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  1. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Dibs! She'll be pretty in pink!
  2. Guilt pleasure. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Followed by The Wicker Man. The original, with lots of nudity.
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I didn't get it. But Grump did. Yeah. If you get Jormungander on your line, you cut it free and tell lies about the one that got away. When Claire was dating a guy with a gluten allergy, Grump taught her how to use eggs to make the crust instead of dough. Good, but it ISN'T pizza! Open faced pepperoni and tomato omlet, maybe.
  4. Ain't No Such Thang

    I hadn't been thinking that far back. So those were clothes from his closet? Also - ow!
  5. Ain't No Such Thang

    Okay, I give up - whom? And WHAT is counter-posting?
  6. Kings of War

    I played a league game against orcs last night, and Grump used ROFLStomp the giant for the first time. I got ROFLStomped! I've used the giant against Grump a lot of times, and never realized just how nasty giants are! Wounding on 2s, and and doing 6 or 7 damage every turn when he used Bane Chant.
  7. No.. The movies are completely deficient in Kirby dots, denoting COSMIC POWER! Hiddleston's is easily the best part. He just LOOKS shifty, even telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But.. Fenris Pup!
  8. Mmmm Cumberbatch! Grump has Brett on DVD. But he has a whole bookcase of nothing but Sherlock. Brett gets pulled out most often though. He even has a horrible SF animated Sherlock set in the future.
  9. Spelljammer/Starjammer - Background - Megans Allowed!

    Ah! I get you now! A mystery to open new channels! I can always tell when he is working on this or the pirates games. He has sea chanties playing right now.
  10. Best Version of DnD?

    I don't think most DMs PLAN on TPKs. They are just unprepared when the lemmings jump off the cliffs and head out to sea. Grump has a Grim Reaper figure he pulls out and puts on the table as he intones " Are you SURE about that?" I am always amazed how often that doesn't work.
  11. identifying dragons from Bones 1,2 & 3

    Kyphr sounds like it is from the root for copper. Molly went to the island of Cyprus and told us that was named for the copper that used to be found there. Oh, I HATED that dragon! And then it went and got killed by someone that wasn't US! So we didn't even get to kill it after it flew off. Left me mad at you for DAYS!
  12. Best Version of DnD?

    OMG! Al Qadim is getting updated to 5E! Julie just emailed me about it and Jon is talking about running! I can SO picture Grump as a Sha'ir! We have never both been players! But now I want to play a Pathfinder Summoner in Zakhara. I have no idea where I got the shirt. It just showed up one day, already well used.
  13. Spelljammer/Starjammer - Background - Megans Allowed!

    It seems you have three or four planned campaigns in the setting. Will this be part of the Starjamming, or another? Starfarers don't go around solving mysteries much.