of stalled. The dude is about 60% base, because he's metal and the wings are quite heavy. His original base was pretty small, so I wanted to put something wider and heavier (read: more stable) underneath him. I'm really happy with the output!
  9. Bones Invisible Heroes

    I totally wish I had done the same. Initially I'd thought "meh, what a gimmick," but now I'm loving them. This morning I took @Laoke's suggestion and painted one of my transparents with a glossy sealant first, THEN washed it in Heavy Body Black. The wash looks a lot more like I expected now, and the figure looks very crystalline. I'll post it when I get a chance. The remaining one is the one stepping over the fallen log, which is tricky because I don't want the log invisible, yet the log shares some surfaces with the (invisible) figure. WifeOfCheese suggested I try to do it fading from opaque at the bottom to invisible at the top, so that the log's missing surfaces can be camouflaged. Challenge accepted!
  10. Bones Invisible Heroes

    Thanks! I was going for something "unreal" looking, and "candy" is definitely an effect I like :-) The Wizard: Secret Weapon Wash: Stormcloud Blue (VERY CAREFULLY) Citadel Technical: Waystone Green the hair was a mixture of Secret Weapon Wash: Sunshine and some other yellow pigments the staff was a dilution of Woodgrain The tip of the staff a combination of Orange wash and Citadel Auric Armour Gold the flesh was a very light wash of Model Color Light Flesh. This did not come out well IMHO. The cleric I decided did not need the same level of detail. Secret Weapon Wash: Ruby Citadel Technical: Soulstone Red The Hammer was a thin dilution of Auric Armour Gold very carefully applied as a wash. The first one I painted definitely got cloudy and I don't like it at all. I wish I could strip them but I doubt the Simple Green will have a good effect on transparent minis. Ooooh, I like yours though! I'll try a brush-on sealant for the next one.
  11. Bones Invisible Heroes

    Struggling to paint these... my first thought had been to wash them lightly to pop the details, but I've had a lot of trouble getting the wash to stick. I like the result in this instance, but I can't help but feel like they're messy. They also seem a challenge to photograph! I guess the side-effect of making them seem unreal is that the unreality may also confuse image processors :-)
  12. The Sorrow of Sealant

    Update: I shook the sealant aggressively, then let it sit before applying another coat to part of the mini. Painting on more sealant seemed to solve the problem-- I suspect that it rehydrates the substance and scatters the sediment. But when that coat dried, the sediment became visible again. It's a metal mini. Is there a way to strip the sealant without stripping the paint along with it?
  13. The Sorrow of Sealant

    The sealer is Reaper 09107 brush-on sealant. I store it inverted, and the dropper bottle is nearly full. If I shake it, won't it be bubbly when it goes on? I've had a lot of terrible frosting experiences with spray sealants and so have stopped using them entirely for miniatures. I can stand a little frosting on my terrain, but washing out the minis is unacceptable to me. :-)