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  1. A coworker buddy found this guy at a thrift store under "knickknacks". Yay! Or, I should say, "Ia-ee!" :-) But I got slightly blocked on painting him. He's been sitting on the kitchen table unfinished for about a month. So I thought I'd post him to unblock myself. I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep the base he came on... it looks kind of beachy, which is neat, but I feel like more could be done. One concern I have about the figure is that its base is only about 4-5" across, while the Pathfinder's Cthulhu stats show a 40' Space, and I like the base to match that (at 28mm scale, of course). So a substantial expansion may be called for... Anyway, this is him so far, needing substantial additional paint... I should do this more often. The camera has clearly managed to find all my missing mold lines. :-/
  2. I was stuck on another project, so I took a break and painted some other minis. This one looks better in real life... Color correction seems to be destroying the image :-/ Yendrensovith is an NPC in my currently-paused campaign; a drow of spectacular violence and a complicated past. For the curious, more information is available here.
  3. Thanks!!! I actually didn't know what their canonical colors were until I searched for the image so I could title this post. Very, very different :-D
  4. Thanks! I was a bit leery putting that much base under him, but it all kind of came together yesterday, and the weight definitely helps. Downside: now I don't know how to store him. The water is epoxy resin, but I learned from my mistakes with the Wyvern. This time, I made the "shore" from play-doh and rocks, then covering that with glue and sand. So this time, it was actually watertight. I also was more careful with how I measured the components, so it dried much faster and more evenly. Although with all that diligence to prevent seepage, I still spilled some of it when I was pouring it in. D'oh!
  5. I think I got this and a couple of other Warmachine minis at garage sales. This one had seen a little abuse (some by me), but I always figured it'd make a good creepy dragon or horror creature someday, if I could figure out what its ecology was like. I painted this one to take a break from another mini that was kind of stalled. The dude is about 60% base, because he's metal and the wings are quite heavy. His original base was pretty small, so I wanted to put something wider and heavier (read: more stable) underneath him. I'm really happy with the output!
  6. I totally wish I had done the same. Initially I'd thought "meh, what a gimmick," but now I'm loving them. This morning I took @Laoke's suggestion and painted one of my transparents with a glossy sealant first, THEN washed it in Heavy Body Black. The wash looks a lot more like I expected now, and the figure looks very crystalline. I'll post it when I get a chance. The remaining one is the one stepping over the fallen log, which is tricky because I don't want the log invisible, yet the log shares some surfaces with the (invisible) figure. WifeOfCheese suggested I try to do it fading from opaque at the bottom to invisible at the top, so that the log's missing surfaces can be camouflaged. Challenge accepted!
  7. Thanks! I was going for something "unreal" looking, and "candy" is definitely an effect I like :-) The Wizard: Secret Weapon Wash: Stormcloud Blue (VERY CAREFULLY) Citadel Technical: Waystone Green the hair was a mixture of Secret Weapon Wash: Sunshine and some other yellow pigments the staff was a dilution of Woodgrain The tip of the staff a combination of Orange wash and Citadel Auric Armour Gold the flesh was a very light wash of Model Color Light Flesh. This did not come out well IMHO. The cleric I decided did not need the same level of detail. Secret Weapon Wash: Ruby Citadel Technical: Soulstone Red The Hammer was a thin dilution of Auric Armour Gold very carefully applied as a wash. The first one I painted definitely got cloudy and I don't like it at all. I wish I could strip them but I doubt the Simple Green will have a good effect on transparent minis. Ooooh, I like yours though! I'll try a brush-on sealant for the next one.
  8. Struggling to paint these... my first thought had been to wash them lightly to pop the details, but I've had a lot of trouble getting the wash to stick. I like the result in this instance, but I can't help but feel like they're messy. They also seem a challenge to photograph! I guess the side-effect of making them seem unreal is that the unreality may also confuse image processors :-)
  9. Update: I shook the sealant aggressively, then let it sit before applying another coat to part of the mini. Painting on more sealant seemed to solve the problem-- I suspect that it rehydrates the substance and scatters the sediment. But when that coat dried, the sediment became visible again. It's a metal mini. Is there a way to strip the sealant without stripping the paint along with it?
  10. The sealer is Reaper 09107 brush-on sealant. I store it inverted, and the dropper bottle is nearly full. If I shake it, won't it be bubbly when it goes on? I've had a lot of terrible frosting experiences with spray sealants and so have stopped using them entirely for miniatures. I can stand a little frosting on my terrain, but washing out the minis is unacceptable to me. :-)
  11. My gargoyle was fine until I started sealing him, and then it looked like he'd been sleeping under the nesting place of a flock of birds. It dried incredibly quickly... like, I noticed the chalky appearance even as I rotated the mini. Scrubbing the applied varnish with water seemed to help a little, but not much. This same sealant behaved normally just two weeks ago, and it hasn't been exposed to temperature fluctuations or anything else I can think of. Why is it so chalky this morning?
  12. LOL!!! :-) Thanks!
  13. This Orc is ready to go on a chopping spree. He is all dressed up in his best armor with his new loincloth, and he's brought his Big Chopper! Disclaimer: new sealant was unexpectedly gloss, so I am stuck with glossy finish until replacement matte sealant arrives... :-/
  14. True story: before I had built the base, I left this guy out on the table to dry, and one of my daughters shrieked upon seeing it. She then politely requested that I paint no more of them. I'll consider that a win. This was my first experiment with pinning, as the spider was a single unit and had no base. Fun, but next time I'll try to remember to do it BEFORE painting... I hate to keep posting minis of uncertain sources, but... The problem with spiders is that the sculpts look very similar. I think this one is Reaper 02417, but am not 100% sure.