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  1. 77157 Griffon

    Thanks all! Extremely positive feedback which encourages me to keep on painting (yay, mission accomplished!). The few pants are all Vallejo: - Beasty Brown from Game Air for the belly - Burnt Umber from Model Air for the head and dark feathers - Yellow Ochre from Model Air for the backside Drybrush over with GW Sylvaneth Bark/Tyrant Skull The white feathers were washed with 3 different browns from Vallejo Model Air from the lighter to the darker ones. I'm really just an apprentice so I need to quote my sources. For the inspiration I watched this tutorial. For the feathers washes this one was very useful. Cheers
  2. 77157 Griffon

    Hello all, Probably one of the first bones mini i bought (it came in a kickstarter lot) and one I was longing to paint. Job done, in a kinda dark theme but overall happy about the result. Let me know what you guys think! Cheers
  3. 77316: Demon Lord of the Undead

    Thanks all, to be transparent I actually stole the Colors scheme idea from Duncan Rhodes on his warhammer TV's tutorial for the GW Bloodthirster.
  4. 77316: Demon Lord of the Undead

    Haha you wish little adventurer but no, it is the maleficent rod of Orcus for which I was too afraid to do a bad OSL and ruin the whole mini... I may come back to do it when i have more experience points.
  5. 77316: Demon Lord of the Undead

    Orcus, mighty overlord of the undead in his glorious ignominy...
  6. 77006: Great Worm

    Hi everyone, Here is a piece i could almost done completely by airbrush, thanks to the overall simplicity of design and that will bring terror to our Frostgrave games from now on :)
  7. 77029: Silverhorn, Unicorn

    Here is my take at Silverhorn, showing the good sides (as it is horribly bent if you look at if from the front, horn included). I was never able to fix the bending so I gave up and went ahead with the painting. It is part airbrush and part normal brush. The basing was done following my daughter's request for a desert unicorn.
  8. 77097 Grave Wraith

    I guess I would just add my own version of the wraith to that thread instead of creating a new one. 1st take at osl too.
  9. Elori Ebonscythe, Female Cleric #3222

    Really nice blending!
  10. 77047, Goldar Male Barbarian

    Here is a barbarian I did for my frostgrave warband. Total badass who seem to be asking 'who's next?'. Feedback welcome.
  11. 77038: Hell Hound

    Another take at the doggy, with a different color scheme.
  12. Hirst Arts crates & chest

    How would you define Cashmere Tan highlight in term of color?
  13. 77038: Hell Hound

    Nice work on grey highlights, incidentally finish mine that weekend too. Will post a pic later on.
  14. Hirst Arts crates & chest

    Thanks for sharing the wood recipe, will try it soon!
  15. 03676: Giant Snake

    Great scale design and awesome colors!