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  1. For combat, we are finding the fighter types ROCK! And the changes to paladin. Oh, how I wish we had a paladin in Korvosa, and I am playing a Chaotic! (Chaotic Good, but definitely Chaotic!) Instead we have a barbarian, which is great, but we keep running into things that are just asking for Smite! I SOOO want to Smite the smirk off the Queen's face! I almost want to play a paladin, just so I get to be the one that does it. And she has the party swashbuckler wrapped right around her little finger. I think Moll is gonna be the one that gets her though - she just started adding Vigilante levels, on top of rogue and shadow dancer. She's extra killy, right now. Grump is letting her try the class before she picks an archetype.
  2. Man, I was hoping for something like Grump's Borderlands and Beyond. Taking the Keep and building a campaign around it. We stuck around an area designed for levels 1 - 3 until we were 7th level, and had FUN! It was one of the best campaigns I have ever been in, playing in the sandbox.
  3. Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries! Yup, pretty sure!
  4. Grump just puts a coupla pennies in his, and he doesn't seem to get mold. I use a porcelain pallet, not as big a fan of the wet pallet as Grump
  5. So THAT'S why Grump was going Yarr! He was listening to Ye Banished Privateers, and singing along, but THAT'S pretty normal for him. I'm surprised he hasn't linked them here. Gonna email him.
  6. Funded

    What mini are you most excited to paint? Dance of Death! Half of it at least! What mini will be the hardest/take longest to paint? Same! What mini are you buying the most? ...I have no idea! Maybe all the hill giants? What do you most want to see in Bones V? Reven style orcs! Big and brutish, good for characters in an army.
  7. Funded

    I think Grump is planning to sell his Gauth. He's done it with most of his metal dragons when a Bones version comes out. Which means he will USE Gauth, since the plastic is less fragile. Yup! We're doomed! Cinder was bad bad bad... Gauth? We'd better hope he feels like talking!
  8. We've split the party again. This is going to end well. Half of us are heading out of the city, into Shoanti lands. Half of us are hiding in Old Korvosa. I'm an urban witch, guess which half I'm with? Never ever let the barbarian make decisions for the party! The CLERIC is the healer that is staying in town.
  9. Funded

    Not long... The Grump. He leaks. I put more work into my PC figures than I put into my army figures. I care more about what happens to Rebecca, halfling urban witch than what happens to Goblin #3, so I put more work into her figure. Goblin #3 will get four colors a wash and done.
  10. Hippie Birthday! Ya long haired freak!
  11. But nothing beats the great taste of sprites! Grump! Stomping kittens, please! The kittens video was how Grump introduced me to Laibach.
  12. Funded

    Woah! He is a lot bigger than I'd planned on! An Yggsdrasil ent! I can't believe the spell checker let Yggsdrasil pass!
  13. Funded

    And teaching you hers? My mum got me into fantasy gaming when I was about seven years. Thank you, Mum.
  14. Bruce Campbell used to come into the Border's Books I was working at, now and again. About two or three times a year. The last time because he was promoting a book. All other times because he wanted something to read. You could never predict what. This is in Maine, and I know that Grump also knows him, so I am guessing he has people in these parts?
  15. Ask the parents if they would be up for a live game. Get the grownups to play NPCs for the early party, and PCs for the late party. Maybe even as parts of the same scenario! Pretty good odds you can talk at least half of us into it. And the parents seemed to enjoy your demonstration game. So we could have a BIG party, we can tell them we are Hosting A Murder to help them understand. Wow, now I want to do this! This is going to be FUN! See you in a few.